Caught Out

Title: Caught Out

Author: RTMinotaur

Celebs: Camila Mendes, Madelaine Petsch

Codes: MF, cons, Oral, voyeur, FF

Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction and the characters are either completely fictional or are fictional versions of their real selves. The events depicted are made up and any similarity to real life events is purely coincidental. This story is meant as a work of erotic fiction only and is not to be read by anyone under the age of 18.

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“Oh my God, yeah. Just there. Push it in hard.” the red-haired actress moaned as her boyfriend thrusted into her. Camila’s mouth was agog with shock at the image in front of her, her co-star Madelaine Petsch was bent over a table with her skirt hiked up to her waist and lace panties around her ankles. Her boyfriend Jax was stood behind her with his cock pushing into her pussy. The Latina actress had dropped down to the floor when they entered the room so she was hidden from sight. Camila had sought a private room to smoke a cigarette, an act that was looked down upon by the current Hollywood elite. She had always denied being a smoker to her co-stars and didn’t want to be caught out. Roll credits. But if she hadn’t hidden, Madelaine and Jax would have gone elsewhere and she would have been denied the sexy view.

As Jax pushed into Madelaine, the redhead moaned loudly as she gave into her pleasure. Her hands reached up to release her breasts from their top before the redhead closed her eyes. Her hands scrunched up her breasts as she felt the cock move in and out but Cami got an eyeful of her pink nipples before they were obscured from view. She had seen Madelaine topless before but that was in the gym showers; not in the state of horniness she was now. Jax started grunting as he pushed his entire length inside Madelaine, causing the redhead to squeal in delight.

“Oh my God Jax, I love your cock.” the actress moaned as she continued to massage her breasts. Her fingers entwined her pink nipples to increase her pleasure.

“I love you too.” Jax moaned.

“Don’t get soppy on me!” Madelaine shouted as she pulled her hand back and slapped Jax’s ass. It was the first time Camila’s eyes had looked at Jax and his athletic body, she had been so mesmerized by her friend. Jax was topless so his strong torso was on display, Camila licked her lips at his well defined chest and abs. His toned ass looked good when thrusting into Madelaine, she wanted to reach out and squeeze it.

Camila bit down on her lip as she pressed her legs together, she could feel the wetness of her pussy increasing as she watched the couple. Silently, she slid her skinny jeans down her legs and managed to kick them and her daps off. If she made a noise, Jax and Madelaine were too busy to have noticed. They were still rutting at each other as Camila looked back up. She breathed a sigh of relief before sliding her fingers into her panties and feeling her moist lips. Camila let out a silent moan as she slid two fingers inside her pussy and started to thrust.

Camila allowed her fingers to move inside her with a little of speed as her thumb started to move along her clit; she could feel her nipples straining against her bra. Inside, she was shocked about how much she was turned on by the sight of Madelaine getting fucked. She looked gorgeous as a bead of sweat ran along her forehead as her beautiful eyes opened. But they appeared to look directly at her.

Camila was unsure on what to do. She didn’t want to move in case Madelaine spotted her but what if she could already see her? She slowly slid her fingers out of her pussy and her panties but kept her upper body and head still. Suddenly Madelaine blew a kiss her way; she had seen her and seemed to be enjoy being watched judging by the smile on her face. “Lick them!” Madelaine mouthed towards the shocked latina. Camila was happy to oblige and slid both fingers into her own mouth, sucking her moist juices off. Another moan came from Madelaine’s lips; it was not apparent if it was from the sight of Camila sucking her juice soaked fingers or from the pounding Jax was giving her. The boyfriends grunts were getting louder and both girls could tell he was getting close.

“Baby, let’s indulge!” Madelaine said as she pushed Jax out of her. The redhead dropped down to her knees in front of her boyfriend and allowed him, and Camila, a clear shot of her breasts. “Why don’t you live out your little fantasy of cumming on Cami’s face. Just pretend I’m that little latina minx.”

“Are you sure?”Jax asked as he looked down at Madelaine. Her hands were raised up to her breasts and started to rub her nipples as she stared intensely at Jax. The actress nodded her head before flashing a side glance towards Camila. She gave a slight nod to her hidden co-star as though instructing her to continue. Her fingers just reached her pussy as Jax started to jerk his own cock. “Are you ready to take this cum Camila?”

The latina’s eyes went wide as she realised who Madelaine was pretending to be as she moved her hands behind her back. The blonde guy pulled on his cock as he stepped forward and slapped Maddy in the face with his cock. “Mmm, go on! Cover me baby!” Madelaine said as she copied Camila’s accent.

Jax breathed hard as his fingers moved along his cock with speed, Camila didn’t think there was anything as intense as a guy who wanted to cum. She frigged her pussy as quickly as she could as she watched Madelaine coax her boyfriend ino climax using Camila’s voice. “Come on baby, cum on my face. Cover my little slutty cheeks.” the red head shouted as the guy standing in front of her worked his fingers along his veiny cock.

