Celeb-Beast – Britney Spears

This story is a work of fiction. It is NOT true.
This text is not meant to suggest that the featured
celebrity(s) is actually involved in, or has ever been
involved in, sexual relations with animals.

Sex acts like those described below are illegal in most
countries around the world and should not be attempted unless
you are very, very famous!!!

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Now, on with the story…


Britney knew that she was on her way to major fame and
fortune, her debut single, "Oh Baby Baby" had shot to the top
of music charts all round the world, she was already playing
shows to large crowds and now she was about to make her
biggest step yet toward being a top sex symbol.
She was nervous as hell about the surgery. Her press agent
had put out the story that she had injured her knee and was
going to hospital to have it repaired, but the truth, as
everyone would soon be aware, was that she was having cosmetic
surgery to increase her young 36B bust to a sexy 38C.

She’d showered but that hadn’t relaxed her, and now as she
packed her stuff for two days at the hospital she was more
nervous than ever.

She moved around her room folding a few clothes, wearing just
her towelling robe, her long hair tied back in a long wet
pony-tail down her back. The stereo was on, she was listening
to some old Janet Jackson tapes, singing along, trying to take
her mind off the hospital… "Nasty… Nasty Girl…
Dum-de-dum…" She whispered away to herself.

She moved over to her book shelf and crouched down to select a
couple of novels to read in hospital… She selected her
favourite first, "The Hobbit", she loved fantasy and still
hadn’t really grown out of it… She leaned forward to select
another book and jumped with shock as she felt something cold
and wet touch her butt… She spun round and was most
relieved to see that it was her dog, Goofy.

Goofy was a playful Irish Setter, with floppy paws and shaggy
hair. He always looked half-drunk and happy. Britney had had
him for about five years and she loved him so much. She
wrapped her arms around her doggy and hugged him close… "Hi
Goof" and said, "Have you come to say goodbye to your
She continued to hug him, sitting down on the floor – the only
way she could keep him this close was to allow her legs to
open, with him standing between them, but that was okay, after
all – he was just a dog, it’s not like anything could happen
to her.

As she hugged Goofy she stroked his back and side, feeling the
stress of her upcoming cosmetic work drain away, if only she
could have her dog there to stroke in the operating room.

Goofy seemed a little more playful than usual, perhaps just
frustrated at the long hug, wanting to run around and be a
nuisance as usual. He kept pushing against Britney,
struggling to get away – but she needed this warm contact. As
he twisted he happened to step on the cord that held her robe
closed – it unfastened and the robe gradually fell open
revealling those youthfull 36B’s.

Before Britney could close the robe she was stunned into total
stillness as Goofy licked her left nipple. It felt amazing,
like nothing she’d ever felt before… So she remained
motionless whilst he did it again, and again… She leant back
a little and placed her hand on the floor behind her,
supporting her weight… With her other hand she held Goofy’s
head close to her breasts – and he continued to lick her.

The robe was now fully open, slipping down her arms to the
floor. Goofy moved his licks down her belly until he was
licking at her pubic hair and thighs, and occasionally he hit
the target and slurped his long wet tongue right over her
pussy-lips. That sent a shudder right up her spine every
time. She breathed deeply, whispering to Goofy… "Yes…
Oh yes…" She didn’t care that this was her dog, she just
cared that this was great – she had totally forgotten her

Britney was not a virgin, she’d already had her cherry popped
by a guy, and a couple more had fucked her since then, but she
had never ever done anything like this… She’d never even
heard of beastiality or dogsex, never suspected that it was a
possibility. But as she allowed Goofy the dog to lick out her
pussy she couldn’t help but notice his cock – long and thin
and shiny – sticking out between his hind-legs. God she
needed that thing inside her!

She reached forward with one hand whilst Goofy stood over her
and fondled the dog’s cock gently, it felt great in her hand –
all hot and wet, slick, ready.
Goofy certainly seemed to have a taste for her pussy juices,
he didn’t seem interested in fucking her at all as she fondled
his cock, just happy to lick away at her cunt.

