Catherine Bell: Menage A Trois

Catherine Bell Story: Menage A Trois

Disclaimer: This is a story, not a true event.

I was driving around the streets of L.A., just taking
in the sites. I was on vacation, and I had always
wanted to see Los Angelos. I saw a broken down car by
the side of the road, so I decided to stop and offer
assistance. I introduced myself to the driver, who was
in his 30s and looked familiar, and offered to help.
“Could you give me a ride to the nearest repair shop?”
He asked, “I can take it from there”. I agreed, and as
we drove he introduced himself as Adam. “Do I know you
from somewhere?” I inquired. “I’m Adam, I’m
married to
the actress Catherine Bell.” As he said that I
remembered reading an article about her and her
husband. I had been a fan of Catherines since I
started watching JAG several years ago, heck she was
the only reason I watched the show. I mentioned that I
was a big fan of Catherine, and told Adam that I hoped
he realized how lucky he was to have a woman like
that. When he asked me if I thought his wife was hot,
I decided not to say anything, I didn’t want him to
punch me.

Then he said something that really shocked me. “Our
wedding anniversary is tonight, and I want to surprise
Catherine by having a threesome. Would you have any
interest in sharing her with me tonight?” I thought he
was joking, but the idea of having sex with Catherine
Bell was so appealing that I decided to play along.
“I’d be happy to help you two celebrate your
anniversary” I replied. We reached the repair shop, he
arranged to have his car towed, and then came back to
the car. I offered to give him a lift to his house.
During the ride to his and Catherine’s house, he
filled me in on his plan. “Catherine only thinks that
I’m taking her to dinner tonight. I want you to wait
in our bedroom closet, after dinner I’ll bring her
upstairs and you can come out.” I asked if they had
ever done this before. “Neither one of us has ever
done anything like this before. In fact, there are a
number of things that she won’t let me do to her, she
won’t let me give her a facial, and she won’t let me
do any anal, but let’s try to change that tonight,

I agreed, I was now realizing that this was no joke,
he really intended to go through with this. I didn’t
know how she’d react, she might kick me out of the
house, but I wasn’t going to back out, I was too
excited. When we arrived at the house, I went upstairs
to their bedroom, and found a large walk in closet.
Adam told me to wait there. I waited for several
hours, with a nearly constant erection. I could
practically feel my testicles working overtime in
anticipation of the night, as I fantasized about all
the things I wanted to do to her. Since I knew this
was a once in a lifetime experience, I was going to be
bold, and aggressive. After what seemed like an
eternity, I had the door open, and heard two voices.
My heart was racing, as I heard them walk up the
stairs. I heard the door open, and I heard Catherine
say “Adam, this was an incredible night.” “The night
isn’t over, honey. There are some surprises waiting
for you.” I could barely see through the slit in the
closet, but I could see them kissing passionately.

Then Adam started to undress Catherine, unbuttoning
her shirt and then removing her skirt. She was now in
her bra and panties, and I decided that now was my
time for action. I removed my shoes, socks, shirt, and
pants, and opened the closet door. “Hi”, I said, “I’m
jon”. Catherine spun around, obviously shocked to see
a stranger in her bedroom. She looked at me and then
at Adam, who had a big smile on his face. “Are you up
for two men to satisfy you tonight, honey?” He asked.
Catherine looked uncertain, then modestly held out her
hand to me. “Hi, John, I’m Catherine, glad to meet
you.” As we shook hands, she looked at my underpants,
with my large member bulging. Adam by this point had
removed his clothes, and he and I were ogling
Catherine in our underwear, both of us clearly
aroused. As I was looking at Catherine, I was
impressed by the size of her breasts. On JAG, she
always wore that green suit, which hid her breasts.
Now I could see her large, heavy breasts right in
front of me.

