Celeb-Beast – Janet Jackson

All stories on this file are fiction.
These stories are not meant to suggest that any of the
featured celebrities are actually involved in, or have
ever been involved in, sexual relations with animals –
although, we wish they were and that the stories were

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Now, on with the stories…


Janet Jackson had one dark secret that the
media hadn’t discovered. Sure they had pretty much
figured out that she liked to sleep with women…
Everybody knew she liked to show off her cleavage…
But no-one knew about Storm.
Storm was a young stud pony Janet had bought as
an investment – but she had found a far better use for
him over the last few years…
She loved the fact that Storn couldn’t tell
tales, that he wouldn’t run to the tabloids… She
also loved the 16″ cock that hung between his hind legs
and the copious quantities of seaman that he ejaculated
so hard.
She loved the way he stood so calmly as she
sucked on him, and that the end of his cock was just
small enough to fit in her mouth (but only just) – and
that she could slide almost all of his length into her
On this particular day Janet was looking for a
good send off from Storm before she left for a two
month tour…
Janet entered the stable and made sure all the
staff had left… Once she had checked the room she
headed into Storm’s stall, already removing her jacket
and blouse. Her firm breasts were well supported by a
black WonderBra, lots of cleavage.
She started to stroke his flanks, slowly
reaching underneath his belly to touch his penis.
Storm was already getting hard, he knew the routine by
now. His dick stretching out, already over a foot
long. Janet’s small delicate hands reaching and
wrapping around the slick tool.
Janet arranged two bails of hay underneath
Storm, as she always did, and lay down on top of them,
directly under the horse. Giggling – she reached down
and took the horse’s huge cock in her hand, gently
rubbing it’s head over her pussy lips. Storm started
whinnying, eager to feel the tight walls of it’s human
lover’s pussy around his cock.
Janet eased the end of the horses cock inside
her pussy, slowly slipping it in, inch after inch…
Storm’s cock grew even firmer, even bigger, as it
entered her… Her pussy stretched around the giant
cock as it slid into her, she could feel it sliding in,
the pain was amazing… Raising her legs around the
sides of the horse, gripping him like a human lover,
Janet rocked slightly helping the horse fuck her.
Storm hunched his back and pumped his rear at the small
black human. His 16″ cock ramming deeper into her,
almost tearing her in half… “FUCK YES!” She
screamed as she felt her first orgasm burn through her
Storm bucked eagerly into her pussy, his
movements becoming more eratic, more excited, she could
tell he was almost there…
Janet quickly pulled herself off his hard cock,
feeling her pussy walls relax and resume normal shape
as she did. Pulling off so that she could get him in
her mouth… She licked the length of his horse-cock
shaft, tonguing the tip especially, working one hand up
and down the shaft as she jerked herself off with the
Storm whinneyed as he blew a huge wad of sticky
hot cum over Janet’s face. She caught what she could
in her mouth and let the rest fall down her chin and
drop onto her Wonder-Bra supported breasts. She
swallowed slow. Cum dripped from her chin and down her
neck and formed a large reservoir between her tits
which she scooped up a bunch of on her finger – which
she licked clean.
She loved the nutty, hot taste of the
horse-jism and swallowed slow, licking her lips clean
before once again wrapping her lips around the huge end
of the horses cock.
She sucked Storm’s cock until she had milked
every last drop of cum from his huge balls.
Until next time, she thought, as she left the


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Any other ideas..? Maybe some of the girls should be
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