Celeb-Beast – Geri Halliwell


From 1986 to 1995, for ten glorious years, I used to run a nightclub on the Spanish island of Ibiza. The party island.

Now, my club wasn’t one of the famous ones, nor was it particularly busy, but we did have a certain level of infamy – a

certain notoriaty amongst a certain type of clientel. We were the only club on the island that offered our clientel, our

patrons, the chance to watch a live beastial sex show every Sunday night. Yes, that’s right – they could come in and watch

a beautiful young woman having real, full on, sex with an animal… This, you’ll understand, was
a private club, and everyone

who attended had to pay good money, as well as buy drinks for the two hours between them coming in at midnight and the

actual event at around 2am. I’d usually have a hardcore porno movie showing on the clubs tv screens, something from Germany

or Holland, sometimes with some beastiality, but usually just gang-bang stuff – no point in letting everyone get tired of

the animal action and leave early (better to keep them in the club buying drinks!).

Anyway, I would hire different girls for the main act – the beastiality show. These girls were usually holiday makers,

girls down from Denmark or Germany or Sweden, girls who weren’t afraid of getting nasty with an animal, and were willing to

do it for a relatively low amount of cash. Some of the girls were dancers at local clubs, occasionally a local girl. We

had to switch the girls around so that the same girl never did more than one show a month, that way the punters never felt

that they were seeing the same old thing.

So, to the main thrust of my tale… The reason I’m writing this article. Probably the best performer we ever had at the

club – and a regular with, by my count, eight appearances – was a spectacular looking English girl named Geri. Yes, that’s

right, Geri Halliwell, better known as Ginger Spice. Well, Geri was just a young woman then, about twenty-one – this was

before she had even got into the nude modelling business. Many have commented on how she’s got her body in terrific shape

since leaving the Spice Girls, but I can tell you that back then, her phisique was amazing. Her legs were toned and

muscular, her skin smooth and soft, her butt was perfectly round, her stomach flat and hard as an Oak table, her breasts

firm and big and round, and her face just so wonderful. She had a golden tan which accentuated her freckles, and long dark

ginger hair down over her shoulders. In short, if she’s a ten now, she was a twelve then, if you know what I mean!

Geri was very popular a the club on these beastial nights. Whilst most of the girls went through a pantomime of either

being disgusted or enraptured by the acts they performed for my customers, or acted as if they were doing us all a favour,

Geri always acted as though this was her pleasure. She’s always been a natural performer you see, always wanted to

entertain her audience, whether it be twenty drunken perverts wanting to watch a dogsex show, or twenty thousand kids wanted

to watch a singing show. A true professional. She was always friendly, always smiling, always willing to let anyone have a

feel of her wonderful tits.

So, just to show you how she really was back in those days, here’s a typical night’s show – Geri style.

Geri would arrive about an hour after I opened the club for the show. Any other girl I would want there before I opened up

– just in case I got let down, that way I’d be able to call one of my back-ups, or get my daughter down from the flat

upstairs. She’d hang around in the club with the patrons, wearing an ultra tight t-shirt and thigh cut shorts with high

heels or stacked boots (something she took onto the Spice Girls). She’d joke and drink and laugh with the guys, and let

them feel her up, whilst they all watched the videos. Then, as soon as I gave her the signal, she’d step forward and make

herself some space in the middle of the dancefloor. She’d smile her wide smile, and peel off her t-shirt to let those big

tits bounce free, then she’d say the same thing everytime… “Who wants to see a Ginger slut get fucked by a big, bad,


Of course, everyone wanted to see the Ginger slut get fucked by a big, bad, doggy. That’s why they were all here, and the

noise they made let Geri know, and feel, that she was a star.

