Caught In Between

Title: Caught In Between

Author: Cadeauxxx

Celebs: Britney Spears

Codes: MMF, oral, anal, facial

Disclaimer:  This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission. For feedback, I can be reached at cadeauxxxseed(At)Gmail(dot)com


The bright sun was beaming up in the sky on the typical summer day in L.A. The heat had already set in as now it was the afternoon and Britney had to get ready for her day. She was expecting a call from Adam about their recording session that they had planned over at a studio downtown. She had made the trip down here to L.A. to kick back for a bit of fun while working on her new album. Adam had proven to be a good friend over the past two years in Vegas. She enjoyed his hard work, the man was an audio engineer that did extensive mixing work for her Vegas shows. One of these days she knew that she would push the man over the edge with all her flirting and teasing.

From her Malibu condo on this vacation, Britney dressed herself up in white pants with a low white matching shirt. The shirt was cut showing her fit stomach and belly button ring in the middle while the top was cut perfectly to show off her big breasts in a teasing matter. She finished off the outfit with some matching high heels, making sure she dressed to tease poor Adam as he couldn’t ever keep his eyes off her. Her makeup had been fixed up with some dark eye liner, her long golden hair straightened out to be put in a ponytail and everything finished with the final topping of her signature fragrance.

Looking up at the clock as 12:14 was now the time on the dot, she grabbed her cellphone and finally Adam was calling. She answers the cellphone accordingly.

“Adam! Hey!”

“Hi Britney, sorry I’m late calling.”

“You’re not late, I was expecting you to call around 12:30.”

“Well yeah, are you ready to go to the studio today?”

“Yep! Just been waiting on you to call sweetie, are you coming to pick me up?”

“Of course, I got a surprise for you today Britney. Be on the look out for the driveway.”

“Oh I love surprises, I’ll be right here waiting on you Adam, buh-bye!”

The phone clicked dead in the palm of Adam’s hand and now he smirked. She had no idea what awaited her as this entrance back to his studio, the man sat softly in the back of a limo driven by his good friend David. This was something of a big dream to Adam, he had always been a quiet nerdy guy in the background of things. How he got into music was a funny deal but fast approaching age of 33 and working in audio tech with Britney Spears’ team left him nothing to complain about. On the side he did production here in L.A. for pop music, it was a thrill to him that Britney asked for his help with mixing new songs for her upcoming album.

During the morning he had received a call informing him that working in the studio may be a long shot since routine maintenance was undergoing on the building. He didn’t have the courage to be honest to Britney about it as he did not want to disappoint her, but hopefully this ride in a limosouine with some nice wine would be a good way to work his charm over her. He had wanted her so bad over the past few years and now he had his chance. From the driver’s side of the long stretch limo was his old friend David, talking freely to him.

“Since this is Britney, do you think you could introduce me to her?”

“Yeah sure, no problem.”

“Thanks, I’ve never seen her in the flesh.”

David was something of a mysterious man at least to Adam’s knowledge. They had become friends years ago through the service of transportation, the man was once the driver to a high established producer that Adam worked for before his job at Vegas. The two had known each other quite a while but what Adam did not know the party animal that David was under the suit. For years he had wanted to meet Britney and party it up with her, for he had missed the chance during her breakdown period. Slowly and surely, the limo made it’s way onto the driveway of the Malibu retreat condo. A couple minutes later, the blonde singer walked out strutting her hips in those white pants as she made it to the back door. Britney opened the door and greeted Adam with that famous signature smile of hers.

“Hey Adam! Nice limo!”

The man smiled at her and took her hand pulling her in. He was dressed down casually with simple jeans and a band shirt. His hair had been recently trimmed, and his face was perfect after a clean shave. Britney leaned over and kissed his cheek before she settled her body down into the couch seat in the limo. To her eyes was the white and silver interior design of this luxury vehicle. Though she had taken a ride in many limos over the course of her career, this was one that stood out to her eyes. In front she could see a built in entertainment center with a television set and sitting up there was two goblets of wine and an expensive looking bottle of wine.

“Hey Britney, glad you could make it. I hope you like the limo, it was all just for her.”

“I love it, this is all very nice of you Adam! I see the wine too, I assume that’s for me?”

Her big brown eyes gazed up into his and Britney teasingly batted her eyelashes to make him blush. She loved playing these games flirting with this man and now he seemed to be making right moves.

“Yeah, I figured a glass would be nice to start the day before work.”

“I like that, so we’re on schedule for the next hour?”

“Yes, which means we gotta get moving but wait, Britney meet David. He’s our driver!”


The window to the driver’s side of the limo was down and the man held up his hand waving to her as he spoke, before turning around and revealing his face. He was somewhat older by appearance, looking to be in his mid 40’s from the small graying in his hair and over his beard. Britney smiled big before gasping.

“OH MY GOD! You…You can’t be him, can you?”

“I beg your pardon?”

Britney bit her lower lip to stop herself from laughing before speaking again in her thick southern accent.

“Are you that driver that used to party with Paris?”

David nodded to her and replied.

“Oh yeah crazy one she is, huh?”

“Paris told me all about you and those parties over Los Angeles, we never got the chance to meet back in the day.”

“Well yeah, that’s me babe. Pleasure to finally meet you Britney.”

“The pleasure is mine too.”

She bit her bottom lip replying to him as he turned around now shifting back into his driver’s seat. Adam didn’t know what to make of their whole meeting right here, as he was a little confused at this but didn’t want to ask Britney about it here.

“Well, I better get on the road to bringing you two over to that studio. This will take about an hour on the road.”

The limo started to move as it pulled out of the driveway and then Adam turned his attention back to Britney. His eyes traveled up her white pants seeing that nice jewel pierced over her navel and then up to her big tits before settling on her beautiful face.

“How’s the trip out here from Vegas going?”

“Oh it’s great! I am free from the kids for the weekend if all goes well tonight i’m going to be relaxing in my jacuzzi listening to some old radio.”

“That sounds wonderful Britney, I can’t deny that all I’ve thought about lately is you.”

“Oh is that true?”

“Yeah, you’re a good friend.”

Adam got up and walked over to grab the two glasses and the wine bottle now, as he figured they could go ahead and have that drink. Britney crossed one of her strong legs over the other and teased him, shooting her eyes up at him when he turned around. The man blushed and smiled.

“Some wine, you wanna drink with me?”

“Oh god, I’d be honored to drink with you after all this time.”

“Bring it over for me hun!”

