Celeb-Beast – Claudia Schiffer


It was one of David’s little private shows, the kind that he arranged once or twice a year for rich business types and folks

from the entertainment industry. People with a twisted sense of fun. He always had something special for them – and this

show, February 14th, 1998, was to be his best yet. He had devised an act so sick, so disgusting, and so sexually explicit,

that he knew no-one would ever top it.

The guest list was short, only 20 invites, each to a major entertainment player – and his or her partner. Brad Pitt was

there with Gwineth, Steven
Spielberg and Kate Capshaw, Johnny Depp and Kate Moss, the list went on. High calibre, big shots

all of them.

The venue usually sat around a thousand, but today just a few chairs had been gathered right infront of the low stage. All

the lights were off except for one spotlight pointed directly at the stage center, and the lighting crew wasn’t there, no

microphones or special effects, just smiling orange skinned, perfectly dressed and coiffered David Copperfield, standing

centre of his small stage. The only prop was a chair, just an ordinary chair.

Copperfield introduced himself to his small audience, and reassured them that he had something special for them. “Tonight,”

he told them, “You will learn the secret of my way with women.” He smiled, then turning to the side of the stage he

beckoned his lover onto the stage.

Claudia Schiffer, German supermodel walked onto stage in a perfect and beautiful black knee length evening dress. Thousands

of tiny beads on it’s surface sparkled in the spotlight as it hung close to her skin. It was semi-see-through affording the

audience a view of her brief black panties, her stockings and suspenders, her suspender belt, and a half-cup bra – also in

black. Her hair was tied up over her head, with several strands allowed to hang down on either side of her perfectly

made-up face. Nothing was overdone, everything was perfect. And Claudia was perfect. From her stilleto heels to the

jewelled clasp holding her hair in place.

“Now, I know that none of you can understand why a woman as perfect as this, would stay with a jerk as ugly as me?”

Copperfield smiled, clearly understanding the public’s confusion over the Copperfield-Schiffer relationship. “Have I got a

big cock, Claudia?” He asked.

Claudia giggled, “No… You haven’t.”

“Am I a wonderful lover then?” He smiled waving his arms around.

“Certainly not. I’ve had many many better lovers.” Answered Claudia, her German accent sounding so sexy.

“Then, I hear you ask, what is my secret?” He turned to face his audience, reaching one hand behind him to point at the

supermodel. His audience waited.

“The secret is…” He turned, dramatically, dropping to one knee and clicking his fingers… “Hypnotism.” And with the finger

click Claudia immediately fell into a transe where she stood. Her eyes glazed over, her body went more or less rigid, she

ceased to look relaxed, and looked suddenly like a perfect mannequin.

“You may think this is an act… But why would I lie to you?” Said David as he walked around his lover. “But, let’s show

you it’s no act…” He stood by Claudia facing the audience. “You know Claudia’s no whore… So maybe a little sex show would

prove my point…” He smiled, as did all of the men in his audience, and a few of the women too.

“Claudia, that dress is no longer a $30,000 original, it’s just a cheap t-shirt, tear it off.” He said, and with that

Claudia looked down at her beautiful dress, she took hold of either side of the plunging neckline and tore the dress apart,

letting the ripped remains fall around her ankles, then she stood there, no shame at all, in her black silk and lace

underwear. Her nipples poked out from the top of the half-cup bra. She looked relaxed.

Copperfield walked around infront of her and ran his hand over her face, faking a greater hypnotic act. “You are deep in my

power, deeper…” He pushed her head back and she stumbled backward a step, then straightened up again.

“Who am I?” He asked.

“You are the most magnificent sexual genius on the Earth,” she said, clearly believing what she was saying. “To be loved by

you is to be blessed by God himself.”

“And what would you do for me?” He asked, smiling to the audience, winking.

“I would do anything you asked of me.”

Copperfield moved a hand to his groin – as if to open hiis pants, then brushed some imaginary dust of them, smiled again.

“Then you make love to my dog.”

Claudia’s face didn’t change. “Yes David.”

“And you will enjoy it like no sexual experience you have ever had in your life.” He smiled again, waving to the side of

the stage, where his assistant was waiting with his dog – a large St. Bernard. Huge and muscled. The large dog was brought

onto the stage where the audience could see him. They suddenly realised that Copperfield really intended to have his

supermodel fiance make love to this animal – it turned them all on.

