Celeb-Beast – Julia Roberts


Julia Roberts had been fascinated by eels for quite some time. It was on the set of her movie “Mary Reilly” that she first handled a live eel, a giant five foot long, wet mass of muscle, long and powerful, it wriggled out of her hands several times and she had to stand back and admire it’s instinct for survival as it slithered around the hard floor of the studio. She saw it as a very sexual thing and couldn’t do anything to stop herself soaking her panties as she imagined it writhing in her pussy.

Previous to these eel fantasies, Julia had always been heterosexual, although
she would often cruise the dyke bars of New York and L.A. looking for the roughest, toughest, meanest lesbians to fuck – or rather to let them fuck her. The harder the better, she loved to be degraded.

This particular night though she had put lesbian thrills aside and was ready to make her eel dreams come true. She had managed to find a supplier who could provide her decreetly with a dozen live eels (none of them were giant ones, all of them were around three feet long). They were delivered in a couple of large buckets, wriggling and writhing around each other in a foot of cool water.

Julia filled her hot-tub and made sure the water was warm enough for her by dipping a toe in, yet cool enough not to harm the eels, then tipped the two buckets of eel water into the hot-tub. She watched as the six eels swum free into the tub, still swimming around with each other, twisting, turning. She felt like she was on fire between her legs as she watched them writhing. She stripped off her blouse without looking away from the eels, then her pants came off, dropping them to the floor and stepping out. She was now in her underwear, white brief panties and a white bra. Her pale skin goose-bumped, long legs shook from excitement, she was sweating a little. She shivered. Reaching behind her back she unfastened her bra and let it drop to the floor, her nipples erect in the cool air, the excitement making her heart race. A smile crossed her wide mouth, she couldn’t wait.

Stepping into the water, she immediately sank up to her waist, her panties soaking in the water and immediately turning transparent. The eels immediately wrapped around her legs, swam between her thighs – rubbed up against her in every way they could as they sampled her body-warmth. She reached down into the water and felt the eels slither by her hands. She lowered herself so that she was sitting on the ledge within the tub, water lapped over her breasts. As she sat down she almost squashed one of the eels, a warm rush of sensations as it wriggled out between her butt-crack, and slithered along the gusset of her panties out into the hot-tub again. One hand slid down across her belly and into her panties, she worked her clit slowly as the eels continued to rub against her.

Julia Roberts, the “Pretty Lady”, the star of numerous high budget Hollywood thrillers and comedies, America’s sweetheart, was almost ready to have beastial sex with a bunch of fish! Oh, she couldn’t believe it, she couldn’t wait.

Reaching down with her other hand she pulled the gusset of her panties to one side, exposing her pussy to the water, with the hand inside her panties she spread her pussy lips wide open, feeling warm water entering her pussy walls. She held herself open whilst the eels swam around, brushing up against her, showing more and more interest in her pussy. One seemed to pause, it’s head rubbing against, maybe testing, the opening of her pussy… She carefully grabbed the eel by the ‘neck’ and held it in place (it struggled a little to break free). She forced it forward, pushing it’s head inside her pussy. She moaned slightly as she slipped the front three inches of the eel into her pussy, it was slightly fatter than her favourite dildo, and the wriggling motions as it tried to break free were better than any vibrator she had ever tried. Holding the eels head in place with one hand, Julia used her other to take hold of its body, sliding her hand down it’s length until she was holding it’s ‘tail’ near the end, giving her better control over the writhing animal.

She pushed another three inches of live eel inside her pussy, feeling it wriggling and writhing against her pussy walls, alive and trying to escape from within her. It bucked it’s entire length against her, she struggled to keep control, the sensations were just astounding. She could feel it’s head moving around six inches inside her, it’s tiny mouth opening and closing as it tried to find a way out – then… The eel thrust itself forward, looking for a way out. Julia came hard as the eel thrust more and more of itself inside her, a foot, eighteen inches… She could only just keep hold of it’s tail, nearly the whole fish fucking her now. She arched her back as the next orgasm struck her, shivering her whole body. Then she did it, she released the eel. The whole fish ‘swam’ into her pussy, it’s tail dissapearing into her cunt and her pussy lips closing behind it. She tossed her head back and pushed her pelvis up and out of the water as she felt the eel moving inside her, slithering around inside her womb, circling as it looked for a way out. She looked down her body, accross her flat belly at the mound of her pussy, forcing herself to keep her eyes open. Eels swam by her legs, excited by all the shivers and excitement in the tub. Then she felt the eel starting to find it’s way out. The wildest sensation she had ever had, a living thing sliding down her pussy walls towards the entrance of her cunt. The eel’s head appeared between her pussy lips, then in one orgasmic and all to quick slithering moment – she gave birth to the eel, three feet of slimy flesh sliding along and through her pussy lips, it’s back rubbing against her clit as it exitted her. She came again.

Her ass was back in the water now, sitting back down on the ledge with her thighs spread. The other eels seemed to know that there was an exciting new game to play and they were all swimming around her pussy and thighs. The second eel didn’t need to be forced, it swam up to her pussy, pressed it’s head against her lips and thrust itself forward, inch after inch sliding into her without a break. A third eel followed it immediately, it’s head entering the superstar actress before it’s partner’s tail had dissapeared from view. Two live eels in her cunt, she could barely breath from the pleasure.

