Caught in a Thunderstorm (Part 2)

Title: Caught in a Thunderstorm (Part 2)

Author: TheBigLove126

Celebs: Troian Bellisario, Lucy Hale

Codes: MFF, rape, oral, anal, tort, toys, preg

Summary: Troian makes her delivery to Shana and Roy

Disclaimer: The following story involves the rape of a celebrity. If this offends you, you should stop reading now.

If you have any questions, comments or other feedback to this or any of my other stories; feel free to contact me at – or chat with me on YIM, I am almost always online. When it comes to request, I will take them if they interest me and I like the celeb (no Miley, no Ariana, no Scarlett and absolutely no Kardashian/Jenner).

“Are you ready yet?” Troian Bellisario yelled out as she walked into Lucy Hale’s bedroom. “Come on, we need to beat the storm.”

“Calm down,” Lucy said as she exited her closet with an armful of clothes. “It’s only six o’clock.”

“And we are only going for a weekend, why are you bringing so many clothes?” Troian asked as she stared at the pile of colorful fabric sitting in her bag.

“I don’t know what colors I will feel like wearing,” Lucy said with a smile before turning back to the closet.

Troian walked out of the bedroom, mumbling under her breath, “It’s not like you’re going to wear any of it anyway.”

The taller woman was anxious to get on the room and do her service for her former captors. She knew that Shana and Roy were waiting for their five foot, two inch, dark haired present. Troian was eager to hand her off and be freed of the blackmail she was under. Every night since she was let out of the cabin, she had nightmare after nightmare of her drugged out sex video being released to her friends, family, and the public. It took no hesitation from her when it came to a decision on her friend. Troian was only looking out for Troian and felt not a bit of remorse.

Lucy continued to stuff various clothes and accessories into her bag while Troian grabbed a picture off her dining room table. She looked at the picture and smiled while looking at the shot of her and her short ‘Pretty Little Liars’ costar on the first day of filming the premiere. She quickly folded the picture up and slid it in her jeans pocket.

“Lucy, come on already!” she shouted.

“I’m ready, I’m ready,” Lucy responded as she walked out of the bedroom with her bag on her back.

“You are really going to wear a white t-shirt in the rain?” Troian asked as she observed her friend.

“You’re the only one that’ll see me,” she said as she headed towards the door. “It’s not like we all haven’t seen each other naked before.”

Troian sighed and followed Lucy outside. She looked up at the sky and could see the clouds darkening, a sight she easily recognized from the week before. She took a deep breath and could smell the storm approaching. She watched Lucy’s ass in tight jeans as she crawled in the backseat of her blue Fusion, stuffing her bag against the window.

“It’s gonna rain soon, let’s go,” Troian said in a stern voice.

“Gosh you’re grumpy today,” Lucy said as she popped out of the car. “Is it your time of the month?”

Troian sighed, holding back from smacking her friend for asking such a question. She entered the car while Lucy got in the passenger seat. The headlights came on and the girls were on their way.

Lucy happily played around on her phone; patiently waiting to arrive at the cabin for what she thought would be a girl’s weekend. Troian looked over at her with a blank stare, knowing that she would be responsible for her friend’s rape and having no negative feelings about it.

“How far away is this cabin of yours?” Lucy asked. “And why did you never invite me before?”

“It’s about twenty minutes away and I use it for some alone time,” Troian explained in a monotone voice. “You can’t have alone time with another person.”

“Are you okay? You are really acting weird.”

“I’m sorry,” Troian said. “I’ve had a stressful week…I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay Troian, we all have those weeks,” Lucy responded as she saw rain begin to fall on the windshield.

The sky opened up and it was raining just as hard as it had the week before. The girls were now on the long stretch of road that did in Troian the week before. Lucy jumped as a giant lightning bolt struck in the distance.

“Shit, what is with this freaky weather?” Lucy asked as she put her phone in her pocket. “Wasn’t it like this last weekend?”

Troian closed her eyes and cringed as she remembered the past storm. The visions of herself tied to the table with Roy walking towards her, cock in hand, flashed in mind. Lucy noticed her cringing and placed a hand on her shoulder.

“It’ll get better Troian, weather can’t hamper a fun weekend,” she happily said.

The girls remained silent as Troian approached the entrance to the woods, turning in and beginning the half-mile trek towards the cabin that changed her life. They arrived at the cabin, seeing no sign of life anywhere nearby.

“Aww, it’s a cute little cabin,” Lucy said as she admired the building.

“Yeah…cute cabin,” Troian said as she parked the car next to the house.

