Celeb-Beast – Christina Applegate

Christina Applegate, gang-rape and dog.

“Married, With Children” was one of America’s favourite shows until it was cancelled. But not every episode aired. One special show was cancelled when filming got out of hand, way out of hand.

This particular show centred around Kelly Bundy, the dumb nymphomaniac blonde played by Christina Applegate, and her attempts to get out of the Bundy home whilst grounded. It was an okay show, and the live studio audience was really enjoying it, laughing and clapping at all the right moments. At the start of part two of the show, Kelly entered in a white crop top (so tight
you could almost see her nipples popping out) which revealled her perfect flat stomach, a mini-skirt so short that the producers had had arguments with the tv company about whether it would be allowed, and high heeled boots. The joke was that she would be claiming this was just something comfortable that she’d put on to laze around the house in. Al falls for the gag.

As he sat opposite her, pretending to read his newspaper, Ed O’Neill (the actor who plays Al) eyed up the young actress playing his daughter – looking up her skirt at the stretched white material of her cotton panties.

Al cop friend arrives to take him bowling, and Al borrows his hand-cuffs to fasten Kelly to the couch. He calls his son, Bud (played by a young, clean shaven, David Faustino) into the room and tells him to watch his sister.

Faustino sat down opposit his ‘sister’ and delivered all his dialogue started between her thighs at those white panties… Until he missed a line.

“I’m sorry, I can’t concentrate… I can’t help staring at your pussy.”

The audience hollored with delight as the cast and crew collapsed. Christina Applegate (still hand-cuffed to the sofa) brought her free hand between her legs to cover up her panties in a ‘no-no-no’ kind of way, a big smile on her face.

They started the scene again, this time as David struggled to look away from her crotch, Christina slipped the material of her panties to one side and flashed her neatly trimmed pussy at her ‘brother’. He missed his line again – and the audience (aware of the flash) hooted in delight.

Three takes later, and Christina was getting pretty turned on, constantly flashing her co-star. Ed O’Neil had returned to the set and was watching from the side – able to see the blonde’s pussy flashes. Amanda Bearse, who played the neighbour, was also looking on – desperate to taste the pussy (she is a major dyke). Kathy Sagel (who played the mom) stood to the side smoking a cigarette but keeping her eyes between her “daughter’s” thighs.

The longer the scene took, the more turned on Christina got – her panties begin to darken from her pussy juices, her fingers getting wet as she spread her lips to shock Faustino some more. The audience fully aware of what was going on were in fits of laughter, the men all craning their heads to try and see her teenage pussy.

The pussy smell was undetectable to anyone on the set, just the slightest smell (she kept her pussy very clean, ‘washing’ it for five minutes every time she showered) – but Buck, the scruffy mongrel dog, was very aware of it… Standing, then sitting, turning around and laying down, as he got increasing turned on by the smell of sex in the air. He knew where it was, and he wanted it more than any of the guys on set.

The director finally got sick of waiting for the scene to go right. He decided to change the previous scene, the only way he was going to be able to stop Christina flashing David would be to have both of her hands cuffed.

They re-shot Al and his cop buddy cuffing Christina, this time both of her hands to the one leg of the coffee table, with her bent over the table on her knees. This way, the director reasoned, her pussy would be facing the couch and the worst Faustino (the little perv) would be able to do would be to look down the front of her tight top.

They did the scene again, bitchy comments back and forth. This time everything was going smooth, all the dialogue was perfect. It was going well until the director spotted the Buck – in the edge of the frame behind Christina – was sporting a small pink/purple erection and looking at her behind. From the dog’s position, the actresses young ass was pointing right at him, her panties bunched all wet around her quim.

The director stormed over to her, “Look, you are turning everyone on… Can’t you control that pussy of yours?”

She looked up at him, wide eyed and playing innocent. “I’m sorry. I haven’t been getting any recently, I guess I’m just horny.”

“Oh,” started the director, “you’re holding up my show because you want some cock… Is that it?”

The audience hollared, Christina giggled, Faustino laughed at her.

“Right!” Barked the director, he moved behind her and pulled her panties down around her knees, exposing her wet pussy. Thoughts ran through Christina’s head, she hoped the director would fuck her (he was cute for a director). He slapped her ass, “Come on, boy.” He urged.

Before Christina knew what was happening she felt Buck climbing down from the couch and mounting her from behind. She screamed out in shock.

“Get those cameras going.” Yelled the director as Buck started to try and fuck his human co-star. She could feel his cock, hot and wet, banging and rubbing up against her pussy lips. It was scary and sick. She cried out for “Help!”

The director urged Faustino to shut her up. David smacked her across the face with the back of his hand, “Shut the fuck up, slut!” He ordered.

“No, gag her you dumb fuck!” Called Ed O’Neil.

Faustino got the hint, he pulled out his cock and pushed it into Christina’s mouth. It wasn’t very big, did very little to quiet her. She tried to break her hands free but the cuffs were too tight, and with her weight pushing down on the coffee table she could take the cuffs from around the table leg either.

Suddenly Buck found his way into her pussy, four inches of thin, slick prick sliding inside her. She squirmed, disgusted by the thought of this animal’s penis being inside her vagina.

