Celeb-Beast – Calista Flockhart

This story is a work of fiction. It is NOT true.
This text is not meant to suggest that the featured celebrity(s) is actually
involved in, or has ever been involved in, sexual relations with animals.
Sex acts like those described below are illegal in most countries around the
world and should not be attempted unless you are very, very famous!!!
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Now, on with the story…

Calista Flockhart, raped by two dogs.

Calista Flockhart kept an appartment in the city, near the studios where she
shot "Ally McBeal", her mega-succesful tv show. She kept the appartment for
those occasions when filming was hard and she simply couldn’t be bothered to
drive all the way back to her home – in short, for those
occasions she was feeling lazy.
She wasn’t aware that they were watching this quiet little apartment, that they
were monitoring her comings and goings, or that they were planning their next
On this particular day, Calista returned to the appartment shortly after sunrise
after a long night of shooting exterior street scenes. It was bright and warm,
and she was exhausted, she just wanted to get into the appartment, close the
blinds and curl up on her bed and have a long sleep.
She entered the apartment and pushed the door shut behind her, then crossed the
living room dropping her bag and overcoat on the sofa, unfastening the buttons
of her blouse as she entered the bathroom. She unzipped her skirt and let it
drop to the floor, stepping out of it and sitting down on the toilet to take a
piss. She sat there pissing – she’d been desperate for the last hour – with a
look of relief on her face. There was no noise except the splashing of her urine
in the toilet bowl. When she was finished she wadded toilet paper and wiped her
pussy, absent-mindedly sniffed the toilet paper and smiled, then flushed it
away. She pulled her panties back up around her bony hips and headed out of the
bathroom kicking her blouse out of the door infront of her.
Calista entered the bedroom and tossed her blouse over the back of a chair. She
was no standing at the foot of her bed wearing just a pale blue bra (holding her
small but firm breasts) and matching panties, smooth to her little-girl’s ass,
riding slightly up her butt crack. She climbed up into
her bed and pulled the cool sheets around her, curling up into a child-like ball
and quickly falling asleep.
She didn’t hear the lock of her appartment door clicking as they picked it, or
their footsteps as they entered with their two friends. The first was big,
looking un-nervingly like James Woods, tall, skinny, and menacing – intense. The
other was female, a red-head who looked a little like
Elizabeth Berkley. She had bitch make-up caking her face, making her attractive
features look harsh, her hair was tied back tight behind her head. Their friends
were two muscular and fearsome looking Doberman dogs, all teeth and attitude.
Calista was awoken by the sound of something breathing heavy, and the smell of
something rotten in her face. She opened her eyes to a nightmare – infront of
her face, inches away, were the huge yellow-white teeth of one of the Dobermans.
It was straining against it’s lead, held firmly just out of range of Calista by
the woman. She let out a sharp scream, but shut up immediately when the dog
began to snarl, curling it’s lips back to show off it’s teeth more clearly. She
felt something jump onto the bed and rolled
over to see another dog standing over her, already bending it’s back, shoving
it’s groin toward the bump her ass made in under the sheets, pre-cum was
dripping from it’s cock forming a dark wet patch on the sheet.
"Oh my God!" Cried Calista, "Am I dreaming?"
One of the men walked around the base of the bed. "I am Luke Ozvik. And this is
Mistress Kim." He pointed at the woman. "We have come here today to teach you a
lesson." He spoke very deliberately, very slowly, very coldly.
"W-what?" Cried Calista. "What lesson?"
"You have to learn the true meaning of suffering, so that you can understand the
true delights of your profession." Said Ozvik in his cold, heartless voice. "You
can learn this lesson our way. Or you can struggle and suffer more."
"I d-don’t want to suffer!" She cried.
Ozvik almost smiled. "Oh, you will suffer. It’s just a question of how much."
"What do I h-have to do?" Calista cried, tears streaking her cheeks, her nose
filling up.
"Well, first, you have to show our two friends a good time. We have to see you
pleasure these two animals."
