Caught In Her Webb – Part 1 Of 2

Caught In Her Webb – Part 1 of 2

Author: Sean

Content Codes: MF, rom, femdom

Celebs: Morgan Webb

Diclaimer: This is not based on true events in Morgan
Webb’s life. Miss Webb does not have spontaneous sex
with fans. Believe me, I know….

“Don’t I know her from somewhere?” Harrison asked his

“Who, the defendant? Probably, she’s suppose to be
some kind of star.”

“We’re the best team in Los Angeles but she went with
that jerk Desmond. I don’t get it.”

“Well, she’s obviously guilty so who gives a crap.”

“You can’t
say that, I’m sure she’s a good person. I
just wish I remembered her. Do you know what she’s

Chris looked at him in disbelief, “For the last time I
don’t know! You knew when we picked up this case that
it was a celebrity status case. She’s just some famous
person that…isn’t that famous.”

“But I could’ve sworn I’ve seen her before.” Harrison
said staring at her from across the room.

“Her name is Morgan Webb.”

“Well yeah, tell me something I don’t know. I’m just
wondering what I know her from.”

“Well then Harrison, that would be something you don’t

Morgan looked over at Chris and Harrison. She didn’t
take a long look, but noticed Harrison seemed to be
lusting a bit. She gave him a half smile and Harrison
answered back with a nervous smile. Morgan seemed to
laugh a bit and she gave him a small wave before she
turned back around to her own lawyer. As her back was
turn Harrison smiled and waved back at her with way
too much enthusiasm.

Chris smacked the back of his head, “I kinda want to
win this case, so I’d appreciate it if you focused.”

Harrison couldn’t help staring at Morgan who was
dressed in the sterotypical “women in business”
outfit. Her white buttoned shirt was opened enough to
see her breast sit comfortably in it’s position, her
skirt couldn’t have been cut off much more than 2
inches from her nice firm looking ass. She knew how to
work the black business suit to it’s fullest. Finally,
Harrison’s client burst into the room with piercing
eyes directed towards the defendant. Morgan rolled her
eyes and turned her attention back to the lawyer.

Harrison looked to his middle-aged female client, “Ms.
Harper, I’m glad to see you decided to show.”

Ms. Harper looked at him and shook his head, “I
shouldn’t even be here right now. I can’t even stand
the sight of that slut! Anyone who rear ends a
law-abiding citizen and races off should get the
fuckin’ chair!”

Harrison and Chris looked at eachother trying to hold
back laughing. Chris answered, “Well, I can’t promise
that she’ll get the chair, but we can promise full
compensation for your car damge and any emotional
damge you suffered. Right Harrison?”

“X Play! That’s where I know her from. She looks even
better in person…” Harrison snapped out of it and
spotted the disapproving faces of Ms. Harper and
Chris. “I mean…that’s what you should be saying in
court…if you pretend that you didn’t know she was a
celebrity, you might win over the jury.”

“That’s great and all, but this is a pretty easy case.
I mean there aren’t any witnesses who specifically saw
Webb, but her car was definitely identified.” Chris
looked back at Ms. Harper, “The only thing we can’t
mention is that you weren’t wearing glasses while you

Harrison looked back to the area where Morgan was and
saw she had disapeared. Her lawyer was there sitting
at a table waiting for him and Chris. The three of
them approached him and slowly sat down facing him.
Harrison continued to look at the door waiting for
Morgan to pop back in.

“She’s not coming back in for a while, it seems your
client scares her.” The defense attourney said as he
looked over his opponents.

Ms. Harper rolled her eyes and contained herself from
an outburst.

“You know, three on one isn’t a fair fight so I’ll
just go…” Harrison started.

Chris held him back down, “It’s just a meeting, there
won’t be any fighting in here.”

Harrison leaned over and whispered into Chris’ ear,
“We need to show him that we don’t need strength in
numbers to intimidate him. Besides, you can handle

Chris looked at the opposing attourney and nodded to
Harrison, “You’re right, I could handle this myself.
I’ll call you in a couple hours.

Harrison lept up and walked out of the room. He wanted
to catch up to Morgan but he might’ve let to much time
go by since she left. As he walked through a long
hallway, he heard a sound in a room to his right. It
wasn’t a very big sound, but it did get his attention.
He figured it was just somebody else in the building
doing work, but decided to check regardless. Harrison
slowly opened the door to find Morgan sitting on a
chair in the middle of the room. She had apparently
moved the other chair and tables aside.

