Catherine Bell Lesbian Sex Tape

Story Title : Catherine Bell Lesbian Sex Tape

Author’s Name: Technik

Content Codes: ff, mast, oral, cons, spank

Celebs: Catherine Bell
Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen and it is only product of fantasy.

*          *          *

The camera focused and revealed beautiful woman with short dark brown hair clad just in set of matching black lace bra and panties with a gray-black see-through babydoll over it. She was laying on her right side in a king sized double bed and she looked at the bow of the babydoll.

“Hi, honey.” Said female voice.

“Hi,” answered the woman.

“You look gorgeous, Cat.”

“I know, Brookie.” Said Catherine and smiled directly to the camera.

“Are you excited?” Asked Brooke and zoomed the image to Catherine’s body.

“Oh, you have no idea.” Catherine now moved her hands around her thighs and breasts.

“Will you show me?”

Catherine looked like she was thinking about it for a moment and then moved her hand to her panties and massaged her clit with her slim fingers thru the lace panties. “Oooh, Brookie. I’m so wet!”

“That’s good!”

As Catherine continued to play with her clit, she used her other hand to untie the bow of her babydoll. With the thin see-thru fabric now out of the way her hand quickly moved to caress her breasts still trapped in the lace bra.

“Will you show me your breasts, Cat?” asked Brooke and zoomed the image to Catherine’s face and  big cleavage.

Catherine shook he head and said: “No, you will have to do it. And if you are nice to me, I will give you give you my love.”

The image refocused to the broader view of the whole bed as Catherine stopped caressing her breasts and took Brooke’s hand in her own. As she pulled her to herself Brooke came into view. She was shorter than Catherine and had long dark blonde hair. Like Catherine she was wearing only set of lace bra and panties but hers were dark blue.

Brooke crawled beside Catherine and kissed her. At first it was just a light touch of lips but after a while Catherine pulled Brooke’s head closer and deepened their kiss with her tongue.

They kissed for about a minute and then Brooke broke the kiss and looked at Catherine. “You a such a great kisser!”

Catherine smiled and responded: “That is because you are so yummy, Brookie.”

Brooke managed to get on top of Catherine and turned her on her back. As she leaned down to kiss her breasts she also used her left hand to trail tattoo on Catherine’s side. Catherine moaned as the other woman touched the peacock feather tattoo. “I will get to it soon enough, Cat,” said Brooke and kissed one and then the other breast just over the bra.

Catherine played with the long curls of Brooke’s hair and arched to get her breasts closer to her lover’s lips.

When Brooke was satisfied with Catherine’s arousal she unclasped the clip on the black bra and pushed the lace cups to the sides to reveal the perfect c-cup breasts.

Catherine shivered as the cool air and Brooke’s breath touched her nipples. They were already hard and they were very sensitive. Brooke blew her hot breath over he skin of both breasts and Catherine   got goose bumps. “Oh, suck them already!” pleaded Catherine so Brooke cupped her lover’s breasts and while she was doing this she blew more air to the valley between the boobs.

Brooke decided to play with her lover for a little longer and trailed the sides and bottom of Cat’s breasts fit her fingers before she started to play with the already over sensitive nipples.

Catherine could not stand that teasing any longer so she grabbed Brooke’s head and pulled her to her breasts. She wanted to get her nipples sucked so badly. It was something that only her current lover was able to satisfy.

With her face buried between breasts, Brooke decided to add to her teasing and she used her her teeth on the sensitive skin on the side of the left breast. Catherine moaned louder then before and Brooke continued to kiss the skin closer and closer to the nipple until she finally bot to the rock hard part and she bit it a little before she started to suck it. Catherine grabbed the bed sheets as she arched her back again to give better access to her breasts.

When Brooke was satisfied with her work on the left breast she switched to the right one and repeated the process of biting and sucking while she used her fingers on the other nipple.

“Ahh, Brookie! I waaaant yoooo to eeeat my pusssy!” pleaded Catherine as the ministration of her breasts was great but it was not enough for her co come yet.

