Catherine Bell And The School Girls

Disclaimer: This is a story, it is not true.

Catherine opened her door and let 7 teenage girls into
her house. She felt very pleased about what she was
going to do. As a public service, she had agreed to
speak to a group of girls about “issues teenage girls
face” – as the social worker had called it. As she led
the teenagers down to her large, comfortable basement,
she looked at the girls and wondered how old they
were. They were definitely an attractive group of
students, but there bodies had just started to fill
out and grow. Catherine was pleased and proud to be
doing this. When
she had been a teenager, she had had
no one to talk to about sexual issues, about what
being a woman meant. She was determined that these
girls would not be kept in ignorance the way she was.
As soon as the girls were seated, Catherine’s husband,
Adam joined them. Catherine had asked Adam to join
her, in case the girls had any questions for him.

“As you girls probably know, I’m Catherine Bell, you
may have seen me on the T.V. series “JAG”. My husband
Adam is here, and we both want you to feel completely
comfortable with us. We know how it is to be teenagers
– it can be very confusing and you probably have a
number of questions you want answered. I promise you
that I’ll answer any questions you ask, and don’t feel
embarrassed about asking personal questions. When I
was your age, I never had anyone to talk to about my
sexuality, and as a result I believed that I could get
pregnant by necking with someone! I don’t want this to
happen to you, so hopefully I’ll be able to inform you
girls and answer all your questions. How old are all
of you?” The girls all replied that they were 15. “You
probably have many questions relating to your
sexuality. Your bodies are changing, and you’re
probably looking at boys differently now. I want you
girls not to feel ashamed of your sexuality, but to
embrace it. It’s a fundamental part of who you are.
And the wonderful thing about puberty is that your
body gets hardwired for intense pleasure, pleasure
that you get from having sex. So ask any questions you
want, and I promise I’ll give you honest and
forthright answers.” Catherine paused “Let me start by
asking if any of you are sexually active.” The girls
all shook their heads no.

The girls looked at her, and a beautiful blond student
blurted out “So you and Adam have sex, right?” “Yes,
Adam and I make love on a regular basis.” “What
exactly happens when you two have sex?” the blond girl
asked. “Well, Adam and I french kiss – we stick our
tongues in each other’s mouths, we get naked, and then
we have sex.” A stunning brunette told Catherine “Be
more specific. What exactly do you do to each other?”
Catherine took a deep breath, and glanced at Adam. He
was smiling at her, as if he were surprised that the
girls were asking such explicit questions. They were
asking her very intimate questions, but that was a
good thing, these girls were naturally curious about
sex. “Well, we get naked, Adam’s penis gets engorged
with blood and becomes fully erect, and in the process
it grows quite substantially. There are many ways to
provide sexual pleasure, and these ways involve
sucking, kissing, and fondling our sexual organs.” “Do
you ever suck on his penis?” the brunette asked, and
the girls burst out laughing. “Yes, I do. It’s called
oral sex. I put his erect penis in my mouth and suck
on it, like it was a lollipop. This causes Adam to
have an orgasm.”

“What’s that like?” the brunette said. “Well, his
penis contracts and shoots out a thick, creamy liquid,
his semen, which has millions of his sperm in it.”
“Does he ever fuck your ass?” Another student
inquired. At this, the girls all burst out laughing
again. “Yes, it’s called anal intercourse. He inserts
his penis in my anus and then he ejaculates inside my
anus.” Catherine said, now turning bright red. “Do you
masturbate?” the blond girl asked, and once again the
girls burst out in giggles. “Yes I do, I believe that
masturbation is an important part of a woman’s
sexuality. Do any of you girls masturbate?” “We don’t
know how, could you teach us?” a red headed girl
chimed in. Catherine started to sweat, she didn’t know
how to proceed, she was embarrassed at the frank
conversation, but she was starting to get aroused – it
was empowering to be able to speak frankly about these
subjects. “Well, you need to massage your clitoris, do
you know where that is?” the girls replied that they
had no idea where their clitoris’s were. “Why don’t
you take off your clothes and show us?” the redhead
yelled. Catherine paused, she had never planned to
take off any clothes, but she thought that this was
probably the most straightforward way to show the
girls about female anatomy. Catherine glanced again at
Adam, who had a big smile on his face, and noticed
that he also had a bulge in his pants.

