Caught in a Thunderstorm

Title: Caught in a Thunderstorm

Author: TheBigLove126

Celebs: Troian Bellisario

Codes: MFF, celeb, rape, oral, tort, bond, drugs, blackmail

Summary: Troian Bellisario gets a flat tire during a storm

Disclaimer: The following is a rape story featuring a celebrity. If this idea offends you, you must turn away now.

If you have any questions, comments or other feedback to this or any of my other stories; feel free to contact me at – or chat with me on YIM, I am almost always online. When it comes to request, I will take them if they interest me and I like the celeb (no Miley, no Ariana, no Scarlett and absolutely no Kardashian/Jenner).

The sky was getting increasingly darker as the clock on the dashboard switched to six o’clock. The clouds were thick and ominous, ready to unleash a torrent of rain and thick bolts of lightning. On the long, scenic stretch of road, there was not a car in sight until a little blue Ford Fusion passed by. Inside the car was ‘Pretty Little Liars’ star Troian Bellisario on her way to a peaceful weekend in a state park close by.

The twenty-nine year old had been looking forward to this weekend vacation for weeks and was not about to let nasty weather hinder her plans. The heavy raindrops began to fall from the clouds as she passed by the overhanging trees and into open road. As soon as the windshield wipers began to run, she heard a loud pop and had to react fast to keep her car going straight. Her deep brown eyes went wide as she slowed down and pulled over to the side.

“Just my fucking luck,” she said as she shut the car off,  lifted the hood of her black hoodie up, and stepped outside.

Troian felt the heavy rain land on her head as she inspected the left rear tire on her car. She figured she had to have run over something by the shredding of the rubber. She sighed before grabbing her key and popping the trunk. She looked in and noticed that her spare tire was gone.

“Oh you’ve got to be kidding me!” she yelled as she slammed the trunk closed.

Hearing a loud roll of thunder, Troian rushed back inside the car and shut the door. She pulled out her cell phone and tried to call for assistance but was unable to get a signal. She threw her phone down on the passenger seat and rested her head on the steering wheel. Flicking on the hazard lights, the slender actress stared up at the sky in time to see the thick lightning bolt she had ever seen fall from the sky.

As she pondered her options, Troian looked in the distance and saw a pair of headlights in the distance. She quickly flashed her headlights to get the other driver’s attention. The white pickup slowed down and pulled over behind Troian’s car. After another lightning strike, she saw a short blonde woman walking up to her window. The actress stepped out of the car to talk to the woman.

“I see you have a flat,” the woman said.

“Yeah and I have no spare and no cell signal,” Troian explained as she jumped from a thunder roll.

“Where are you heading?” she asked her.

“I was going to the state park for the weekend, some alone time,” she said.

“I can tow you over to my cabin, you’re welcome to stay the night,” the woman said. “I can tow this thing over there.”

“Are you sure? We don’t know each other.”

“It’s okay honey, I am trusting of people, I don’t expect you to murder me in my sleep,” the woman said with a laugh. “I’m Shana.”


“Nice name,” said the woman as she hooked the back of Troian’s car to her pickup. “Wait in the passenger seat, I’ll be right there.”

Troian headed into the truck as another lightning bolt lit up the dark sky. Shana finished attaching the car and joined her inside. Troian flipped her hood down and ran her fingers through her brown hair as her blonde companion started the truck.

“I can’t thank you enough for this, Shana,” Troian said as the truck pulled away.

“No need for thanks, you’re always supposed to help those in need,” she responded as she drove through the increasing downpour.

The women remained mostly silent for the short ride into the woods. After about five minutes, they arrived at Shana’s log cabin sitting in the middle of the mass of bark and leaves. The truck parked and the blonde quickly left to unhook the wounded vehicle, leaving on the pavement next to the cabin. She turned to Troian and smiled.

“Home, sweet home,” she said as she led the taller brunette inside and out of the weather while watching her tight ass work the pair of jeans she was wearing

Troian opened the door and entered the dark house. She looked back at Shana, who flipped on the lights. The guest looked forward and almost jumped out of her skin as she saw a tall man with a thick beard staring back at her.

“Shana?” she asked.

Before receiving an answer, Troian felt a wet rag press against her mouth. She stared at the man as Shana gripped the rag tightly. The actress tried to fight herself free but was overpowered and slowly fell unconscious. Shana looked up at the bearded man and smiled an evil smile at him.

“I got us a new toy, Roy,” she said before grabbing the sleeping actress up by the arms and carrying her into another room.

