Celeb-Beast – Anna Nicole Smith And Pamela Anderson

This story is fiction.
This story is not meant to suggest that the featured
celebrity(s) is actually involved in, or has ever been
involved in, sexual relations with animals – although,
we wish she were and that the stories were true.

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Now, on with the story…


Pamela Anderson sat on the couch, her arm
around Anna Nicole Smith’s shoulder, her hand on her
thigh, as they watched the video-tape of her fucking,
or being fucked by, ex-husband Tommy Lee.
They watched as his huge cock slid in and out
of Pam’s neatly trimmed pussy.
"Gee, that’s a big fucking cock!" Gasped Anna
Nicole, running her hand up Pam’s thigh to the edge of
her cropped jeans.
"Oh yeah… And boy it felt good!" Moaned
Anna leant in close to Pamela’s ear and
whispered… "Mine’s bigger!" She flicked her tongue out and
licked Pamela’s ear-lobe slowly.
"You have a bigger cock than Tommy?" Asked
Pammy, confused.
"I have a dildo upstairs so big your eyes will
pop out!"
"I want to play with that!" Pamela shouted
excitedly. She moved her hand up to Anna’s crotch and
rubbed through her jeans… "Is it a strapon?"
Anna smiled and nodded, "I’ll go get it." She
said as she got to her feet. "You get yourself ready
for when I get back…" She hurried out of the room.
Pamela was excited as hell as she heard Anna
Nicole bounding up the stairs. She quickly slid her
cropped jeans off and peeled her T-shirt off. Leaning
back on the couch she watched herself on the TV screen
being fucked by Tommy. She imagined an even bigger
harder cock inside her pussy.
On the TV Tommy was banging hard into Pam from
behind, the camera focusing on her dick sliding into
her, his belly tattoo pumping against her butt-cheeks.
She remembered how it felt to have his big cock
pumping into her body and slipped a finger from each
hand into her pussy, pushing them inside, running them
around the inside of her vaginal lips. Her eyes closed
as she imagined his hot cock in her.
Anna returned to the room to find Pamela on her
back, naked, with two hands between her thighs, fingers
in her wet pussy. Anna smiled and tip-toed over to her
blonde friend. She reached out and placed her hand on
Pammy’s hands… "Suprise!" She giggled.
Pamela opened her eyes and saw the strapon Anna
was wearing. She almost fainted, the dildo was a foot
long, very thick, as fat as a fist – covered with veins
and had a small hole in the rounded tip. The straps
that held it to Anna’s body went around her waste and
up over her shoulder, a heavy duty harness. Other than
that Anna was naked, her huge tits hanging loose.
"I can fuck you better than Tommy ever did!"
She boasted.
"Oh yeah…. Prove it!" Demanded Pammy.
Anna stepped infront of Pammy, dildo standing
proud infront of her mouth. "Suck my cock!"
Pamela opened her mouth and started sucking on
the end of the cock, it was too big to get in her mouth
– she gasped, imagining this monster in her cunt – she
couldn’t wait. She continued to suck on the tip,
licking the shaft, sucking the sides of the dildo,
reaching around and gripping Anna’s butt.
Anna pinched her own nipples, lifting her tits
up by them, shaking them. She held one breast to her
mouth and sucked on the nipple, then changed to the
other tit.
Pamela continued sucking, trying to take the
head of the dildo into her mouth – failing. She spat
it out, "I want you to put that big hard fucking dildo
right inside my wet cunt!" She stated.
Anna dropped to her knees and placed the tip of
the dildo against Pamela’s pussy lips, Pam reached down
and fingered the lips, parting them with her fingertips
so that Anna could slide in slowly.
As Anna slid the tool into Pamela’s pussy, she
watched the amazing look on Pam’s face. Pain,
pleasure, excitement, suprise…
Pamela could feel her pussy being stretched to
the limit, she wrapped her legs around Anna’s middle
and pulled her closer, deeper. Moaning, breathing
hard, sweating, Pamela was dizzy with the feelings.
Once close enough, Anna leant forward, her
breasts pressing up against Pamela’s, their faces
closing together, mouths an inch apart. They looked
deep into each others eyes as Anna pumped the huge
dildo slowly in and out of Pamela’s pussy. Tongues
flicking out, rubbing against one another, saliva
flicking into each others face.
"Fuck me" Ordered Pam. "Fuck me hard!"
Anna pulled Pamela’s legs up onto her shoulders
and pushed forward against them, pushing the dildo all
the way into Pam. She moved her hips back and forth,
faster, harder, deeper. She watched as Pam’s face
twisted with both pain and pleasure. "You like this
better than Tommy?" She asked.
Pam nodded, biting her lip and bucking against
Anna’s cock, reaching down and gripping her bottom,
pulling her butt-cheeks apart, tossing her head back
and Anna reamed into her pussy with the giant toy, her
eyes shut as she felt the waves of orgasm flowing
through her. She came hard, screaming it out, "Fuck
