Celeb-Beast – Donna D’Errico


The guys from Motley Crue were taking a break from work at Nicki Sixx’s house.

They were sitting around drinking beer, smoking a couple of joints, generally relaxing after a long day of recording.

Nicki’s wife, Donna D’Erico, who had risen to fame in the famous red swimsuit of ‘Baywatch’, was bringing in more beer from cooler. She wore casual clothes, T-shirt and torn jeans, her blonde hair loose around her shoulders.

As Donna entered the room, she saw Vince, Tommy, Mick and her husband all sitting there with their shirts off arguing about who had the best tattoo. She giggled, thinking about
her own.

“Hey honey,” Said Nicki, noticing Donna’s giggle. “Show the guys your new tattoo.”

Donna smiled and put the drinks down. She bent forward and pulled her hair to one side revealling the word “NICKI” in solid black capitals accross the back of her neck.

“That so you can see your name when you fuck her in the ass!” Joked Tommy. The guys laughed.

“No Donna babe,” Started Nicki, “The other tattoo!”

Donna smiled in disbelief, surely he didn’t want her to show that one to his friends.

“Are you sure?” She asked nervously.

Tommy, Vince and Mick sat forward, curious now as Nicki took another blast from his joint. “Yeah! I think my buddies should see it.” He exclaimed.

“Okay, you asked for it.” Donna said, and she took a deep breath, her heart pounding, and unbuttoned the front of her jeans. She pulled her jeans down to mid-thigh revealling pink silk panties – the guys moved to the edge of their seats. Vince giggled.

Donna bit her lip nervously as she took the front of her panties and pulled it down to show that her pussy was shaven, stopping just short of showing them her vagina. In the space that would have been covered with pubic hair Donna was tattooed. Again, it was black ink, block capital letters.

Nicki sat back and watched his fellow band-members lean in close to read the words tattooed into his beautiful wife’s private flesh. In inch-high letters it read, “DOGSLUT” and in smaller letters underneath, “insert dog cock here” with a row of small arrows pointing down toward the hidden contents of her panties.

“Wow!” Laughed Vince, amazed… “Is that for real? You’re fucking with us, right Nicki?”

Tommy reached out and rubbed his finger across the letters, checking to see if they would smudge. They didn’t.

“No, it’s absolutely for real.” Stated Nicki, taking another toke. “She’s 100% dogslut.”

Donna’s heart pounded, how would these guys react to finding out her secret.

“She just can’t get enough of the dog-cock!” Stated Nicki.

Mick Mars laughed and patted Nicki on the shoulder as he took the weed from him and took a deep draw off it.

“Wild, you really into that?” Tommy asked Donna.

She smiled and nodded. “I have been for years.”

“Pamela would never have gone for that.” Exclaimed Tommy, shaking his head slowly (of course, we know different).

The guys sat in silence for a moment, stunned by the revelation about Donna and Nicki’s private entertainment.

Donna reached down to pull her jeans up again when Vince Neil butted in, he grabbed the back of her jeans to stop her pulling them up. “Can we watch?” He asked, looking at Nicki rather than Donna. “Can we?” He looked pleadingly at his bass player.

Nicki smiled, looked at Donna, she nodded slowly.

“Yeah. Sure you can.” He said as he heaved himself up from his chair, he took Donna by the hand and lead her from the room. “Come this way guys.”

Vince, Mick and Tommy almost knocked each other over as they hurried for the door Donna and Nicki had exitted through.

Nicki and Donna made their way up the stairs to the ‘Special Room’. As they went Donna pulled the T-shirt over her head and threw it over her shoulder back onto the guys who were following.

From the back they could see her naked back, she enjoyed knowing that despite their fame, the riches, their own bedroom conquests – they were all trying to see her tits as they chased up the stairs.

Entering the ‘Special Room’ Donna moved over to the bed.

“Okay boys, please stand back… I don’t want to scare our puppy.”