“Hi, Miss Webb.”

“Hi, were you looking for me?”

“Yeah,” Harrison said with a smile. He quickly shook
it off and tried to sound more professional. “I mean I
was looking for you to ask why you left. Sometimes you
can settle a case just with one good meeting.”
Morgan sat up straighter in her chair which made her
skirt rise up a bit more. Harrison definitely had a
staring problem and couldn’t keep his eyes off her
great legs. Morgan could easily tell that she had him
sprung and she was going to use it to her full

“So did you finally figure out who I am?” She said
with a smile.

“What? How did you know that I didn’t know you?”

“You were kind of staring at me. I get that alot. When
people stare at me with a confused look on their face,
they’re usually trying to figure out who I am.”

“Well, you caught me. But yeah, I know who you are
know. I watch X-Play a lot, but for some reason your
name didn’t ring any bells. And I’m pretty sure I saw
you in the Maxim magazine too.”

“Yep, that would be me.”

“But that’s not what this is about…”


“Yes, it’s about the…umm…the thing we were…”

“What is it exactly that you like about me?”

“Well, speaking professionally of course, everything
about you turns me on. I mean, your beautiful,
intelligent, witty, funny, sophisticated but wild at
the same time…”

Morgan got off her chair and slowly walked towards
Harrison. As Harrison continued, Morgan took off her
suit jacket and threw it aside. Her shirt was already
opened well enough to see her delicious breast, but
she unbuttoned it a little more and the black bra
holding her tits was completely in view. Harrison’s
hard-on was pressing hard against his boxers and
pants. When Morgan reached him, she wrapped her arms
around his shoulders and planted a long, sexy kiss
against his lips. Harrison met her tongue and enjoyed
Morgan’s flavor. She was definitely every nerd’s
fantasy and Harrison was sure that he would never
forget who she was again. Morgan broke off the kiss
and smiled at him while moving her hands against his
chest. She moved her hands up and took his suit jacket
off. Harrison quickly undid his shirt while Morgan
took her time taking his belt off. By the time
Harrison got his shirt off and threw it to the side,
Morgan was on her knees pulling down his pants.
Harrison couldn’t believe this was happening to him of
all people, the girl of his dreams had tugged his dick
out of his boxers and slowly running her fingers along
it while staring deep into his eyes.

Morgan ran her tongue along the head of Harrison’s
dick and licked in the slit of his dick. She grabbed
his dick in one hand and stuck out her tongue. She
then, moved his dick up and down so his dick’s head
rubbed continously against the middle of Morgan’s
tongue. Harrison could barely stand straight as he
moaned loudly and stared at the beautiful video game
goddess giving him the sexiest blowjob he’s ever had.
She wrapped her lips around his dick and let it sit in
there for a couple seconds. After she got it nice and
wet, she bobbed her head back and forth taking in as
much as she could. Harrison stroked her hair as Morgan
continued in a very slow manner. He was going to die
of pleasure before he even got the chance to cum.
Morgan looked so hot sucking his dick that he could
hardly take much more. The way her red lips wrapped
around his thick member and slid up and down against
his sensitive skin. The way her eyes seemed to target
his owns and almost never blinked. Even the way she
flipped her hair every once and a while was driving
him crazy. Morgan reached up and started to rub his
balls, even more arrousing. Harrison felt her soft
hands grab, and softly tug his sack. He could’ve
lasted a bit longer if he didn’t feel her other hand
grab his ass, and one of her fingers slidding into his
asshole. He wasn’t into having things in his ass, but
knowing who was doing it and watching the sexy
expression on her face as she did it, set him off.

“Where do you want me to cum, Morgan?” Harrison said
trying his best to hold his sperm back.

Morgan took his dick out of her mouth and jacked it
off in an incredibly fast pace. She moved aside so
that she leaned up against his left leg. Harrison
leaned his head back as he felt Morgan’s hands slide
against his overheated dick and her hand smack against
his balls over and over again. Finally, she stopped
and just blew softly at the head of his dick. Harrison
shot his load all over her hand and in the space
Morgan just moved from. Morgan continued to slowly
jerk his dick off and take long strokes to make sure
all of it was gone.