“Assume the position.” Copperfield ordered his woman.

The blonde supermodel, her underwear still on, her hair and make-up still perfect, got to her knees infront of the chair,

then looked up at the magician. His assistant brought the dog over behind Claudia.

“Now, let’s all see those wonderful breasts of yours.” Coaxed David. Claudia reached up and unclipped her bra at the

front, held it out and dropped it to the floor. Her firm, fine breasts stood free, her nipples as hard and erect as coat


“Do you want this dog inside you?” David asked her.

She nodded. “I need him.”

“And why is that?”

“I need to prove my love to you so that you will love me again.”

“Good.” Smiled Copperfield, he turned to his audience. “Now how many of you think she’s faking?” He turned back to his

supermodel girlfriend. “Prepare yourself.”

Claudia appeared to be on auto-pilot as she reached down and pushed her black panties down her thighs, outside her

stockings, to her knees, she spread her thighs a little, then bent forward until her breasts were pressed against the seat

of the chair, her arms wrapped around the legs of the chair, her head turned to face the audience – who she couldn’t see.

The assistant moved the huge dog up behind Claudia and he started to lick at her pussy, between her thighs. His long wet

tongue slipping between the lips, sliding up from her clit to her arsehole and beyond with every sloppy lap. A look of

pleasure crossed Claudia’s beautiful face, pleasure she couldn’t hide.

“Is that good?” Asked Copperfield.

“Yes master,” replied Schiffer, “This is wonderful.” She gasped, a moan slipping out.

“And you would like more?” He asked, his smile slipping slightly.

“Yes master, I want your big dog’s hot hard cock inside my tight wet cunt.” She moaned.

“As you wish…” Smiled Dave. He signalled to his assistant, and the pretty blonde quickly manuevered the huge dog into

position behind Claudia. He needed no hints, immediately raising his huge 180lb bulk onto Claudia’s delicate slim

supermodel back. His weight pushed her down hard, arching her back, she had to take a lot of the weight on her arms, the

chair creaked. She gasped, her heart pounding, straining.

The dog edged forward, Copperfield’s assistant reaching underneath him to make sure his cock was hard and ready to penetrate

the supermodel – it was. It did.

Pleasure and pain shot through Claudia’s perfect body as the dog’s huge, ten inch long, fat, hot, wet, cock was eased into

her body by her fiance’s assistant. She felt inch after inch of hot dogflesh easing into her vagina, stretching her flesh,

rubbing against her clit, it’s tip thrusting along the front of her pussy as it slid in. She gasped and moaned, never had

she felt pleasure like this. Pure, perfect, sex, she thought. The best. Even better than Copperfield, she thought.

The dog began to thrust into the supermodel, his cock pushing hard and deep. She gasped with each thrust. She moaned each

time he pulled back. Her moans and gasps at that wonderful high-pitched level, “Oooh, arghhhh” over and over again. The

audience locked on this sight, seeing the superbabe really getting fucked by the animal – and clearly loving it.

Copperfield wandered around behind the action, allowing his audience unbroken views of the sex show. “Now, you may think

that Claudia is simply a German slut. Willing to do anything to anything, as long as it makes her feel hot… But you would

be wrong…” He walked to the head of the action and crouched to look into Claudia’s pretty face.

“Claudia my dear…” He said softly, but loud enough to be heard.

She opened her eyes and forced herself to meet his gaze, but kept on moaning and gasping, sweat dripping off her face. She

smiled at Copperfield. “Thankyou my love, for giving me this pleasure…” She licked at his face, he allowed her one

stroke, then backed away.

“Claudia my dear, you will continue to enjoy this sex, and you will enjoy it like no sex you’ve ever had, but the moment you

reached orgasm you will become conscious of what you are doing… And at that point you will react as yourself – whatever you

really feel about what you are doing, is what you will feel like…”

Claudia smiled, then gasped hard as the dog worked his knot up against the lips of her pussy, he pushed harder, walking his

back legs forward a few inches – pushing extra hard. Claudia screamed, a scream of pleasure. Copperfield’s assistant was

helping the dog push it’s softball sized lump of throbbing muscle into Claudia’s usually tight snatch. The pain was almost

too much for the German girl to take – but she bit down on her lip and pushed her hips backwards – helping the dog inside,

deeper. She knew she needed it all.