Walking over and rejoining Britney on the seats, Adam worked to opening the bottle but she stopped him placing her hand over it.

“Let me do it.”

With the bottle in her hand, Britney turned the top and undid it before taking one of the glasses from his finger tips and holding it for herself. She poured his first and then her own, and then some idea crossed her mind to rather tease him.

“Will you drink mine and I drink yours?”

“Of course, Britney!”

Adam had a big smile on his face and Britney fed her small glass to his lips as he repeated the action. Her big eyes looked into his and she couldn’t help but tease him further as they drinking the glasses down. Closing her eyes and gulping it down, she reopened them to see him looking at her.

“Mmmmm, good wine baby.”

“Oh yeah, saved it just for you today.”

“How sweet of you, Adam! I always knew there was a charmer under you.”

While the two were flirting up a riot in the back seat, the limo turned and was now heading into downtown L.A.. A couple minutes had passed and then a phone started to vibrate in Adam’s pocket. Britney put her hand down on his leg to lean over him as the man sighed and snatched his phone up to answer it.

“Yes, hello?”

Suddenly after the initial seconds on the phone, Adam rolled his eyes and let out a stressful sigh. Britney was alerted to this and watched as he started to talk back into the phone.

“You’re fucking joking right? Today of all days this has to occur. Great…just fucking great.”

Hanging up the phone, he sat it down on the seat next to him and then Britney leaned over asking the problem.

“What’s wrong, hun?”

“The studio is closed! They chose today to begin stripping out all the electrical work and redoing it. Guess I did all this for nothing today, we’re not going to be able to work.”

Britney looked up at him a little surprised and just softly smiled, giving him the reassurance that today was not a wasted opportunity.

“It’s OK, I don’t have to record today.”

“But I wanted to do it, just for you!”

“That’s OK baby, you already made me feel special enough with all of this.”


“Yes, really.”

Britney’s eyes looked up into his and then she put her hand over his, squeezing it.

“How about we have a date on the road here?”

“You would treat me to that?”

“Yes! Why not? I been begging for you to make a move on me for months, ever since that comment on stage about finding a really hot nerd….you didn’t get the hint?”

Oh god, she was grilling him in the back of his mind. That comment about finding what she called ‘a really hot nerd with a really big penis’ on stage from Vegas a few months ago. Adam shook his head, getting his sense together over this woman. Shaking it off, he smiled at her and nodded.

“Alright babe, this would mean a lot to me too. Have always wanted a date with you.”

“I know you have!”

Swinging the wine bottle in her hand, Britney held it up to her mouth and took a large drink straight from the bottle. Something had come over her sense here, as she was finally having wine with a man that she had her target on for months and then finally getting to meet David had brought back memories. Deep down, Britney always was a wild one and back in Vegas she had a private backyard to seductively heat things up. After guzzling down a bit of the bottle, she wipes her lips with her free hand and then sets her lustful eyes over Adam.

“You know what?”


Adam looked into her eyes and Britney flicked her tongue on her upper lip.

“Let me kiss you!”

Before he could react, Britney quickly climbed over him and sat down on his lap. Her hands went behind his head and she leaned in and forced a hard kiss over his lips. Adam had been taken back by the surprise move she made and reacted slowly, putting his hands on her back as she darted her tongue into his mouth and kissed the man passionately by force. As the kiss deepened his hands traveled from her back to finding her tight ass and squeezing it. ‘Mmmmmmmm’ she softly purred into his mouth.

The driver in place, David watched with his mirror going down the roads. ‘Fucking amazing, I always knew the rumors were true.’ He said to himself in his head. Not wanting to disturb the show of her sucking Adam’s face he made a turn off the busy traffic roads and started going a different direction. Unknowing to either of them, he had his own plans. Britney broke the kiss and leaned back from Adam’s lap giving him a view of her voluptuous body up front. His hands instantly traveled over her her little white shirt, tempted to start removing it.

“You two having fun back there?”

Britney giggled, cupping the back of Adam’s head before he laughed with her. Turning her head she yelled to David.

“I’m having fun! I think he is too!”

Adam’s attention was solely concentrated on the goddess sitting on his lap. Running his hands over her beautiful abs, holding back the temptation to start unbuttoning the little shirt. Britney decided to grind her hips over him, pumping that thick ass of hers over his crotch as she could feel his cock growing hard. She looked into his eyes with hunger and softly spoke in a low sensual voice.

“How about a lap dance, baby?”

“Fuck yeah, I’d love a lap dance!”

Britney leans over and places a small kiss on his lips, running her hand up his shirt now. David had heard it loud and clear from Adam’s mouth and decided to press his luck in the situation by speaking up.

“If you’re going to be giving him a lap dance babe, you think you can turn around so I could watch?”

The blonde singer laughed turning her head and whipping her pony tail around as she nodded up at the window.

“Why of course! Just make sure you’re driving somewhere with not a lot of traffic, I don’t want to get us in a wreck distracting you.”

“No problem, I’m driving us somewhere more quiet anyway.”

Almost a dead giveaway to the plan that David had in mind. Britney didn’t hang on his words, as she got up from Adam’s lap and turned around pushing her big ass to his view. The man brought his hand up and ran it up the gorgeous pop star’s left cheek, softly squeezing it in the tight white pants she was wearing. Britney leaned over so David up front could receive ample view of her cleavage, while she began to roll her hips and pump her juicy ass out to Adam. He leaned back in his seat and just watched the show she was giving him. While she did not have music to dance to, that didn’t matter as she slowly rotated her hips for a good minute before placing her hands down on the seat behind her and nesting her thick ass over his lap. Adam let out a soft moaning as she sat on his lap and began to slowly grind her hips.

“God damn, work it baby!”

Adam moaned his words out, running his hands up to her stomach as Britney just giggled and continued to grind on him. David was watching from the mirror and commented.

“That sure is a sexy show in the back seat of my limo. You’re still a very sexy woman all this time.”

“Thank you!”

Britney giggled leaning up on his lap, as the man behind her ran his hands under her shirt was feeling the smoothness of her skin. She continued to grind slowly, yet harder. She could feel his cock bulging right in the crack of her ass.

“Mmmmm, I think someone is wanting me down here….”

She spoke in her soft slutty voice teasing Adam, unknowing to either of them in the back seat David had made a turn off the road and was driving the limo into an underground car park. While Britney was grinding on the man’s lap, the limo shifted as it moved down the entrance road into the car park but she was not bothered at all as the heat of lust had overtaken her and she went to unbuttoning her shirt knowing full well that David could see it from his mirror.