Nicki made sure that all the guys stood by the door as Donna, keeping her back to them, removed her jeans – bending forward and keeping her legs straight as she pulled them down, giving the guys a real show of her perfect ass. Vince moaned and the guys giggled like schoolboys.

Donna approached what looked like a closet door and slid it open. Inside there was a large dog-cage, with it’s own exterior window and even a small balcony so the dog (Nigger) could get fresh air. Donna’s arrival woke Nigger up immediately and he barked, a low, growling bark. Nigger knew that if he saw Donna naked, it was time for sex – and she was naked now.

The guys still couldn’t see the dog, but the sound of it’s bark let them all know that this was no lap-dog.

“Come on, man, I wanna see the fucking dog!” Complained Vince.

“Have patience.” Smiled Donna as she entered, leading Nigger by the collar.

Nigger was so big, so enormous that the guys hardly even noticed that Donna was now facing them, offering them a view of her naked breasts and shaved pussy.

Nigger was part St. Bernard, part Rottweiller. A huge cross-breed with an ugly black shaggy coat. “This,” Said Donna, “Is Nigger.”

She looked at her husband and blew him a kiss, then at the other three men – standing like schoolboys watching their first porno movie.

“Would you like to see him fuck me?” She asked knowingly.

“Fuck yeah!” Stated Mick.

Donna smiled and knelt on the floor next to Nigger. She stroked his sides and patted him, leaning forward to let him lick at her face. With one hand on his back she slipped the other under his belly and began to massage his already massive and erect cock.

Tommy Lee moved around the wall to get a better view. “Fuck, that mutt’s got a cock as big as mine!” He gasped. Donna smiled, she’d seen the video of Tommy and Pamela – she knew that Nigger was easily as big as Tommy.

She could feel the juices running down her inner thighs already, so horny at being watched jerking the dog off by her husbands best friends. She noticed that Vince Neil had his cock out and was jerking himself off slowly, staring right at her and Nigger.

She winked at him and rolled over to lay on her back, Nigger staggered a little as Donna slid her head between his hind-legs. She angled his cock down toward her mouth and opened wide as she continued to massage him. Pre-cum dripped, or to be more accurate dribbled, from the flat end of his cock into her mouth and she let it roll down her tongue and into her throat.

“You dirty fucking slut!” Whispered Mick, almost to himself.

“Careful Mick, that’s my wife your talking about.” Stated Nicki, smiling.

“Hey man, she’s eating dog-cock!”

“I see your point, man.” Laughed Nicki, “Hey, honey, you are a fucking slut!”

Tommy watched side-on, her had the best view as Donna raised her head and took the end four inches of Nigger’s huge cock in her mouth. It was fat enough that it touched the sides of her mouth even when her mouth was open. She started sucking gently, massaging Nigger’s knot as she sucked, her tongue sliding around the underneath of his cock. She tasted the musky pre-cum, taking her spare hand down to rub her clit.

The blow-job continued for a minute before Vince started complaining, he wanted to see some real fucking. “Does she actually fuck the fucking dog?” He asked, still jerking his own cock.

“Come on Donna, give the guys what they want.” Ordered Nicki.

Donna slid her head back from Nigger’s cock and swallowed. “Yes, sir!” She said, half obediant, half joking. She slid out from under Nigger and positioned herself on her hands and knees, arching her back to push her pussy out between her thighs. She felt so hot.

Tommy unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock, and begin to slowly stroke himself as he watched Nigger pad around behind Donna and sniff at her ass and pussy.

Donna quivered as Nigger started to lick her pussy and ass in long, hot, tongue strokes. She enjoyed the licking for a few moments until she figured the guys would be getting pissed off again, then called Nigger into action. “Nigger, fuck Mommy, fuck Mommy.”

Nigger took his orders well, he immediately stopped licking her ass and mounted her, shuffling forward, gripping her around her waist.

Nigger’s paws didn’t scratch Donna – she and Nicki had taken him to Dr Ozvik (Hollywood’s top vetinary surgeon) who had removed all his nails. Nigger didn’t seem to mind the lack of nails, he loved the compensation!

