Celeb-Beast – Anna Kournikova

This story is a work of fiction. It is NOT true.
This text is not meant to suggest that the featured
celebrity(s) is actually involved in, or has ever been
involved in, sexual relations with animals.

Sex acts like those described below are illegal in most
countries around the world and should not be attempted unless
you are very, very famous!!!

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Now, on with the story…


Anna Kournikova, Russian tennis sensation, always trained as
hard as she could. Every night she would always be the last
to leave the gym. This night in particular, on a cold January
night when she was still just fifteen, she had waved goodbye
to the other girls and her coach and had stayed behind to do a
little weight-training alone.
At least, she thought she was alone until the doors to the gym
opened and two men entered. One was tall and skinny, he
carried a package under his arm, the other was as tall but
very burly and muscular. They stood and watched her train for
a few minutes. She kept her eye on them as she lifted various
weights. She asked what they wanted, but they said that they
were just checking the gym for a local politician.
As she moved from one machine to another, she noticed that the
burly man was moving around behind her, then suddenly he was
grabbing her by the hair with one hand, the other wrapping
around her body clamping her arms down by her sides. She was
so much smaller than the man, and her muscles were exhausted
from the training – she couldn’t get loose.
Anna was terrified, but she knew screaming was useless, the
gym was empty – no-one in the surrounding buildings would hear
her through the concrete walls.
The burly man pulled Anna around the gym by her long blonde
pony-tail, shouting at her that she should do as he said and
be his little bitch, the he pushed her down to the ground.
Meanwhile the skinny man had produced a video-camera from the
package under his arm. He pointed it at her and she noticed
the small red light blink on. She looked up at the skinny
man, direct into camera (just as he wanted her to), through
her tears and listened as he ordered her to behave and do as
he said.
He ordered her to remove her top. Nervously she reached down
and took hold of the hem of her training shirt, pulling it up
she revealed her flat stomach, then her perfect breasts (held
firmly in a sports-bra) before pulling the shirt up over her
head and dropping it to the floor. She wiped the tears from
her cheeks and eyes, and sniffed.
He told her to remove her bra. She slid one strap of her
shoulder, then reached behind her back and unfastened the
three small fasteners. She allowed the bra to fall to the
floor infront of her, covering her breasts with her hands.
She begged the men not to hurt her.
The skinny man promissed she would not be harmed if she did as
she was told, then he told her to get on her hands and knees
and bark like a dog. Anna was confused, but if that was his
will, that was what she had to do. She leant forward and
placed her hands on the cold floor. Then, looking up at the
camera she barked, a quiet yelp, then another bark. The
skinny man complimented her and she barked again, this time
louder and more confident, she even panted like a dog –
letting her tongue hang out slightly, trying to impress the
skinny man.
The skinny man nodded toward his burly friend.
At this sign the burly man reached forward, around Anna’s body
and unfastened her shorts. Anna immediately froze, the fear
coursing back through her body… This was it… She was
about to be raped by the big man – on camera.
The big man pulled down on her shorts, dragging them (and her
panties) down her thighs, lifting her upwards so that the
shorts/panties could pass over her knees and then ripping them
clear and throwing them away.
The skinny man told her to resume her dog impression.
Naked, terrified and cold, still sweaty from her training and
still sweating from fear, Anna resumed the dog impression.
She barked, she panted, under instruction she even walked
about on her hands and knees, sniffing like a dog.
She heard the skinny man ask his cohort to get "Remi", and
wondered who Remi was. Was he the one who was going to rape
The skinny man grabbed her pony-tail and pulled her upper body
off the ground, he got right in her face and swore at her,
telling her that she should keep doing the doggy impression or
he would beat her. She promissed to be his dog, his bitch,
and he released her. She resumed her act, sniffing, panting
and barking… Then the burly man returned leading Remi. Remi
was a large gray Wolfhound. A huge dog, with shaggy fur and
poweful muscles. Anna didn’t for a second think he was
anything other than a guard dog to watch out for the two men,
but the dog knew exactly what to do when he saw the pretty
teenage blonde on all fours infront of him.
Both men laughed and joked as the burly man used all his
strength to hold Remi off Anna. The skinny man moved the
camera from Anna (who continued her dog moves) to Remi, who