“Go on, take it off babe…”

David was pushing her to do it, she responded by unbuttoning the small three buttons and then pulling it apart revealing her nice big breasts as they popped out in freedom with no bra to hide them. Still, she grinds over Adam’s lap while slinging the shirt onto the floor.

“Wow, look at them, just perfect boobs!”

“Thank you!”

She laughed at his comment and now she made the move to turning herself around on Adam’s lap, swinging her legs over the seat as he became blinded by the side of her nude chest. He leaned up and pushed his head over her left breast while his hands fondled over them. Britney threw her head back and moaned out. Slowly Adam pressed his mouth up to her nipple and licked over it, feeling it harden over his tongue. He moved to the other one to suck on it equally while squeezing them.

“I think someone likes my tits quite a bit!”

“Oh yeah, they’re fucking amazing.”

That voice was David, alerting Britney once more to his presence up in the driver’s seat. She turned her head and flipped her ponytail as she spoke.

“Hey, where exactly are you taking us? I felt the road move a bit and I assume we went down a hill or something.”

“I’ve taken us to a silent little place I know. We won’t be disturbed, you mind if I join the fun back there?”

Britney laughed at him, she had heard all the stories years back of this man. David was known as a wild one from her friends and it would be a lie if she didn’t admit that she was teasing him knowing full well the consequence could result in a threesome. She didn’t care if this bothered Adam at all, knowing full well that he would never say no to her and that it was her call in the beginning. She ran her hand up playing with his hair and then replied to David.

“Get the limo parked hot shot and you can join us back here.”

“Fucking yes! That’s what I’m talking about, give it a few minutes.”

The limo was already going down the long road into the underground car park, a place David knew quite well. There was no security guard on the back entrance and from the back was usually all quiet with no parking places obtained. All the while, Britney shot her eyes back at Adam and focused back on him, kissing him softly and speaking.

“Let’s get started, you and me first.”

Running her hand up to grab the small pony tail, she grits her teeth and looks at him like a hungry predator locked on the prey. To Adam’s mind, he didn’t even think of the fact that his friend was about to be joining them back here. He was just happy to finally be fucking her beautiful body that he had lusted for all this time. Britney pulled the pony tail loose and let her hair golden blonde locks rnn free over her shoulders, in her sorta way of ‘taking the gloves off’.

“I’m ready Britney.”

“I know you are.”

His cock was stiff in the cage of his jeans and underwear. Britney could feel it under her, knowing good and well that he was prepared for her She crawled off his lap and down to his knees while the car stopped and was now backing up. She placed her hand up on the top of his pants, looking in his eyes as she went for the belt. Adam helped her, unbuckling his belt from her grasp and then she took command by popping the button and sliding the zipper down. He placed his hands down on his pants from the side and forced them down his legs while Britney pulled his boxer briefs down and freed his hard cock from it’s lair. Her little hand wrapped around his meaty shaft and softly stroked it while her eyes shot back up at him and once more she spoke in that slutty voice of hers.

“Mmmmm, one big hard cock all for me.”

Keeping eye contact, Britney lowered her head and aimed his cock at her hungry mouth. While their eyes were locked on, she breathed down on it and then kissed the head before taking it into her mouth and sucking down the first few inches. Adam had proven that he truly was not only a nerd, but one with a really big dick just like she knew all along. His eyes watched the blonde goddess who was in the process of making her transformation from the naughty stage singer to a full blown sex goddess in the back of this limo. Softly, she sucked his cock into her mouth bobbing her head up and down on his fat rod before coming up with a loud pop noise. It didn’t cross Adam’s mind that the limo had stopped and now from her knees, Britney looked back up at the window as she called out for David.

“Alright, get out and come join us! This is going to be fun!”

“Yes it is babe!”

“Oh yes!”

David spoke and then Adam behind him. Britney returned her attention to Adam’s cock, stroking it nice and slow in her hand while her eyes looked back up at him.

“Let’s get the rest of your clothes off now before he gets in.”

She leaned down and placed a loving kiss again over the head of his cock before bringing her hands down to his feet. He was wearing tennis shoes and now she went to pulling the right one off, at the same time Adam was throwing his shirt over his head. By the time she got to his second foot and pulled it off, the door to the limo opened and David made his entrance. Britney was snatching off Adam’s socks as she looked up at David towering over her.

“Looks like I am a little overly dressed being in here.”

“You better get to strippin’ then!”

David laughed at the comment she made to him and then she giggled too. Finally, Adam was completely naked but Britney herself was still wearing her white pants and heels. She crawled a bit forward to where David was standing and decided to help him, unbuttoning his pants and sliding his belt out of the loops. The older man watched her down on her knees and decided to get his shirt off while she did below the torso. All the while, Adam sat back stroking his hard cock as he watched his dream woman undress his friend. It didn’t take her long to get his pants down and then she pulled his shoes and socks off, tossing them over to the side in what was becoming a mess on the floor in articles of clothing. She left his underwear on last so she could look up into his eyes and pull them down and get a grip on his cock. Britney smiled up at him as she stroked him and then turned over to Adam who spoke up.

“Hey wait, Britney isn’t fully naked yet.”

“That’s right hun! I want you both to finish stripping me, David first.”

Like a game she was playing to tease Adam, allowing his friend to be the one that undid her white pants. Britney got up from her knees and stood up in front of Adam, as the other naked man sat right next to him and then pushed his thumb over her pants to pull her towards him. David unbuttoned the little button holding them together and then slowly pulled it down revealing a black thong underneath. With the pants pushed down past her knees, she pulled her legs up and then one after the other, she steps her heels out of pants. Kicking the pants into the floor, she turned her attention back to Adam now, stepping one of her big legs forward and bending over showing that huge ass again with a thong tucked between her cheeks.

“Your turn Adam, pull it down….with your teeth.”

Little kinks like this drove Britney crazy in times. She leaned over to give him great view of her epic buttocks and as requested, Adam leaned down over the left side and then tucked his teeth between the silky fabric of the black thong and went to sliding it down off her curvy body. Britney softly moaned as his hands traveled from her ass cheeks down to both legs and the thong went flying down hitting her feet. She stood back up and then stomped her heels to push it aside and now all three of them were in complete nudity. She looked back down at the two men sitting there stroking their cocks ready for her, so she went to fixing her hair behind her shoulders and lowering herself to her knees. She shot a goofy smile over at David and then to Adam while speaking in her thick southern accent.