Britney lay back and grabbed at Goofy’s side, pulling him
around until he was standing over her in a 69 position. She
raised her head and slowly took his dripping cock into her
sexy teenage mouth. As she sucked on his cock she felt his
tonguing of her pussy become even more deep and frenzied. She
held him in her mouth, sliding his cock deeper and deeper into
her throat, slowly savouring the taste of his pre-cum juices.
With one hand she squeezed at her small breasts, with the
other she reached up to massage the large ball at the base of
his hard cock as they exchanged oral pleasures for what seemed
like hours, but was more like five or six minutes. She
swallowed so much of that wondeful pre-cim

All this dog-cock sucking was getting her so fucking hot – and
getting Goofy so fucking horny, that sex just had to follow…
And sure enough it did…

Britney pulled herself out from under Goofy and staggered to
the door, by now the robe was off and she was completely
naked. Her firm young body still not dried from the shower
was now covered in a thin film of sweat. Goofy followed her to
the door, his tongue hanging from the side of his mouth, and
watched as she carefully and quietly clicked it shut – she
didn’t want anyone to disturb her for the next few minutes and
she knew no-one would come into her room if the door was shut,
they’d all assume that their little princess was taking a nap.

She stood over Goofy, her fingers working between her thighs
as she tried to decide the best way to do this… She had
fucked doggy-style before and assumed that would be the best
way to go with a dog, even she could figure out where that
position name had come from… So she crouched down on her
knees and bent forward, resting her weight on one elbow…
"Come on Goof…" She encouraged, reaching behind her
backside and pulling her pussy lips apart… "Come on, treat
time…" She whispered… ‘For Brit!’ she thought to

Goofy knew what to do, even though he’d never even fucked
another dog before, let alone a beautiful teenage human. He
mounted her back and started humping like crazy – his cock
slapping off her back, butt, thighs and pussy lips… Quickly
beating up against her with no idea where the pussy was
until… "Oh yes..!" Moaned Britney as Goofy’s cock suddenly
hit the target, immediately digging five inches inside her
wetness. She gasped at the speed and depth of his jerks as he
pushed the next two inches into her over and over and over
again, so fast and hard she found herself being knocked
forward so that her face was pressed against the foot of her

Goofy wrapped his paws tightly around her middle, her chest
pressing hard against the small of her back and he drove his
purple dog-cock deeper inside her, driven by instinct to ‘tie’
into her and shoot his load…

Britney gasped and moaned, biting down on the carpet to keep
herself quiet, as the dog continued to fuck her starlet pussy.
"Oh Goofy you’re so good…" She moaned as she climaxed for
the first time on a dog-cock – not the last she thought to

The dog suddenly halted his thrusts as he managed to force
that big knot of muscle into Britney’s cunt – she squeeled out
loud, suprised by the sudden increase in her pussy
stretching… Goofy howled his pleasure – alerting the whole
house that something was going on upstairs…

Britney didn’t hear anyone coming upstairs because of Goofy’s
howls… All she could notice was the pain of her vagina
being stretched all the way out, and the pleasure of the
pounding her clit had been taking… Then the cool wetness of
Gooy’s cum shooting into her pussy. Over and over again,
squirt after squirt of doggy seamon splashed into her – Goofy
continued to howl as he came in his mistress. And Britney
came again, so hard that she didn’t hear her mother outside
the room asking if she was ok…

Britney’s mom opened her daughter’s bedroom door and looked in
to see what was going on… She saw her teenage daughter on
the floor, her ass in the air with her large dog Goofy mounted
on her like a real dog-slut. She could see that Britney was
coming like a fucking train, and that Goofy’s member was
clearly embedded all the way into the girl’s vagina. She was
shocked, but strangly turned on by the sight… "Oh baby,
baby…" She smiled…

Britney looked up to see her mother coming into the room and
closing the door behind her, already removing her blouse…
Britney smiled – she’d always loved her mother…


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