“It’s coming Cami! I’m gonna paint you with my seed!” Jax moaned as he jerked his cock as quickly as he could. Madelaine waited patiently to be covered, knowing how excited Camila must be. After getting over the initial shock, Camila loved watching the two and her fingers hungrily frigged her pussy. She wanted to moan but didn’t want Jax to know she was there. She was sure Madelaine would have already told him if she wanted him to know. “Oh, I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum!” Jax moaned.

True to his word, Camila watched the first string of cum shoot out of his cock and land on Madelaine’s neck. The naked man groaned as he shot more out, blobs landing on Madelaine’s cheek and nose before hitting her square in the mouth. They both let out a chuckle but Madelaine’s seemed more put on than Jax’s. He disappeared from sight but Camila kept her eyes fixed on her friend. She looked stunning with the cum resting on her face.

‘That was sweet babe, can’t believe you let me shoot on your face.” Jax said as he got closer to her, his clothes back on his body. “Next time I’m going for the ass.” He offered a hand to help Madelaine to her feet, which she accepted.

“Have you thought, Jackson, that I do things that I want rather than just to pleasure you?” she asked her dumbstruck boyfriend. “Now fuck off, I have to clean myself up.”

Jax took the hint and left the room quickly, he didn’t seem to want to anger Madelaine, she was known to have a temper. As the door closed, she stripped off her top and shimmied her skirt down to leave her naked. Her body was facing Camila and the latina actress got a great view; Madelaine’s erect pink nipples pointed at her wanting to be sucked. A small patch of ginger hair rose above her puffy pussy lips; such a smooth clit considering the amount of cock she always said she’d had.

“Well Mendes…Are you coming out from your little hidey hole?” the redhead asked knocking Camila out of her little trance. The latina stood up from her position and walked around the boxes to stand in front of Madelaine. Unlike her friend, Camila was partially dressed with her panties, vest and bra still remaining on her body. The redhead took a moment to look over her friend, ignoring the cum that remained in her face. “Enjoy the show?”

Camila wasn’t sure how to answer but she knew the damp patch on the front of her panties gave her away. “I didn’t mean to, I was just in here first and you two were straight at it.”

Camila stopped talking as Madelaine held her hand up. She approached Camila and walked around her to check out her body, noting the cut of her panties exposing a quarter of her asscheek. Madelaine stopped directly in front of her. “That’s okay, I don’t mind being watched.  It even added to my excitement. It’s the only reason I almost came.”

“He seemed to be hammering into you quite a bit.” Camila said as she looked over the naked redhead that stood in front of her. It was great to get a closer look at her friends body, Madelaine’s pussy lips were still moist and enlarged.

“Well he isn’t bad I suppose but as soon as I noticed you; I saw something else I would rather make me cum.” Madelaine replied as her hand moved up to Camila’s vest. She slipped the two straps from her shoulders and moved the vest down to her midriff; exposing her black bra. Camila had smaller breasts than her friend but they were perky and her nipples pressed against the material, erect from how turned on she was. The latina actress slid the vest down her body before undoing her bra  and dropping it down to the floor. A smile came across the face of Madelaine as she saw Camila’s breasts.

Madelaine was about to lean down when Camila grabbed her head and locked her into a passionate kiss. She slid her tongue into Madelaine’s mouth with a horny fury that took Madelaine slightly aback before she regained her senses and sunk into the kiss. Her hands were free so she allowed them to slide down Camila’s back to her rear end,  squeezing the cheeks of the shorter girl as their tongues remained entwined. Camila pulled away and looked at Madelaine with her cum stained face. Some specks had dried but there was still some wet cum resting on there, it didn’t seem to bother Madelaine but Camila couldn’t keep her eyes off of Jax’s seed. The latina actress leaned in and started to lick the cum off, swallowing the white liquid as she went. She didn’t feel Madelaine’s hands move to the straps of her panties and moving them down until they went just under her ass cheeks. Camila pulled away as she collected the last of the white liquid and looked at Madelaine’s face.

“I hope that will be the second tastiest thing you feed on this afternoon.” Madelaine said as she moved her fingers to rub Camila’s pussy. Unlike Madelaine, Camila kept her pussy completely smooth and it was easy for Madelaine to run her fingers along the latina’s clit. Camila started to moan straight away as she felt Madeline play with her. The pleasure was doubled as Madelaine wrapped her lips around Camila’s left breast, sucking on the hard nipple as her teeth dug into the skin. Camila’s eyes rolled into her head as she felt the pleasure that was occurring in her body.

