Catholic Schoolgirl Punishment

Title: Catholic Schoolgirl Punishment

Author: Tori

Celebs: Francesca Capaldi

Codes: Mf, oral, anal, rough, BDSM

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen.  The story is purely fantasy and fantasy is legal.



Little Francesca Capaldi sat outside the head master’s office, waiting to be called.  Ever since her show ended, she’d been attending the all girl Catholic school.  She had begged her parents to let her go to public school but they insisted she go here.  Of course, the tiny 14 year old with a head full of long curly hair rebelled.  So much so, that this was her third visit to the head master in as many weeks.

“Miss Capaldi?  Come in please.”  Francesca stood up and walked in, closing the door behind her.  She walked up in front of the large desk in her plaid skirt and white blouse and said, “I guess you’re pretty mad, aren’t you sir?”  The head master sat back and said, “Mad isn’t the word for it Miss Capaldi.  You know smoking on campus is against the rules, don’t you?”  Fransesca nodded and said, “Yes sir, I know.”  The head master stood up and slammed his hand down on his desk and yelled, “THEN WHY DID YOU DO IT?  ARE YOU FUCKING STUPID?”  Francesca stepped back and stared at him with her mouth open.  “I AM SICK AND TIRED OF YOU BREAKING THE RULES!” he screamed.  The man sat back down and paused for a moment and said, “Listen up little girl.  It was bad enough when you broke curfew not to mention last week when you were caught making out with that girl in the locker room but this time you’ve gone too far.”

The large man stood up and came out from behind his desk.  He picked up the paddle from his desk and said, “Assume the position young lady.”  Francesca knew what was in store for her so, reluctantly, she placed her hands on his desk and bent over.  As she waited for the first blow, the head master said, “This is only the beginning.  This time you’re going to know what punishment is.”  With that, he smacked the cute redhead on the ass, hard causing Francesca to yelp like a little puppy.  The next several blows were even harder then the last.  He then pulled her skirt up over her ass and continued to paddle her.  After several more hits, he yanked her panties down to her knees and used the paddle on her bare bottom.  By this time, the tiny teen was crying and begging him to stop.  “Please sir, no more…..PLEASEEEEE STOP……I’LL DO ANYTHING YOU WANT BUT PLEASE STOP!!!!!!”

The head master did stop and stepped back.  Francesca heard a familiar sound and knew what was coming next.  “On your knees little girl.”  Francesca slowly turned around and saw him stroking his nine inch cock.  Without saying a word, she dropped to her knees and waited.  The head master stepped closer and said, “Open your mouth and put your hands behind your back.”  She did as she was told.  The tall man in his 50’s smacked her face with his hard cock and then pushed it between her glossy pink lips.  Francesca had sucked guys off before and knew what was expected of her so she instinctively began to suck him, using her tongue as the shaft entered her young mouth.  The head master began to pump his cock deeper and deeper into her mouth and then, grabbing a handful of her hair, shoved his hard meat down her throat.  Francesca gagged and blew snot from her nose as she was brutally face fucked by the head master.

As he continued his assault on her mouth, the head master said, “Unbutton your blouse slut.”  Francesca began to do what she was told and soon her tiny breasts were exposed to the cool air of the office.  The head master pulled his cock out of her mouth and pulled her to her feet by her hair.  He spun her around and said, “Assume the position bitch.  It’s time for the real punishment.”  Francesca bent over again and lowered her head.  Her red curls covered her face as she waiting for the inevitable.  The head master pulled a small plastic bottle from his jacket and squirted it on Francesca’s ass.  As he used his fingers to lube up her tiny butthole, he said, “Simply fucking you won’t be enough.”  When he was satisfied she was ready, he pressed his hard cock against her rosebud and pushed.  “Fucking A baby, you’ve got the tightest ass I’ve ever had.”  He pushed harder and harder until he finally popped her anal cherry.  “GODDDDDD PLEASE SIR…….TAKE IT OUT……PLEASE….….YOU’RE KILLING MEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!”

Her screams fell on deaf ears as the head master continued to enter her tight teen ass.  When he was half way in, he began to slowly pump his cock in and out of her.  Soon, her little hole began to open up and accept his violation.  Tears ran down the young girls face as the head master assaulted her.  He squirted more lube until her asshole was full of cock.  He could feel her ass opening up for him so he began to fuck the little 14 year old harder.  He pulled his cock out and smiled as he looked at her gaping hole.  Before it closed up, he shoved his cock back in and began to fuck Francesca harder and deeper.  The only sounds coming from her mouth were grunts and moans.  The head master pushed his cock balls deep into her ass and stood her up.  He reached down and grabbed her thighs, picking her up with his cock still impaled in her ass.

The head master stood up straight used tiny teen as his fuck toy.  He held her legs wide open and pumped her small body up and down on his cock.  Francesca reached her arm around his neck and held on as the older man fucked her senseless.  After almost ten minutes, the head master pulled her off his cock and dropped her to the floor.  “Get ready cunt.”  Francesca opened her mouth just in time for the first shot of cum.  She felt his hot load hit the back of her throat and then closed her eyes as rope after rope covered her face.  When he was finally finished cumming, he pushed his softening cock between her lips and said, “Clean your ass off my cock slut and swallow and don’t you dare miss a drop.”

After she swallowed, the head master tossed her a towel and said, “You should see yourself, You’re a mess.”  The former Disney starlet wiped the cum from her eyes and slowly stood up.  The head master sat back down at his desk and said, “Let this be a lesson to you.  The next time you break the rules, I’ll have the entire male staff come in and we’ll have ourselves a little party.  Understand?”  Francesca buttoned her blouse and pick up her panties and said, “May I go now sir?”  The head master nodded and said, “Don’t forget what I said.”  She turned to leave and said, “I won’t sir and thank you sir.”

After taking a shower and changing into a clean uniform, Francesca went outside and waited for the last bell.  When it rang, her schoolmates came pouring out, walking past her.  A few looked knowingly at her but most just walked by.  When the teachers came out, Francesca reached into her pocket and lit up a cigarette.  She took a big hit and smiled.  As she smoked, one of the men came over and took the cigarette from her and said, “You’re in a lot of trouble.  Come with me Miss Capaldi.”  The cute redhead simply smiled and as she followed him, she said, “Yes sir, a lot of trouble.”


The End

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