Celeb-Beast – Jennifer Aniston

This story is FICTION. To my knowlegde the featured celebrity(s) have NEVER been involved in beastiality.

This stories are not meant to suggest that the featured
celebrity(s) is actually involved in, has ever been or
would ever want to be involved in sexual relations with
animals – although, we wish they were and that the
stories were true.

(Fmoose, cons, oral, beast)

The moose stood placidy drinking from the
trough. Tied by the neck to a tall wooden post, it had
nowhere else to go. It watched out of the corner of
it’s eye as the girl approached.

Jennifer Aniston approached wearing a white crop-top
vest and white panties, as she walked she nervously
repeated the lines from her most recent advetisment…
"I’ve just spent the night with a mousse!"
She looks around, checking that no-one is watching, and
moves up close to the animal, reaching underneath and
feeling it’s dick.
She grins. "Come on baby, get hard for me." She rubs
it’s sheath, it’s penis slowly approaching hardness…
Two inches showing, then three… Growing harder and
longer as she gently strokes it.
Jennifer kneels down beside the mousse, almost
underneath it, bends forward and takes the knob-end
into her mouth, she slurps on it, sucking, taking it
deep. Sucking hard, sliding the dick all the way to
the back of her mouth, tasting moose for the second
time… God, it was good!
She stayed down there sucking moose cock for five
minutes before she decided she wanted more… Slowly
pulling her head back, her lips dragging along the
mooses slick cock shaft, she let the beast out of her
"You wanna feel something real good?" She said to the
moose as she stood up nd peeled off her top. Her tits
bounced loose as she dropped her panties.
Naked, she turned and dropped to her knees,
positioning herself under the moose and steers it’s now
huge dick into her pussy from behind – feeling herself
being filled by an animal’s big hard penis was the best
thing she had ever known.
Jennifer rocked back and forth to jerk the
moose off with her pussy, gripping it tightly between
her thighs – her face a mixture of disgust and extasy.
The moose began to bend it’s back and pump it’s rear
quarters forward – pumping deeper into Jennifer’s
She could feel the moose’s rough hair rubbing
against her back, it’s thigh’s against her ass and
thighs, it’s hard animal cock inside her pussy. She
was in heaven.
She thought to herself, "I can feel it
swelling… Here it comes…"
She jerked forward, slipping of the big cock,
and rolled over as a huge spurt of hot moose cum
spurted out over her tits and face… Reaching forward
at the massive twitching cock, she jerked it a few more
times before a second huge spurt hit her in her open
mouth… She licked the moose cum from her lips, and
smeared what she could into her tits and face with her
free hand, the other hand still holding the moose cock.
She smiled up at the moose. "Got any more for
me, Mr Moose?" She said as she took the animal cock in
her mouth a second time, smiling around the tip, cum
dribbling from the corner’s of her mouth.
Later, walking (or staggering) away from the
field, with her crop-top sticking to the moose cum all
over her chest and panties almost transparent with
wetness, Jennifer remembered the feeling of the moose’s
cock in her mouth, in her pussy. She could still taste
the bitter moose cum in her mouth. She imagined what
it would be like to fuck other animals, dogs, goats,
donkeys… God, what about a horse..? And she vowed
to try just that.

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