Catherine unbuttoned her shirt and removed it. She
then unbuttoned her bra, and her large, heavy breasts
fell out. The girls sighed, “Their so big!” Said a
chestnut haired girl who had previously been silent.
“I’m a fully developed woman, and you girls are still
in puberty. As you grow your breasts will increase in
size.” The girls drew closer, and one of the girls
began to fondle her breasts. Catherine was taken
aback, she hadn’t expected this. But she didn’t move,
it was probably the first time that the girls had seen
breasts this large. “Does Adam ever suck on your
breasts?” The blond inquired. “Yes, Adam loves to suck
on my breasts.” The girls all began fondling
Catherine’s breasts, and talking to themselves –
“man, her breasts are huge” “I wonder if our breasts
will ever get that big” “look at how big her nipples
are”. Catherine had to fight the urge to cover
herself, but she had to admit that the sensation of
having her breasts fondled by so many hands was
exquisite. Catherine removed her jeans, and then her
panties. The girls gawked at the sight of Catherine
completely naked.

The girls stared between her legs, at the lush expanse
of thick, dark hairs covering her pubic region. “Look
at that Bush, I can’t believe how much hair she has
down there.” “She has more pubic hair than any of us”
“It’s so thick, why don’t you shave it?” The blond
asked. “I think shaving is silly. Why should you try
and remove something which is part of your womanhood?”
The girls began fondling her bush, running their hands
through her curly pubes. Catherine was starting to
hyperventilate, all the girls were fondling her,
either her breasts or her bush. They were staring
intently at her breasts and bush, totally fascinated.
Catherine felt one of the girls put her fingers into
her vagina, and gasped. She desperately hoped that
none of the girls would ask her why her vagina was so
wet. She spread her pubic hair, and pointed to her
clitoris. “That’s my clitoris, it’s located just above
my vagina. It’s the closest thing to a penis we women
have.” The brown haired girl began stroking it.
Catherine groaned instinctively. She looked over at
Adam, who was smiling at what he was seeing.

“Do any of you have any questions for Adam” Catherine
said, trying to divert the girls attention from her.
“We want to see what you look like naked, Adam” The
brunette said, as she and two other girls went over to
Adam. They quickly removed his clothes. All the girls
caught their breath at the sight of Adam’s fully erect
8 inch dick. “Man, look at how big his dick is” “God,
it’s huge!” “It’s so thick, look at how big the tip
is.” “It must feel so good to have that inside
you.””Feel how big his testicles are.” The blond and
brunette took ahold of Adam’s engorged member, and
began stroking it. One of the girls had his scrotum in
her hands, and the third girl was running her fingers
through his pubic hair. Catherine was shocked; she
certainly didn’t like the idea of these girls groping
Adam’s genitals. But she wasn’t exactly in a position
to complain, since she was being intimately fondled

