Caught In A Moment

Dunk walked down the long corridor that would lead to the room of top diva Christina Aguilera

He still couldn’t believe he was about to meet the star

Somehow Simon had managed to arrange it, but he didn’t know how

He must remember to thank him later. Pay him in kind, maybe?

He was sure he would be up for that!

He came to a blue door that had a piece of paper precariously taped to it.

In big black typed writing it read ‘Christina Aguilera’

Lifting his hand, he paused before knocking.

He had to admit, he was nervous, his palms were sweaty.

What was he gonna say to her for christ sake?

took a deep breath and knocked

It was barely audible

He knocked again, a little louder

There was no answer

He turned the handle and opened it slowly

His heart was beating fast and he thought he was going to faint

He swallowed hard and took the plunge

But he wasn’t prepared for the sight that was ahead of him………

There sat on a leather couch was a half naked Christina Aguilera, legs spread wide, an 8 inch dildo hanging out of her blonde snatch

Her eyes were closed and she was pumping herself furiously

Duncan stood there in amazement

He didn’t move, he was transfixed

He watched quietly as the star fuck herself

‘Oooooh fuck………..oh yes’ Christina yelled as she came to a climax

The dildo almost disappeared into her wet pussy as she pounded it into herself

‘Oh Jesus’ she yelled again as the mighty whims of orgasm took over

Her body stiffened as she came, juices flowed from her puss, soaking the dildo

It slipped down between the crack of her ass, the sticky white liquid gleaming in the pale light

Her hands worked furiously on her pussy, one pumping the dildo, the other on her clit

She came again, sending more juices flowing

Duncan felt a stirring in his groin, there was no doubt he was horny

It took all his will not to go over and fuck her right there

He stood quietly as Christina finished herself off

Her body relaxed and she opened her eyes

She looked over at Duncan and gave a little smile

‘Did you enjoy the show’ she asked in a thick American accent…………..

Her eyes gazed down at the bulge in his trousers

A thin smile played across her face

‘I see you did enjoy it’

Duncan looked down at his arousal

It stuck out like a sore thumb and he immediately went to cover it with his hand

‘Let’s see what ya got’ Christina toyed with him, her eyes full of lust

Duncan unzipped his flies, releasing his arousal

He pulled his trousers down past his thighs giving her a good view of his large cock

It immediately sprang out to greet her, the thick purple head was already glistening with precum

He stood there, waiting expectantly for her next command

Christina gasped as she clamped eyes on his huge tool

The purple head oozed come, the long thick shaft covered in tiny veins

She imagined the hard meat pounding inside her, the very thought making her increasingly wet

She motioned for him to come over to her, he obeyed silently

Grabbing his cock, she immediately put it in her mouth, the whole length disappearing in seconds

Dunk groaned as her mouth clasped his man meat, her saliva coating his hardness

She glided her mouth expertly over him, reaching down to the base, his long wispy pubic hairs tickling her nose

Taking his balls in her hand, she squeezed them gently, eliciting another groan from Duncan

He put a hand on her head and guided her gently over his hardness

This was turning out to be the best blow job he ever had!

Dunk felt himself about to come

Christina’s movements on his cock were amazing, he’d never experienced anything so fantastic!

He couldn’t wait for more, which he was sure there would be

Christina let go of his cock, just before he was about to climax

Lifting her top up, she exposed her milky white breasts which she’d just had increased in size

Her pink nipples stood out in the cold air and Dunk resisted the urge to touch them

Turning back to his c0ck she gently stroked the length and Dunk felt the twinges of orgasm rise up in him once again

She beat faster, her little hand gliding smoothly over his hardness

Shots of creamy spunk emanated from the tip as the onset of orgasm approached, landing on Christina’s large breasts

Duncan let out a yelp as the orgasm took hold, more cream flowed from him as he continued to climax

Christina’s hand worked fast on him, bringing him to the edge

Her chest was covered in Dunk’s honey, some of it escaping between the crevice of her mountains

It seemed never ending as Dunk climaxed again, sending more of his juices landing on Christina

Finally the orgasm subsided and Dunk let out a sigh, his body slowly relaxed

The once hard cock that yearned for attention, was now limp, the veins no longer throbbing, the purple head now a pinkish colour as the blood drained from it

Christina let out a giggle

Her hands went to her chest, rubbing Dunk’s nectar into her soft warm skin

She smoothed it over her nipples and put one to her mouth, gently lapping at the cream

Dunk felt the twinges of arousal creeping in again as he watched the girl lick up his juices

Christina lay back, opening her legs to reveal a perfect pussy which only had a small patch of blonde hair at the top of her long slit

The lips opened slightly exposing her clit. The tiny pink rosebud protruded slightly, almost begging for attention

She licked her fingers and ran them over her cunt, the digits moved slowly and Dunk could see her clit growing in arousal