Troian looked over at the window and saw Shana scurry away, trying to avoid being seen by Lucy. The girls got out of the car and started towards the door.

“Oops, forgot my phone,” Troian said as she patted her pocket. “Go in without me, I’ll be right in. The door is unlocked.”

Lucy hurried up the front step and turned the handle on the screen door. She opened the main door and took a step inside. It was dark inside so she reached for a light switch. As the light came on, she turned her head and almost jumped out of her skin at the sight of a stark-naked Shana standing next to a stark-naked, fully erect Roy.

“Ahhh!” she screamed as she turned around and ran back outside.

Troian was about to shut the car door when she saw her friend running towards her. She quickly stepped out of the car and caught Lucy, who was scared out of her mind.

“There are people in there!” she yelled as she tried to pull Troian in the car. “What are you waiting for, we need to go!”

Troian grabbed Lucy by the shoulders and held her in place.

“Calm down, Lucy,” Troian said. “You aren’t going anywhere.”

Lucy stared up at her friend with big, sad eyes as she felt her grip her arms tighter. The frightened younger girl tried to escape Troian’s grasp but was unable. She was turned around and forced to face the cabin as Roy and Shana emerged from inside.

“Hand her over Troian,” Shana said. “Give her to us and we give you the video.”

“Video?” Lucy asked as she looked to the emotionless face of Troian. “What is this?”

“Like I said before, I’m sorry,” Troian said as she roughly shoved Lucy down to the ground, landing in a thick mud puddle.

Troian stepped on Lucy’s back, using her as a doormat, to approach Shana while Roy quickly jumped on the poor girl. Shana handed Troian the phone that was used to record their sexual adventures and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

“You are free,” she said. “We have what we want just like you have what you want.”

Troian looked over her shoulder and saw Roy pulling Lucy’s jeans down over her shapely ass. She was unphased as she saw Roy shove his cock, dry, into her ass hole while she sloshed around in the mud. Screams started to fly as Troian turned back to Shana.

“This better be the only copy,” she said as a loud screech came from behind her.

“We could barely afford that phone, you honestly think we can afford to copy a video?” Shana asked.

“My threat stands, I will come back here and kill you if you are lying to me,” she snarled.

“Don’t worry, we have a fun little toy that’ll last much longer.”

Troian again looked over her shoulder seeing Lucy coated in mud as Roy lay atop her, thrusting his hips up and down as her asshole was being destroyed. Her arms and legs were flailing around as she was sandwiched between the full grown man and the soft, messy mud.

“You can go now, Troian,” Shana said as she walked past her and approached the muddy raping.

The woman followed Shana, after tossing the folded picture inside the house, stepped over to the raping and stared down at Lucy. With no emotion in her face, she kicked a small amount of mud into her crying face before stepping on her hair on the way back to the car. She reestablished eye contact as she threw her car in reverse and backed away from the cabin.

“Troian!?” Lucy yelled out as Shana stood over her.

“Troian is never coming back,” Shana said. “No one is coming for you ever.”

Shana grabbed Lucy by the hair and roughly flipped her over as Roy got off of her. With her back in the mud with heavy rain pouring in her face, she felt her jeans pulled off of her ankles and tossed aside. Shana grabbed the front of her shirt and roughly tugged on it repeatedly; shaking her around until the fabric tore and her petite breasts were exposed to the attackers.

“What a set of tits on this girl!” Roy exclaimed as he reached forward and pinched her nipple as hard as possible, causing her to scream aloud.

“Shut up,” Shana calmly said as she dropped to her knees, covering Lucy’s face in her unshaven pussy.

Roy spread Lucy’s muddy legs and lined his cock up with her shaved pussy. He grabbed a handful of mud and rubbed it into her cunt while she screamed into Shana’s crotch. With one quick motion, he forced all eight inches deep inside of her.

“Oh god, that feels amazing!” Shana yelled as she felt the vibrations of her prisoner’s screams shooting up into her womb.

Lucy continued to flail her limbs around as Roy leaned forward to kiss Shana. She tried her hardest to break free but her face sandwiched between Shana and the mud, along with Roy holding her legs tight under his arms, she was stuck. She slapped the side of Shana’s ass which only made the dominant woman start to rock back and forth, rubbing her clit across Lucy’s chin.

“Is she getting wetter?” Shana asked as Roy kissed her breast.

“I can’t tell if it’s the mud or her, she’s nice and slick though,” he responded.

