Cath Scoffield – Fucked To The limit At last!

just a bit of fiction, but you never know!
it was christmas day and as usual ex-porn star cath
scoffield was frustrated. the most highly sexed woman
on the planet had not had true sexual satisfaction in
nearly ten years, that was when she was filmed being
fucked by 500 guys in each hole over 24 glorious
hours. since then sex with men, or women, became
boring to curvacious cath and her legendary 42HH
boobs. she tried bigger and bigger gang-bangs,
bondage, various fetishes and monster dildos. in fact
her huge toys were the only things that came close to
giving cath really pleasing orgasms anymore. this
christmas morning she was
ramming her pussy with two
baseball bats side by side while she rode the sybian
orgasm machine with it’s twisting plastic cock deep in
her rectum. the tv played pointlessly in the corner of
the room, a wildlife film actually, until cath noticed
the biggest cock she’s ever seen, on a bull elephant!
over 4 feet long and thicker than cath’s ample thighs,
the thought of it penetrating her body pushed her over
the edge to a sudden and dramatic screaming cum as she
raped her very womb with the bats. when she came down
from orgasm heaven cath knew she had to have that
inside her, a trip to the zoo was planned for that
afternoon. she had to sneak in because the zoo was
closed for the holiday but she quickly found the
elephant house and the bull was in a cage of his own,
perfect. cath squeezed her body through the bars,
quite a feat for such a spectacularly curved babe, her
natural monster tits enjoying the crush on the bars.
the elephant approached cath slowly, a stranger but
not a threat. cath stroked it’s rough hide and the
elephant seemed to know she was a friend. the pretty
short brown haired woman dropped to her knees and
stared at the huge cock. she reached out and gently
caressed it, feeling the tingle in her crotch. it grew
in her hands, the big red head probing the warm air in
the cage. she kissed the cock, it twitched and grew
again. cath took off her jacket revealing a very tight
low-cut top and short skirt, this bitch was dressed
for sex. her huge bosom heaved as she kissed and
licked the elephant’s cock, it grew beyond 4 feet in
length and it seemed nearly a foot in diameter, how
the hell was she going to get that inside her? unknown
to cath her antics had been watched on security
cameras and two guards quietly approached the cage.
they should have arrested her, but would you stop a
woman from fucking an elephant right before your eyes?
they could arrest her later! cath took her top off
revealing the best natural tits they had ever seen,
then cath pushed the elephant’s cock into her
cleavage. men loved this, she assumed the elephant
would too, he did, his cock grew some more! cath then
fetched 2 straw bales and laid them under the
elephant, this was it, her cunt was dripping juices
all down her thighs in anticipation, she almost ripped
off her skirt and knickers, she was naked under the
elephant. cath laid back on the bales, spread her soft
shapely thighs as wide as they’d go, grabbed the
monster cock and guided it toward her gaping cunt. she
tried to push it it but even the famous cath scoffield
cunt couldn’t stretch that far. she was almost cumming
just from the feel of it against her clit but cath
kept up the pulling while at the same time forcing her
body towards the cock. at this point the 2 security
men lept from the shadows, cath didn’t have time to
realise what was happening before they grabbed a leg
each and rammed her towards the elephant. at the same
time the startled elephant moved forwards and his cock
ripped into cath’s cunt. she was sure something had
torn inside her as the elephant’s cock forced it’s way
right into her womb and cath’s screams echoed arround
the cage. cath looked down between her hage tits to
see the bulge in her belly as the cock rammed deeper
into her, the men swore in disbelief as they kept hold
of cath’s thighs and forced her further onto the cock.
the only words cath could utter were “oh my god” as
she came and came like never before. the elephant
fucked cath scoffield so deep she thought the roof of
her womb was going to split open, allowing the cock
into her internal organs, thankfully it didn’t, but
she continued to cum harder and harder until finally
she felt the spunk flooding into her. her belly
expanded like she was pregnant as her body filled up
with the elephant’s spunk, then it slowly withdrew and
the sperm poured out of cath’s spent cunt. for a few
moments everyone remained motionless, too stunned to
move or talk. cath was satisfied at last, but every
inch of her amazing body was in pain too. suddenly the
men were on her, a cock was pushed into her face,
another between her tits. cath lay limply as the 2 men
raped her, one coming in her mouth, the other fucking
her massive breasts until he shot his load all over
her pretty face. cath thought that was it as they
withdrew spent, but she felt something huge between
her legs once more. she looked down, it was the
elephant. but not his cock, his trunk, snuffling at
her splayed pussy. the men realised this was their
chance again. the trunk was narrower than the cock at
it’s tip, although it soon got even fatter down it’s
length. they helped guide the trunk into cath’s spunky
cunt, then the elephant did the rest. cath found
herself being lifter into the air on the elephant’s
trunk, slipping further down it as she was raised to
the vertical. another orgasm welled up inside cath’s
belly as the men grabbed her feet and pulled down.
impaled like a kebab, cath wriggled and felt the trunk
stretch her cunt even more than the cock. the men then
dealt the final blow, ramming two broom handles into
cath’s anus as she swung on the elephant’s cock. cath
screamed louder than ever before as the elephant
paraded his trophy around the cage, the men running
frantically to keep up and rape cath’s bum with the
brooms. cath put her hands in her hair, spread her
legs one last time, shook her boobs for the security
cameras, and passed out! when she came to cath was in
the security hut on her back being fucked by three
guys, one in each hole with another raping her tits.
“fuck” she cried, more men, i’ll never cum with them!

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