Troian awoke about an hour later, very cold and unable to move. As her eyes focused, she realized that she was completely nude. Gone was her black hoodie, her jeans, her white t-shirt, socks and shoes. Even her earrings had been removed as she lay alone in the room. Her hands and feet were tied tightly the edges of the table she was on. She felt two metal prongs digging into her neck. The scared woman quickly realized that she had a dog’s shock collar around her neck. While becoming more aware, she noticed shock collars around both wrists and ankles as well.

Observing the room, Troian could only see a single black recliner sitting a few feet away from her in front of a window. She could see that the night sky had fully taken over and the only sight out the window was raindrops slamming into the glass. A large flash of lightning lit the night up, giving her a split second look at her car. She could only smell a musky dampness circling in the air, spun by the double-bladed ceiling fan slowly spinning above her.

“Well, well,” a familiar voice said. “Look who finally woke up. Ms. Troian Bellisario, Hollywood’s own.”

“Shana, what’s happening?” Troian asked as sweat was beading all over her body in fear.

“Shut up,” she said as she pulled a remote out of her pocket and pushed the button, sending a powerful shock into Troian’s left wrist.

“Ahh, fuck!” she screamed.

“You like that?” Shana asked. “No talking, got it?”

Troian nodded as Shana pulled up a chair and sat next to her.

“You seem like a smart girl, what do YOU think is happening?” she asked, getting no response. “You may talk now.”

“Am I being robbed?” Troian asked.

“No, you aren’t being robbed,” Shana said as she kicked her feet up on to the table.

“You’re going to kill me, aren’t you?”

“Oh you silly little cunt, we are not going to kill you,” Shana responded as she flicked a switch on the remote and shocked Troian’s right ankle. “We’re going to have fun with you.”

“Who is ‘we’?” she asked.

Suddenly, the bearded man entered the room wearing just as much clothing as the bound actress. Troian’s eyes slowly drifted from his beard down to his rock hard eight inch cock standing at full attention.

“No,” she said, turning to Shana.

“Yeah,” Shana responded. “I believe you said you were going away for the weekend…all alone. Is that correct?”

“Ye-yes,” Troian said as reality set in.

“Then nobody will be expecting to see or hear from you until the weekend is over. Right or wrong?” she asked.

“Please, I can get you money, you can keep the car, I don’t care just please let me go!” she yelled.

Shana shocked Troian in the neck and held the button for five seconds. The actresses jaw clenched and she let out a high-pitched groan. Every muscle tightened up and her back and ass lifted off of the table. She returned in place when the button was released. She was panting and shaking as she closed her. Sweat coated her entire slender body.

“We don’t want your money, we don’t want your car, WE don’t want anything…but my husband wanted a fresh little sex kitten for his birthday,” Shana said as she turned to him. “Roy, happy fucking birthday, I got you an actress!”

“And a hot-ass one at that,” Roy said in a gravelly voice. “Looks like she works out too.”

“Oh she does,” Shana said, turning to the woman. “I did some research on you while you were in dreamland. You like to do yoga don’t you?”

Troian started to cry and gasp for air as she felt her soul being crushed.

“I bet you’re really fucking flexible,” Shana whispered. “Actually, I don’t ‘bet’, I know. I’ve watched some videos.”

“Can I fuck her already?” Roy asked.

“Fuck her mouth first.”

Roy walked around the table and rested his thick cock on the table next to the frightened actress. She kept her face pointed at the ceiling while her eyes stared at the throbbing member.

“Troian, turn your head and suck my husband’s cock,” Shana said in an angry tone, getting no response. “Fine!”

Shana turned the dial on the remote up, flipped all switches up and shocked her with all five collars. She screamed through clenched teeth as her body bounced on and off the table. Shana held the button down for over five seconds before releasing it. Troian collapsed back on the table and panted heavily. Her brown eyes surrounded by thick red veins glazed in water. Tears streamed down her face, carrying her light application of black mascara with it. Her tongue rested against the corner of her mouth and her petite chest rapidly moved up and down.

“Suck him off!” Shana yelled.

Troian slowly let her head fall to her left. She closed her eyes and opened wide. Roy grabbed a handful of her light brown hair and thrusted forward, forcing his cock against the back of her throat. She coughed and choked for a second, shooting her eyes opened and staring at his thick black pubic bush. She cringed at the sight of his hair thrusting forward. She shut her eyes and opened her throat, allowing his cock to slide into her tight esophagus.

Roy rested a hand on her sweaty chest, groping her a-cup breasts roughly. He gave a quick pinch to her hard pink nipple, causing her to squeal around his cock. He stared down at her fit body as he continued to thrust in and out of her throat.

“This is the best birthday gift ever,” he grunted.