“Alright, y’all ready to have some fun?”

“Fuck yeah we are babe!”

It was David speaking up but both of the men were smiling and equally excited. Adam was sitting on the left side and David on the right. Britney sat on her knees and leaned up, taking both their cocks into her hands and stroking them simultaneously. Both of them had great big dicks, only difference really between the two men was that David was a bit older while Adam was still in the same age generation as herself. Shooting her eyes over at Adam, she decided to take his cock first since she had already kissed it minutes earlier. Leaning over his way, she gave him eye contact before running her tongue down to the head and closing her lips around it with her hand locked at the base. Slowly, she began to bob her head up and down on him while her right hand was jerking David’s cock off in unison to her sucking. Britney moaned, as she sucked on the hot nerd’s big cock, he breathed in heavily whispering. ‘Oh yes.’

Britney shot her eyes back up at Adam’s, looking at him while she moved her lips up and down over his cock. At the same time, her right hand was still clenched over David’s shaft and stroking it slowly. She came up from Adam’s dick making a loud pop noise with her mouth before using her tongue to lick the underside of it from his balls up to the head. Placing her lips over it one last time, she sucks the head again before coming up with another loud pop noise. She breathes in and then turns her attention over to the right, as now it was David’s turn. Flicking her tongue back, Britney spits all over his shaft before she moves her lips around it and begins to suck on the head.

Just like before, her left hand now was stroking Adam’s cock, squeezing it tightly while she moved her right hand down to the base and was bobbing her head up and down on David’s meaty pole. From the movements of her body, her blonde hair moved over her her shoulder and David used his hand to fix it back behind her shoulder. Britney looked up into his eyes while moaning over his shaft. ‘Mmmmmm’ Taking him deeper down her throat, she slowly came up once more making a loud pop noise, this time with a string of saliva dripping from her mouth. She moves back to the left and spits on Adam’s cock now before enveloping her mouth around it again, while her right hand was now stroking David’s cock up and down free of her mouth.

“That’s it baby, suck that cock.”

Britney looked her eyes up at Adam as his soft voice rang in her ears. She was making loud sucking noises each time she moved down and up on his shaft, getting faster each time she devoured it between her lips. After a good bit of sucking, she came up once more with another loud pop noise and moved back to her right giving David attention. Like before, she began by spitting on his dick and then concealing her lips around it before bobbing up and down it. Her left hand held Adam’s cock tight and stroked up and down, while she took David’s shaft deeper into her mouth, savoring the taste. Slurping noises were audible through out the back of the limo coming from her mouth, and after a good minute she came up once more from David’s cock and turned her attention back to Adam but this time she placed a kiss over Adam’s shaft and then back to David a second kiss.

“Lovely woman, knows how to handle a double team.”

It was David that complimented her. Britney laughed hard, leaning up as she now was stroking both their cocks simultaneously once more. From all the saliva over both of them, her hands easily glided over their shafts. There was truth in what she said, for she did have experience in handling two men at the same time. Catching herself together from stroking their cocks at the same time, it was now time to take her sucking skills to the next level. She turned her attention back to David since he spoke, and moved her lips to enclose over his shaft. Britney moved her hand off his cock, but made sure to continue stroking Adam’s, as she pushed it down all the way to the point the head hit the back of her throat. Showing off her deep throat skills, she gargled and gagged over David’s meaty cock. He placed his hand on the back of her head to push her down as she started to come up, holding her there in place for a minute.

“God fucking damn, this feels fucking incredible!”

A whole minute went by before Britney finally gagged and choked up on his cock. David removed his hand from the back of her head and the blonde pop singer came out with long strings of saliva dangling from her open mouth down on his cock. She flicked her tongue breaking the strings and then squeezed her hand back around David’s cock as she returned her attention to Adam now. Like before, she flicked her tongue back and spit all over the shaft before she brought her lips down and like she had done to his friend, she removed her hand and pushed his cock as far as she could take it until her lips met at the base. Adam cried out to her as the woman devoured his cock.

“Holy shit! Sweet…Jesus!”

Her hand was slowly gliding over David’s slobber coated shaft while she now began to bob her head up and down on Adam’s cock, sucking on him loudly. By now her sucking sounds had gotten louder and more sloppier. Adam let the blonde goddess consume his cock, she forced it all the way down her throat and held her position until her eyes watered and she gagged on it. Slowly coming up for air, Britney had to catch her breath now. She returned her grips on both of their dicks, stroking them together as a long string of saliva dripped out from the corner of her mouth and landed on her right breast. She leaned up to tease them with her tits. Her hardened nipples just begging for attention, as she moved to take both their cocks and rub them over her nipples.

“Oh yeah…you like that? You like me rubbing your big cocks over my big fuckin’ tits like that? Mmmmmmm, yeah.”

Britney’s voice slurred a bit in her thick southern accent that made it nevertheless sexy as hell in the ears of Adam. Both men moaned giving her the answer, while she dropped her lip and gritted her teeth. She gave them one of her trademark lustful looks while their cocks rubbed up against her nipples. David had made a reminder in his head to fuck her big breasts today, Britney herself had other plans that would require her not to make the two men blow their load so soon. She was done slobbering over their cocks at least for now.

“I think I’m ready for you both to fuck me.”

Leaning down, she placed a final kiss on the head of David’s cock while giving him eye contact and then moving to Adam’s cock, she gives the equal kiss over the crown. Adam nodded at her and spoke up.

“I want to be in your pussy first.”

“Let him fuck you from behind, I’ll fuck your mouth from in front.”

David spoke up after his friend, Britney was still stroking their cocks equally as she looked up at him and nodded with a seductive smile.

“That sounds perfect!”

Sitting straight up on her knees, she moved her hands over hair to straighten it from behind her shoulders once more as the two men were moving into position. David stood up in front of the large leather seats while Adam was making his way behind her. Britney knew to get herself down on all fours now, for the proper position. Soon she would be caught in between within the one eighty degrees. Adam began a little distracted once he got behind her, seeing her pussy soaking wet leaking for attention.

“Wait a minute, I can’t help but lick this up first.”

Adam brought his hand back and playfully swatted her thick lovely ass. Britney giggled as she looked over to see him crawling behind her to place his mouth over her moist pussy. She moaned feeling his fingers play with her before he buried his tongue down there. When she turned her head, Britney was greeted to David’s huge cock waiting for her mouth again. A little grin swept over the older man’s face.