‘Suck me’ she said simply

Duncan didn’t have to be asked twice as he knelt down to face Christina’s pussy

His face was inches away and he could smell the musky scent of Christina’s sex

It turned him on and his mind started reeling

Moving closer, he poked his tongue out and lapped at Christina’s cunt

He felt her shudder under his touch

He repeated the move, tasting the warm honey that flowed from her

Christina’s hips bucked to meet him and he could hear soft groans of pleasure

He slid his tongue between the crack of her arse and she jolted

He licked her anus, a mixture of must and her juices filled his mouth

Dunk felt a hand on his head, pulling him in closer to heaven

He moved back up to her snatch, the pink folds of skin concealing hidden treasure

He opened her puffy lips exposing soft pink flesh

He flicked a tongue between the crevice of her puss, the salty taste of her filled his mouth

She groaned as he licked her cunt, his long tongue glided smoothly over her treasure

He slid his tongue into her wet hole, the juicy cavity sucked him in

Christina squirmed under him, her body writhed in excitement

‘Ohhh baby’ he heard her groan

He lapped at her hairy muff, his tongue working furiously inside her

Her body stiffened as she reached climax

‘Uhhh……..ohhhhhhhh……….’ she yelled as orgasm finally took hold of her

She grabbed hold of Duncan’s head and pushed him in further between her legs

She was out of control now, her head was spinning

She was at the point of no return and she was helpless to stop it, but loving every minute of it

She let out one last groan as the final orgasm hit her

It slowly subsided and she began to relax

Duncan continued to work on her until it ebbed away

Her body relaxed and she let go of his head

Taking a breath, her body went limp and she sank back into the couch

Duncan looked up. It was a beautiful sight.

Christina’s face was covered in small beads of sweat and strands of hair clung to her forehead. She was exhausted

Duncan was proud that he’d been the one to cause this, the very thought stirring arousal within him

Christina stripped off her clothes revealing a perfect tanned body and rather large breasts

Duncan almost fainted as he watched Christina strip in front of him

She lay back on the sofa and motioned for Duncan to climb on top of her

Duncan was already in full arousal, his big cock protruding prominently from his body in anticipation

Climbing on to her, he guided his c0ck into her wet pussy

The tip entered her and he gave a groan. Her pussy was tight and extremely wet and he slid in easily.

Grabbing onto the back of the sofa, he pounded himself into her, his cock filling her hole

Christina wrapped her legs around his hips and pulled him in closer.

He thrust a further two inches into her, his cock almost in fully

She ran her hands over his chest, smoothing the soft hairless skin

Her fingers went to his nipples, grazing them lightly with her fingernails, the hard buds responding to each touch

Holding on to Christina’s legs, he thrust in deeper, his cock impelling her

She gave a loud moan as Dunk’s meat filled her

‘Gimme some of that large cock’ she yelled as Dunk fucked her

Christina pulled Dunk’s cock out and turned over so her arse was facing him.

‘Stick ur cock up my arse’ she ordered

Not having to be asked twice, Dunk guided his c0ck into her shit hole

She was tight and the first attempt was difficult.

He slipped the tip in and waited a few seconds for her to adjust to the intrusion

When she relaxed he slid in a couple more inches

Her body squirmed to meet him and it wasn’t long before half of him was inside her.

He grabbed her hips and thrust into her, his cock embedded deep in her arse.

She wriggled uncomfortably at first, a slight pain emanating from her shit hole.

But the pain soon turned into pleasure and she found herself enjoying it

It had been a while since she’d had a cock up her arse and she found she wasn’t accustomed to it.

Dunk pounded into her, his whole cock disppearing into her shit canal

‘Oh fuck yeah’ yelled Christina ‘Fuck me up the arse’

Each dirty word encouraged him and he found himself moving faster inside her.

Dunk felt an orgasm well up inside him and he pulled out.

Stroking his manhood, he brought himself to orgasm, spraying thick white cream all over Christina’s oversized breasts.

Christina immediately rubbed the milky liquid into her breasts, licking off the excess come from her fingers.

Dunk slid two fingers into Christina’s dripping pussy

Aware that she hadn’t yet climaxed he moved the digits inside her until he felt the whims of orgasm approach

A thumb went to her clit, rubbing the tiny rosebud, causing her body to shake with delight.

Christina groaned loudly as the orgasm took over

Her body spasmed as she climaxed

Dunk’s thick fingers moved inside her, stroking the walls of her cervix, beckoning for her to come

Christina climaxed again, her luscious body writhed in ecstacy

Duncan slowed down his movements, as the orgasm subsided. His fingers continued to work on her clit, the swollen bud ached with pleasure.

His free hand went to her breasts, stroking the soft silky skin which was smeared with his juices

Christina placed a hand on his and guided him along her mountains, her delicate fingers smoothed his large hand.

Duncan slowly pulled out of Christina’s pussy

His fingers were coated in her love juices

She motioned for him to put his fingers in her mouth

Doing so, Duncan watched as she licked her own honey from his fingers, the sight stirring arousal in him

Christina watched Duncan’s face as she licked the come from her fingers.

He was aroused again, his cock sticking out like a sore thumb

She decided she was going to have some fun with him.

He was gonna love what she had in mind……………

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