Catherine Zeta Jones Takes On The Legman

This story is a work of fiction and therefore not true and it never happened. The Legman does not exist to my knowledge, and I have no idea what Catherine Zeta Jones’ lifestyle is like. This is a work of fiction to be enjoyed and please do, unless you are under eighteen years of age. Then I ask you to stop reading immediately. If you have any problems with sexual situations I ask you to stop reading too. Anyone with an idea who the Legman should take e-mail me at


By sharkboy77

Catherine Zeta Jones is shopping
at Victoria Secret and she looks through the satin stockings. Her beautiful brown eyes look over them and she can’t help but grin, as she does. “God, these stockings look so hot.” She comments to herself. She puts six pair inside of her shopping bag. Her incredible brown eyes look over the mall, as she takes note of the people who come in and out of the store.

Her eyes land on some cute older teens hanging outside of the store and she smiles at them. Their eyes go over her beautiful body and she can’t but feel a little flush. She bends over to look at the price tag on something, and one of the boy’s whistles at her.

Catherine turns around a little shocked and she walks to them. “Can I help you kids?” she looks to them in mock anger. “Or do you have a death wish?”

“Lady we have got something for you, but you are so married. We never read of how you cheat.”

“Yes, those papers and the stories they print are so real. I got some shopping to do.” Catherine turns and one of the kid’s whistles at her ass once more, and she turn back to them and she grins. “Thank you kid.”

“Trust me, I should thank ma’am.” The kid says with a blush.

“Don’t call me ma’am kid. I am a little old, so it hurts.” Catherine smiles at him, as she walks away.

As she walks towards to where she left her bag someone catches her eyes. He’s about five foot ten inches tall and he weights about two hundred pounds. His face is not handsome but she has heard enough about it to know it. Her eyes look down and she looks at his cock and she breaks out into a wide and devilish grin. It’s huge and she wonders how he can come inside of Victoria’s Secret and not become seduced by some whore.

Catherine becomes wet as she thinks of his great hands moving over her long and sexy legs. Her eyes rove over his sexy body as something occurs to her. She can be a whore.

She takes off in a run towards the dressing room and she takes a long black coat from the wall. Catherine runs into the dressing room and she begins to undress. She rolls on the stockings with such precision and she hopes he has not left yet. She takes out what she just but into her bag and her beautiful brown eyes look over it as her face radiates a grin. “I was hoping Michael would break this is, but oh god.” She takes the clothes and she puts them on slowly.

Catherine then exits from the dressing room and her brown eyes cover the room. She sighs some as she fails to find him. “Ma’am I don’t care who you think you are but…” Catherine turns to her, and the lady looks to her in complete horror. “Oh, I’m so fired.”

“How much did you pay for this coat?” Catherine asks her with a smile.

“Sixty dollars at…” Catherine takes three hundred out of her pocket. She hands it to her.

“This should cover the coat and what I am wearing?” Her eyes look over the room and she smiles, as her eyes land on him. “Found him!”

“This covers my coat and anything that you are wearing but…”

“Keep the change?” She tells her, as she takes off after her pray.

“I don’t work here. Oh well, three hundred dollars for a coat. Been a good day.”

Catherine follows him down the corridors, and she tries not to drool as she does. His erection is larger than she has heard and she can’t help but smile hard. Then something occurs to her. The Legman is hunting! “Excuse me sir?” the Legman turns in deep surprise, and Catherine opens her coat. “Would you fuck me if I wore this?”

He looks to her toned and excellent body and his mouth open, as he looks to a nearly naked Catherine Zeta Jones. She has on a small black bikini looking thing and her beautiful body is so sexy and toned. “What, does a cat have your tongue?” she asks him. “I plan on using that.”

“Yes, I would fuck you hard and long.” He is not used to someone who has not been seduced by his powers hitting on him.

Catherine looks to him and she asks, “Are you going to do it or look at me? Some other men are looking too.” She looks past him and she asks. “If he can’t fuck me can one of you, guys?” she asks with a broad grin.

“Trust mev, I can fuck you.” He walks towards the beautiful and sexy Catherine Zeta Jones.

