Caught Red Handed

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Caught Red Handed

Starring Lindsay Lohan

Story codes- MF, oral, interracial

I’m a police officer with the LAPD and I was patrolling Sunset Boulevard in the wee hours of the morning when a silver Mercedes went flying by me. The driver must have been blind not to see me or just didn’t care. I flipped on my lights and started following behind
the car as the driver turned onto a side street and pulled over. “Car 23 to dispatch, stopping speeder on North Palm Drive” I called in as I pulled out my ticket book and got out of my car. The driver put her window down as I approached the car and leaned out, looking at me with a confused look on her face.

Lindsay Lohan was on her way home when she was stopped by a cop for speeding, cursing herself as she turned off of Sunset and pulled over. She put her window down and leaned out, looking at the cop. “License, registration, and insurance please ma’am” I said as she looked at me. “Awww come on, don’t you know who I am? I didn’t do anything wrong officer, I was just trying to get home” she said as she rummaged through her purse. “I understand that miss, but we still have a speed limit you have to obey. Now, can I see your license, registration, and insurance please” I asked again as she handed them to me.

“Fine, here you go officer” she said with attitude as the cop took them and stepped behind her car. Lindsay sat in her car, mad that the cop wasn’t cutting her a break because she was famous. “Dispatch, need a check on a driver. Lindsay Lohan, address 365 North Palm Drive” I radioed in as I watched her in her car. “No warrants on record, but driver has several outstanding traffic tickets and license currently shows as suspended” the call came back “Thank you dispatch, Car 23 out.” I walked back up the driver’s window and handed her stuff back to her as she snatched them out of my hand.

“It’s about time, can I go now officer?” she asked as she was about to start her car up. “I’m sorry Miss Lohan, but I can’t let you go. Your license currently shows that it is suspended and you have several outstanding tickets. I’m afraid I’ll have to take you downtown. Now, please step out of the car” I said as she got out, visibly angry at me. “You’ve got to be kidding me. I’m going to jail over a couple of tickets and a stupid license?” she asked as I told her to turn around and put her hands behind your back. I snapped the cuffs on her and walked her back to my car, putting her in the back seat.

I was writing up my report when she started crying in the back seat. She looked up at me with tears in her eyes “I can’t go to jail, the tabloids will have a field day with this” she said as she lowered her head. “I’m sorry ma’am, but I’m only doing my job. I wish there was some way to help you, but I can’t” I told her as I finished writing up my report. “Come on, are you sure there’s nothing you can do officer? I’d do anything to get out of this” she said, fighting back more tears. A wicked grin came across my face when she said that as I put down the report I had finished.

I looked back at her “So, you’d do anything huh?” I asked as she looked up at me, her face stained with tears. “Yea I would, I can’t afford to have this get out to the tabloids. I’d do anything, and I mean anything” she said, a smile coming across her face. I got out of the car and opened the door, helping her out as she stood next to the car. “Well, if you really mean that, then I guess I can take these off” I said as I took the cuffs off of her. She rubbed her wrists and wiped her face off, smiling at me “You won’t regret this officer, I promise you that” she said. “Alright Miss Lohan” she interrupted me “You can call me Lindsay” she said with a grin on her face. “Fine, Lindsay, I think since you live just up the street, we should head up there” I told her as I started getting back into my car.

Lindsay walked back to her car and got in, smiling to herself that she got herself out of another jam. I watched as Lindsay started her Mercedes up and drove off, as I followed behind her. We drove about 3 blocks before she stopped to turn into an apartment complex, she buzzed herself in and I followed behind her. She parked in her parking spot as I found an empty spot and parked. I got out of my car and walked over to hers as she was stepping out. Lindsay looked up at me and smiled “I hope I’m not inconveniencing you officer…You can call me Jason” I interrupted her as we to the elevator and got in. “No, you’re not inconveniencing me a bit Lindsay. I was about to end my shift anyway” I told her as we came to her floor and stepped off the elevator.

We walked down the hall to her apartment as she unlocked the door and stepped in. I followed behind her, watching her ass shake in her pants, smiling at what was to come. “So, can I offer you a drink or anything Jason?” she asked as she dropped her purse and sat in a chair. “No thanks Lindsay, I think we should keep this as short and sweet as possible” I told her, walking over and standing right in front of her. She looked up at me and smiled “Oh yes, my little deal. So, shall we get down to business?” she asked, flashing a wicked grin at me. I took off my duty belt and layed it on the floor, as Lindsay reached up and started to unzip my pants.

Lindsay unzipped my pants and pulled them down, my briefs popping into view with a rather large bulge in them. “Well well, looks like somebody is sure glad to see me” she said, laughing as she pulled down my briefs. “I should warn you Lindsay, I’m not your average guy” I told her as my cock popped out and almost hit her in the face. Now, this is where I’m not average as I was blessed with a rather large cock, a little over 12 inches and thick. “Oh my god” she exclaimed “This thing is huge” as she took it into her hands and started stroking it. “Mmmmmmm…. That’s right Lindsay….stroke that big dick baby” I moaned, watching her small hands stroking my black dick.

She leaned in closer and started licking the head of my cock, tasting the precum that was dripping out. I watched her tongue slide over the wet head as she tasted it, her hands stroking the rest of my cock. “Yessss….suck that big dick girl” I groaned, putting my hand on the back of her head and pushing my cock against her lips. Lindsay’s lips started to spread out around my cock as it slid into her mouth, watching the contract of my dick against her face. I could hear her moaning as she started to bob her head up and down on my cock, going slowly to get use to it.