Tears were streaming down Troian’s face as he thrusted harder against her, giving her no relief or mercy. She kept her eyes shut as she felt his wrinkled scrotum bumping against her cheek. She felt a light shock from the collar around her left ankle, causing her to jump and give a hard, unwilling suck on Roy’s dick.

“Do that again, honey,” Roy commanded to Shana.

Troian was shocked in each collar at two second intervals, forcing her to suck in a breath and in turn suckle on Roy’s cock harder. It only took another minute before the walls of her esophagus milked a massive load from deep within his testicles. Her eyes shot up as she felt her throat fill with an unwanted, salty treat. Her entire body wriggled around as she struggled to breath. Inadvertently, she breathed some of his seed into her lungs, causing her to choke and cough.

Roy pulled out of Troian, allowing her to cough up a large wad of cum onto the table next to her. She struggled for seconds to regain her breath but soon recovered. As soon as she saw the puddle of cum in front of her, she heard a command coming from the short blonde’s mouth.

“Clean it up!” Shana yelled.

Troian just stared at the white puddle. Suddenly, she felt an intense shock in her neck. She screamed as her back arched in pain.

“Now!” the blonde screamed.

Troian quickly stuck her tongue out and mopped up the remaining seed, quickly swallowing it while staring at Shana’s evil smile.

“Good little cunt,” she said as she stood up and started to untie Troian’s ankles. “If you kick me or try to do anything, you will get a little more of this,” she said as she shocked her neck for three seconds.

The defeated actress lay motionless as her feet were freed. Roy untied her wrists before sliding her down the table. Once her tight ass reached the edge of the table, the couple re-tied her to the table. Troian was smart enough

Shana sat back down while Roy walked over to her. Troian watched as Shana took his slobber-covered, eight inch cock into her mouth. Never before had the twenty-nine year old seen two people engaged in a sex act this close to her. She watched silently as his cock quickly grew back to full attention within seconds.

“Good, now fuck this bitch senseless,” Shana said pointing to Troian. “Hold on, me first.”

Shana stood up and walked to Troian’s lower body. She spit in her hand, raised it up high above her head and brought it down with massive force onto her prisoner’s cleanly-shaven cunt. Troian screeched as she felt her most sensitive area abused. Shana laughed as she rose her hand up and struck her again and again and again, not stopping for nearly three minutes. By the time her arm grew tired, Troian’s cunt was beat red and dripping with moisture. As much as she was hurt by the attack, she was still human and her body acted naturally to stimulation, leaving her poor little cunt very wet.

“Now you can fuck this bitch,” Shana said as she kissed Roy’s cock before sitting down on the recliner.

Roy pressed the head of his thick cock against the abused pussy lips of Troian, roughly slamming forward and easily sliding his entire member inside her. She grunted loud as she felt his cock stretch her slick vaginal walls farther than they had been stretched in a long time. She felt his fingers grip her hips tightly as he hammered his way in and out of her. The actress swung her head back and forth, humiliated at how easily he was able to fuck her with his large cock. She was embarrassed at how wet she was from Shana’s abuse.

Shana’s hand disappeared inside her jeans as she watched the bound woman sobbing and grunting with no way to escape. She pressed the button on the remote to shock both of Troian’s ankles, causing her to tighten every muscle in her lower body and giving Roy more pleasure around tightening cunt muscles.

Troian was openly weeping, tears flying off of her face as she continued to look left and right, trying to imagine herself anywhere else but inside this cabin. Her eyes were not the only part of her body that was producing more liquid. Troian’s pussy was getting wetter and wetter as her raping continued. She could not tell if it was from the rape or the shocks, but it did not matter, she was getting wetter against her will. She knew that it was only a matter of time before her humiliation would reach an all-time high.

“Damn, this bitch is crying a river out her cunt,” Roy said as an audible splashing sound emanated from her red-hot pussy.

“Make her cum, Roy!” Shana screamed as she rapidly pressed the button on the remote, each press going to a different collar.

Troian felt her nerves electrify in different areas every second, jumping and moaning with each one. Finally, she was not able to prevent the inevitable any longer. Her back arched and she groaned hard but Shana had stopped pushing the button. A different jolt of electricity ran through her nerves; one of pleasure instead of pain.

“No!” she exclaimed as her body was rocked in a monstrous explosion of orgasmic bliss.

“Hell yeah!” Roy exclaimed as he felt her vaginal walls release a high volume of liquid onto him as her muscles tugged at his throbbing cock.

“Are you close, Roy?” Shana asked.

“Damn straight, I am!”

“Fill this bitch with you swimmers, baby,” she yelled.

