Celeb-Beast – Kate Moss

All stories on this file are fiction.
These stories are not meant to suggest that any of the
featured celebrities are actually involved in, or have
ever been involved in, sexual relations with animals –
although, we wish they were and that the stories were

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Now, on with the stories…


Kate Moss snorted another line of cocaine. The
wild rush sweeping through her head, clearing all ideas
of right and wrong for the night. She turned and faced
her lovers.
"Hi baby…" She slurred. "You ready to give
this naughty little a girl a good hard fuck?" Smiling
she walked carefully across the room peeling off her
baggy blouse, revealling her small, child-like breasts,
her pale skin.
Her lovers, two huge Great Danes, lay on the
bed – covering almost the whole thing. One looked back
from the bed impassively, whilst the other licked his
own genitals. Kate was so jealous that she could do
that to himself.
She stumbled over to the bed and sat on the
corner, reaching out to pet the ball-licker (Sam),
fondling his genitals whilst she stroked him. He
looked up, knowing what was happening… The human
wanted sex again!
"How are you big boys tonight?" She asked,
Dave, the other Great Dane, continued looking
at Kate, his huge brown eyes watching her every move.
He lay on his side with his ‘equipment’ exposed for her
to view. She didn’t need to look to know he was huge –
she could remember that!
As she slipped off her panties the dogs became
alert – this was their single, what they had been
trained for – once they could see her pussy, they knew
they would be serviced…
"Come on Sammy… Time for you to work your
magic!" She ordered.
Within seconds, Kate was on her hands and knees
on the bed, Sam behind her pumping his huge Dane cock
into her pussy whilst Kate sucked on Dave’s cock as he
lay on his back.
Sam sure knew how to fuck the waifish model,
pumping almost ten inches of hard, fat, dog-cock into
her small English cunt. With everyone of his hard,
fast, strokes – her mouth was forced forward over
Dave’s cock (which tasted so awesome). She sucked
hard, harder than she ever did for a man, savouring the
salty iron taste in her mouth.
Sam banged hard into her ass, faster and harder
all the time – Kate felt pain from his size and the
force of his thrusts. She took Dave’s huge dog-cock
right into her mouth, feeling it slide deep into her
throat – deep throating him.
There was only one thing Kate had never tried
with her dogs – and now was the time…

She pulled away from Sam’s cock, a difficult
task because he didn’t want to stop, and threw one leg
over Dave’s body…
Carefully guiding his huge cock into her pussy
she lowered herself onto him, riding him slowly… Sam
was still bucking air, desperate for action – just what
Kate hoped… She putted her ass, encouraging Sam to
come to her again…
She took Sam’s cock and directed him to her
asshole, Dave struggled under her as she guided Sam’s
cock into her tight ass. It was very painful, awkward
with Dave trying to wriggle from beneath her. Feeling
the two dogs inside her simultaneously – pussy & ass –
was an awesome feeling – the best of her life.
Tears rolled down her face as the pounding
began. "Fuck yes!" She wailed.
As the dogs got used to the position they
developed a quick pumping rhythm, their dog cocks
working Kate’s pussy and ass mercilessly. She pumped
back at them, coming hard – feeling like the dog’s were
going to rip her cunt apart. She screamed.
Sam shot cum into her ass, hot and watery…
It felt great. She continued to be bucked around
between the dogs as Sam attempted to pull out, this
disturbed Dave, he started throwing her about. Sam’s
cock popped out from her ass and continued to shoot hot
cum over her back and ass.
Kate pulled up and felt Dave’s fat cock squeeze
out of her pussy just as he shot his load up between
her thighs and belly. She rolled onto her ass and
started to pump Dave’s cock with her hand…
"Cum on my face, boy!" She begged. "Mommy
wants to taste your hot cum!" More cum shot up toward
her open mouth.
Sam, standing over her, continued to ejaculate over her
tits and face. There was dog-cum all over her… In
her hair, on her face, her lips, her tits, belly,
legs… She rubs it in with both hands, tasting as
much as she could.
Kate lay back satisfied as the two dogs licked
her body clean of their cum, long tongues covering
every inch of her body.


I am currently working on ideas for a new set of
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be their first time – or have they been doing it for
Any other ideas..? Maybe some of the girls should be
fucking each other as well as animals?
Any other celebs that I haven’t thought about?

All suggestion’s are welcome.


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