The huge dog soon found his target, his giant member pushing hot and wet between the lips of Donna’s cunt. She moaned as four inches of dog-cock slipped right into her well lubricated vagina.

“Oh yeah…” She almost growled. “Fuck my hot juicy cunt!”

Nigger did. His back arched as he pumped hard and fast into Donna, with each thrust he seemed to penetrate deeper, staggering forward every few thrusts getting closer to his human lover… Six, seven, eight inches of fat red dogcock inside her cunt.

Donna moaned and groaned, swearing softly to herself… “Fuck me, fuck me… Oh yeah!”

The guys moved a little closer, crouching down to see the action. Mick was now jerking off too, along with Vince and Tommy.

Vince laughed as he jerked. “You fucking cunt! You’re fucking a fucking dog, you fucking cunt!” He said as he jerked faster and faster.

Nicki pulled his leather pants down round his ankles and knelt down infront of his wife. Donna looked up at him, love in her eyes and opened her mouth, happilly accepting Nicki’s cock into her mouth and sucking it for him, her grabbed a handful of her hair and forced his cock deep into her throat and started fucking her head as Nigger continued to fuck her pussy raw.

Pleasure coursed though Donna’s body. Here she was, a huge dog stretching her pussy to it’s limits, pleasuring her so well… Her satisfying her beloeved husband with her mouth, and entertainly three of his best friends with the free sex show.

She felt her first orgasm building, heat boiling up around the dog’s cock as it pumped mercilessly in her pussy. She shuddered as the pleasure rocked through her body, with each thrust of Nigger’s cock she felt more pleasure.

Vince staggered forward, jerking his cock and dropped to his knees by her face, next to Nicki…

“You gonna blow?” Asked Nicki. “Blow it over her face!”

Vince gasped as he shot a load of hot come over the side of Donna’s face, droplets splashing over her nose, cheek, jaw, in her hair, and even onto Nicki’s belly as he fucked her mouth, then he sat back and watched as Donna smiled around Nicki’s cock, she raised one fist and gave him a thumbs up.

Nigger pumped harder and Donna felt his knot against her pussy. She relaxed the muscles of her pussy as much as possible and spread her knees a little more, opening her thighs and pussy a little extra.

With three more good hard thrusts Nigger had forced his knot into her. Her eyes watered, the knot was huge and she could only take it when she was really, really horny. She couldn’t remember being this horny since Nicki had brought pornstar slut Anna Malle home with him once (and she had demonstrated how she got her name!)

Her memory was disrupted as she felt hot cum shooting against the other side of her face as Mick Mars shot his load all over her right cheek, almost immediately afterwards Nicki let rip of his load, shooting it right down her throat. He pulled out of her mouth and jerked a couple more shots out onto her chin and nose. She licked her lips, tasting good.

Nigger had stopped pumping and had awkwardly turned himself around to be in the classic dog-bitch tie back-to-back position. He leant away from her, she clamped down hard on his knot with her pussy muscles – the kind of control that drives all men wild.

Her heart raced, she knew the dog would be coming any moment, shooting hot cum all over her pussy walls. She wiped her hand around her face, smearing Nicki’s cum into Mick’s cum and Vince’s load. She mixed them all together, spreading it all over her face, then licked her palm and sucked her fingers.

“Dirty girl!” Grinned Nicki.

Donna smiled, then gasped as she felt Nigger shooting streams of hot doggy cum into her pussy. A second orgasm hit her immediately, just from the thought of what was happening inside her.

“He’s cumming in me!” She told the others and again Vince laughed.

“You fucking slut!” He giggled. “Nicki you married a fucking cunt!”

“Why do you think I married her?” Laughed Nicki. He leant in and kissed his wife on the mouth, they’re tongues mashed together and he could taste the cum of his friends, but he didn’t care, it wasn’t the first time – they had shared so many groupies!

“Pull him out for me, honey.” Donna asked.

