Celeb-Beast – Drew Barrymore And Gillian Anderson

The story on this file is fiction.
This story is not meant to suggest that the featured
celebrities are actually involved in, or have ever been
involved in, sexual relations with animals – and any
suggestion that they would, or have been, would be an
insult to their good character and standing in the
entertainment industry. However, we all wish they were
and that the stories were true – don’t we?

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Now, on with the stories…


When Gillian Anderson woke up she was on her
knees, bent forward over a low chair. She could feel
something big in her mouth, some kind of gag, and as
she struggled she realised that her hands were tied
together beneath the chair. She could also feel her
naked breasts and belly against the seat. Panic ran
through her.
"Ah, so you’re awake now." She heard from
behind her. Straining her neck she looked around
behind her and saw a young woman approaching. She
recognised her, the small tattoos, the round face, the
blonde hair, Drew Barrymore. But Drew Barrymore like
she’d never seen her before, naked but for a 9" long
strap-on dildo – pink and veined.
"You see this, slut?" Drew said pointing at
the 9" rubber cock. "This is going right in your
fucking ass!" And then took the tool in her hand as
she dropped behind Gillian.
Drew spat on the cock, letting as much drool as
possible drop to the rubber… Which she then massaged
in slowly…
"I hope this isn’t too big, Gillian.?" She
said, "After all, I wouldn’t want to hurt you, would
Gillian felt something small and wet slipping
into her asshole. A finger. It felt good, she was
surprised to realise. She felt another hand slapping
her ass.
Drew pushed a second finger into Gillian’s
asshole, slapping her ass with the other hand. "I bet
you love this, dont ya?"
Gillian tried to object as Drew finger fucked
her asshole, but deep down, was glad to have the gag in
place so she couldn’t complain..! Drew rammed her
fingers in and out of Gillian’s asshole harder and
faster, faster and harder… "Oh, you fucking love
this don’t you, cunt!" Spat Drew.
Then she pulled her fingers out of the
red-head’s asshole and licked them, ‘Mmmm’ she moaned.
Gillian caught her breath… Then, she felt
the pain…
Drew watched as she eased the tip of the dildo
slowly in Gillian’s asshole. Watching the hole stretch
slowly around the fat tool as it slipped into her. She
held the dildo firmly as she slid it in. Gillian
bucked slightly so Drew grabbed her red hair and pulled
hard. "Stay still, bitch!"
Gillian felt the dildo enter her, slipping in,
inch after inch, sliding into her ass so slowly. She
tried to cry out – but the gag stopped everything but
the slightest whimper.
Drew started pumping her hips forward, still
pulling a fistfull of ginger hair hard, easing half of
her ‘cock’ in and out of Gillian’s ass. Watching her
ring drag along the shaft of the dildo as she slid it
in and out… Speeding up, pumping harder, deeper.
She could feel the base of the dildo pressing against
her clit with every push. She loved it!
For Gillian, the pain was crossed with an
increasing feeling of pleasure. It hurt, yes, but it
was getting good to her… Her head fell forward as
Drew released her hair to take hold of her hips…
Pulling her back onto the cock, forcing it deeper.
Gillian’s face twisted, contorted in an
undescribable expression of pain-pleasure. Drew bit
her own lower lip as she concentrated on pumping into
Gillian’s asshole. Tears began to well in Gillian’s
eyes, so much pain, so much pleasure… She could feel
heat in her ass…
Drew was pumping so hard, so fast, sliding a
full six inches in and back out of the tight asshole…
Suddenly she felt Gillian’s legs buckle, saw her body
loosen as she flopped on the chair…
Gillian came harder than she had ever come
before, relaxing totally, sprawling across the chair,
no longer attempting to do anything other than soak up
the pleasure.
Leaning forward, her breasts pressing against
Gillian’s back, Drew whispered into Gillian’s ear.
"You done?"
Gillian nodded weakly… "Not quite!" Barked
Drew as she slowly slid her tool from it’s tight home,
