Celeb-Beast – Kate Winslet

This story is FICTION.
To my knowlegde the featured celebrity(s) have NEVER
been involved in beastiality.

This stories are not meant to suggest that the featured
celebrity(s) is actually involved in, has ever been or
would ever want to be involved in sexual relations with
animals – although, we wish they were and that the
stories were true.


Kate Winslett, Oscar nominated actress, star of the
Titanic, couldn’t get a hotel room after the party that
night… And all the bedrooms in the host’s home were
taken by young couples – fucking. Kate wasn’t about to
fuck a total stranger (as most of the guests were) – so
she agreed to sleep on the sofa in the lounge.
The host told her not to worry about the dog – he was a
good boy.
Kate stripped of her clothes and got ready to go to
As she stripped the Great Dane padded over to her and
sniffed at her exposed pussy. She pushed him away.
"No.. Bad dog!" She stated firmly.
He walked around her and stood infront again,
looking up at her…
"What do you want?" She asked sternly, hands
on hips.
He growled. Scared she stumbled backwards, her
knees almost buckling as she hit the sofa…
He jumped at her…
Kate fell back on the sofa and tried to fight the huge
dog off as he jumped up at her… He was far too heavy
for her to push away and landed, his sharp untrimmed
claws scraping down the side of her rib cage and
pinning her to the couch.
Kate struggled but soon stopped dead still when the dog
bared it’s teeth and growled inches from her face, she
could smell it’s bad breath as it exhaled.
The dog edged forward, it’s massive dripping erection
pushing innacurately against her pussy hair. As it
attempted to reposition itself it scraped at Kate’s
side with it’s rough paws.
Kate barely noticed the pain of the scrapes and cuts on
her rib-cage through the fear of the dog managing to
get inside her – she could feel the wet tip of it’s
cock banging against the top of her pussy, the insides
of her thighs… Getting closer.
She mustered all her energy and reached forward,
pushing against his chest, attempting to force him
off… He raised up, his front paws lifting clear of
her chest, stumbling backward on his hind-legs… The
dog pushed hard with his powerful thighs and forced
himself forward onto her. She gave up and released
him, taking his full weight on her chest – his big paw
landing bang on her left nipple… Pushing the nipple
way back into the soft breast – she screamed.
Again the dog attempted to force his cock into Kate’s
pussy, rubbing it against her smooth pale inner
thigh… She decided to try something else to stop the
dog from entering her. Slowly she reached down and
slipped her fingers down the shaft of the Dane – he
bucked automatically…
Kate carefully took hold of the dog’s cock and started
jerking it slowly back and forth… The dog shuffled
it’s paws excitedly, the paw on Kate’s breast slid off
to one side, leaving a long red scratch across the
white flesh, he shuffled forward with his rear legs…
Kate now guessed his cock was about 9" long in her
hand, dripping suprising amounts of pre-cum on her
pussy hair and belly… She jerked faster, squeezing
slightly harder… Trying to get the dog off,
His left paw raised up and came down on her face,
scraping down the side of her cheek, burning pain…
She started rubbing his chest with her other hand, he
bucked into her hand…
How and why she didn’t know, but she found herself
edging the huge, wet, purple cock towards her pussy
"Is this what you want?" She said, looking the Dane in it’s
brown eyes… He licked his lips, saliva dripping
from his mouth and landing on her face and shoulders…
She eased the cock toward her pussy, fighting her
better instincts not to fuck an animal… No sooner
did she have the tip in her vagina than the dog started
pumping forward – immediately ramming 6" into her
pussy. She gasped, for the first time since the dog
had started attacking her – she was feeling pleasure!
The dog bucked into her tight pussy, it’s hard purple
cock sliding in and out in short fast strokes. He
licked Kates face, long wet tongue slopping across her
cheek and nose.
As the hot dog cock pumped into her pussy Kate let
herself go… She stroked his sides, patted and pulled
on his powerful thighs. "Oh God, please forgive me…" She
The dog, more relaxed now, allowed her to raise it’s
paw and hold it over her mouth, she licked at the base
of it’s paw, her tongue moving between his claws. She
turned her head to the side and allowed the dog’s paw
to rest on her cheek.
His cock pumped deeper, she could feel something larger
banging against the entrance to her pussy and reached
down to feel. She felt a large ‘knot’ on the dog’s
cock, then a little more dick behind it… She wanted
it all, so spread her legs wider and help the dog
After a few more thrusts she felt the dog’s knot force
into her pussy – more sexual pain than she had ever
felt before… "Yes!" She wailed. "Oh yes!" The dog pumped
even faster, almost frenzied. Kate
guessed he was close to cumming in her… The thought
disgusted her – and made her so honry at the same
The Dane let out a strange growling yelp and she felt
hot fluid shooting into her pussy, sloshing around
inside her… She felt several shots of dog jism
shooting into her, filling her up… Taking her close
to her own orgasm…
She had to come!
Reaching down she started to finger her clitoris,
rubbing hard and fast – her favorite way. The dog’s
cock still filling her cunt, more jism suirting into
The dog licked her face again, this time she stuck out
her tongue – allowing the dog to lick across it…
That did it for her – she came hard… A huge orgasm
ripped through her body, her whole body shaking… The
shaking appeared to turn the dog on again and he
started pumping hard again… She could feel 9 or 10
inches of hard fat dog prick pumping in and out of her
pussy, stretching the walls out as she continued to rub
her clit…
Then the dog broke loose without warning and stumbled
back off the sofa… He immediately started licking at
his cock and balls – ignoring Kate.
As dog come poured from her pussy, she left her fingers
over her pussy, feeling them being covered by the hot
She lay there for several hours, sucking her fingers
clean, then wetting them with a dog-cum filled pussy
and sucking again…
She hoped the dog would come back for more when he was
ready… He did… But that’s another story.


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