Shana continued to grind against ten young woman’s face, leaving her mark behind. Lucy gagged as she tasted the feminine juices slide past her lips and onto her tongue. The captor began to bounce up and down while sliding forward and back, pressing her victim’s head deeper into the mud.

“I think I’m gonna cum,” Shana whispered as her hips bucked at an outstanding pace, using Lucy’s face as nothing more than a living Sybian.

Lucy was breathing in nothing but the pungent fumes emanating from Shana’s crotch. She had very little airflow, leaving the taste and smell with no place to go but inside. The girl was not expecting the heavy amount of juices that fell into her throat as the older woman orgasmed over her. Unluckily, Lucy’s mouth was wide open when she felt the sweet liquid fall down her throat unexpectedly. She started to cough as Shana put her weight down on her, forcing her head deeper into the mud with a loud ‘squish’ sound.

Shana sat hard on her face for several seconds as her body recovered form orgasm. When she was done she raised herself off of Lucy’s head and stared down, seeing the wet, muddy mess of a face that she abused. Lucy’s mouth was wide open as she gasped for air, gargling a small amount of cum in the back of her throat.

Roy, never releasing his cock from Lucy, rose to his feet with his hands gripped tightly on her hips. Lucy made no effort to lift herself up and hung in place, her head two feet off the ground with her arms dangling and her fingers grazing the mud. With no back muscles working, she was swaying like a ragdoll as Roy roughly thrusted in and out of her. Shana tore the remains of her shredded shirt from her and started to whip her in the nipples with it, forcing her to scream.

The attack on her nipples forced an unwanted orgasmic wave through Lucy’s lower regions, which was quickly noticed by the man.

“She’s cumming, babe,” he said as he continued to slam into her limp body.

“I knew she would,” Shana responded as she leaned forward and planted a deep kiss on her lips.

Lucy was too far into an orgasmic feeling to even notice the kiss. Once her body relaxed and she realized what was happening, she blew Shana’s tongue out of her mouth and started to flail her arms around again. Shana caught her wrists and pulled her body up before roughly pulling her down. Roy let go and she landed back hard in the mud puddle.

Shana placed her feet on her arms as Roy sat down on her chest. He forced his wet, muddy cock into Lucy’s mouth while she stared up at him with her sad brown eyes. He grabbed her by the hair and forced her head to bob back and forth as he felt his orgasm approaching. With a few final thrusts, it was time to feed Lucy her second ‘snack’ of the night.

Roy shoved all eight inches of his cock deep into Lucy’s throat as he unleashed a massive orgasm directly into her stomach. The actress closed her eyes and choked as she felt his slimy seed slither its way down her throat with shot after shot. He seemingly came forever in Lucy’s mind while in reality it only lasted for six seconds. Roy pulled himself out of her and wiped the seminal residue onto her messy cheek.

“Damn that was good,” he said as he slapped her in the eye with his cock before pushing her head down and stepping away from her.

Roy and Shana stood over their muddy, rain soaked cum bucket at their feet and shared a kiss.

“Thank you, Troian,” Shana said as she grabbed the muddy hands of Lucy Hale and dragged her across the messy ground.

The couple dragged Lucy up to the steps and rested her across them, leaving her head at the top of the porch while her feet rested on the welcome mat. Roy grabbed the hose from the side of the house and sprayed their toy down with ice-cold water. Lucy gasped and groaned as she felt the cold shoot hard all over her body. She made no effort to get up and run, fearing what they would do to her if she did.

Shana used Lucy as a mat, wiping her muddy feet off in her long brunette hair. Roy handed the hose to his wife and did the same. After he was done, Shana held the hose inches from Lucy’s head and blasted the mud out of her hair. She looked towards the girl’s ass and hatched an idea. She held the cold nozzle to her abused asshole and pulled the handle, shooting freezing cold water up her wounded ass at an amazing force. Lucy let out her loudest scream of the night.

“Stop, it hurts! It hurts, please!” she screamed while the couple laughed.

After a few more seconds of torturing the girl, Roy grabbed her by the soaking wet hair and dragged her inside the house. He let go of her once she was inside, leaving her face right next to a folded piece of paper. As Shana stepped over her, Lucy reached forward and grabbed the paper, opening it up and seeing the photo of herself and Troian, smiling with their arms around each other’s hips. She stared blankly at her supposed friend’s smiling face as a tear ran down her cheek.

“What is this?” Shana said as she grabbed the photo out of her hand. “Aww look, it’s your BFF. I guess she wanted you to have a lasting memory of her.  Such a good friend.”