“While he’s eating you, how about you give my balls a bit of sucking action babe?”

“Mmmmmm…I would love to, hot shot.”

The blonde singer laughed up at him before crying a soft moan past her lips. She opened her mouth and David fed her his nuts, as Britney brought one hand up to hold them while she sucked the left into her mouth. All the while, Adam was slowly licking her tight pussy. His tongue snaked it’s way in and out, lapping over it while now Britney’s mouth was full of David’s balls. Her mouth sucked each of his nuts into her mouth one by one and his hard cock was slapping right over her face, stretched out with some of her saliva dripping over her forehead. This was a perfect sight to David’s dirty mind, soon enough he was going to be fucking her face. Britney’s mouth made sucking sounds from her tongue lapping up his balls, at the same time Adam was kissing and sucking her hungry clit. Within minutes, Adam came up to playfully spank her ass again and then nod up at his friend.

“Alright I’m ready, Britney? You ready for me?”

Coming off of David’s balls, she turned around and moaned out to Adam.

“Yes, give it to me!”

Her eyes met back up at David who now was holding his cock ready to feed it to her mouth. Adam had already gotten up off the floor and was standing up, easing his cock into her soaked pussy. He had done a good job with his moderate tongue work, not overworking her into a frenzy as now the head of his cock was entering her and David pushed his pole back between her lips. Now she had planted the palms of her hands back down into the limo floor, knowing that soon she would be caught between them as they fucked her from both ends. Just as Britney closed her lips she muffled out a whimper over his cock. Adam was slowly thrusting into her and now David put both hands over her head, digging into her hair with both hands as he was ready to start thrusting over her mouth.


Britney moaned a muffled noise over David’s cock. He held her head firmly in position and thrust his cock in and out of her mouth, while Adam pumped his hard rod into her wet pussy in chorus together. Overwhelmed in pleasure from both ends of her body, it was a wonder that she could handle this but Britney had experience in her lustful nature. Heavy breathing could be heard in front of her and from behind as David started to focus on his cock shifting in and out of her mouth. He pushed her head all the way down and closed his eyes moaning out. Britney’s eyes watered while her body shook from Adam fucking her from the back. When she finally gagged and coughed over his cock, David let her go only to release his saliva coated shaft watching it slip from mouth with gobs of saliva. A string dripped down from her mouth over the limo floor as she shouted out to her men.

“Oh god, oh yes! Fuck me, back there Adam! Fuck me harder!”

With her body shaking forward, she looked back up at David who’s eyes were full of hunger. He gripped her chin and she opened her mouth according so he could feed his meat back between her lips. Gripping the back of her head again, he pushed her mouth down over his cock and began to thrust forward, while Adam was still working her pussy from the other end.


Her mouth guzzled making loud sucking noises mixed with her moans. Between taking it in the back, David was surprised that she could handle his thrusts into her mouth all at the same time. He wanted to push her to the limit and take this session into a nasty turn. Since he had control of her mouth, he did by pushing his cock all the way down her throat and holding her there. From his view point, he watched Adam plow into her from behind seeing her thick ass cheeks bounce each time he pushed into her. Britney managed to take David’s meat engulfed down her throat all the way until finally gagging on it. As she choked, her eyes flushed some tear drops and then David moaned out calling to his friend.

“Ohhhhh fuck yeah, she knows how to suck a dick better than any man ever dreamed! How about we switch positions?”

Adam came to a sudden stop, resting the palms of his hands over her ass cheeks as he looked at his friend and shook his head.

“Hell no! I’m not moving from back here until I cum in this hole!”

David smirked, and released his grip from Britney’s head.

“Fair enough, I’ll just have to cum in her fucking mouth then.”


That sound interrupting the men from speaking was Britney moaning as David pulled his cock from her mouth. She coughed up as her spit overflowed like a mountain out of her mouth. David looked down at her, stroking his saliva covered dick. It took Britney a few seconds to catch her breath as her eyes looked back up at David. Her heavy black eyeliner had gotten a little runny from his rough place, with a little black line running out of the corner of her right eye.

“You want me to swallow your fuckin’ cum?”

Britney’s voice slurred a bit in her southern accent. David smirked and took his rod to her face, rubbing it over her forehead to wet up her face as he just nodded looking in her eyes. From the back, Adam ran his fingers from the implant of his hands over the cheeks of that glorious ass.

“Yeah Britney, swallow it for him. I’m going to cum inside you, you ready baby?”

“Ohhhhh yes! I’m ready for both of you!”

Adam’s process of fucking her had given herself a good break before she was to explode herself. She didn’t have a problem with him shooting his seed deep within her, he already was quite spent anyway from her cock sucking skills. He watched his friend feed his cock back to her mouth and get a grip on her hair, and that’s when he started thrusting forward again. This time, he moved faster and harder. Bringing his hand up to slap one of her ass cheeks as now her moans were muted again over David’s cock. Both men now were thrusting into her forward and behind.

“God, I know I’m gonna cum soon I can feel it!”

It was Adam having a faint of heart with his words. Both of them had their fantasy dreams of her and here they were ready to blow a load inside her. David had a grip on the back of her head, balling up her long blonde hair as he forced her mouth in position for his cock to slam into her over and over. Adam was starting to get faster thrusting his thick rod through her pussy, Britney was trapped in between.

“Oh god! Fuck! Yes! YES! YES!”

The man from behind was screaming his lungs out, while David in front just grit his teeth and yelled.

“Oh yes! Fucking make me cum with that mouth! YES!”




Both men came to a stop at the same time. David pulled her hair hard to lock his cock down her throat. Britney moaned over the shaft while Adam shot his load deep within her. David had pushed her mouth down again to the point she choked on his cock and teared up. Holding her there as he felt his rod pulsate and shoot within her mouth, the man whimpered as Britney looked her big brown eyes up to him. She winked while gulping his load down her throat and then David’s mind exploded.

“Ohhhhh man, that was brilliant.”

It was David that spoke but Adam paid him no mind as he slipped his cock out from her wonderful love hole and saw his seed dripping out of it. David’s mind had wandered off and he let go of the back of her head. Britney allowed his cock to exit her mouth, the dirty girl opened her mouth revealing she had swallowed his cum. Both of the men had stepped back and now the blonde sex goddess collapsed her body on one side and then rolled over flat on her back looking up at both of them as they had moved side by side. She brought her hand down, pushing her fingers over her opening hole to feel Adam’s cum dripping out. Slowly bringing her hand to her mouth, she sucked it off her fingers and spoke.