“You can fuck me? Good! Excellent!” She then looks at some of the close guys’ fingers. “Hey married men, your wives won’t like you looking at me like that! What the heck if you watch English TV you’ve seen me in less. Hey you with the camera, if the picture ends up online I’ll hunt you down and cut it off!”

She then smiles to the Legman and something occurs to her. “You dislike the attention I cause?”

“Very much so.” He takes her by the arm. “We need to talk.”

“About what? Am I too old for you to fuck?” She asks him in some fear. She lowers her head some in shame.

“God no, I fucked Lyndia Carter and she’s hardly a kid, huh?” the Legman smiles at the beautiful Catherine Zeta Jones. “Besides you look maybe twenty eight.”

Catherine finds herself blushing at his comment and she adds, “I am a bit older than twenty eight.”

“Yeah your this woman with an amazing body and looks to kill, but we have got a little problem.” His eyes look over her body like he wants her real bad.

“I did not give you any permission to have a problem.” Catherine says in a sharp Wales accent.

“My powers won’t work on you.” He says sharply.

“Am I that ugly then?” She asks, as she looks away from him a little hurt. Maybe she should retire before the offers dry up?

“No, you’re not ugly at all. You have got powers of your own and they are more powerful than mine.” He admits to the incredibly beautiful Catherine Zeta Jones.

“I got powers? Why the fuck has no one told me yet?” Catherine asks him.

“Trust me, when you exposed your leg in Mask of Zero I figured it out with ease.” He looks into her beautiful brown eyes, and she begins to smile at him. “Half of the guys in the theater started to jerk off hard.”

Catherine looks to him totally wide eyed as she says, “Thank God, I thought the guys in the theatre I saw the move in were perverts.”

The Legman laughs at her comments. “Yeah, you never figured it out then?”

“I kind of had a clue. Why do you think I was wearing those long boots in the Haunting? They asked me to wear spiked heels. God if I did that I would have been hit on the entire shoot.” Catherine smiles at him, because her boots did little to keep them from hitting on her. She wonders how many women speak to him this long. “At least the men beside of me did not take theirs out you know?”

“I bet they played some pocket pool.” She blushes at him, as his eyes look over her body.

“What do my powers include sex appeal?” She exposes her right leg at him. “No wonder Antonio wanted to fuck me so bad after that scene.” She smiles at how his eyes wander up her firm and sexy leg. “Let’s go fuck now?”

The Legman follows the beautiful, and oh so sexy Catherine Zeta Jones through the store. She walks towards the front door and three guards walk between them and the doors. “Ma’am can you come with us?” the head guard asks her.

Catherine smiles at him with a wide grin. “Why sir?” She asks him knowing why.

“We think you may have stolen something.” He looks to the beautiful Catherine Zeta Jones completely nervous.

“You mean this?” She opens her coat, and she shows the men what she has on and she smiles. “This is what will happen now. You guys will go into the first stall, and you’ll get my purse and my clothes out of it. You will take a credit card from my purse and pay for what I got on, and then you’ll protect my clothes.”

Catherine then walks to the head guard and she kisses him on the lips intensely. She moves down the line and she kisses each of them. “Do you all understand?”

“Yes, we do Mistress.” The last guard comments to her.

“I am a Mistress now? Excellent, come now my sex slave?” She grabs the Legman by his shirt and she asks. “Did that make you jealous?”

“Yes, it did make me jealous. To see you lock lips with anyone makes me jealous.” He admits to her. He knows he has fallen completely under her powers, but he can’t control himself.

“Glad to hear it. Do you have any major problems with my marriage?” she asks him, as she looks back to him.

“No, who makes you happy should be your concern. Why should I care?” he says to her honestly.

“Good, some people speak badly of him and I would hate to hurt you.” Catherine grins at the handsome man behind her. “Where do you wish to fuck me?”

“Men’s bathroom would work.” He begins to come out of her powers. Catherine truly does not understand her powers. Who the fuck would fight her though? The Legman shakes his head, as he ponders this question.

A naughty little boy who want to fuck me in a dirty bathroom? Okay!” she grins at him, as she comments. “Trust me I am in complete control still.”

“Yeah, poor me. Catherine Zeta Jones is taking me to fuck me hard. I need a rescuer so badly.” The Legman smiles at her, as she giggles hard.

They walk into the men’s bathroom and she looks around and she smiles. “Thank god no loiters.”

