Celeb-Beast – Alicia Silverstone And Liv Tyler

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ever been involved in, sexual relations with animals –
although, we wish they were and that the stories were

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The phone rang several times before Alicia
woke-up. She rolled over and answered it, still half
asleep. "Hello?" She answered drowsilly.
"Hi babe…" Came the familier voice of her
best friend, Liv Tyler. "Happy Birthday!"
Alicia sat up a little, allowing the covers to
fall from her breasts, waking up to her favourite
voice. "Thanks…"
"I’m bringing your present over right now…
I’ll be there in 5 minutes…" Said Liv, a chuckle in
her voice… "Don’t bother to dress!" She hung up.
Alicia knew she was in for some fun now, and
her head was clearing by the second, thinking about
Liv’s slim, pale body – soon to be with her… Right
in her bed.

Liv arrived right on time, opening the door and
letting herself in.
Alicia heard her footsteps as she bounded up
the stairs, she also heard the sounds of a dog’s paws
on the bare boards of the hallway… Her heart
raced… Liv had brought Spike!
Liv entered the room, her Doberman – Spike –
close behind her. He bounded past her and jumped up
onto the bed as soon as he sighted the naked Alicia
there. He had been trained only to react to naked
Alicia greeted the dog with open arms, allowing
him to lick her face and breasts – feeling her nipples
pop-up hard as he did. Liv approached and kissed her
friend on the lips, a slow and loving kiss with just a
hint of tongue.
"Happy birthday, lover." She said softly,
licking her own lips.
"And where is my present?" Alicia asked,
deliberately acting like a spoilt brat. "I want a
"You can have a choice…" Started Liv,
removing her blouse. "Either you can have me… Or
Spike… Or…" She whistled… "You can have…" Alicia
held Spike’s head still as the listened
to another dog bounding up the stairs and down the
hallway. Another Doberman entered the room and looked
around, he was slightly younger than Spike, not as
Liv continued, "Rebel…"
Alicia smiled, knowing that Liv would have
trained Rebel the same way she had trained Spike…
"Can I have you all?" She asked, a wicked grin
crossing her crooked mouth.
Liv leaned in close, her lips almost touching
Alicia’s… "Of course you can." She opened her mouth and
kissed Alicia again, pushing her backwards until
she was flat on her back. As she kissed, Liv flipped
the covers back exposing Alicia’s shaven pussy. Spike
immediately started licking at her pussy – Alicia
responded by spreading her legs wide, giving the dog
maximum access to her cunt.
As Spike licked at Alicia’s pussy, Liv patted
the bed, encouraging Rebel to leap up onto it. She
grabbed his collar and guided him over Alicia’s head.
Within seconds Alicia was giving Rebel oral
pleasure as she was pleasured by Spike. Her mouth
wrapped around his cock, sucking hard – Liv watched her
cheeks suck tight to her jaws and masturbated herself
with two fingers. Rebel bucked towards Alicia’s mouth,
pushing deeper into her – young and inexperienced,
trying to cum right away.
"I’m going to let them both fuck you – one
after the other…" Stated Liv, pinching and twisting
at one of Alicia’s nipples as she spoke. "I’m going to
have them both cum inside you, let them really fill you

