Celeb-Beast – Jennifer Love Hewitt

JENNIFER LOVE-HEWITT by Ozvik (based on a story by Alexia)

Tori Spelling had set up the ranch with her daddy’s money as a small retreat from the media. Here she could indulge all of her deviant pleasures in private. She had three dogs – two Shepherds and a Great Dane, a couple of goats, several large male pigs, and also a stable with 2 miniature ponies and one huge stallion. She also hired the ranch out as a weekend getaway for her celebrity friends. Many of them had spent wicked weekends here… I’ll tell about them all in good time. This time I’ll tell you all about Jennifer Love Hewitt’s visit.

The teenage actress had never sampled animal sex yet, but she had fantasised about it. She had seen the Ellen DeGeneris/Anne Heche dogsex home video (which is freely past around between the celebrities of Hollywood) and that had got her nipples so hard, she couldn’t wait to get at a well trained animal. She had been put in contact with Tori Spelling through her agent. Tori had rented her the ranch and given her directions on how to get their, and details of how to treat the animals.

She arrived wearing jeans and a white t-shirt, stetched tight by her big tits – no bra. Her hair was tied back in a long pony-tail. She let herself into the ranch house and the dogs came out and started running around the yard. Tori kept a member of staff at the ranch but always called to have him leave if a celebrity was coming out – that way it guarenteed the security and privacy of the celeb.

Jennifer watched the dogs running around and felt her nipples harden. ‘God’, she gasped as she realised just how much she wanted to fuck an animal. She sat down on the steps outside the ranch-house and breathed deep.

She decided to start with the Dane first. He was about 4 feet tall to his back and very tame. She called to him and he came running. She sat stroking his back and neck, then slowly ran her hand under his belly and fondled his sheath. As she stroked it, she felt his cock grow harder and bigger. In under a minute it was sticking out of his sheath by three inches. She grabbed it gently and rubbed it slowly. Another four inches of hard dogcock emerged for me to play with. As she fondled his cock the Dane started humping at her fist and she felt hot fluid flowing out of the end of his cock onto her skin.

She took her hand away and licked at the fluid, licking her fingers clean. It tasted good, so she bent her head down and took his whole cock in her mouth, wrapping her childlike face around the animal’s penis. The beast immediately, instinctively started to fuck her mouth, his back arching quickly, making her gag. She took her hand and calmed his thighs, calming him down… He got the hang of it quickly and allowed her to pleasure him with her mouth. She took the whole cock into her mouth, then slid her lips along the shaft as she drew her head slowly away from him, sucking gently. Soon he was making grunting noises and more liquid was flowing into her mouth – which she drank down willingly. A large knot formed at the base of his big dick which she held gently, massaging it with her fingers. The dog soon let out a growl and shot about a whole cup of cum down her throat. There was so much so soon it gagged the young actress at first but she swallowed it all until it stopped cumming.

Jennifer sat back and recovered, breathing heavy as the dog hobbled away, still humping the air with his huge cock. She licked her lips, ‘More’ she thought, ‘I need more!’

The dog sat down and began licking himself, making Jennifer jealous – she needed a cock inside her, an animal cock!

She leant back and unzipped her jeans, slid them off and then peeled off her soaking wet panties. The two Shepherds showed an immediate interest in the smell of her pussy. She spread her thighs and let the smell of her sex juices waft into the air as she peeled her t-shirt off over her head, letting her large young breasts out into the cool air. Her nipples were standing out.

“Come on.” She called to the Shepherds. They came right up between her thighs and started licking at her dripping pussy lips, fighting for better position as if they were feeding from the same food bowl. As the dogs licked her cunt she cupped one hand under a breast and held it up, tipping her head forward so she could lick and suck her own nipple.

The more they licked the wetter she got, but two dogs licking was very distracting, so she grabbed one by the collar and pulled him away from her cunt. She opened her mouth and let the dog lick her face, her lips, her tongue, inside her mouth.

The dog working on her pussy had nothing to stop or distract him now… He started inserting his tongue deep into her hot wet hole. When he took his tongue out he ran across her clit and sent shivers up and down her spine until she exploded into one of the best orgasms she had ever had – she screamed out, the scream echoing around the deserted ranch.

Now she was ready for penetration. She rolled onto all fours, sticking her wonderful ass up in the air. Immediately, the first shepherd came up from behind and mounted her, his cock hitting the entrance of her pussy on the first try. He rammed his hard tool into it with enough force that he almost knocked her over. Like a jack-hammer he pounded the young tv star – if only TV Guide knew about this!

Still sensitive from the oral sex, she started to cum like a torrent again. The slickness of her pussy and the scent was driving him wild and he stroked into her faster and faster, harder and harder. The orgasms were almost too much and she started to black-out when all the sudden he rammed extra hard and she felt his knot banging against the opening of her tight young pussy, trying to get in. It was the size of a peach but it only took him a couple of strokes before it went in. It hurt, good pain. Then he started stroking again, and the knot began to grow. The more he humped, the larger it got. By now Jennifer was grunting out loud, moaning with every thrust. The moans exciting the other Shepherd. The Dane continued to lick his own cock.

The other Shepherd was standing over her with a large hard-on, licking her pretty face and neck. She pulled him around and took his cock into her mouth. Sucking for all she was worth, trying to pleasure this dog as she had pleasured the Dane. The dog in her cunt made a final lunge and she could feel his knot expanding to the size of a tennis ball as his doggy cum flowed into her pussy while he held her tight. Soon she had cum spurting into her mouth. The sensation of cum being shot into both ends of my body at the same time was awesome, it pushed the young slut over the edge and she came so hard that she passed out. She came around about 20 minutes later with the shepherd still tied into her pussy, and lay on her belly for fifteen minutes until he pulled away once his knot had shrunk enough.

She had had enough for one night and shoved him aside before heading into the ranch-house and crawled into the tub to soak… The next day she looked into the stable and checked out the horses, but after fondling them for a while she saw how big their cocks were and decided not to try fucking them. She tried sex with the Dane, but the excitement wasn’t the same as it was the first time. Before leaving she sucked each of the dogs off one more time, and then climbed into her car and drove off without brushing her teeth or cleaning her face, dry dogcum caked on her chin.


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