Celeb-Beast – Alyssa Milano

All stories on this file are fiction.
These stories are not meant to suggest that any of the
featured celebrities are actually involved in, or have
ever been involved in, sexual relations with animals –
although, we wish they were and that the stories were

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ALYSSA MILANO with a Red Setter

Alyssa Milano had owned Reno, a pure bred Red
Setter, for some years now. She didn’t think of him as
a pet, he was no very much a part of her life… Her
lover. He was fully trained but she didn’t think of it
like that, to her he was a talented lover – not a
dog… A stud.
As she stepped out of the shower Reno was
already bouncing around, looking up at her naked, wet
body. Alyssa smiled as she towelled herself down.
"You want some of this?" She asked as she towelled at her
well trimmed pussy.
Reno wagged his tail and barked… He moved
toward her and she moved the towell aside, letting him
sniff and lick at her crotch… After a few seconds
she decided to get comfortable…
Pushing Reno away, Alyssa lay on the floor on
her back with her legs spread wide. Squeezing her full
breasts and pinching her nipples, she allowed Reno to
start licking away at her pussy – his long hot tongue
slithering deep into her wet slit, sending pulses of
pleasure though her entire body. As he licked her
cunt, Alyssa reached down and ruffled the fur on his
head. She allowed him to tongue her snatch for some
time before she could no longer resist the tempting
thought of his long, hot, cock any longer… Taking
grip of his furry neck, she pulled his mouth away from
her pussy and readied herself for a good steady
Alyssa pulled the dog up over her belly so that
his front legs were either side of her chest and pushed
down on her feet – raising her pelvis off the floor and
up to his hairy belly. She quivered as she felt his
cock banging against her pussy lips. She reached down
and carefully guided him into her cunt – feeling him
filling her up, stretching her pussy out – all good.
His long, hot, wet cock slipped into her cunt,
it felt awesome as it slid inside her body. Reno
pumped, slow controlled strokes into his mistress –
just like the way she liked it. His back arching, his
back feet moving around – his cock pushing deeper –
Reno made good love to Alyssa. Alyssa moaned with each
stroke, slowly licking her lips. Seeing her tongue
Reno immediately started licking her face, his tongue
slopping over her mouth, stroking against her tongue.
Feeling his knot banging against her pussy lips
Alyssa knew it was time to change positions… She
pulled a couple of towells, and a bathrobe and stuffed
them under the base of her spine, then, bending her
legs back so that her knees were against her shoulders,
she adjusted the angle Reno was pumping into her from.
Moving her pussy further off the floor, making the tip
of his slick dick push against her G-spot. She allowed
this to continue for a few moments (bringing on a near
perfect orgasm) then reached down and gently slipped
his cock out of her soaking wet snatch.
Alyssa bit down on her lower lip as she slowly
slid the tip of his cock from her cunt to her
asshole… Then slid it into that tightest of holes…
Reno recognised the feeling of the ass, and knew what
to do… He knew it was time for him to do his thing
now… Pumping harder and faster, Reno stroked quickly
into her ass.
Alyssa could feel his cock swelling and he
rammed into her shitter. It hurt her, but she liked
the pain, she knew it got Reno off too – and she liked
that as well. Reno’s strokes were getting faster and
shorter, after a minute of pumping he suddenly
stopped… Alyssa knew the signal and reached down to
pull him from her asshole… "Oh God!" She screamed
as the thickness of the dog-cock left her ass, then
shot a huge wad of hot spunk over her pussy and belly.
Alyssa squeezed her fist around Reno’s cock as he
continued to pump occasionally, sending spurts of fresh
jizz over the young woman’s belly and tits.
Within no time at all, Alyssa was soaked, and
Reno was still coming… With her spare hand Alyssa
massaged the cum all over her belly and tits, into her
pussy and over her thighs, finally bringing a soaked
hand to her face and rubbing a load of dog-cum over her
"Heaven" She thought, licking her fingers
clean, giggling as one final spurt of cum cleared her
tits and splashed into her open mouth.
"Oh, your such a good boy…" She said, "And
I’m such a bad, bad girl!" She grinned a wicked grin.


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