“What’s your cup size?” I asked, “I’m a D-cup” she
said, a little embarrassed. I looked down at her
panties, and I could see protrusions of black pubic
hair coming out, her panties were not able to contain
all of her pubes. “You must have quite a bush!” I
said. Catherine turned bright red, saying “sorry, I
haven’t been shaving down there recently, Adam likes
me hairy.” “Don’t apologize, I love women with hairy
bushes.” With that, I reached behind her and removed
her bra. Two massive breasts sprung out, and Adam and
I attacked them. Catherine was embarrassed and tried
to cover them with her arms, but Adam and I gently
moved her arms and started fondling, kissing, licking,
and sucking her breasts and nipples. Adam took one
breast and I took another, and I could hear Catherine
gasping as we worked on her massive breasts. I knew
that I couldn’t last much longer, so I stopped sucking
and removed her panties. She had the largest, hairiest
bush I had ever seen on a woman, her pubes were at
least 3 inches long and completely covered her pubic
region between her legs. I could tell she was getting
turned on, but she was still acting modestly, placing
her hand over her bush and smiling shyly.

“I want you to jerk us off” I whispered in her ear.
Adam and I removed our underwear, and Catherine
stared, “Wow, You’ve got a really big dick!” She said
to me, looking at my thick 8 inch member. Adam’s was 6
inches but very thick, which surprised me since the
guy was rather skinny. Adam had a bottle of Ky Jelly
in his hand, he spurted some onto his penis and threw
me the bottle. I liberally applied it to myself, then
I took Catherine’s lovely hand and put it on my dick.
I used her hand to stroke me. Adam put her other hand
on his manhood, and Catherine responded by stroking us
as hard as she could. We moved her onto the bed, I
knew I couldn’t take much of this and I wanted to make
sure that my load landed solidly on her face. She
laid down on the bed, and Adam and I put our dicks
inches from her face. She was stroking furiously, I
was quite impressed by her technique. I felt her
breasts and that sent me over the edge. A large spurt
of thick, creamy semen shot out and landed on her
mouth. A second spurt landed on her cheek, a third
spurt hit her nose, a fourth shot hit her chin, a
fifth shot landed on her lips, and the sixth and
seventh shots fell on her cheeks. I had never come
like this before! As soon as I was done cumming, Adam
shot his load. Whereas I had coated Catherine’s right
side, Adam blasted her left. Her face was totally
covered in a thick layer of semen. “That’s a lot of
sperm!” Catherine stammered, reacting to the
sensations of her first facial.

Catherine then told me that she wanted to reciprocate
the “favor”. She had me lie on the bed, and straddled
me, with her pussy just inches from my face. Then she
parted her hairy, wet bush and began masturbating. She
fingered herself vigorously, letting out a stream of
moans. Within three minutes she screamed and a gush of
warm liquid flew on to my face. This had gotten me and
adam aroused again, and Adam lay down on the bed and
Catherine slid his cock into her sopping vagina. I
spread some more KY Jelly on my dick, and put two
lubricated fingers up Catherine’s ass. As I massaged
her ass, it widened, and I took my dick and slid it
into her ass. “I’ve never been fucked me up the ass
before!”, Catherine blurted, but I kept pushing it in,
until my entire dick was inside her ass. I began
pumping her ass like crazy, as Adam did the same with
her vagina. She was getting double-teamed, every time
she moved up or down she would have a cock move deeper
inside her. After 10 minutes of furious pounding, I
grabbed ahold of her breasts, shoved my dick into her
as far as it would go, and shot another load of sperm
deep inside her. At the same time, Adam was coming,
pumping her full of his sperm, and she was having
another wild climax. The three of us came together and
collapsed on the bed. Adam and I withdrew from her,
and she sat up. A stream of sperm dribbled out of her
ass, and another stream dribbled out of her vagina, it
was quite a sight. But we were exhausted from our
activities and we all soon fell asleep.

The next morning I awoke to find the lovely Catherine
beside me. Feeling horny again, and realizing that I
would soon have to leave, I massaged my dick until it
was hard, and leaned over the sleeping Catherine. I
slid my rock hard penis in her mouth, and she awoke.
But I kept sliding it deeper,pumping her mouth. After
she got over the shock of having a massive member in
her mouth, she responded by sucking like a pro. After
a couple of minutes of this, I shot a copious load
into her mouth, and she had to blow out her cheeks
like a chipmunk in order not to lose any of it. She
swallowed all of it, panting “That was quite a load!”
Adam awoke, and mentioned that they had a charity
event they had to leave for. I dressed and left, and a
few days later left L.A. But every time I watch “JAG”
and see Catherine, I get a tingling sensation between
my legs.


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