Alicia positioned herself on her knees and
elbows, her ass high in the air. Liv held onto Rebel’s
collar and helped him mount Alicia, his front legs
wrapping around her middle as he staggered forward on
the soft bed, his growing cock pumping at her pussy –
missing penetration, occasionally hitting the
surrounding pink flesh…
"Oh, for Christ’s sake, put him inside me… I
can’t wait!" Moaned Alicia. Liv did as she was told,
gently gripping Rebel’s cock and guiding it into
Alicia’s waiting wet pussy. His thin, long cock slid
in easy… Pushing deep inside right away. He started
to fuck her fast, hips bucking, back bending… Furious
fast strokes, short, eager.
"Oh yes… Oh fuck yes… Fuck my cunt!" Alicia
screamed in delight. Her mouth twisting, hanging open,
her titties jiggling with every doggy pump into her
pussy. Breathing hard.
"Oh yeah, you love getting fucked by my puppy, don’t
you?" Growled Liv into her ear, taking a handful of
her hair and pulling hard.
Alicia moaned loud, almost a growl, as Rebel’s
continued frenzied pumping forced his knot into her
cunt… This combined with the pain of Liv’s hair
pulling brought tears to Alicia’s eyes.
"Come in her cunt, Rebel!" Ordered Liv, stroking the
dog’s back, moving her hand down and gently brushing
his balls, pulling Alicia’s hair harder with her other
Alicia felt Rebel’s humping speed up further, more wild
and frenzied, then stop suddenly – a tiny pause – and
then she felt him shooting hot cum into her pussy. The
feeling of his seaman splashing around in her pussy
combining with the pumping action to send her to a
violent orgasm – suddenly exploding in her cunt.
Liv pulled Rebel back, his cock sliding from Alicia’s
pussy, slight pain – but very good pain – as his knot
slipped out. Cum dribbled from Alicia’s bald cunt and
another shot hit her on the back of her thigh.
"Wow! That was a good one…" She said, smiling.
"You’re not finished yet…" Started Liv, pushing
Rebel from the bed. "I said you get to fuck BOTH of
Alicia flattened the side of her head to the pillow,
took a deep breath. "Okey dokey!" She smiled.
Liv patted Alicia’s naked behind, watching the cum
dripping from her pussy, as Spike positioned himself
behind the birthday girl, preparing to mount her…
Alicia felt Spike’s cock sliding right into her cunt –
no fuss, he was a real expert. Spike was bigger than
Rebel – his cock fatter, and he knew how to use it…
His strokes were slower and more controlled – his
actions almost considered. He established a good pace
and rhythm. Stroking hard and evenly into her cunt.
Liv knew she could leave Spike to it, so she positioned
herself under Alicia’s body, her head between her
lover’s legs. Rebel’s cum dripped from Alicia’s pussy
and Liv caught it on her face, also licking cum that
was dribbling down her inner thighs, rubbing her face
into it. At all times she kept her eyes on Spike’s
cock, pushing deeper into Alicia’s pussy – his knot
banging against her pussy lips.
Alicia began to yelp and groan as Spike pushed deeper,
she could feel Liv’s tongue moving up her thighs,
across her cunt-lips and over her clit – sucking her
clit as the dog continued to pump.
Spike pushed forward hard, Liv’s fingers helping to
ease his knot into Alicia.
"FUCK!" Shouted Alicia as she felt her pussy distend
to take the Doberman’s knot – so much pain, so much
pleasure. Heaven.
"Yeah!" Shouted Liv, enjoying the show. "You gonna cum
baby?" She asked.
"Yes…" Moaned Alicia.
"Cum for me Alicia… Cum on his dog-cock… Take
that big fat dog cock!" She begged.
Alicia could feel another orgasm building with every
stroke of Spike’s cock – then, right along with him –
she came. Her screams filled the room as she felt a
second dog’s cum shooting into her pussy, splashing
around inside her.
Once he had shot his load, more and more of it, into
Alicia and stopped pumping, Spike waited for his
erection to die down – Liv was not so patient, gripping
the base of his cock and pulling him out. As Alicia
screamed from the pain, Spike’s cock popped out and a
huge gob of watery dog-jism poured from the star’s
pussy over Liv’s face, into her mouth.
As Spike stumbled away, Liv placed her mouth over
Alicia’s cunt and started sucking hard – taking all of
the dog cum from Alicia’s pussy into her own mouth,
swallowing it down like a fine wine.
"Oh, yeah." Moaned Alicia, a huge smile on her face,
tears on her cheeks. "The only way to get fucked!"


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