“Mmmmmm, I liked that. Lots of fun with the both of you!”

Neither of them could say a word as they were both starring down at her. Britney sucked her finger again before slowly raising herself up back on her knees as she looked up at their cocks and wrapped her hands back around them.

“You want more fun, babe?”

David smirked down at her and Britney just smiled. The dark shades around her eyes from makeup had become smeared from earlier. The nastier she got the better, for he had heard all the dirty stories from the past and now he was living his dream. Adam was living out a fantasy as well, all those months back in Vegas thinking about this job and now the pop superstar was looking up into his eyes as she stroked his cock and dropped her with her teeth gritted. Britney was ready for more.

“Yeah…I want both of you to fuck me, all day long.”

Britney lowered her head to slap her tongue over Adam’s cock and suck it between her lips while she slowly stroked David’s. Closing her eyes, she went down the shaft and slowly bobbed her head a few times before coming up with an audible pop.


David leaned his hand in and grabbed at her breast, forcing her to turn her attention towards him and look up in his eyes. He was standing left of his friend.

“I want to fuck those tits.”

She gave him a smirk as she let go of both their cocks and let them bounce on their own. Her hands cupped her big breasts and held them up, leaning her head down she spit a river of saliva in the middle and looked back up at David.

“You want to fuck my titties, hot shot?”

“Oh, fuck yes I do babe!”

The blonde goddess held her big breasts up inviting him to slip his cock between. Once embedded, she smashed them together and looked in his eyes as she pumped her breasts and began to slowly fuck his long pole.

“Ohhhhh fuck, that feels so fucking good.”

Seeing as David was getting all the attention with eye contact and her hands holding her tits up to fuck his cock, Adam felt a little left out seeing his friend hogging her up all to himself. He put his hand on her head to turn her face towards his cock and then softly spoke.

“Suck my fucking cock, Britney baby. Ohhh yeah.”

From his request, Britney wrapped her lips around Adam’s pole while her breasts moved up and down. Fucking David’s pole at the same time she slobbered all over Adam’s, the blonde goddess couldn’t get enough of either man. Britney loved to get her tits fucked and after a good bit of fucking one, she let go of them and then popped her mouth off Adam’s cock before looking up in his eyes.

“You want to fuck ’em too?”

“Oh yes, please!”

Britney giggled at how Adam said ‘please’ to her, begging for her to fuck that cock with her breasts. She turned her attention to David’s pole and kissed the head first before wrapping her lips around it while her hands smashed her tits together to create the passage for the other man. As soon as she felt Adam’s cock slide between her big beauties, she smashes them together and moaned into David’s cock. Adam began to thrust his hips forward and watch his cock drive between her epic cleavage. Both men moaned from the work Britney gave to their shafts.

“God fucking damn, these tits feel so amazing.”

“Oh yeah, Britney sure loves our cocks!”

That last comment from David forced her to give him eye contact. He put his hand on the back of her head so she could focus in position sucking his rod while Adam placed a hand on her shoulder to lock her in place as he was still thrusting and fucking her amazing tits with his rod. Britney loved to have her tits fucked and with two men back here with her, there was no reason she couldn’t work them both with her perfect body. Eventually David moved his hand from her head and then Britney came off his shaft moaning before speaking in that slutty voice of hers.

“Mmmmm yeah! I love your big hard fuckin’ cocks! I’m gonna fuck both of them with my tits!”

Her words gave Adam the call to share, knowing that he just had his turn between her tits. He let go of her shoulder, returning the freedom to Britney as she now turned her attention back to David and held her glorious mounds of flesh up for him to insert his shaft between. Once again, she pushed her breasts together and started to pump up and down. David moaned and spoke out.

“Ohhhhhh god, I love that babe. Those tits were made for my cock.”

“Oh yeah? I knew it! You couldn’t stop starring at them from the mirror when you were driving!”

Words of truth flowed past her lips while that cock drove between her passage of flesh. Over and over she pumped her breasts up and down fucking his cock. All the while, Adam just stood there slowly stroking his own meat as he watched Britney do her dirty work. After a good bit of time, she let go of her tits and returned her concentration towards Adam once more. Looking in his eyes and holding her tits apart, he got the message and shoved his cock right back in the middle. Britney gasped a moan out as Adam started to thrust, fucking her tits again.

“Mmmmmm, get ’em Adam! That’s my kinky nerd right there, fuck my tits!”

Complying to the words of the naughty blonde goddess, Adam pumped his cock between her tits enjoying every second of it. Britney moaned and smiled gleefully up into his eyes before looking over at David and giving him a wink. After a good bit of fucking her tits, Adam stopped and then Britney moved to concentrate on David once more. Holding her tits up like before, he slammed his rod between them and now Britney went to pumping up and down as she looked up into his eyes and spoke.

“Mmmmmm, you know what I want to do?”

“What’s that babe? Tell me.”

Britney looked up into David’s eyes and smirked, still moving her great tits up and down over his big cock as she replied.

“I want both of you to fuck me at the same time. I think y’all are ready again for it.”

She smiled over at Adam and then a laugh was heard between the moaning voices of the two males. David spoke up first.

“Oh yeah it’s about time I fuck you Britney.”

“And I want a piece of that ass, at last!”

Britney giggled a sensual laugh at Adam’s last comment. She let go of her tits now and grabbed both their cocks in her hands. She looked up into David’s eyes again.

“You can fuck my pussy.”

Leaning down, she placed a kiss on the head of his rod and then moving over to Adam she gave him eye contact now.

“And you can fuck my big ass!”

Kissing the head of his dick, Britney now got up and the two men were ready to shuffle her around. Time came again in which she would be wedged between the two men and she was so ready for it. David took her hand and pulled her towards him as he sat down on the luxury couch seat of the limo. Britney got the hint of the position and climbed over, straddling him as she took a hold of his cock and was ready to bury it into her wet opening. Adam came up behind her just like before, only this time he was going for the other hole.

“Get down on it babe, get down on it.”

David couldn’t wait to feel his cock closed within that pussy. All those years of those wild rumors and today it was a blast into the past for him. Britney softly lowered herself down on his rod and then breathed in as David moaned out. She looked over her shoulder at Adam, and brought her hand back and spanked her left ass cheek teasing him.

“Go on Adam! Slam your cock in my big lily white southern ass!”