Calista closed her eyes tight and shook, a foul idea. She shook her head.
"No… No, I can’t do that." She insisted.
"Miss Flockhart, Either you pleasure the dogs, Or they will attack you, bite
you, and then rape you." He moved closer. "Now, which would you prefer?"
Calista could see Mistress Kim holding the dog just infront of her, below the
make-up and rock-hard expression she could see Kim struggling to control her
breathing, clearly arroused by the situation, almost smiling. Noticing her
looking at her, Kim blew Calista a cold kiss.
"Do we have an understanding, Miss Flockhart?" Asked Ozvik, coldly.
Calista looked again at the dog infront of her, it’s teeth bared, then the dog
on her bed. Looking at the right angle she could just see the tip of it’s penis
and to her it didn’t look too big, just a couple of inches of red-meat. She took
a deep breath and nodded – it wasn’t something she
wanted to do, it disgusted her, but the fear of these beasts biting her, then
fucking her anyway, was too much.
"What do you want me to do?" She asked in defeat.
Ozvik stepped back, pulling the sheets with him to expose the child-like skinny
body of the actress. "First," he began, "I think Bing would appreciate a good,
slow, blow-job." He nodded towards the younger dog that was on the bed already.
Calista took a look at Bing, took a deep breath. "How do I do this?" She asked,
Mistress Kim spoke up for the first time. "Lie back and open your mouth, he
knows what to do."
Calista eased herself onto her back. Her body, naked but for the skimpy
underwear, was covered in goose-pimples and was pale as snow from fear. She held
her hands protectively over her small bust and opened her mouth, her eyes
flicking from Bing the dog, to Ozvik, to Kim, to the roof, back to Bing. Bing
pranced excitedly across the bed and stepped over her, one paw scratching across
her belly painfully. He was soon standing over her head, his cock and balls
hanging infront of her face. Calista noticed fearfully that the small cock was
growing at an alarming speed, it was already five
inches long, pre-cum dripped onto her neck, then her chin, as he positioned
"Help guide him into your mouth, slut." Ordered Kim, her chest visibly rising as
she breathed deep, turned on to hell by the sight before her eyes.
Calista gingerly reached up with one hand and carefully took hold of Bing’s
slippery cock. She opened her mouth a little wider and closed her eyes, then
moved the tip of the cock into her mouth. Breathing deep, full of terror, she
closed her mouth around the dog’s cock and began to suck –
reviled by what she was doing. Bing immediately began to pump into her mouth,
his cock quickly sliding right across her tongue into the back of her mouth.
"Good! That’s it, Bing likes that@" Said Ozvik with a wicked glint in his eye.
Bing was now fucked Calista’s mouth good and fast. She struggled to keep her
lips closed around his cock, swallowing back plenty of his watery pre-cum as he
fucked her. Before long Calista had a real mouthful, six inches of hot, hard,
swollen dogcock, his large knot pressing against her lips with every thrust. His
excited movements meant that he kept scratching her belly and chest with his
paws as he searched for extra grip on the soft sheets.
Meanwhile, beside the bed, Kim was struggling to hold Aqua back – he could smell
the sex, could see his little brother getting some good human head – he wanted
some. With his front paws reaching for the bed, straining against the lead
around his neck, his cock already sticking out ten inches from his sheath, slick
fluid already lubricating the pinky-purple shat.
"Soon, Aqua, soon!" Calmed Kim, stroking his back and reaching under his belly
to massage his knot gently.
It took less than five minutes of sucking to get Bing off. His back arching and
his hind-quarters pushing right into Calista’s prissy famous face – he let loose
a load of cum that shot so fast and so much that Calista almost choked as she
swallowed it down. Opening her mouth she let his cock fall out as the second
squirt sprayed out all over her face. Bing continued to spray cum over her face
and into her mouth until he had shot his entire load.