She opens the first stall and her eyes widen at a man taking a shit inside of the stall. “Hello sir, I am the toilet inspector. Does yours work well?” The man looks up at the beautiful Catherine Zeta Jones totally wide eyed. She opens her coat for him. “Feel free to start jerking off sir.”

The man immediately begins to masturbate and Catherine turns away from him, and she looks to the Legman. “I do have powers don’t I?”

“Yes, you do. The third stall has a lock on it.” He comments to her, as he takes her hand. He leads her to the third stall and she walks inside of it, and he follows her.

She takes off her long overcoat and she smiles at him, as his eyes follow her beautiful body. Catherine hangs her coat on the hook, and his hands move over her beautiful thighs. “Oh God, I am not immune to these hands!” She shouts, as his hands move over her legs.

“I know, but I don’t have complete control.” His hands move over her sexy thighs, and she closes her beautiful brown eyes. Her will does not ebb away, but her pussy gets incredibly wet. “Who am I”

Her brown eyes open with clarity and distinction inside of them. “You are my fuck toy. On your knees now!”

The Legman gets on his knees and he looks up her beautiful body. His hands move up her toned and sexy legs, and she smiles at him. “Take off my panties.”

He pulls down her panties, and she smiles at him as she holds out her hand to him. “I’ll take those.” She orders him. He hands her the panties, and she puts them inside of her coat. “I paid enough for ‘em.”

She puts her heels on the sides of the handicapped stall; and a naughty part of her wonders if they ever considered a woman using one in this manner. The Legman begins to eat her pussy with enthusiasm and Catherine giggles hard, as he does. Her body shakes, as his expert mouth begins to eat her out hard, and she squeals as he does.

“I am going to cum!” She shouts loud, not caring if anyone is listening to her.

“Cum then.” He says between licks, and she finds herself completely helpless as he eats her pussy very good.

Her eyes roll back as she tries to hold it as long as she can. By how his hands move over her legs, as he licks her out is part of the problem. Her body shivers as he changes directions with his licking, and her eyes open and widen. She moans incredibly loud as she cums all over his face. She shakes the stalls to the bathroom hard, as she continues to cum all over his face.

“Stop now please?” Her legs become weak, as she continues to cum all over his face. He stands up and he takes her into his arms and he says, “Can we go some place a little more private?” he asks her. “Men are gathering outside of the door.”

“Let me get dressed and then open the door, please?” She asks of him, and she puts on her underwear. “God, I am still cuming.”

The Legman holds her for a few minutes, as she continues to cum in his arms. Her oh so sexy legs are so weak that she truly doubts she can walk. “Walk out of the doors and show them your body, and they will part like the Red Sea for Moses if you ask.” He comments to her.

Catherine opens the door and she smiles at the bathroom full of men and she asks, “Wrong bathroom, damn I hate when that happens.” She opens her coat showing them her amazing body, and she smiles at them. “Hello boys, I got to go to the can. Can you excuse us?”

The men part for the beautiful Catherine Zeta Jones and she leads the Legman to the door. She looks back to them. “Any needs to start jerking off now. Please feel free.” Her alluring brown eyes widens, as they all pull their pants down and they begin to masturbate.

She can’t help but watch them for a few minutes totally blown away by what she can make men do. It takes the Legman to pull her out of the men’s bathroom, and she shakes her head and she looks to him. “I can do that? God, Chicago must have been a giant circle jerk when I made that movie.”

“Considering how good you looked in Chicago, yeah I bet it was. By the time that movie came out I stopped going to theaters to see you films.” He admits to her.

“Let me guess, a leggy checkout girl at the local Blockbuster or something can get you the movie for free?” Catherine smiles at him, as she leans on him.

“There is usually someone good for a jerk and a movie at Blockbuster.” The Legman says to her with a smirk.

“No one sucks you dry? That’s so sad.” Catherine looks up to him with her beautiful brown eyes.

“Catherine grab my cock and then claim you can suck it dry?” he asks her, as he looks down to her beautiful face.

She grabs his cock and her beautiful face takes on a look of complete shock. “That can’t be real. Can it?” her expert fingers play with his cock through his pants.

“Yes, play with the tiger my beautiful Mistress. It will be up your ass on the hood of your car.”