Lindsay pulled my dick out of her mouth to catch a breath, stroking it as she licked her lips, smiling at me. “Jesus, I don’t think I can handle this” she said as she started licking up and down the sides of my cock. I just grabbed her hair with one hand and my cock with the other, rubbing it across her lips. “Don’t worry Lindsay, you can handle it just fine” I told her as I started to push my dick back into her mouth. She made loud slurping noises as she went back to sucking my cock, sliding her mouth up and down on it, and taking a bit more at a time.

I just stood there as held onto my dick and bobbed her head up and down, going faster and taking more of it in. Lindsay pulled it out of her mouth, taking another breath, leaving a trail of spit between my cock and her mouth. “Ohhmmmmm yeaaaa Lindsay…suck that big dick” I told her as she took it back into her mouth, going down slowly, trying to take as much as she could. She gagged a little bit and pulled back up, then went back down, going up and down faster and harder. I pulled her head off my cock, watching the spit trail off between it and her mouth. “Thank god, my mouth was getting tired” she said, leaning back in the chair.

“Stand up and bend over the couch” I told her as she got up and started to undo her pants. She dropped her pants and her panties, bending over as she slid them off. “Yea, you wanna fuck me now Jason?” she asked as she bent over the couch and shook her ass at me. I smacked her ass, watching her cheeks jiggle “You better believe it Lindsay” I said as I started rubbing my cock on her ass. “Mmmmmmmmm….can’t wait to feel that inside of me” she moaned as she rubbed her ass against my cock.

I grabbed my cock and started to rub the head against her pussy, feeling the warmth coming off of it as I pushed the head into her. “Ugggghhhhh gooddd….mmmmmfuckkkk” Lindsay moaned out as I started to push my big dick inside of her. I reached up and grabbed onto her hips as I started to pump my cock, watching it stretch her pussy out as it slid in and out. “Dammnnnn Lindsay….mmmmmmmm….this pussy is tight” I said, hoping not to hurt her as I fucked her pussy, watching it slide in and out. She started pushing back against my dick as I felt it sliding deeper into her pussy.

“Ohh godddd….fuckkk mmeeeeeee….yesssssss” she yelled out, pushing back against me as I fucked her. I reached up with one hand and grabbed her hair, pulling on it slightly as I pumped my cock in and out of her, watching her take more and more of it at a time. Lindsay pushed herself up on the couch as I pulled on her hair “Ohhhh fuckkk Lindsay….take that dick girl” I moaned out, pulling a little harder on her hair, watching me cock slide in and out of her pussy. I pulled out till just the head was in and then I slammed my cock back into her, watching her body shake and listening to her moan.

Lindsay reached back and started rubbing her pussy as I was fucking her, her fingers brushing up against my cock as it slid in and out of her pussy. “Fuckk mee hardderrr” she moaned out at me, grabbing at my balls as they bounced off of her body. “You want it harder Lindsay?” I asked as I grabbed her hips and started pounding my cock into her, hard and fast, watching it all disappear into her. “Mmmmmmmm…fuckkk yeaaaaa…..fuccckkkk meeeee” she yelled out as I kept pumping my big dick into her, sliding it in and out of her cunt.

I could feel the cum churning in my balls as my dick pumped in and out of her pussy. “I’m gonna cum Lindsay” I groaned, pulling my cock out of her pussy, watching it gape open, her juices pouring out. Lindsay turned around and got on her knees, grabbing my cock and jerking it hard and fast. “Cum on my face Jason” she said as she started licking and sucking on my cock again. “UGghhhhhhmmmm….here it comes” I groaned out as my cum started to shoot out onto her face. “OOHHMMMMMM FUCKKK….UGGGHHHHHHHH…..take it Lindsay…..YESSSSSS” I said as it shot out onto her face and into her waiting mouth.

Lindsay jerked and licked my cock as it shot cum onto her, gladly sucking the last bit out of my cock as she swallowed it. “Mmmmmmmm…..that sure tastes good” she said as she looked up at me and smiled, licking the last bit off the side of her mouth. I moaned with exhaustion, watching her stroke my cock as she stood up. “Damn Lindsay, that was a hell of a fuck” I told her as she walked off into the kitchen, returning with a towel. “I sure hope it was Jason because I didn’t want to go half ass and not get what I wanted” she told me as she handed me the towel.

I wiped my face off and then wiped my cock off, throwing the towel into a nearby garbage can. “Well Lindsay, I do think that deserves just a warning instead of a trip to jail” I told her as I pulled my briefs and pants back up and picked up my duty belt. She smiled and thanked me “Thanks so much Jason and don’t worry, I’ll take care of that first thing tomorrow” she said as she came over and gave me a deep kiss. I just smiled and started to walk out the door “Here you go Lindsay” as I handed her a card with my number on it. “You can give me a call if you ever need anything” I told her as I opened the door and stepped out.

“I’ll be sure to remember that Jason. I hope we could meet again under different circumstances” she said with a smile as she said goodbye. “Bye Lindsay, I’ll be seeing you” I told her as she blew me a kiss and closed the door. I walked down to the elevator and took it down to the parking garage. I radioed in as I started my car up and drove out of the parking garage “Dispatch, Car 23 headed back to station, shift over. Roger Car 23, shift over.” I drove back down Sunset with a big grin on my face, hoping that I did indeed run into Lindsay again sometime.

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