Brooke smiled and slowly moved to the belly and after she paid enough attention to her belly button she moved again to kiss Catherine’s pussy thru her panties. It was not enough so she decided to take care of the panties. She pulled them down and Catherine helped her with that task as she arched her back so her butt was now few inches above the bed. Brooke was able to pull them just to her lover’s knees, so Catherine kicked them the rest of the way and with her feet she got them to the floor.

“Oh, you shaved for me!” said Brooke and smiled. Catherine pussy was smooth with only trimmed triangle between her c-section scar and top of her pouter lips. With nothing between Brooke and Catherine’s pussy she first spread the other woman’s legs to have better access to it and then she started her assault with both her tongue and her slender fingers. As she alternated between playing with the clit and tongue-fucking Catherine’s pussy she found herself trapped by her lover’s legs.

As Catherine approached her climax she started playing with her breasts and squeezed her nipples while the experienced tongue fucked her. It was not long before she arched her back and with very loud moan passed away from one of the biggest orgasms she ever experienced. Brooke was the best lover she ever had and with her starting early when she was only 14 and her later career as a model it was pretty long list considering she was married for 17 and a half years.

Brooke continued to lick and suck Catherine’s pussy and eagerly drank all pussy juice that the orgasm produced.

Catherine finally regained consciousness and felt that her pussy was still ministered. “Come here, I want to taste myself!”

Brooke did not wasted any time and moved swiftly to kiss Catherine and share some of the juice with her.

“Mmmmm. That’s good!” Said Catherine as she swallowed last drops of her own pussy juice mixed Brooke’s and hers saliva. “You were very nice to me so you should receive some love.” With that she rolled them over so she was now on top and started her own quest to minister Booke’s body.

First she unhooked the red bra and threw it behind her. Brooke had smaller breast but they were still nice B-cups with small but really dark areolas and tiny nipples. Catherine kissed them and squeezed both nipples at the same time. That made the desired result in a loud moan so she captured ler lover’s lips and continued with massaging and squeezing the nipples until both of them were out of breath.

As they breathed heavily Catherine moved so she was now sitting behind Brooke’s legs. She used her strong arms to roll Brooke on her stomach but it was still not what she had in mind so she smacked Brooke’s ass and said: “Up!”

Brooke reacted to the order and changed her position so she was now on all fours with her butt just before Catherine’s face. It was precisely the position that Catherine wanted and she slowly pulled the panties down to Brooke’s knees.

“Oh, such a nice ass!” Assessed Catherine and smacked it again lightly and then she kissed both cheeks before she made it to the pussy which she licked. For just a short moment she cupped Brooke’s breasts and pinched her nipples before she trailed her spine, hips and thighs.

“Are you ready to receive my love?” asked Catherine and moved herself so she was now sitting between Brooke’s legs behind her butt.

“I’m ready. Please, give me your love!” pleaded Brooke and changed position so she was now resting on her elbows to give better access to her pussy.

Catherine smiled and touched Brooke’s outer lips with her fingers before she squeezed her big clit. That only aroused bot of them more so she inserted her left ring-finger with red “Love” tattoo into the wet pussy and wiggled it a little. That made Brooke moan so after a little more teasing Catherine inserted another finger. That made her so aroused that she used her right hand to stimulate her own clit.

“Oh, I waaant mooore!” Cried Brooke and moved in rhythm with the fingers that fucked her. She wanted to do more than just wait for her lover to bring her over the edge but in her current position and with Catherine behind her the only thing that she could do was to lick her own fingers.

Catherine increased her pace and added third finger to the two she already had inside Brooke and she also started to finger-fuck herself. It was not as good as if she let Brooke lick and fuck her but there was time for that later. They were now both moaning heavily. With her own orgasm nearing Catherine added fourth finger and used her thumbs to massage their clits.

“Caaat!” screamed Brooke and impaled herself on Catherine’s fingers as much as possible. She felt the tips of the fingers at the end of her vagina and her muscles squeezed the fingers as she came.

Catherine saw the orgasm of her lover and while she continued to finger-fuck her she inserted more fingers in her own pussy and made herself come too.

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