Bing quickly stumbled away down the bed and started licking at his own cock,
cleaning the cum from himself. Calista wiped as much come from her face as
possible with her hands, cleaning them off on the sheets – which were now
discoloured by dog-cum, human sweat, and a little blood that had seeped from the
scratches on her sides. She caught her breath.
Ozvik stepped into her line of sight. "Good. One doggy down, one to go!" He
smiled. "And this dog, you fuck!"
Calista closed her eyes and prayed for deliverance.
"Now, slide off the bed and bend over the edge!" Ozvik ordered. Calista took a
few deep breaths, still tasting the acrid bitter flavour of Bing’s seaman in her
throat. She slid off the edge of the bed, letting her knees drop to the floor,
her belly supported by the edge of the mattrass, her bra rubbing up against the
"Good, now pull down your panties and stick that skinny little ass of yours out
for Aqua." Stated Ozvik, a cold tone in his voice – not to be fucked with.
Calista reached down, the side of her face pressing down against the dogcum
soaked sheet, and took hold of either side of her panties, which she slid slowly
and nervously down her thighs. She barely had time to get them down
to her knees when the big Doberman mounted her. She felt his huge bulk landing
on her back, his poweful front legs gripping around her body, his hot wet cock
immediately slapping between her thighs, banging up against her pussy lips. She
was reviled, and terrorfied.
"Help him in, Calista." Order Ozvik. "Put his cock in your cunt!" He continued.
Calista bit her bottom lip as she reached down between her legs, her hand
pushing between her thighs (held just inches apart by the panties around her
knees) until she was able to take hold of Aqua’s hot, hard, wet dog-cock. She
gulped air down, trying to maintain her cool as she guided Aqua’s big meat up
between her thighs, upto her pussy. It was dry, but with effort (and a little
pain) she was able to part the lips with the fingers of her left hand and ease
the tip of the dog’s cock into her with her right.
She began crying again as she felt the animal’s penis easing into her. This was
the limit of what she could stand. To be fucked by a dog was just too much. She
whimpered, but continued to ease more of the cock into her. Aqua stood still,
hunched over her, his genitals pushed forward toward her as she eased him into
her snatch. She worried about his lack of movement, he had to fuck her before
she was free – and he wasn’t fucking her. She began to panic. What if he didn’t
She started to pump his cock in and out of her pussy, easing back and forth
against the edge of the bed, the fingers of one hand wrapping around the knot of
muscle at the base of the dog’s cock, gripping lightly but firmly. Aqua remained
pretty still, allowing the skinny actress to jerk him off
with her cunt. He licked her back. Calista writhed, bucking back at the dog
faster – trying to get him off. To the casual observer it would have looked like
she was really getting off on it, but she was almost vomitting. She looked over
her shoulder to see Ozvik and Kim smiling down at her.
"You fucking love it, don’t you, slut!" Spat Kim, so turned on that she was
writhing back against Ozvik.
"I told you she would." Stated Ozvik, reaching inside Kim’s jacket and fondling
her breasts.
Calista ignored them, continuing to work Aqua’s cock in and out of her dry
pussy, spitting on her fingers and switching hands to try and add some
lubrication. As time continued Aqua began to pump at her, small shaking thrusts
at first then quicker and harder. Calista contined to switch hands
providing lubrication with her hand to mouth spitting. She continued to moan, a
pained moan – but it sounded like an orgasmic and pleasurable one. This sound
excited Aqua, used to fucking willing women, and he started thrusting harder and
harder! Timing was perfect – Aqua gave an extra hard
thrust just as Calista pushed back at him – the combined effect forcing his knot
into her pussy – making her scream once from agony before regaining her
Aqua fucked her hard and fast, without mercy, taking over from her handling,
fucking her like the pro he was until, after the most demeaning ten minutes of
her life. Aqua shot his load deep inside Calista’s pussy. She could feel the
heat and wetness of his jism spraying around her insides. He let out a howl as
he came, that set Bing off, a second howl!