The man eagerly placed his hands on both of her cheeks pulling them apart as Britney watched him. Once he could see her dark hole, Adam slowly shoved his cock in there. David placed his hands up on her tits and then she leaned down and kissed his lips, moaning into his mouth as she felt both of their cocks in her holes. Britney leaned up breaking the kiss as she closed her eyes and cried out like a banshee.

“Ohhhhhhhhh, that’s it!”

Britney cried out and then the two men’s moaning voices joined her. David thrust into her pussy, while Adam began to pump into her beautiful ass. Britney dug her nails up into the seat in front of her. Adam put his hands on her back while David’s palms went to her tits, perfectly holding her strong body up as their double fucking of her body sent her to a heaven of pleasure.

“Oh god, fuck this amazing!”

“Oh yeah, this ass! Ohhhhh yes!”

Both of the men moaned and were taken back by the pleasure. Britney was strong to handle their double team effort and decided to egg them on as she opened her eyes looking down at David’s face crunched up in a joy, she looked over her shoulder at Adam and teased him.

“Fuck my big ass Adam! Harder! Faster!”

Allured in her tempting voice, Adam leaned in and began to slam drive his cock in and out of her ass as hard and as fast as he could. Britney’s body rocked a bit and then David began to pump his meat harder into her pussy. Her body rumbled and her breasts went to bouncing and shaking around as the two men fucked her voluptuous goddess form. Britney dropped her jaw and screamed out to them.


“Oh my-”


Britney’s voice out screamed both the men that were moaning and speaking. There was no words from either of them as they fucked her body harder with each minute. David watched her tits bounce and shake from their thrusts on her, while Adam’s eyes were focused on the view of his cock disappearing into her ass and reappearing each second. She gritted her teeth for a bit, feeling the heat grow within her lovely hole. Soon she was going to be forced to burst from this pressure, but something caught her attention feeling hard spanks on her ass, alerting her to Adam’s touch.


Spank after spank after spank clapped on her ass cheek hard enough to leave the palm imprint. The sound was dulled out from all the moaning of the three of them. The fucking was still continuing simultaneously for her pussy and ass. Adam’s eyes wandered up to see Britney with her teeth gritted giving him that animal look. Gasping for breath she looked down at David who’s eyes were closed and face curled up into a pleasure. As much as she had tried to hold it off, Britney couldn’t anymore. She was ready to cum all over that meaty cock buried in her pussy.


In the hollering, Britney’s southern accent came roaring out. David opened his eyes to grown at her, not slowing down at all. He wanted to force her to cum on him right before he would make the call to change positions. He and Adam both, still pumped into her ass and pussy as hard as possible and then it finally happened. Her nails dug into the seat and she cried out.


“Yeah Britney, that’s it babe! Flood my fucking cock with your juices!”

David came to a sudden stop from thrusting so he could feel the legendary pop singer explode on him. At the same time, Adam slowed down, still thrusting in and out of her lush booty. Britney gasped and felt her climax explode, while still feeling that cock pumping into her ass making the pleasure all more superior. Still catching her breath, Adam spanked her ass to get her attention.

“You liked that Britney?”

“Oh my god, I loved it!”

“Oh yeah, you did babe huh? I wanna fuck that ass now.”

David quickly took control of the conversation even though Adam had spoken first. That ass was built for fucking, and he was going to make sure he got some of it. Britney looked behind her shoulder over at Adam to make sure he was ready to switch positions.

“Come on baby, you can fuck me again up front-”

She turned her eye sight back to David now and finished speaking.

“And you can fuck that big ass of mine next, hot shot!”

From behind her, Adam had come to a stop within the tight hole of her ass and now was easing his cock out. A drop of precum trailed down as now the man stepped back from position and Britney was slowly climbing off of David. She wanted a new position for another double fucking. Britney loved this kind of play with two cocks, her body was built for it and she knew that she could go another round of double fucking to the point she could drain both pairs of their balls completely. By the time this was all done, all three of them would be worn slap out.

“How we gonna do this, man?”

Adam spoke up to David from behind. Britney was standing up once again in her heels. She turned around to David looking at him and then back to Adam.

“Both of you hold me up and fuck me that way.”

“Good call, babe.”

Britney didn’t like to overuse the same position more than once. The proper double-fucking from her perspective was when she was lifted off her feet and getting smashed between the two men. David came behind her on cue and then she placed her hands on Adam’s shoulders to prepare for it. Luckily, the luxurious limo was large inside so her head wouldn’t be hitting the roof. Once both men put their hands up to pick her up, she smiled into Adam’s eyes and then looked over her shoulder. David spoke up.

“Alright man, let’s go!”

“Mmmmm come on, I’m ready again. Fuck me, both of you!”

With the position ready, David wrapped an arm around her beautifully toned abs and then Adam brought his hands down to her hips to begin lifting her. Britney placed her hands on both of her ass cheeks pulling them apart, just in time as her heels were lifted off the floor and then both cocks found a home in her holes one after the other. Britney closed her eyes and cried out in ecstasy.

“Ohhhhhhh, ohhhhh, make me scream!”

By request, both of them began to pump their cocks hard into her tight holes. Heavy breathing turned to high pitched cries at a sudden change. Britney moved her hands from her ass cheeks and dug her nails into Adam’s shoulders, breaking the flesh with small cuts. He cried out to her in return.

“Fuck yes Britney!”


It was her request of them to make her scream and they lived to the promise. Sandwiched between the two of them, David thrust into her ass hard pushing her forward and then Adam would drive his cock into her pussy harder, both men fucking her into a frenzy.

“This ass is-”


David couldn’t even get a word out, the only sound left was the groaning and moaning of the two males drowned out from the voice of Britney screaming in pleasure. Over and over both their cocks pumped her pussy and ass in unison. Like before, her body rocked and her great breasts had a shake with each thrust from in front and in back. Adam knew his time was drawing short for when he was ready to blow his load and he began to slow down the steam, panting in his breath as he spoke.

“I think I’m gonna blow another load, ohhhh fuck yes.”

“Oh yeah, I’m ready to blow my balls too.”

Britney heard the two men speaking of cumming and took a deep breath as she caught herself and then responded in exultation.

“Oh my god! Oh, oh yes! I want it, put me down and you can both cum all over me!”

“Ohhhhh fuck yes, you heard her man. Let’s set her down now.”