Geri would then unzip her shorts, if one of the guests hadn’t already done it for her, and remove them – she’d always leave

her shoes on, and she never had panties on under the shorts. Then she’d get down on her hands and knees and start to crawl

around the dancefloor like a dog, her tongue hanging out between slutty speaches like, “I’m just a horny bitch, I can’t get

enough dogcock,” and “Has anyone seen a doggy for me to fuck?”

She’d crawl through the customers, sniffing crotches and asses – especially if there were any ladies present.

She’d always end up infront of me, on her knees, looking up at me, stroking my thigh with one ‘paw’, begging, “Please let me

have my doggy-woggy…” Putting her lower lip out in a pout of sexual frustration. As the audience cheered me on I would

‘reluctantly’ say okay, then go and bring in a dog.

The dog’s were always different, never the same one twice – a promiss we made to our customers. We would find the dogs on

the streets and beaches of Ibiza. Part of the nasty attraction of the club was that we swore that these dogs were strays,

that they hadn’t been checked out by a vet, that anything could be wrong with them. Of course, we were always careful not

to get violent dogs – but you could never tell. I’d collect the dog from the flat upstairs from the club where my 14 year

old daughter Samantha would have prepared them by fastening two football socks over each of their front paws, then taping

them up. Sam also used to warm these dogs up with a little oral sex and masturbation, by the time they came downstairs they

were really ready for action.

I’d turn them loose on the dancefloor and they’d usually bark at the customers, wonder around, maybe piss on the bar or

whatever, but sooner or later they’d spot Geri crawling around, calling to them, showing her fine round arse to them – and

they’d get the message, “Come and Get It!”

The dog would then hobble over to Geri on his heavilly bandaged front paws and sniff at her pussy – which she would push

back between her thighs so that the lips stood out proud. The dogs would always lick her cunt, she had something special

for them – she told me that she used to rub dogfood into her pussy before she came to the club. Geri loved this oral sex,

that was obvious, but she’d never let it go on too long so’s not to bore the customers, she’d call the dog and encourage him

to mount her – which they always would.

Once mounted, Geri would support her weight and that of the dog on one hand, and reach back between her smooth thighs with

the other to take hold of the dog’s erect cock. She’d then steer this erection into her pussy… Usually she’d moan as she

put it in, then turn smiling to the watchers and check that everyone had a good view. Then she’d let the dog fuck her, hard

or soft, fast or slow, however the dog liked it. She’d moan, she’d groan, she’d drool, she’d gasp – she’d make it look like

the greatest sex she’d ever had.

She almost seemed to enjoy it more on the occasions that we found really scruffy dogs, dogs with fleas or lice, dogs with

infected sores and cancerous lumps. She once fucked a dog that actually shit itself during the act it was so ill. Geri

also didn’t mind how big the dog was, we had her fuck everything from a Bull Terrier, a Cocker Spaniel, up to an Alsation

and a large Labrador. She didn’t care. With the smaller dogs she added an extra position to the sex, she’d roll onto her

back and let the dog mount her from ontop, then she’d pull her thighs back so that her knees were close to her shoulders.

The show would always end the same way though, Geri would start gasping and grinning as the dog shot his load inside her

pussy. Personally I preferred the girls to have the dogs cum outside, on their flesh where everyone could see, but it was

impossible to talk Geri into it – she loved having it spray inside her. Once the dog had cum, Geri would stand up on

shaking legs and let the dog” semen dribble down her thighs whilst everyone watched.

At the end of the show, once the patrons had left to go back to their homes and hotels, Geri would come up to the flat to

clean up. She’d usually stay the night – not alas in my room, but rather she’d cuddle up with Samantha – occasionally

they’d let me watch as my little girl cleaned Geri’s ginger pussy out with her tongue, but usually they sent me to bed and

told me this was a private affair.

Those were the days. It all came to an end when Geri went off to Turkey to be a hostess on some television gameshow, the

club died when we were shut down by the police after a dogsex show went badly wrong and a girl was savaged to death by a

rabid Doberman. Pity that wasn’t Geri – because that was a great show.


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