“Like that would be the first time that would happen handsome.” Catherine plays with his cock a little hard, as her limousine pulls up. Her beautiful brown eyes look up at him, as she does. “Fuck me on the hood now?”

“Right in front of the driver and everyone who can see? Not a good idea.” He sets her into the limousine, and he looks forward to the driver a little concerned.

“It’s okay, Fred does not even know Michael and well… if he did he’d have some explaining to do.” Catherine winks to Fred.

The Legman gets into the car and he asks, “So, I am the only man inside of this limo who has not fucked you yet?” he asks her, as he looks into her beautiful brown eyes.

“I am not one to kiss and tell handsome.” She remarks to her new sex slave.

He looks yet again into her beautiful brown eyes and he smiles at her. His hand touches her knees, “And I’ve got you where I want you.” She closes her eyes, as his hand moves over her sexy knee and Catherine sighs some.

“I have no powers?” She asks him a little stunned. His hand continues to move up to her sexy thigh.

“Yes, you are very powerful but I had to trick you.” His hand, which is so strong, moves over her beautiful thighs.

“I can’t resist you! Oh god!” Catherine exclaims, she is so shocked that control has been taken from her.

“Not even you can resist my touch, Catherine. It has just taken me a little longer to do it.” His hand moves up her sexy long jacket, and she looks to him in complete lust.

He leans in and he kisses her with deep passion and she kisses him with extreme passion. Her lips are so soft and experienced. His hands move over her beautiful face as he deepens the kiss, and she slips him her tongue.

Eventually he breaks the kiss with her and he looks into her beautiful brown eyes. “Do you really wish to fuck now?”

She takes off her coat showing him her amazing body once more and she smiles at him. “What do you think?”

His hands move to her chest and he removes her black top and he kisses her large tits. Catherine moans as he does. He kisses all over the skin of her large tits, as his hand moves into her panties. “Oh god, you are so naughty!” She yells in her Welch accent.

His fingers grab her clit and he works it hard, as her head goes back and he works her incredibly tough. She breathes sharply as he does it. The Legman moves in and he starts to kiss her sexy neck. “God, you so know how to turn me on!” She shouts, as her body begins to shake.

Catherine gasps hard, as she begins to orgasm inside of her panties and her body shakes even harder. He holds her closes, as she has a powerful orgasm. “You are so beautiful Catherine.” He tells her, as she cums all over his fingers still working on her.

“Am I beautiful?” She asks him, as she looks into his eyes. “Why did I have to hunt you then?”

“Maybe because I was not sure I could hunt my prey. You do have you powers still.” He points out to her. “To take you if you did not want to go might be a little messy.”

“So, that is why Charisma Carpenter told me stories of how you would fuck her so hard?” she looks to him with a smile.

“I asked her to get close to you and some other stars.” He smiles at the beautiful Catherine Zeta Jones.

“Yes, and she can tell me stories of her powerful orgasms. Does she claw like I think she does?”

“God yes, she has enough DNA to make another me in her fingernails.” He laughs at her hard.

Catherine smirks at him hard, as she shakes her head. “You are so naughty you know?”

He hand moves over her knee as her looks into her amazingly beautiful face and he comments, “Considering what I could do, is that a bad thing?”

“I have done my research on you handsome. No you will not do anything bad to me or something stupid. Bad stuff tends to happen after you fuck the woman, but I have prepared for that.” She looks forward to her driver.

His hand continues to run up her toned and so sexy leg and she grins at him. His fingers grab a hold of her panties and he brings them down her sexy legs. The moment they get past her legs his eyes look up her beautiful body, and she parts her legs for him. He begins to remove his pants, and her eyes move over his body as he gets naked for her. “Nice body handsome… oh my god, your cock!”

Her beautiful brown eyes look to his large cock in intense fear and her mouth gaps open at it. “Is that real?” she does not close her legs, and her eyes cannot leave it.

“Yes, it is real and it won’t tear you in half or anything. I know how flexible you are. I’ve seen Chicago.”

“That movie did not show my true flexibility you know?” Catherine smiles at him as she touches a button and the seat they are in moves back a ways.