The show continued, the audience eager for Miss Schiffer to come, keen to find out how she would react. Would she enjoy it,

prove herself to be a complete slut? Would she struggle and scream from the disgusting act? Would she faint? Would it

prove to be a regular act than Copperfield had her carry out.

Another five minutes of dogsex followed, the atmosphere of tension building. The dog thrusting into the beautiful blonde

supermodel. Her gasping and moaning, the assistant smiling, Copperfield grinning his white toothed grin. Everyone waiting

for Claudia to cum. Then suddenly she coughed, closed her eyes, let out a long moaning “Mmmmmmmm”, then started bucking her

thighs back toward the dog and yelping, “Ja, Ja… Ja, Ja… Ja…” Losing control and reverting to German. She was coming so


As the initial waves of pleasure moved over her Claudia suddenly wondered where she was. The last thing she remembered was

walking out onto her fiance’s stage to be introduced to his guests… Now she was on her knees – and experiencing great

pleasure. She could feel something big and warm inside her pussy, something heavy on her back. She could feel that she was

naked, her breasts against something hard and cold. She opened her eyes and could see David making hush sounds to the

audience – the audience. She suddenly realised that she had been used in some kind of sex show. She spun around as best as

she could to see who she was being fucked by… Then saw the dog, mounted on her back. She screamed.

Pain and a deep sense of shame flooded through her body. Fear for her career almost as scary as fear for her physical

self. She panicked, tears flooding from her eyes, running her make-up, she struggled to break loose but the dog was jammed

into her pussy good and tight – his knot as big as a baby’s head. She could feel the size of it and couldn’t understand how

she could have possibly got it up there. Panic on her face, total fear, she looked around the faces of the audience,

laughing, gasping and smiling at her. She could see disgust on some of the women’s faces, she could see lust and jealousy

on a few of them too.

Copperfield wandered around and crouched behind her, running his hand over her narrow back. He smiled to the amazed and

totally satisfied audience. “Now you see it… The German is my slut…” He stood up, not returning the fearfully hateful

look Claudia was flashing at him through her tears. “Willing to do anything I ask of her – even if it disgusts her real

self…” He stood infront of her, unzipping his pants. “She is totally in my power.” Out came his cock, a small cock, and

he pointed it at Claudia’s make-up marked face. “But, unfortunately, she’s just a little too dirty for my tastes. I think

she needs a shower… Anyone want to help?”

It took about five seconds for eight of the men in the audience to join Copperfield on the stage, standing over the dog

fucking supermodel with their cocks out – getting ready to piss all over her. “Ready…” Said Copperfield. Claudia

struggled, still trying to get free of the dog, looking up at her fiance.

“Steady…” He smiled, looking around at the cocks of the other men, all bigger than his. Claudia begging for help, looking

between the men standing over her to seek help from the women in the audience.

“GO!” Shouted David, as he let loose a stream of urine into his lover’s face. The other eight men followed suit. Piss

showered all over Claudia, on her face, on her perfect hair, over her shoulders, her back, over her round ass – some of it

splashing onto the dog, who didn’t care – just kept on fucking this tight-cunted German model.

Claudia screamed, got a mouthful of piss, then shut her mouth, struggled to breath. She lowered her head and felt piss

dribbling off her shoulders and back and hair, running onto the floor. She felt totally degraded, then it got worse… She

felt something hot and wet shooting inside her, splashing off her pussy walls. Oh my God, she thought, the dog is cumming

inside me. She gasped, fought the fear, then lost it – the pain, the suffering, the humiliation… She vomitted, spraying

puke all over Copperfield’s fine suit pants, he jumped back but couldn’t avoid it all.

Everyone stood around applauding Copperfield’s act of hypnotism, cocks hanging out as they clapped. The magician walked

around shaking hands, talking about his cleverness, full of himself. All the time his future wife was still on her hands

and knees, over the chair, with the huge dog jammed into her cunt, still fucking her, still ejaculating inside her – the

model gasping and crying, covered in piss and sweat. Deep down inside she could still feel the pleasure of the sex, and for

some reason as she looked up at Copperfield as he laughed at her whilst she was raped by the dog, she realised that she

really, really loved him.


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