Adam spoke back to David and then the two men pulled their rods from her holes and moved to bring her heels back down on the limo floor. Britney was fatigued from taking a double-fucking twice back to back. After she caught her breath back she lowered herself down on her knees for them as both of them were now holding their cocks and prepare for the mess that was awaiting. Britney took advantage of the situation to suck on those poles one last time. She looked up at Adam as she moved to his cock first and placed it between her lips. Like how the whole thing began, she used her right hand to stroke David while bobbing her head up and down on Adam’s pole. The man moaned before Britney popped her mouth off his shaft and then turned to David and pushed her lips down on his pole, while her left hand went to stroking Adam’s by prompt.

“Oh yes, that’s it babe. Suck that cock one last time.”

For all intentions, David had planned to unload on her face from the beginning of this steamy limo party. He had always dreamed of meeting Britney several years ago, had heard all those stories whispered to him and here she was begging to be drowned in cum from him and his friend. Her makeup was battle-worn from all this time and fresh cum would be the final layer. She popped her lips off his cock and then looked up at him gritting her teeth like a hungry slut waiting for it.

“I’m fucking ready babe.”

“So am I.”

Both men gave her the alert that their explosions were seconds away. Britney stroked both of their cocks hard and fast, aiming them at her face while she looked her eyes at both of them, opening her mouth and gasping for it.

“You both going to cum for me? Going to cum all over my face? Make me all messy?”

“You know it baby, get ready!”

“Ohhhhh fuck yes babe, I’m gonna cover you down.”

Adam had spoke first and he brought his hand down to straighten her hair from the side of her face, pushing the golden locks past her ear and over the shoulder. Both of them had stepped an inch closer to her as their cocks were closer to her face. Britney didn’t stop stroking those cocks at all, concentrating solely on what was awaiting her in a warm delight. She looked up into their eyes one last time and then the heavy breathing told her it was time.

“Ohhhhhh fuck yeah babe, here it is!”

“Yeah, yeah Britney oh god!”

A powerful string of cum shot from David’s cock drenching up her forehead and into her hair, coating her cheek. At the same time Adam shot a powerful wad stretching of her face, coating her eye brow and smudging in the corner of her left eye. Another load aimed from the right side layered onto her forehead again. Then another wad from Adam’s cock splattered over her nose and dripped down her left cheek. Another string of cum from David plastered her right eye equally, streaming down. Another blast from Adam went into her hair and over-layered onto her forehead, causing him to bring his hand down into the back of her hair to hold her in place to make sure his final spurts daubed over her cheek. Britney laughed with her mouth open, while the final gush of cum ran down her cheek barely getting her eye once more.

“Fucking wow, oh my god.”

“Dude, we fucking creamed her, look at that.”

Britney laughed at David’s comment to his friend. Indeed she was caked in their cum and loving the feel of that hot mess over her. She opened her eyes and looked up at them with a goofy smile on her face. Both eye lashes had drops of cum gleaming which caused David to chuckle a bit, both men smiled like winners with big grins. Britney looked up into David’s eyes and opened her mouth. The man pushed his cock over her tongue and then she kissed the head lovingly. Adam tugged at her hair to bring her attention to his rod, she closed her lips around the head and kissed it equally. Looking up at them she had a big smile on her face before finally speaking.

“Y’all loaded me down into a mess!”

“Yes we did!”

“Ohhhhh yeah, we emptied our fucking balls on you!”

Laughter filled the limo with Britney laughing the hardest at them. David couldn’t help but make a joke at her.

“Hey babe, you wanna go out to dinner with me like that with your face all messy?”

Britney laughed hard at his comment and once again the three were laughing. She brought one of her hands up and swiped some of the cum from her eye and on her forehead and then sucked it off her fingers.

“Mmmmmm, taste good too. I had a lot of fun today with the both of you.”

“Me too, Britney. Fuck! And here I was thinking our day was ruined with the studio being closed, silly me.”

“Yeah silly you! I knew the nerd in you was still a naughty man!”

Despite all the fucking they had been doing for hours, that comment was still enough to make Adam blush. David then spoke up.

“It’s my honor Britney, god I can’t explain how bad I wanted to party with you years ago, this was like a dream coming back after a long time waiting.”

Britney smiled up at David with her cum covered face only to giggle before responding.

“Oh yeah, I know! Paris used to tell me all about you, oh my god…one time years ago she wanted me to wait around outside some club for your limo but we ended up getting in the car and going to another party, old times.”

“Well I can certainly say, this was one hell of a surprise today. You were fucking excellent, and that goes to our friend Adam here. You and I man, we made a hell of a team today!”

Adam couldn’t help but nod at his friend with a smile and then Britney giggled at the two men having their moment together. Brushing her hand through her hair she looked back up at them.

“I better get cleaned up now and y’all get dressed. I had a blast today.”

“Yeah we gave you some blasts babe, all over your pretty face!”

Britney bust out laughing at David’s naughty joke. The reputation she had heard of him from a charming funny man to the wild driver turned out to be true, just as her expectations that Adam had a real naughty side begging to come out after a good bit of seduction. For the next thirty minutes the three of them would get dressed and Britney cleaned herself up. Time had slowed down it seemed, making them forget that the fact of the limo being parked in an underground car park. An unsuspecting place for any three people to indulge in lustful fun.

After dressing back up, David returned to the driver’s seat of the limo and pulled them out of the car park and back on the road. True to the promise, the three of them went out to dinner by Britney’s choice; casual fast food dinner back at her place before she would kiss the two men goodnight and send them off, knowing both of them were going to sleep well with what was a dream come true in their dirty minds.



Time had moved on since Britney’s off time in L.A. and now it was back to work in Vegas with residency shows and working on a new album. After all those years of dreaming about the possibility, David finally got to add Britney’s name to his long list of famous women he had partied with from his limo rides. it was almost 10 years in the waiting and she lived up to every expectation he ever heard from his social circles. Adam continued his friendship and work under Britney back in Vegas. She had once joked to him after the fact, that he had bragging rights backstage among the other sound engineers he had to work with. While it was true, he could have easily teased one of the other men with the fact that he got to fuck her, he didn’t want to spoil the secret. One thing for sure he could never think of limos the same way not after that day.

Walking out of a diner late at night in Vegas, Adam began to walk to his car when a big black limo drove in and headed to the drive-thru. He couldn’t help but stand there and stare at it, starstruck as it brought back lots of naughty memories. Smiling as the limo faded off, he spoke to himself.

“What happens in the back of a limo, stays there!”


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