She then parts her gorgeous legs so far apart, and she smiles at him seductively. His hands move up the inside of her sexy legs, and she breathes in hard as her head goes back. His hands continue to move up her legs and Catherine looks to him a little pissed. “How much more wet do I need to be?”

He takes his penis and he works it inside of her and Catherine gasps hard as he works it inside of her. Her eyes widen at the initial pain and she looks to him a little teary-eyed. “Trust me, the pain will pass.”

Catherine closes her eyes as he works it inside of her, and she gasps and she moans hard. She finds herself getting so wet, as he works himself inside of her. Her legs are so far apart it does not take long for her to adapt. “This is not as bad as what she said it would be.” Catherine says with a smile.

He begins to move inside of her with good power as he kisses her sexy lips and she moans loud. Catherine is so freakin’ flexible that he continues to fuck her hard, and she closes her beautiful brown eyes. Her legs pump him inside of her so hard, and she rubs her tits against him on the down stroke.

His eyes look into hers and she grins at him, as he fucks her so hard. Her hips thrust into him with good power as her pussy clamps down onto him hard. “She tends to be a wimp…” He then begins to fuck Catherine extremely hard, and she screams loud.

Catherine digs her nails into his back extremely hard as she screams, “Come on you can fuck me harder! You got such a large one for mommy!” His penis slams inside of her even harder, and she closes her beautiful brown eyes as Catherine takes the best he has.

She wraps her sexy legs around him so hard and she pulls him into him and she orgasms all over his hugeness. Her body shakes as she keeps her beautiful eyes closed and she smiles. He then cums inside of her and Catherine then begins to purr, as she pulls him close to her. “God, you are wonderful.”

“Thank you beautiful.” He smiles down to the beautiful actress. She opens her eyes and she smiles up to him.

“No, thank you. God, will I even feel my husband ever again?” she asks with a smile.

“Yeah, got to fuck some men with smaller dicks to make you contract extremely hard.” He instructs her with a smile.

“So, now I got to go and fuck some pin dicks?” A wide smile stretches across her face. “Poor me.”

“Yeah, poor Catherine Zeta Jones. You have to have sex with six or seven normal sized dicks now.” He plays with her clit some more and Catherine closes her eyes and she enjoys it.

He continues to play with her clit and Catherine enjoys it great. Her chest goes up and down as she breathes hard, and her legs shake as she cums once more. She then drifts off to sleep and he holds her, as she sleeps soundly.

“Fred can you drop me off at the Country Club? I got some women who I meet there.” He smiles at Fred, as he holds Catherine.

The driver smiles back at him and he comments. “She rarely does this man. Hope it rocked for you?”

“God yes, how could it have not rocked for me?” The Legman raises his eyebrow at Fred. “Anyone ever complain?”

“Actually she has had some offers before from some handsome studs before dude, but she said no. One night George Clooney was in back and his hands went up her leg and he began to play with her clit hard. Hell the guy even made her cum hard. Catherine then begged him not to fuck her because she loves her husband so much. For a moment I thought I might have to pull over and take care of business.”

“You would punch George Clooney?” The Legman asks him a little bit concerned for his own safety.

“If he tried to rape her, yes I would do so.” Fred looks back to him. “If she fucks someone she fucks someone.”

“Okay, then I got something to tell you. For the next few days she won’t be herself. She’ll fuck anything that moves. Including you, Fred.”

Fred bites his lip and the Legman asks, “She has never really fucked you has she?”

“No, fucking my boss can be a bad deal. She’s going to be extremely horny, huh?”

“Imagine a child between Miss Piggy and the Tasmanian Devil with the looks of her.” her points to Catherine, as she sleeps with a huge smile on her beautiful face.

“Could see hurt someone?” He asks a little concerned, “I used to drive for Framke Janssen.”

“Catherine does not like sex in the same way Framke does. God, even Klingons have their limits. Don’t worry about her hurting anyone.” The Legman smiles at how Framke must have hurt some of the bellhops in Europe.

Fred drops the Legman off at the local Country Club, and he smiles as he hooks up with a beautiful blonde of about five foot ten inches tall. “God, she has to be all legs.”

“Who Fred, me?” Catherine asks, as she sits up and she looks to him. She shows him her outstanding legs and she orders him. “Park somewhere Fred. I owe you something special.”


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