and stood up.
"I’ve got something else for you…" She said
as she walked out, her dildo bouncing with each step.
Gillian watched her leave, wondering what toy
would be brought out next, how big it would be…
Where she would put it… She was really getting
excited about this… But her reaction when Drew
returned was horror…
Drew returned leading a Great Dane into the
room, an evil smile on her face…
"This is Scout," she proudly proclaimed, "And
he’s fully trained…"
She led the dog over to Gillian Anderson, who’s
eyes – filled with terror – never strayed from the huge
"Scout… Toilet… Toilet…" Drew patted
Gillian’s side as she spoke.
Gillian watched in horror as the dog raised one
hind-leg and released a stream of hot urine all over
her side, her shoulder, some splashing against her
face… Drew laughed and giggled, clearly getting off
on it…
Gillian was disgusted by what she saw next…
Right infront of her face, Drew sat on the floor, her
legs beneath the huge dog, and slowly started to kiss
and lick at his thin, red, cock. As she watched
Gillian saw Scout’s cock growing longer and fatter
under Drew’s oral stimulation.
Drew smiled around the huge dog cock in her
mouth, moaning softly, clearly enjoying what she was
doing. Scout occasionally pumped his hips toward her
face, trying to fuck her mouth… After a few moments
she withdrew his tool from her mouth and looked around
to Gillian. She grinned, seeing the disgust and terror
in the red-head’s eyes.
"And now…." Drew said, leaning in close to
Gillian’s face. "The big finish… And as you can see
– it is big!" She licked a tongue-full of dog-piss
from Gillian’s cheek.
Drew lead the giant animal around behind
Gillian, out of her view. Gillian panicked,
desperately trying to get free – no chance.
She felt the dogs paw’s scratching across her
back, down her sides as he eased astride her, the short
hair on his chest rubbing against her back as he
positioned himself… She closed her eyes tight,
trying to wish herself out of here…
Drew reached between Scout’s hindlegs and
massaged his 8" cock harder, using his pre-cum as
lubricant. She stroked his back and patted his sides,
keeping him calm.
Her eyes still tight shut, Gillian felt Scout’s
large, wet, dick slipping into her pussy. Sliding
remarkably quickly all the way into her. It was hot,
it was big, and it was repulsive to her… But…
Scout started bucking at her immediately, his
balls still being massaged expertly by Drew.
"Oh yeah, fuck her good Scout" Cheered Drew.
Gillian felt the dog hammering into her pussy,
fast and natural, the dog had no feelings about it
being wrong, and Gillian was beginning to like it…
Feeling a hot 8" cock sliding in her pussy, rough hair
against her back, knowing it was an animal, a dog…
Drew left Scout to fuck Gillian’s pussy and
moved to her face, started licking her, kissing her
gagged mouth.
Gillian was now feeling really good about it…
She could feel something bigger whacking against her
"Don’t worry about this… His knot feels sooo
Gillian’s eyes almost popped out as Scout
bucked one more time and forced his knot into her
pussy, an extra large ball of muscle pushing into
her… He continued to buck deep into her… She
could see Drew’s face beaming a huge grin infront of
Drew lay down beneath the chair, her face under
Gillian’s pussy, watching Scout’s prick working in and
out of Gillian’s pussy. She recognised Scout’s shorter
strokes, his quicker, almost frantic strokes… She
knew what was coming… Him!
Gillian felt hot doggy cum spurt into her pussy
as Scout came inside her – and immediately came
herself, thinking of her pussy full of dog jism.
Drew reached up and massaged Scout’s balls and
cock, slowly pulling it out of the dog soaked pussy.
As it came out a large plug of dog cum dripped down
into Drew’s open mouth. She swallowed slow and then
carefully licked all that she could from Gillian’s
ginger pubes and red-raw pussy.
"You ever tell anyone about this… You’ll be
ruined!" Drew threatened.
But Gillian didn’t intend on telling anyone…
She intended doing it again and again… And she


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