Celeb-Beast – Demi Moore

All stories on this file are fiction.
These stories are not meant to suggest that any of the
featured celebrities are actually involved in, or have
ever been involved in, sexual relations with animals –
although, we wish they were and that the stories were

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Demi Moore had become obsessed with the dog
named Hector ever since Bruce had brought home a video
of the dog fucking a pretty young blonde. They had
watched the tape together and had one of the best fucks
ever – it made Demi so wet and horny.
Over the following months she had spent a small
fortune tracking the dog and his owner’s down, eager to
sample the delights of Hector’s firm dog-cock. It had
driven a nail into the relationship with Bruce – and
would eventually lead to them splitting up. But that’s
another story.
Demi’s people tracked Hector’s owner down to a
nice house in the suburbs and she phoned and explained
what she wanted – the owner was only to happy to agree,
they made an appointment for Demi to turn up the next
day at 3.
Demi barely slept the night before, constantly
masturbating as she lay in bed dreaming of feeling
Hector in her pussy, tasting him in her mouth.
She arrived at the house and rang the doorbell
at 2.50, by 3 she was in the front room, naked sitting
on the floor.
When Hector was lead into the room, he
immediately responded to the sight of a naked woman –
his cock already beginning to get hard. Demi watched
the magnificent dog, all short black hair and muscles,
standing infront of her.
"Is it alright if I suck his cock?" She asked.
The handler brought him closer, standing him
beside Demi… "Sure, Hector loves that."
Demi leant forward, gently taking hold of
Hector’s growing cock, already moist and dripping with
pre-cum. She licked her lips, nice and wet, and took a
deep breath, then took as much of his cock into her
mouth – feeling it sliding along her tongue, feeling it
in the back of her mouth, pre-cum running slowly down
her throat. Demi closed her eyes to visualize what she
was doing and moved her face back and forward, her lips
sliding along Hector’s shaft, slurping occasionally.
Her spare hand holding one of her breasts, pinching the
nipple. ‘My God’ She thought, ‘I’m sucking a dog’s
As Hector’s cock grew to full size Demi was
stunned, it filled her mouth, fatter than any man’s
cock she had ever sucked, not incredibly long (about 8
or 9 inches), but so wet and round. She wanted him in
her pussy so bad.
"What’s the best way to have him fuck me?" She
asked, taking the cock from her mouth, savoring the
pre-cum in her mouth.
The handler crouched down infront of her.
"Hector can fuck you in several positions… He likes
Doggy style, or if you lay back on the couch he can get
in on top of you, or we could back him into you…"
"I love it Doggy style… Seems appropriate
doesn’t it?" Joked Demi as she rolled onto her hands
and knees, pushing her ass up, her pussy pushing
through between her thighs.
The handler turned Hector around and eased him
up behind Demi. Hector decided he wanted to taste the
pussy he was expected to fuck and started to lick at
Demi’s cunt – they both enjoyed it.
After a few minutes of non-stop lapping, Hector
mounted Demi from behind, his strong front legs
wrapping tight around her waist. Demi loved the
feeling of his shiny hair on her back, his legs
gripping her firm sides. She could feel a little
slobber from his mouth dripping onto her shoulder.
"Do you want to put him in, or shall I?" Asked
the handler.
"You… I just want to enjoy the moment."
Moaned Demi.
The handler took Hector’s cock and eased it up
against Demi’s puckered wet pussy, she rubs the
dripping tip up and down the length of Demi’s pussy
"Oh put it in, put it in!!!" Wailed Demi….
"I want it! Make him fuck me!"
The handler smiled as she edged the tip of
Hector’s cock into Demi’s pussy… She had barely done
this when Hector started pumping, pushing more of
himself deeper into Demi – within seconds he was deep
inside her.
"Yes!" Demi screamed. The pleasure of
Hector’s fat, wet cock deep inside her dog-virgin pussy
so great that she was losing control.
Hector was pumping his hips forward, his cock
driving in and out of Demi’s pussy.
"You want me to make sure he doesn’t tie into
you?" Asked the handler, her hand still holding the
base of Hector’s cock, stopping his knot sliding into
"No… Let him do whatever he wants…"
Moaned Demi. "I want it all!"
The handler let go of Hector’s meat and stepped
back to watch as Hector slid deeper into Demi, his knot
pressing up against her pussy lips, then after a few
more thrusts…
Demi felt the thick meaty knot pushing into her
vagina – and God it was so good. She knew that she was
now tied to the dog, locked tight. Demi was in Dog
Heaven. She could feel the tip of Hector’s cock inside
her, rubbing over her G-spot, his knot locked in her
cunt, his breath on her back, his hair and legs on her
flesh. This was the best sex she had ever felt.
Hector continued to pump into her, forcing
every millimeter of himself into her cunt, pumping
faster, harder… Ready to shoot hot doggy-cum into
the superstar’s pussy.
Demi shuddered and came hard as she felt hot
liquid squirting into her pussy. She could feel
several spurts of dog-cum shooting inside her. She
wailed in pleasure as the dog continued to pump into
Hector rested on Demi’s back, his cock tied
into her pussy, he waited whilst his seed settled in
her uterus.
Demi leant forward on her elbows, enjoying the
feeling of just having a dog locked into her pussy –
doing nothing but waiting there.
They were like that for almost 20 minutes
before Hector pulled back and slipped from Demi’s
pussy. She gasped.
Immediately Hector started to lick at her now
swollen pussy lips, lapping up the juices they had
produced together.
Demi slipped a hand down between her legs and
scooped up some dog-cum from her pussy. She brought it
back to her mouth and savoured it’s taste – wonderful.
As the afternoon went on Demi and Hector
continued to lick and finger her pussy juices – until
Hector was ready to go again… This time Demi got
Hector off using her mouth alone – tasting his jism as
he shot it straight down her throat.

Before she left, Demi struck a deal with
Hector’s owner, that she would act as ‘pimp’ for
Hector, setting him up as Hollywood’s first Dog-Gigolo.
Making appointments for him to fuck all of her
Hollywood friends… She knew of several she thought
would be interested…
Maybe one day, I’ll tell you about them too….


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