Celeb-Beast – Anthea Turner

This story is FICTION.
To my knowlegde the featured celebrity(s) have NEVER
been involved in beastiality.

This stories are not meant to suggest that the featured
celebrity(s) is actually involved in, has ever been or
would ever want to be involved in sexual relations with
animals – although, we wish they were and that the
stories were true.


(Anthea Turner presents the Lottery Show on BBC TV in
the U.K.)

As part of filming for the lottery show, Anthea Turner
was being shown around a dog sanctuary in North London
that was about to receive a grant. She wore a smart
red suit with a figure hugging skirt. Reporters and
photgraphers buzzed around getting good shots of her as
she shook hands and chatted with the manager and the
volunteer workers.
She was shown around a number of kennels infront of the
media before her guide, Paula, lead her into a quiet
room for a cup of tea. They chatted for a while whilst
drinking the tea – and Anthea slowly steered the
conversation around to animal abuse… Sexual abuse…
"We have a few dogs here that the Police seized from
some people who were making animal porn films with
them…" Stated Paula.
"Really…" Started Anthea, her heart pounding. "You mean
they actually forced the dogs to have sex with
women?" She asked, trying to appear innocent.
"They don’t need to be forced… They love it…"
Smiled Paula.
"Really? How do you know that?" Asked Anthea
"Well… I can show you if you like…"

Anthea had decided to take advantage of the tour of the
dog sanctuary to try dogsex – something she had been
fantasising about for many years. Paula had shown her
into a row of kennels hidden from the media. In these
kennels were large dogs – Dobermans, Rottweilers, Great
Danes, a Red Setter, etc.
The dogs barked and jumped up at the gates to the
kennels as Anthea was shown down the line. She
noticed, she couldn’t not notice, that all the dogs
were male – no bitches.
"Pick a dog, any dog…" Laughed Paula.
Anthea looked up and down the row of dogs… "I want
something gentle, but it has to have a good penis" She
Paula took her by the hand and led her to a kennel
containing a Rottweiler. "He may look fierce – but he’s
a real angel. And a great fuck too!" Stated Paula,
opening the kennel door. "You may want to remove your
clothes… People will notice if you have dog-shit all
over your skirt…" She smiled.
Anthea started to unbuttom her jacket as she
watched Paula crouch down by the Rottie and fondle
around under his belly. "You ever fuck a dog before
Anthea?" Asked Paula, matter-of-factly.
"No" Replied Anthea as she hung her jacket on
a peg. She peeled of her white T-shirt revealling her
milky white flesh, her firm 38-year-old breasts
bouncing free – nipples already hard.
Paula looked up, admiring the stars half-naked
body. "Is this okay for you?"
"My, that is big!" Gasped Anthea as Paula held the
Rottweiler’s rapidly growing penis out for her to
see… It was 7 inches long, thin, bright pink, and
dribbling pre-cum all over Paula’s hand.
"You want me to show you first? Or do you want to fuck
him fresh?" Asked Paula.
"Me, me, me…" Giggled Anthea, that famous smile
shining. "I can’t wait for you to go first!" She
unzipped her skirt and stepped out of it, carefully
hanging it up with her jacket. She wasn’t wearing
panties – she knew she wouldn’t be needing them!
She stepped carefully into the kennel, shutting the
gate behind her naked bottom, then knelt down beside
Paula and the Rottie. With one hand she stroked the
dog, with the other hand – her pussy!
"You want to try sucking his cock first?" Asked Paula,
holding the still dribbling cock out to the side of his
Anthea didn’t answer, she just bent forward and gently
started lapping her tongue at the dribbling tip of the
dog’s cock… "Yummie!" She said after several
seconds, pre-cum in her mouth and down her chin. She
leant forward and took as much as she could in her
mouth, moving her head forward and feeling the pre-cum
trickle down the back of her throat. What a feeling!
As she sucked the dog’s cock she felt Paula’s hands on
her naked ass, fingers pushing between her legs. She
closed her eyes and enjoyed the feelings, a strange
women finger fucking her, a dog in her mouth. After
what felt like a long time – Anthea moved her face away
from the dog’s cock…
"I’m ready now!" She gasped. "I want him inside me…"
Paula helped Anthea get into position, knees under her
belly, bent forward – head down; then encouraged the
dog to mount Anthea. Television’s girl-next-door
moaned as she felt the dog’s hard, wet cock slide into
her wet pussy.
The dog pumped hard and fast, faster than any man had
ever pumped into her… He seemed eager to please –
and he was succeeding. Anthea came for the first time
almost immediately. Screaming loud, forgetting that
newspaper men were right outside the building, not
The dog continued to pump furiously into her pussy, his
hind-quarters bucking hard against her smooth white
bottom. Paula watched as Anthea’s face pulled
expressions of pain, pleasure, disgust and joy that she
had never seen before.
"Oh yes… Fuck me doggy!" Wailed Anthea. "Fuck me like a
The dog pumped harder into Anthea’s pussy, the knot of
his cock ramming against her pussy lips – then
forcefully, entering her…
Anthea moaned louder than before, almost crying
as tears of pain formed in her eyes – the knot was
almost too much for her. But she could feel a second
orgasm building up in her pussy. "FUCK!" She
screamed. "OH SHIT!"
Suddenly she felt hot dog-cum being pumped into
her pussy, feeling it squirting and splashing around
his her vagina – she made herself think about what she
was doing and came again, this time harder than before.
The dog barked, or rather yelped, as it squired it’s
hot cum into the women.
Just then, the door to the kennel room opened
and press men burst in, camera’s clicked, flashes
flashed, reporters whooped and hollared. Anthea tried
to pull away from the dog, but tied by the knot she

"Don’t worry," Said Paula stroking Anthea’s
blonde hair… "We get every V.I.P. like this…
These boys won’t publish anything… After all, you
haven’t seen any pictures of Zoe Ball yet have you? Or
Michaela Strachen, or Jenny Powell – and we’ve trapped
all of them just this year…"
Anthea just crouched there, with a dog’s cock
pumping yet more cum into in her pussy as Paula
continued… "They won’t publish anything as long as
you come back every month for another photosession!"

And Anthea did go back every month, and learned
to love having her picture taken as she fucked dog
after dog.


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