“Oh God, Madelaine. That feels so good, don’t stop!” Camila moaned out loud as she grabbed Madelaine’s hand and held it in place. Madelaine smiled as she saw Camila enjoying the pleasure, the taller actress loved the look of someone’s face when they were getting fucked. If this wasn’t going to be a one off, she had a lovely strapon she could use in the future. “Stick your fingers in.” Camila moaned as she moved her mouth close to Madelaine’s ear. The redheaded actress listened to the request and slid two fingers into Camila’s snatch, ensuring pressure remained on the latina’s little button. The moans started to increase in volume and moved into screams from the pleasure attack caused by Madelaine’s digits. “Cum for me, scream my name as you cum!” Madelaine whispered in Camila’s ear.

Camila’s screams continued as Madelaine increased the speed of her finger thrusting into the latina’s tight pussy. She managed to add a third finger into the moist pussy and could feel the juices increasing by the second. Her thumb rubbed her little button in a continuous circular motion and Camila closed her eyes as she was lost in the pleasure being given to her. “YES! YES! MADELAINE, I’M CUMMING!” the latina actress screamed as her orgasm hit. Madelaine continued her finger work as the latina’s pussy flooded with juices, ensuring her fingers were covered by the orgasmic liquid before withdrawing and allowing Camila to drop down onto the floor. The redhead stood above her and waited for her to recover with the cum soaked fingers waiting. As Camila came back to her senses, Madelaine stuck all three fingers into her mouth and sucked the clean. “Mmm Mendes, you taste so nice. Now you get to taste me.”

The redhead lowered herself to the floor; sitting initially but then lowering herself to lay on the floor. She spread her legs to show the latina her tidy and excited pussy, which she happily started to massage as she waited for Camila to join her. She wasn’t alone for long as she felt the brunette touch her legs as she dropped down to her knees. Her legs were spread further as Camila laid a few kisses on her thighs to tease, a moan coming from Madelaine’s lips as she felt the soft lips come in contact with her skin. “You smell so sweet!” Camila said as she approached the smooth pussy lips. “I hope you taste as good.”

Camila ran her tongue along Madelaine’s pussy slit, causing the moans to become louder, and her hands hooked under the legs of the redhead. She took a comfortable position as her tongue moved up to Madelaine’s clitoris. Gently, at first, Camila ran her tongue along the clit to elicit more moans from Madelaine. Madelaine leant her head back as she felt the enjoyment coming from the licking that Camila had started to give her, it had been some time since she’d had a girl go down on her. “Mmm baby, so good. Just keep licking there for me!” Madelaine moaned as her hands moved up and massage her breasts. Her nipples were bright pink and very sensitive, she loved them being sucked most of all but that wasn’t a possibility at the moment so her fingers teased and pinched them.

She looked down at Camila whose head bobbed as she licked out Madelaine, the latina started to pick up some speed as their eyes met. Her tongue swirled around Madelaine’s protruding button before sliding down and licking the slit a little bit to tease her. A high pitched moan slipped from the redheads mouth, almost becoming a squeal as the tongue slightly penetrated her pussy. “Oh God Camila, I’m so close to cumming.” Madelaine moaned. “Finger fuck me please.”

Camila was happy to oblige and slipped a solitary finger into the pussy as she continued to lick out the redhead. Madelaine started to buck her hips to compliment the squirming to get an increased speed to the penetration. Camila’s eyes drifted to the breasts as she watched Madelaine play with her nipples. The redhead had been busy tugging on them as she enjoyed being tongue fucked, the combination of three pleasure attacks started to make her pussy so wet that a squelching noise echoed around the room as Camila slid her finger in and out. The latina added a second finger into Madelaine and the moans started to change into screams. “Oh yes! Cami, so good. Fuck me, fuck me!”.

As her fingers thrust further into Madelaine, Camila took the clit into her mouth and sucked on the little button. This little change caused Madelaine’s eyes to roll into the back of her head; the pleasure she was feeling was starting to become overwhelming. Her wetness soaked Camila’s fingers as the heat started to increase in her body.

The orgasm hit her body like a thunderous train and the screams pitch went so high that only dogs could hear. Her breasts rose and fell as her juices shot out onto Camila’s face, soaking her. Camila tried her best to continue to lick but she withdrew her finger and tongue to allow Madelaine to enjoy the orgasm.

“Oh my fuck, that was glorious.” Madelaine said as she stared at the ceiling. Her breathing started to moderate as Camila’s pretty face popped into her view. The latina kissed the taller girl softly on the lips. “That was a little bit of fun, next time it’ll need to be a hotel though. A bed is much more comfortable to kneel on.” Camila said as their lips broke apart.

Madelaine was about to reply when she heard a cough from the corner of the room. Both girls shot their looks to be greeted by the sight of their co-star Lili Reinhart. “Well you two sluts put on a fun little show.” she said as she strode forward. Madelaine and Camila opened their mouths to say something but the blonde held up her hand to stop them.

“No no, now it’s my turn to have fun.”

To be continued

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