She didn’t even hear the appartment door opening. Or the footsteps approaching the bathroom. When the door opened she almost had a heart-attack, but she couldn’t and wouldn’t do anything to stop her little squirming friends from continueing to fuck her.

“Well, hello sister!” It was her brother, tall and dark, Eric Roberts. He stood in the doorway looking at his naked sister, noticing the eels, shocked. It wasn’t the first time he’d seen her naked, but it was certainly the first time he’d caught her indulging herself in an act of beastiality.

She tried to speak, but the eels shifted inside her and all she could do was gasp and give at involuntary jerk of her hips..

“I just dropped in to use your bathroom…” Eric bagan, a wicked smile crossing his crooked mouth. “I guess you can’t complain if I take a piss, right?” She smiled a little and kind-of shook her head. Eric unzipped his fly and reached inside, he pulled out his cock, a very meaty nine incher. Julia had never seen this before and was already in the deepest throws of depravity, so she didn’t mind as Eric stepped up to the edge of the tub and let loose a stream of piss over her. As the piss splashed against her head, Julia automatically opened her mouth and tried to catch as much as she could. Eric pissed all over her head, her hair, her face, over her neck and onto her tits as she raised them out of the water for him. He had been waiting a long time for the bathroom and sure had a lot of piss.

All the pissing didn’t distract Julia from her primary pleasure, the two eels were still writhing around together in her cunt. She closed her eyes and imagined them fucking each other in her womb as piss splashed against her forehead..

She heard a spash and opened her eyes just in time to see her brother’s cock heading toward her face. She could just about make out that he was still fully dressed before his pelvis filled her sight and his cock entered her mouth, still pissing just a little. She swallowed the piss back then set to work on sucking her brother’s hardening cock.

Eric was gripping his celebrity sister’s head by the hair at the base of her skull and pulling her onto his cock, forcing the knob end right to the back of her throat. As the eels inside her writhed around and made their way out she came again, a low moan vibrating her throat and feeding back tremendous sensations to Eric, her shot his load immediately, almost gagging Julia. She swallowed her brother’s cum, licked her lips and opened her eyes to see him staring at her with a relaxed, and amazed, look on his face. “Girl, if I’d known you could do that I would have fucked you years ago!” He gasped.

An understanding developed and within seconds Julia was on her knees by the edge of the tub. Eric was beside her, stipped naked, his cock bouncing back to hardness. He had fished an eel from the tub and was holding it’s head up against Julia’s exposed asshole. She pushed her ass backward and arched her back, her ass-cheeks spreading wider and offering Eric an even better access to her shitter. He pushed the eels head forward, pushing it inside and penetrating his sister’s shit-chute. Julia bucked and moaned, a slight whimper of pleasure. Eric managed to force about five inches of eel into her ass before it wouldn’t move any further in. He held it in place whilst it wriggled. Julia had wild sensations as the eel suffocated in her ass, she was about to cum again when the eel stopped twisting and died. “Pump it!” she begged her brother. Eric did, pumping a couple of inches of eel in and out of her perfect ass. Julia was on the edge of orgasm but the pumping wasn’t going to get her there, and Eric’s arm was getting tired, so he pulled the eel from her ass with a slurping pop sound and dropped it to the tiled floor, then crouched astride her rear and pushed his big hard cock into Julia’s asshole. She gasped again as he forced his entire length into her, then started fucking her shitter hard and fast.

She reached down between her thighs and grabbed the dead eel from the floor, brought it’s shit smelling head up to her face and licked at the five inches that had been inside her. She could taste her shit-juices on it’s skin, and that combined with her brother’s cock pumping in her ass to take her right back to the edge of orgasm. She took the eels head into her mouth and sucked on it, then blew air back out into it as Eric started fucking her even harder as he approached another orgasm.

The blow seemed to revive the eel, it wriggled slightly then started to shiver. Julia knew exactly where she wanted the fish to do it’s shivering… She shot her hand down between her thighs again, this time taking the eels head and pushing it back up into her pussy. The combination of his sister’s tight asshole around his cock, and a live eel wriggling in her cunt right next to his cock, was enough to get Eric off – he blew another wad of cum deep into her ass. “Oh you dirty fucking cunt!” He yelled. And that was enough to send Julia into another orgasm, her back spasming as Eric’s cum shot up her shitter, the eel shook in her pussy, and her brother called her a cunt.

The next time they fucked, Eric pushed an eel all the way into her pussy, waited until it was fully inside her, then fucked her pussy with the eel trapped inside. Then he fucked her mouth whilst he held an eel in her pussy and another in her asshole. They went through every combination they could think of until all the eels had been killed by either suffocation or having their spines snapped through sheer twisting and forcing inside tight holes.

That night, Eric and Julia feasted on raw eel without leaving the bathroom, then they pissed over each other again, before Eric rounded off the night by taking a shit over Julia’s head – which Julia finally massaged into her long dark red hair.

Over the next few months Julia experiemented with many other animals; dogs, donkeys, goats and horses, but always came back to eels as her favourite source of pleasure, and her brother Eric was always by her side.


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