“NO!” Troian screamed. “No, I’m not on any birth control,” she said as she turned her head to Roy. “Please don’t do that!”

Troian felt all five collars shock her for an extended amount of time.

“Shut up and take your injection,” Shana yelled as she held the button down while Roy’s thrusts increased. “Cum inside of her NOW!”

Roy exploded and sprayed his massive load deep into the waiting womb of an electrified Troian Bellisario. He laughed as he felt the vibrating pussy muscles around him drink in his potent seed. Once he was finished filling her up, Shana released the button and stood up.

“Ok bitch, I think it is time for you to rest,” she said as she reached under the table to retrieve a bottle and a small paper cup.

Shana bounced the paper cup off of Troian’s head before pouring the contents of the bottle directly into her mouth. She unwillingly swallowed the unknown drink while staring up at her captor. Within minutes, Troian began to feel very woozy and tired. The ceiling fan above her began to stretch and contort in her mind. After a minute, a blackness covered Troian’s eyes and she was knocked out cold.

Several hours later, Troian awoke. She looked down and saw her entire body covered in flakes of dried semen. From the bottom of her thighs to the highest point she could see, her entire body was covered. She opened her mouth and could feel the dried cum move on her face. She realized that her face was covered as well.

Shana and Roy walked in, fully clothed with a pair of scissors in hand.

“Look who finally woke up,” Shana said as she grabbed Troian by the hair, cutting several inches off and giving her a shorter haircut. “We had so much fun with you when you were asleep.”

“How…how long was I out?” she asked as she saw the night sky in the window.

“You’ve been in and out for two days, cunt,” Roy said. “That stuff we gave you will fuck you up for a while.”

“Don’t worry, you weren’t asleep the whole time,” Shana said as she hung up a lock of Troian’s hair on the wall. “You just can’t remember being awake. They don’t call that drug the ‘weekend eraser’ for nothing.”

“Wha-what did you do to me?” she asked, confused.

“We fucked you, fucked you, and fucked you some more,” Roy said. “She fucked you, I fucked you, you fucked her, you fucked me, we all fucked each other…it was fun and you were into it the whole time.”

“No, that’s not possible,” Troian said as she sat up, realizing that her restraints had been off the whole time and the collars gone from sight.

Roy pulled his phone up off of the recliner and played a video. Troian watched in shock as she saw video of herself on top of Roy, running her fingers through his bushy beard and begging him to make her “cum like a faucet”. He showed her another video of her and Shana locked in a sixty-nine position, giggling into the blonde’s hairy cunt.

“It’s Sunday so you are free to go,” Shana explained as she grabbed the phone and placed it on the table. “You can shower and go on your merry fucking way.”

“And don’t think about calling the cops,” Roy yelled. “We made copies of these videos and we will make sure to send one to daddy Donald, show him what his precious baby girl does when she goes on her ‘weekend getaways’.”

“I won’t, I promise,” Troian said. “But that girl in the video isn’t me, I would NEVER fuck either of you with a clear head. You both disgust me!”

“Yeah, yeah whatever,” Shana said. “Oh, one more thing. If you want us to keep these videos to ourselves, we want you to also make a delivery for us.”

“What do I have to deliver?” she asked as she started towards the bathroom.

“That little co-star of yours, Lucy Hale, we want her next weekend,” Roy said. “You bring her to us and we destroy the video.”

“Really?” Troian asked.

“That’s it. You do this and you can forget all about us,” Shana said.

“And I’m supposed to believe you why?” Troian asked as she turned the shower on.

“You can’t but you don’t have a choice. If Lucy isn’t here by midnight Friday night, the videos are sent to every news source we can find,” Roy said.

Troian sighed and stepped in the shower.

“Fine, I’ll drop Lucy off but if you EVER come back into my life, I swear to God I will kill both of you,” she said as she quickly washed the cum off of her. “ I hope you both fucking die!”

“Sure, sure,” Shana said.

Troian ran naked out to her car, retrieving a fresh set of clothes from her car. She quickly threw a long skirt and a denim vest on before jumping in the driver’s seat. She looked at the cabin and saw Shana giving Roy a blowjob on the front step as she sped off in reverse back onto the road.

Troian turned her phone on and saw that it was only ten o’clock on Sunday night. She opened her text window and sent Lucy Hale a quick message.

“Are you free next weekend?”

“Sure. Why?” Lucy responded.

“Are you up for a weekend at my friend’s cabin? She is going away and lent it to me. I can pick you up Friday night.”

“Can’t wait!”

Troian put the phone down and started to cry.

“I’m so sorry Lucy but I’ve got to look out for myself,” she said as she sped home. “I’m more important than you.

To be continued…

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