“Suck my cock, bitch!” Barked Faustino, unaware that his cock wasn’t bothering his co-star sister at all – the dog’s cock in her pussy was the only thing she was bothered about. She was reviled. She could feel Buck’s fur against her ass and thighs, his from paws gripping around her explosed mid-riff. She could feel his hot breath against her lower back as he humped hard and fast into her still wet pussy.

The audience was split, half of them stunned into silence, the other half screaming with laughter and excitement, roaring the action on.

Ed O’Neill lost his composure and walked onto the set, unfastening his belt and pulling his pants down, pulling out his own, large hairy cock. He knelt down next to Faustino and pushed him aside. Christina looked up at him and begged, “Please, help me Ed.”

“Call me Daddy!” He ordered, easing his hard cock toward Christina’s scared face.

“Daddy… Help… M” before she could finish he pushed his meat into her mouth and grabbed her by the hair, forcing her mouth over his cock, all 9 inches of his shaft sliding into her, the head of his cock reaching the back of her mouth into her throat and making her gag. He looked over her and watched as Buck fucked her pussy hard from behind.

Faustino, edged round to her side and reaching under between her breasts and the table, he pulled her crop-top up and freed her tits so he could feel them (something he’d been waiting to do since day one of filming, several years before).

Feeling this young actress who’d played his daughter for the last five years, who he’d watched grow up, involuntarilly sucking on his cock, and watching as the dog hammered quickly into her pussy, Ed couldn’t help but cum quick. Who could blame him? He pulled out and sprayed his cum into her face, splurging in her eyes and over her soft features. She screwed up her eyes and yelped as the hot cum splashed against her skin. “Who’s your daddy now?” He spat.

He sat back to watch Buck fucking his ‘daughter’. The dog hammered harder and faster into her than any man ever had. It was actually beginning to feel good to Christina. She looked up at the couple of hundred fans watching her beastial experience, the crew and her fellow cast members, she felt the hot thin cock sliding quickly in and out of her, rubbing against her clit with every stroke. Faustino was still squeezing her tits, a bit too hard for her liking. Ed’s cum dribbled down her nose and onto her top lip – she licked it off, slowly. She was definitely getting more used to this scenario.

As she began to relax and enjoy the speedy sliding of the dog’s cock into her pussy, she felt an enlarging of the penetrating member. She didn’t know what it was, but she could feel something twice as fat as any cock she had ever been fucked by, and it was pushing it’s way into her cunt. She moaned as Buck’s knot eased into her – it was big, but not big enough to hurt her. She moaned again.

David had moved back to her face, he was reaching under her chest to fondle her tits as she sucked his cock (she was into it now, she wanted more cum in her mouth). She cupped her ‘brothers’ balls with one hand as she sucked hard on his cock – timing her head motions to the thrusts of the dog into her famous pussy.

Christina squeezed her thighs together, trying to get Buck off. As she sucked cock, she wished for the doggy to shoot his milky cum deep into her – she thought about it, imagining the seed blowing into her uterus. Then, right on cue, it happened. She felt it spraying inside her, hot and plenty of it, all over the walls of her cunt. She came immediately, her orgasm burning up and down her spine, exploding from her groin like a wirework. She couldn’t stop from screaming out, “Yes! YES!”

The thought of Christina cumming from dogsex was enough to send David over the edge and he immediately shot his load into her mouth. He may have a small cock, but he came like no man Christina had ever fucked – filling her mouth with his salty bitter cum. She swallowed it down like fine wine. “Mmmmm” she moaned, a smile crossing her face.

Buck stood behind the blonde bimbo, his paws still astride her back, his cock still buried in her pussy. He just stood their looking around the studio at all the whooping and cheering members of the audience.

At the side of the stage, Amanda Bearse couldn’t stand to watch any longer, she needed some action for herself. She ran onto the set and dropped to her knees behind Christina, pushing the coffee table aside to give her better access. She grabbed Buck by the collar and pulled him clear, watching his knot pop out of the blonde’s swollen and puffy pussy lips. Amanda leant forward, and before anyone could say a word she began to suck on her co-stars pussy. Sucking the dog-cum from within, her tongue working the younger women hard. She reached up and grabbed at Christina’s tits as she sucked her cunt.

“That’s disgusting!” Complained a good Christian woman in the audience. “Women are NOT supposed to go with women!” She turned and began to leave.

The audience joined in, voicing their disgust.

“Get off me you fucking dyke!” Complained Christina. “Someone get this fucking dyke off me!” She screamed.

Ed O’Neil, recovered now after blowing his load, balled his hand into a big fist and smacked Amanda in the back of the head. “Get off her you fucking freak!” He ordered.

A couple of stagehands and camera technicians moved in to pull Amanda off Christina, they lead her off the set. “Please, just five minutes… I love her cunt… She tastes so good…” Complained the actress as she was lead away.

Christina lay her head down on the coffee table, cum dripping off her face, also dribbling down her inner thighs. “OK, can someone unlock these cuffs now?” She asked, a contented sigh coming from her mouth as she smiled.

The director turned to the audience. “Anyone else want to fuck the slut?”

There was a rush from the audience. It took about two hours before all 100 men in the audience had taken a shot at Christina’s pussy and/or mouth. By the time she went home, on wobbling legs, Christina had had over a quart of cum (human & doggy) shot up into her cunt. A good day, she thought.

They had to shut down filming for a couple of days whilst she recovered, then pay her an extra $1000 a show to work with Amanda Bearse – she hated the idea of working with a sick pussy-sucking freak like her.


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