Morgan got back on her feet and sat on her chair with
her legs spread open. “You’re turn. A woman has to cum
too. Besides, I’m really interested to see what you’ve
been wanting to do to me for all this time.”

Harrison got on his knees and crawled over to her. He
started by taking her heels off and carressing her
feet. He didn’t have a foot fetish, but he had a huge
urge to completely please her. As he rubbed the bottom
of her foot with his thumb, softly but effectively, he
licked at her toes. Harrison smiled and continued as
he heard Morgan’s mix of giggles and moans. He licked
each toe before he individually sucked on each one on
each foot. He wanted this to last forever, so he was
definitely not in a hurry. He softly kissed and ran
his tongue along her legs as he made his way up. He
could smell the attracting scent of Morgan’s wetness
as he sucked her inner thighs. She was wearing black
panties, but the wetness was still very apparent.
Harrison stood up on his knees and kissed Morgan as he
rubbed her inner thighs with his hands. Morgon moaned
as Harrison moved to chewing and slurping on her neck.
She smelt so great and felt so good in his arms, he
couldn’t believe how much he loved this woman. Morgan
ran her fingernails softly along Harrison’s back which
drove him crazy. He quickly took her shirt off with
her help and kissed her breast that were just waiting
to be released from their hold. Harrsion reach around
her back as he kissed her chest and undid her bra

At last her breast were freed and Harrison was quick
of wrap his lips around her tits. He wildly lashed his
tongue against her breast and chewed on every inch of
them. While he foucused on one, he’d grab the other
with his hand and squeeze it tightly. His tongue
lashed against her hard nipples before he would suck
on it. Morgan held the back of Harrison’s head as she
leaned her head against the head to the chair.
Harrison moved his hands under Morgan’s skirt and into
her panties as he rubbed hisfingers against her wet
pussy. Morgan moved her hips up and down as she felt
his fingers start to creep into her pussy. Harrison
gave her tits one last loud suck before he went down
and rose up Morgan’s skirt and pulled her panties
down. He placed his face right in front of her pussy
and his tongue licked just as wildly as it did with
her tits. He forced himself deep between her legs and
lifted Morgan’s legs over his shoulders. His hands
rubbed against her silky legs and rubbed against her
ass as he ate her out. His tongue greedily licked up
all the flowing jucies along the sensitive pussy
walls. He’d sucked and chew on her pussy as Morgan
moaned to the point of screaming. Morgan moved her
hips back and forth so her pussy slapped against
Harrison’s face. Harrison reached up and tightly
grabbed her tits and pinched her nipples. Morgan could
only hold the back of Harrison’s head as her obsessed
fan completely pleasured her.

Morgan held tighter as she felt her pussy almost
explode her Harrison’s mouth. Harrison didn’t slow
down his pace, so Morgan screamed the entire time that
she came. Morgan continued to grind his face until she
was emptied and almost collasped on the chair.
Harrison slurped all her juices into his mouth and
sucked her pussy until he couldn’t get anymore. He
stood up and lifted Morgan up in his arms. He leaned
Morgan against the chair so that her head and arms
rested on it, and her ass hung out in the air.
Harrison lifted her by hips a bit to better position
his dick into her pussy. Harrison enjoyed every second
it took for his dick to slide into her warm, wet pussy
before he started to move it in and out. Morgan arched
her back and moved her hands to the seat of the chair
to hold her up. Morgan backed up against Harrison’s
thrusting so his dick went in deeper. Harrison could
feel his balls slap against Morgan’s ass as he rammed
her harder and harder. He grabbed all the ass he could
in his hands moaned louder as she slammed as fast as
he could. Morgan’s screaming was music to his ears as
he struggled to hold his cum from shooting out. He
carried Morgan while he was still in her and sat on
the chair. He bounced her as high as he could while he
grabbed her bouncing tits. Morgan would grind her ass
against him whenever she was slammed down. After a
while of this, Morgan leaned back and kissed Harrison
as her pussy came all over his dick. Harrison kissed
her back and tightly grabbed her tits as his dick
exploded inside of her. The two continued making out
while they came and breathed heavier with every second
that passed.

To Be Continued in “Caught In Her Webb part 2 of 2”

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