good camerawork revealed was already sexually aroused, a large
erection building under his belly.
The skinny man ordered Anna to stay still, facing away from
the dog, to spread her knees a little. She did as she was
The burly man allowed Remi to pull him over to Anna, and
before the future tenis star could stop it, Remi was standing
astride her back, his long front legs on either side of her
muscular midriff. Suddenly she realised what was happening,
she was to be raped by the dog. She felt the dog humping the
air behind her pussy, the tip of his cock – hot and wet –
occasionally banging against her ass or pussy lips.
The skinny man filmed as the burly man reached under Remi and
took hold of his huge cock (now nine inches long and as fat as
a cucumber) and guided it between the outer folds of Anna’s
pussy lips.
Anna had been practising and training for tennis since she was
twelve, she had had no time for boyfriends or sex, and at
fifteen she was still a virgin… That came to a shattering
end as Remi’s firm cock slid into her tight pussy, breaking
her hymen and then sliding deeper into her. The pain was
excrusiating, the feeling of being violated by this animal
even worse. Anna cried out for help and screamed like a baby,
begging the men to stop. They didn’t, neither did Remi.
Remi arched his back and pushed deeper, his forelegs gripping
tighter around Miss Kournikova as she struggled to get away.
Both men encouraged Remi to fuck her harder, calling her names
like blondie, slut and cunt. His cock felt enormous as it
stretched her pussy walls, it hurt so much that she could
almost not bare it. But, there was a certain sensation as it
slid in and out, a certain feeling from her pussy that Anna
could almost enjoy. She concentrated on that feeling, trying
to block everything else out – trying to get through the
The two men were stunned, infront of their eyes the beautiful
blonde girl stopped struggling and started playing one hand
over her breasts, fingering her nipples, supported on the
other hand as Remi continued to dogfuck her. Anna slipped her
hand across her flat belly to her thin blonde pubic hair and
soon found her fingers on her clit, which she massaged
expertly – this she had had time for! She could feel Remi’s
cock moving in her pussy, but now she could also feel it with
her finger-tips, sliding in and out. She concentrated on the
pleasure and lost herself to the fantasy of sex with her
idols, with Steffi Graf or Gabriella Sabatini.
The burly man continued to pump the dog’s cock in and out of
Anna, holding Remi behind his knot, keeping the sensations
that Remi loved best. Anna’s was imagining that it wasn’t a
dog that was fucking her, it was Steffi fucking her with the
handle of a tennis racket. It was Steffi that was calling her
a dirty cunt. She kept hearing the word dogfucker, and
remembering that she was fucking a dog, suddenly Steffi was no
longer in her mind, she was fucking the dog again – only this
time, that thought was so damned hot. She gasped for air and
looked up at the camera, "Woof" she moaned…
That was too much for the skinny man, too fucking horny. He
unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. He told her to
keep up with the dog noises and started jerking off. She
continued to bark, spreading her knees wider to allow Remi to
push still deeper into her virgin pussy.
The burly man took his chance and forced Remi’s cock forward,
pushing his fat knot into Anna’s pussy. She screamed – once,
then moaned again, a huge smile crossing her face.
With Remi now locked into Anna’s cunt, the burly man was free
to use his hands as he wanted. He loosened his belt and
dropped his pants, then he started to jerk off too.
Remi’s strokes were now quick and shallow, his cock locked
into Anna’s pussy as she writhed under him on hands and knees.
She swore in Russain, called herself names, encouraged the
doggy to fuck her. The two men, still filming her, jerked
like crazy.
It was incredible timing… As Remi shot his first load of
cum into Anna’s pussy, the skinny guy blew a load over her
back, splatting it across her shoulders and into her hair and
Anna herself came hard, her whole body shaking. The burly man
followed within a couple of seconds, his cum shooting into her
open mouth as she gasped for air.
Remi shot load after load into her belly, she could feel it,
hot and sloshing around inside her. Her orgasm continued to
shake her body. Sweat dripped off her flesh. Again, she
looked up at the camera and barked for the skinny man, a wide
smile on her face.
The skinny guy continued to film the tenis starlet until
Remi’s cock had shrunk enough to slip out of her cunt. He
warned her never to tell anyone about this, or the tape would
be released on the black market in Russia, and around the
They left her sitting naked on the tiled floor with dogcum
dribbling from her pussy. She licked the floor clean, tasting
the dog cum and remembering her experience, then dressed and
shuffled home. Surely this had been her best ever workout.


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