She heard Adam groaning, and saw one of the girls
start kissing Adam passionately. To her horror she saw
the brunette take his penis into her mouth. “Hey, you
have no right to….Oh God” She stammered, as the
girls who were massaging her breasts began sucking on
them. A red headed student slid several fingers into
her vagina. Instinctively, Catherine grabbed the red
heads hands, and began thrusting her hips forward. She
had had just about as much stimulation as she could
take without responding. She saw Adam sucking on the
blonde’s breasts, and thrusting his hips toward the
teenager who was giving her first blow job. This made
Catherine insanely jealous, but somehow this only
managed to turn her on even more. She felt an
incredibly intense orgasm welling up inside her. “Oh
god, Oh god, here it comes, yeah, suck my husband’s
dick, he’s a heavy cummer,gonna taste his sperm, I’m
so wet, yeah, keep stroking, suck my breasts, Oh my
God, Oh God, I’m cumming, OH FUCK!” Catherine yelled,
as she wrapped her legs around the red head and put
her arms around the girls attacking her breasts. Her
entire body shuddered in ecstasy and a warm spurt of
liquid erupted from between her legs. The orgasm took
several minutes to subside, with Catherine desperately
holding onto the girls. The brunette came over to
Catherine and kissed her, in the process transferring
a mouthful of her husband’s cum to her mouth.
Catherine swallowed. “I love the way your husband’s
sperm tastes”, the girl said, as Catherine wiped a
bead of semen from the brunette’s chin.

“Let’s fuck Adam,” The blond excitedly yelled. “Hold
on,” Catherine stammered, “None of you are going to
have sex with Adam. I forbid it.” But Catherine could
tell that the girls were at a peak of excitement, and
desperately needed release. “Tell you what, why don’t
Adam and I have sex in front of you. You girls can
masturbate while you watch.” The girls immediately
began to disrobe, and she and Adam began kissing
passionately. Catherine got on all fours, and Adam got
on top of her, sliding his massive cock into her
sopping wet pussy. Catherine smiled as he slid his
manhood all the way into her, and cupped her
well-developed breasts. The girls cheered when they
saw Catherine’s breasts shaking as she was being
pounded. Catherine looked up to see three of the girls
right in front of her. The girls were naked, and each
of them was vigorously rubbing their clitorises while
they watched her. They were all groaning loudly, and
the groans only served to turn each of them on even
more. The sights and sounds, combined with the furious
pumping of Adam’s cock, caused Catherine to have
another shuddering orgasm. She groaned loudly as her
breasts jiggled and waves of pleasure washed over her.

“Why don’t we all give her facials?” Adam asked the
girls. They eagerly agreed, and Adam slid out of
Catherine and laid her on her back. He straddled her,
with his dick only inches from her face. The brunette
took his manhood and began jacking him off. After a
few moments of stroking, his penis started to quiver
and shoot load after load of thick, creamy semen onto
Catherine’s face. She knew that he was a heavy cummer,
but she had never seen him explode like this. The
girls marveled at Adam’s ejaculation, the first one
they had ever seen. The brunette in particular had a
big smile on her face, obviously pleased at her
ability to make him cum like that. Adam moved back,
and the brunette took his place. The beautiful
15-year-old brunette got on her knees, with
Catherine’s head below her, and moved until she was
practically on top of Catherine. She rapidly began
stroking her swollen clitoris, until after a few
minutes she let out a squeal and sprayed Catherine
with squirts of her juices. The blond moved her off
Catherine and another student took her place. One by
one all 7 of the girls straddled Catherine, and
masturbated until they shot their feminine loads on
Catherine’s face and hair. Catherine was flabergasted;
she had no idea that women could ejaculate like this.
After they had all finished they gazed intently at the
cum splattered woman in front of them. Catherine gave
an embarrassed smile; Adam and the girls obviously
relished looking at their bodily fluids plastered on
Catherine’s face. After a couple of minutes the brown
haired student licked the cum off of Catherine’s face.
The rush of endorphins that had accompanied her
orgasms had subsided, and Catherine was now feeling
embarrassed, vulnerable, exposed. “Okay girls, this
isn’t what I had in mind for today, but you’ve
definitely had some hands on experience with sex. So I
think this session is over.” “But we’re still
virgins!” several of the girls replied. “Yes, well,
I’m sure that all of you will soon get boyfriends and
they will be more than happy to deflower you.”
Catherine said, quickly dressing and tossing Adam his
clothes. She was amazed at what had just happened, she
had never done anything like this before, and she
grimaced when she thought of the stories that the
girls were going to tell. But she had to admit that
this had been the most intense and pleasurable sexual
experience of her life.


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