Anna continued pumping, the base of the strapon
bumping against her clit, the rhythm bringing her
toward her own climax. She reached down to hold the
base of the dildo’s shaft as she felt her orgasm
building, then pulled out of Pamela’s pussy and
squeezed the ejaculation mechanism… Hot creamy
artificial cum shot out of the end of the dildo and
splattered over Pamela’s tits… Another pump of the
mechanism and another stream of thick white fluid shot
out over Pam’s face…
Pamela leant forward and wrapped her lips
around the tip of the dildo and looked up at Anna as
she pumped the rest of the fake cum into her mouth.
Like a good girl, Pam swallowed everything she could,
allowing the remainder to run from the corners of her
mouth and down her chin.
On the TV, Tommy moaned as he shot his load
over Pamela. In the room, Anna leant in and kissed
Pamela slowly, tongues pressed together, lapping up the
remainder of the fake cum.
"Oh, girl, I wish this was a real cock…"
Moaned Pamela.
"That what you really want, babe?" Replied
Anna Nicole, kissing her friend again.
"I’d do anything to have a real, hot cock
inside my mouth right now." Said Pamela.
"Any cock?" Asked Nicole, sitting up, her eyes
"Any cock!" Stated Pamela… "As long as it
was hot, living cock… Not rubber…"
Anna jumped up and hurried out of the room, the
dildo bouncing up against her belly. Pamela watched
her leave, excited about who she may return with…
The gardener? The pool man?
Anna returned within a few minutes, leading
with her a large, muscular Doberman – the guard-dog,
Victor. She smiled broadly, "Victor loves to have his
cock sucked! And it sure is a hot cock!"
Pamela thought about it, for about a second,
then slipped to the floor and crawled sexily over to
Anna and the Doberman, licking her pouting lips.
Within seconds, Pamela and Anna were side by
side, face to face, passing the dripping head of
Victor’s long cock back and forth to each others
mouths. Each took a turn at sucking the pre-cum from
his penis. As they sucked, they fingered each others
asses with there spare hands and giggled like virgin
With each turn Anna encouraged Pamela to take
the dog’s cock deeper into her mouth, until she was
eventually deep throating the animal, seven inches of
slippery dog-cock sliding beyond the back of her mouth,
pre-cum dribbling down her throat, her lips wrapped
around the base of the shaft (just above the knot). By
now Anna wasn’t getting to taste the dog, that was
Pamela’s privilage!
As Pamela sucked the dog, Anna held her hair back and
stroked her tits, ass and thighs. She whispered into
Pamela’s ear, "You like sucking a big dog’s cock?"
Pamela moaned a ‘yes’ around Victor’s cock. She slid
her mouth back off the penis, allowing the head to drop
from her mouth… As she looked up at Anna she ran the
pre-cum pouring head of the dog’s cock over her face,
soaking herself. "Can I fuck him?" She begged.
"Gimme a kiss first…" Said Anna as she leant in and ran her
tongue over Pamela’s cum-soaked face, building
to a long, tongue hard kiss.
Anna positioned Pamela back on the edge of the couch,
her ass slightly over the edge. She encouraged Victor
to step his front paws onto the edge of the couch, his
body between Pamela’s long, tanned legs. Pamela
stroked Victor’s head and shoulders as Anna carefully
guided his thick dick between Pammie’s wet pussy lips –
he slipped in real quick!
Victor started pumping immediately he felt flesh round
his cock, punching deeper and deeper until Pamela could
feel his belly on her flesh, the outsides of his hips
against her inner thighs. She felt the dog’s cock
inside her pussy – closing her eyes she thought about
what it must look like.
Beneath the dog’s cock penetrating the woman’s cunt,
Anna lay on her back, her mouth inches from the action,
tongueing at Victor’s shaft as it rammed in and out of
Pamela. She could see the knot of his cock ramming up
against her lover’s pussy lips, reaching up she
fingered Pamela trying to help it in…
As the orgasmic feelings built up in the former
Baywatch star, she reached down and grabbed Victor’s
hips, pulling him hard and fast up against her pelvis,
she felt a searing shot of pain as the knot burst into
her cunt. As she came, so did Victor – pumping hot dog
cum right into her pussy.
It took several minutes before Pamela was ready to let
Victor slip from her hot cunt. When he did pull out a
large gob of cum poured out over Anna’s face, she
caught as much as possible in her mouth – tasting the
salty iron-like flavour – then lapped at Pamela’s
swollen pussy lips until she felt it was empty. Anna
took Victor’s cock and slipped it into her mouth –
tasting Pamela’s juices on it, along with it’s own
doggy flavour.
Having been fucked by both Anna’s giant strap-on and
Victor’s hot dog cock, Pamela fell asleep on the couch,
Anna contined to suck on the dog’s still hard cock.
Victor continued to enjoy himself!


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