Celeb-Beast – Heather Locklear

HEATHER LOCKLEAR – Dogsex in public

As Heather Locklear emerged from the waters of the Pacific Ocean onto the beach, she observed the crowded sands. Beautiful

Los Angelino women sunned themselves, topping up those perfect tans, guys played frisbee with their dogs, families enjoyed a

day out, children make sand-castles, pretty boys posed, but she knew she was the centre of attention. Heather Locklear, tv

star, world famous beauty, standing up to her thighs in the Ocean, her red string bikini barely covering enough flesh to

warrant wearing it – two small triangles covered her nipples and little more,
another triangle covered her heavilly trimmed

pussy, other than that it was just string. Water trickled off her shoulders and arms, off her small but perfect breasts,

down her flat hard stomach and her thighs and back into the Ocean from where it came. Heather stood there, running her

hands through her blonde hair, making sure that everyone noticed her. She loved the attention.

She strolled out of the water, the sun reflecting off her smooth skin and headed back to her towel on the beach. She had

come here alone, her husband was off touring, her kid at school, she wasn’t filming that week. It was relaxation time.

She lay back on her blanket and put on a pair of sunglasses, stretched herself out and started to bake in the sunlight.

Even with her eyes closed she knew that she was being watched, young guys and kids checking out the sexy tv star. She could

imagine what those guys were thinking about – maybe getting her into bed, on her hand and knees, or on her back with her

legs pinned back, or maybe just giving them head. She smiled as she imagined all those pathetic losers dreaming of fucking

her fantastic body.

Heather woke a while later, checked her watch and figured that it was time to roll over and even up her tan. Her front was

pretty much done now, her back needed browning. Her towell wasn’t all that wide, and rather than get herself covered with

sand by just rolling over, she got up to her knees and turned around. On her knees she looked around the beach, looking at

the families, and the guys, and the babes, as she adjusted the strings of her bikini and stroked a few flecks of sand off

her flesh, then she lowered herself down onto her front. She propped herself up on her elbows and pulled out a screenplay

she had been sent by her agent. She would read it as her back tanned.

As she read she heard someone, or something, approaching her. She could smell him almost before she could hear his heavy

breathing. Fucking pervert, she thought. She rolled over quickly, her ass hitting the sand beside her towell and looked up

at the ‘pervert’. What she saw was the biggest dog she thought she had ever seen, a massive Mastiff, huge. This huge dog

was soaking and matted with sand, like he’d been at the beach for a month. His teeth were yellow and his breath stank.

Heather looked up at him as he moved closer and closer, then stood right over her. He stood very still just looking down at

her, almost like he was hypnotising her. She stared right into his eyes, and then, totally against her thoughts and reason,

she reached out a scratched his chest, then moved her hand lower to his belly, then – oh God – stroked his penis sheath and


Heather pulled her hand back, taking in a sharp breath, looking around to see that no-one had seen. Then looked back to the

dog, still standing over her, still. She looked back to his cock and noticed that about an inch of red flesh was showing.

She couldn’t resist. She reached down again and allowed his cock sheath to rest in her hand, she figured that anyone

watching would think she was just tickling the dog’s belly. She took a careful hold of the dog’s cock and started working

it more seriously as another couple of inches of cock grew. She looked up at his face and he stared back at her. “My, you

are a big boy, aren’t you?” She croaked in her famously sexy voice.

She continued her cock massage, paying less and less attention to the other folks on the beach, more and more attention to

the dog. She had no idea what was making her do this, the idea itself was repugnant, the dog stank, and she wasn’t exactly

desperate for cock action, she could click her fingers and have a hundred cocks from this beach alone! But still she did

it, slowly changing from massaging the dog’s cock-sheath to actually jerking his slick red cock. She was becoming

transfixed by the size of it, at least a foot long, and fat like a billy club. She ran her hand up and down it, her palm

and fingers getting sticky and wet from his pre-cum.

Heather brought her hand to her face and sniffed the pre-cum, then ran her tongue over her palm, tasting it, and sucked her

finger, then two fingers – imagining the taste of that huge cock in her mouth. She had to do it, she didn’t care at all who

saw her. As far as she was concerned she was alone with the dog. She pushed her head under the dog’s belly, her bleached

blonde hair pressing up against his smelly piss stained belly hair, and took the end of his cock in her mouth. She almost

gagged from the strong acrid taste, but she wanted to suck it – more than she had ever wanted to suck cock before, but not

for long.

She’d been sucking for less than a minute when she decided that she wanted the cock inside her – inside her body for real.

She withdrew it from her mouth and rolled onto her knees, then pulled her bikini briefs down around her knees and encouraged

the dog to step astride her back – which he did. She reached back and took hold of his cock between her legs, then brought

it up against her flesh. Her plan was to slide the tip of the cock down between her butt-cheeks and over her pussy lips,

then ease him inside herself, but as she slid him down between those perfect buttocks and he felt flesh, he instinctively

started thrusting. The first thrust drove his cock against her flesh just above her anus, the second drove his cock right

into her anus. A single thrust of extremely wet, very fat, cock, pushing it several inches up her ass. She screamed out in

pain and shock. If no-one had seen her doing anything with the dog before, then everyone was aware now. Crowds looked up

from their families, their books and their friends, to see the little blonde actress being butt-fucked by the dog. Heather

stared back at them, helpless to stop the dog now that he had started fucking her – and not really wanting to stop him now

that the initial shock had passed. She’d been seen, she thought, nothing to lose now.

She was now on her knees, her bikini top was holding her fine breasts in place as the dog rocked into her ass and jiggled

them about. Her bikini briefs pulled down around her knees collecting pussy juices and sand, the huge Mastiff mounted on

her back pumping his hard footlong cock into her tight asshole.

Heather grabbed handfulls of wet sand as the dog jackhammered into her from behind, all the time she moaned, gasped and

drooled – her eyes half-closed in a mask of orgasmic pleasure. It didn’t bother her that there were guys taking photographs

of her beastial show, didn’t bother her that children were crying, that Beach Patrol cops were approaching. Nothing

bothered her at that time because she was cumming like a train – hard and fast and over and over again as the mangy hude dog

rammed his huge cock deeper and deeper into her arse. She was being knocked forward onto her elbows, the force of the dogs

thrusts getting harder and faster… She knew enough about males, whether human or dog, to know that he was about to cum…

“Cum in me you magnificent animal…” She moaned. Then she felt the first squirt is semen shooting up her butt, deep inside

her. Then a second. A second orgasm shook her body as she felt the hot cum inside her.

She tossed her head back and opened her eyes and saw herself in the mirror… The mirror at the head of her bed, and behind

her she could see a very sweaty Richie Sambora – her husband, his face twisted into that look he always got when he came.

She could feel a cock in her ass, but it was a foot long, or dog – it was just Richie’s. She moaned, deep down inside she

was heart broken. It was all a dream.

Richie told her that it was the best sex they had ever had, and she agreed – but she didn’t tell him that she’d been

thinking about a dog, not him. She did tell him that she thought she should buy a guard dog – for when he was away touring,

and he agreed that that would be a good idea. He had no idea what she had planned for the dog whilst he was away, and she

couldn’t wait for him to leave.


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