The two dogs howling loud enough to wake the whole neighbourhood. Then Ozvik and
Kim began to howl, mocking her fear with their chant-like dog impression,
laughing at her as she struggled under the weight of the ejaculating dog.
She reached down and gripped the base of his cock, pulling hard she felt his
knot slowly, agonisingly stretching her pussy lips to the limit before the dog’s
cock pops out of her flesh – the pain of separation causing her to let out a
yelp. She collapsed forward onto the bed, exhausted but
triumphant – at least the ordeal was over.
But it wasn’t over!
"You’re turn Kimsy!" Smiled Ozvik, moving over and taking a seat to watch the
final, painful, act.
Mistress Kim unfastened the front of her long jacket and opened it up to reveal
a large strap-on dildo. The dildo part was an exact replica of Aqua’s cock – the
same size and dimensions. 9" long, fat in the middle with a veiny covering. Made
of soft rubber. Kim allowed a long line of saliva to drool from her mouth down
onto the shaft of the dog-dildo and then snarled as she jerked the spit over the
shaft with one hand, holding the base to her pussy with the other. Calista
turned her head to see Kim standing behind her, jerking the dildo.
"Oh no!" She whimpered.
"Oh yeah!" Snarled Kim. "Can you guess where I’m gonna put this?"
Calista didn’t answer, she could tell from the evil look on Kim’s face that this
was going to hurt, so she just buried her face in the sheets.
Kim moved over and placed one leg either side of Calista’s butt, she crouched
down so that the tip of the dog-dildo was rubbing down the crack of the
actresses ass. Calista took a deep breath and waited for the penetration. Kim
pushed the dildo into Calista’s asshole, the saliva acting as lubrication as she
forced all nine inches into her in one painfully slow stroke. Calista groaned,
pain, almost too much to take, and whimpered, but didn’t fight – just lay there
over the edge of the bed as Kim began to fuck her ass with the dog shaped cock.
"You fucking love it, don’t you, cunt?" Kim whispered in her ear. "Don’t you,
you dog-fucking bitch! You love dog-cock in your ass, don’t you!" She continued
as she fucked her hard and fast – the base of the dog-dildo banging up against
her own clit – getting her off.
Calista struggled to not scream, refusing to give in.
"Tell me how much you love it!" Said Kim, "And maybe I’ll stop."
Calista summoned all her acting talent up. "I love it!"
"Love what? Tell me!"
"I love being fucked in my ass by your doggy cock!" Calista moaned.
"With feeling, make me believe!" Gasped Kim, on the edge of an explosive orgasm
as she rammed the dildo in and out of Calista’s red raw asshole, looking down
and watching the flesh dragging along the shaft of the tool as she hammered it
in and out of her victim.
"Oh, I love taking your doggy cock in my asshole!" Moaned Calista orgasmically,
the greatest performance of her life. A performance good enough to get Kim off,
coming like a train she gave Calista’s ass a few more painful thrusts, then
pulled out and fell back on the floor. "Oh yeah!" She gasped. "That was a good
As Kim recovered, Ozvik tied Calista up to the headboard of the bed, strapping
her arms out wide and pulling her bra down so that her breasts were explosed. He
gagged her, stuffing her panties into her mouth then sticking tape around her
head. Then he spat on her. Kim got to her feet and wiped the shit from her dildo
off on Calista’s face, and spat on her. Ozvik and Kim headed for the door,
followed by their two well satisfied dogs. They stopped in the doorway.
"Well done Calista. You were much better than Tiffany Amber Thiessen." Stated
Kim, blowing Calista a kiss.
"Just thought I’d let you know. You can hire us to perform this service on
anyone you wish. Except those who hired us to perform it on you. And in case
you’re wondering, we were hired by your producer David E. Kelly and his wife –
Michelle Pfeiffer. They figured you were getting too big for
your boots." Stated Ozvik.
With that he turned and left shutting the door behind him, leaving Calista to
wait for someone to come looking for her. She had to wait almost 14 hours until
her agent arrived, with a camera, and shot a roll of film before releasing her.

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