Nicki moved around beside Nigger and took a carefull hold of the base of the dog’s dick, he pulled it slowly and watched as D’Erico’s pussy stretched out, dragged by the huge knot as it exitted her body.

Donna gave out a little scream as the knot, then the rest of the cock popped out of her pussy. Nicki reached his hand under her pussy and caught as much cum as he could, then took it round to his wife’s face and poured it into her mouth. Donna drank, the licked Nicki’s hand clean, and savoured every drop of the dog-juice.

She rolled over onto her back exhausted.

Tommy, she thought, had still not come – she didn’t want him to feel left out. She watched him slowly stroking his huge cock and smiled.

“Nicki… Can Tommy fuck me now?” She asked, a cute look on her face, like a little girl asking for candy.

“Anything you want, honey.” Smiled Nicki.

Tommy shuffled over to Donna…

“In my ass please, Tommy.” She whispered as she rolled over onto her belly. She reached back and gripped her buttocks, pulling them apart to reveal the little brown star of her asshole.

Tommy settled in behind her, his knees on the carpet between her thighs. He reached down and stuffed two fingers into her pussy, soaking them with her juices and some dog-cum, then used the mixture to lubricate his huge cock.

“You ready for this?” He asked, smiling as he positioned the tip of his cock against her asshole.

“Oh yeah, fuck me now Tommy!” She begged.

With that Tommy pushed his fat cock into Donna’s tight asshole and drove it in with one long stroke. Donna gasped and winced, her eyes bulging as this huge invader was stuffed up her ass.

She flattened the side of her head to the carpet and moaned with each long stroke Tommy made into her shit-hole.

“Fuck her harder, Tommy…” Called Nicki. “See how much she can handle.”

Tommy started pumping harder into his friend’s wife’s ass. She moaned and winced with each increasingly hard thrust.

As Tommy fucked her harder, the other guys moved closer again, watching his huge member sliding in and out of her ass, watching her body stretched around him, her legs splayed on the floor, her tits pressing down on the carpet as Tommy supported his wieght by pushing down on her shoulders with both hands.

“Call me a cunt!” She begged.

“You fucking cunt, you love this don’t ya!” Tommy barked as he thrusted. She moaned, losing her breath, nearing another orgasm.

“Fuck that slut!” Begged Vince Neil. “Fuck that dirty fucking cunt-slut!”

Tommy was fucking Donna so hard now, his cock driving down into her ass with long, fast strokes, six inches sliding in and out (he always left the final four inches inside).

Donna loved the feeling of this huge cock banging into her ass, she could feel the shit being backed up into her bowells. She knew she’d be constipated for a couple of days after this treatment, but she didn’t care.

As Donna was closing in on her orgasm she heard Tommy groaning, “Oh God, I’m gonna blow my wad.” Then a long, low moan, and she felt his hot seed pumping into her ass…

Tommy pulled out after shooting his first load and jerked himself off over her back, shooting strings of jism up her spine and into her hair… One splat of Tommy’s cum landed right across the “NICKI” tattoo on Donna’s neck.

Donna lay there recovering, licking at the cum on her lips, as the guys stood over her recovering themselves. Mick looked around, “Nicki, where’s the bathroom, I gotta take a piss.”

Everyone paused for a second looking at each other, then looked down at Donna and saw her looking up at them with her mouth wide open, an wide eyed innocent look…

Nikki, Tommy, Vince and Mick ended the sex session by opening fire on the blonde Baywatch beauty. Four streams of hot piss splashing off Donna’s face, her hands under her chin attempting to guide the streams into her mouth. What she caught she drank, the rest ran down her neck and over her tits and flat belly.

For the rest of the evening the guys sat naked in the TV room, smoking dope and drinking beer. Donna didn’t clean herself up, continued to serve the guys with all their cum, and the dog-cum, and the piss, all over her body and in her hair. Whenever any of the guys would tell her she would dutifully suck cock, swallowing numerous loads before the night was over.

Everyone had a real good night.


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