Shana put the photo on a table and grabbed Lucy by the hair, dragging her across the rough floor. Lucy yelped as she received a splint in her breast which was ignored by the older woman. Lucy was brought into the room with the large table in the center and was lifted onto it, resting on her stomach with her legs dangling off the edge and her ass fully exposed. Shana bound her hands and feet tightly in place, not leaving an inch for Lucy to move.

“Now for your punishment,” she said as she walked out of Lucy’s sight.

“Punishment? What did I-,” she started before feeling a sharp pain in the center of her ass cheek.

Lucy could not see but Roy was holding an extension cord and had whipped the metal prong into the bubbly ass of his prisoner. Lucy screeched as he whipped her again…and again…and again, hitting her every three seconds for a full five minutes. Once his arm was tired, Shana took hold of the extension cord and sucked on the bulkier end. She ran up to Lucy and pressed the thick end to her asshole, slowly pushing in.

Every muscle in Lucy’s body tensed up as her ass received the unwanted insertion. She tried to kick and flail but was tied to tightly. The young woman was helpless as the thick end of the cord disappeared inside of her. Shana pushed it in a bit more before stepping back and wrapping the opposite end around her fingers. She looked at Roy and kissed him as she roughly pulled the cord out of Lucy, leaving a loud ‘pop’ sound behind.

Lucy buried her face in the dirty table and screamed at the pain she received. She could not believe the pain she was feeling from the assault. Before she could even gather her emotions, she felt Roy’s hard cock shoved itself in her abused asshole.

As Roy fucked the young brunette, Shana walked to her side and, with the cord folded up, slapped her hard in the back over and over again. The screams that Lucy made only made her smack her harder. For five minutes it was a repeating situation, her ass being stretched again and her back receiving multiple red marks.

Roy, like outside, eventually moved his cock from her ass to her pussy. Lucy was limp and groaning as she felt her cunt being abused. Shana’s arm tired out so she tossed the cord aside and relaxed on the recliner next to the table. Lucy looked over and saw her finger-fucking herself hard as she watched her husband’s cock slide in and out of the girl.

“I’m gonna fill her up,” Roy shouted as he lunged forward and ejaculated deep in her cunt.

Nine months later, Lucy was lying on her back on that same table. Her legs were spread wide as Shana sat at her crotch, waiting for Lucy to give birth to Roy’s child. Lucy had never left the cabin and was raped repeatedly on a daily basis. The actress had not worn a stitch of clothing since the day Troian dropped her off.

While Shana waited for the birth, Roy was standing next to Lucy with his rock hard cock deep in her mouth. She was breathing heavily, suffering through a contraction, while she was forced to blow her child’s father. She had been broken and had lost the will to fight several months back. After a week in the cabin, she knew that she was stuck. While she still hated her captors and despised every raping she received, she knew it was better not to fight.

Shana took a shot of Whiskey before lightly rubbing Lucy’s beat-red clit. She was about to lean forward to lick her when a knock came to the door. Shana and Roy both jumped and looked at each other while Lucy took a deep breath.

“Could it be true, did the cops finally find us?” she thought as hope filled her body for the first time in months.

Seconds later, a slender female figure walked into the room. The three quickly realized who it was.

Into the room walked Troian, holding a baby in her arms. She walked over to Shana and handed over the baby to her.

“I don’t want this thing,” she said as she looked over at Lucy, who was staring at her. “Keep him, I didn’t give him a name, I didn’t buy anything for him…he’s yours.”

“Troian?” Lucy asked. “Why? Why me?”

“Shut up,” she said with no emotion. “Your family thinks you ran away. I’ve been sending them letters in your name so they won’t look for you.”

“You bitch!” Lucy screamed.

Troian walked over to the pregnant girl and spit a large wad in her face.

“I never liked you, I only pretended so the show would stay on the air,” she snapped. “By the way, we all lost our job because of you. Shay hates you, Ashley hates you, Janel hates you…everybody hates you.”

Troian looked at Roy and Shana before turning around and leaving. Lucy stared at the doorway with sad, wet eyes as she felt her baby begin to come out.

Troian continued for years to write Lucy’s family, preventing her from ever being found. She had no remorse at all and actually began to get a sexual thrill out of it. She began to play with herself as she wrote the letters, leaving a small drop of her feminine juices on each one.

Lucy was never released from the cabin. She was used as a living sex toy and baby factory. She ended up being a mother to eleven little boys, along with Troian’s bringing the total to eleven. By the time they were old enough, Roy and Shana would make them rape their mother to impregnate her. Three of the eleven were also her grandchildren. Lucy was forced to stare at the picture of herself and Troian every day as she was raped.

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