Celeb-Beast – Kathy Ireland


(This story was originally written about another celebrity but has never been posted previously on alt.sex.stories. It has been extended and personalised to Kathy Ireland, and is now her story.)

Kathy Ireland had just completed shooting of her latest workout video, she was still wet with sweat having run straight from the studio and jumped into her convertable for the short drive home.

She knew that her husband and kids would be getting back from Florida that night, and she wanted to spend one last hour with Roman. Filming had gone badly and she had worried they wouldn’t finish early enough
for to get back to the ranch and have her fun.

As she turned off the freeway and sped up the service road, Kathy’s dark hair billowed around her face from the wind, she pulled the shoulder straps of her leotard down and ‘popped’ her breasts out as she pulled up infront of the stable block. Before the sound of the engine had died she was already out and walking as quickly as she could into the stable, kicking her shoes off and walking across the dusty ground with bare feet.

This way her own favourite way of staying in shape. A radical exercise she could never talk about in public.

The Melrose Place star stepped into the barn and breathed the horsey smelling air deeply down into her lungs. Her nipples stood up hard and proud on her naked breasts and she stroked her fingers along the underside of her perfect tits.

She moved slowly into the stable, wriggling out of her leotard and stepping out of it, now stark naked – a cool breeze coming through the stable doors and cooling her back, blowing through her thighs and chilling her pussy. Feeling the cold floor underfoot, she walked straight to Roman’s stall. Roman was her favourite horse, not the only one she had ever fucked but certainly the best – she loved the shape of his cock, she even swore to herself that his cum tasted nicer than the other horses.

Kathy stepped into the stable, closing the stall behind her… The soles of her feet slipping slightly on the cool floor. She had the stables kept in a very special condition, a light layer of soil on the floor with some straw for grip. By this time of day the horses had ‘damped down’ the soil and straw by pissing on it. Kathy loved the way the mixture of dirt and piss squished up between her toes and stuck to the soles of her beautiful feet.

Roman whinneyed. He recognised the smell of her pussy juices, which were by now running down her thighs like a waterfall, slowly wetting her ankles and dripping to the dirt on the floor.

Kathy positioned herself under Roman, bent forward with her hands on her knees, and rubbed her butt along the underside of his belly, gently grinding it up against his growing penis. Kathy felt the stallion react to her, it’s huge body rubbing against her back and lowered her head to watch it’s enormous cock growing between her legs. Soon, she thought to herself, oh god, she couldn’t wait.

As the horse’s cock grew to over sixteen inches she reached back and took a firm hold, starting to rub the head over her dripping cunt lips… It continued to grow in length and girth… Kathy knew she had to get it inside her cunt before it got too big – it could keep growing inside her, she loved that!

Slowly, so carefully, she eased it inside herself. This was what she lived for…

“Fuck!” She gasped, pain & pleasure as the horses cock stretched her pussy lips wide open. She eased backwards, forcing her cunt to take the size and girth of the horse’s tool. She gasped again, finding it hard to breath, Roman was also the biggest horse she had ever fucked.

Kathy continued to grind backwards, impaling herself on the horses huge shaft… It hurt. It hurt so much she almost wanted to stop, but by now the horse was pumping into her, making her stagger forward with every thrust. As it bucked up and down the tv star was almost lifted off the ground by the dick inside her. She tried to push herself backwards with her feet, but they slipped on the dirty floor of the stall, pissy-dirt & straw wrapping around her toes as the horse fucked her good.

“Oh fuck no…” Ireland screamed, in pain, the danger of being injured growing in her mind. It was the danger that got her off as much as the size, also the thought about how disgusting this was… A beautiful tv star like herself having sex with an animal. What would the Hollywood gossip mongers say if they found out about her?

Her eyes watered from the enormous pain of the giant penetration… These tears of pleasure rolled down her face as the horse continued to fuck her, but she knew she couldn’t get away from it – and she didn’t want to… She could feel her cunt stretching to it’s absolute limit. Roman was making a lot of noise, he seemed to love the feeling of a human cunt around his giant cock, it was far tighter than any horse pussy he had ever had – not that Kathy ever let him fuck any horses anymore… She had once let him fuck a mare and then sucked the bitch horse’s juices from his cock, but she didn’t like the mare’s cunt taste – Kathy isn’t a dyke after-all! No, Roman was hers and she was a very jealous girl.

She could now feel the head of the horse’s cock beginning to flare inside her, stetching her even more… “Oh yes!” She screamed, her body shaking with her first orgasm and she squeezed her titties hard with both hands and slipped around to stay upright and not fall over in the mud.

Then Roman came. The force of his ejaculation almost shooting her off his cock like a missile – filling her instantly… With a belly full of horse jizz, Kathy gasped, God that felt good! Horse cum quirted out around the sides of her pussy and splattered onto the floor of the stable, more dribbled down her inner thighs and onto her feet.

The pumping soon stopped as Roman relaxed, and Kathy leaned forward to slowly slide off the horses giant cock. As the tip of the cock popped from her cunt a shower of horse-cum spurted over Kathy’s back, more poured from inside her cunt forming a puddle on the ground. Kathy staggered forwards then lay down on her back underneath her lover to catch her breath She slid her feet around in the puddle of cum and piss and dirt under Roman, then lifted her feet up and placed them gently on either side on Roman’s cock – she started jerking him off again, this time with her feet.

The soles of her feet sliding up and down the shaft of Roman’s huge cock continued to stimulate him, he remained hard and erect and cum continued to drip down onto Kathy’s cunt as she arched her legs back above herself.

Once she had caught her breath, Kathy rolled over and turned around to face the cum-puddle. She bent her face towards it and dipped the tip of her tongue in. Slowly at first she started to lick the cum-puddle from the dirty floor. Occasional drips of fresh cum dropped from the horses cock into her dark hair, reminding her that it was still there. Not satisfied by the puddle, Kathy raised to her knees and grabbed the horses still hard cock with both hands – taking as much of the end as she could in her mouth and sucking and licking at it hard.

After a few minutes of sucking and hand jerking she got the horse to shoot another huge plug of cum directly into her mouth, almost gagging as the thick cum slipped down her throat.

“Mmmmm.” She moaned. “Tasty!”

She smeared the cum that had missed her mouth over her face, rubbing it in like skin cream. More of it was on her tits, so she massaged that slowly into her flesh. She sat at the edge of the stable watching Roman’s cock shrink back into its sheath. As she watched she demonstrated her incredible flexibility by bringing her left foot up to her mouth so that she could suck her toes and lick the muck from between them, then she did the same with her right foot.

She left the stable of shaky legs with cum dribbling from her loose cunt, down her inner thighs, having had one of the most awesome fucks of her life.

By the time her husband and kids got home, Kathy had showered, masturbated twice and blown Roman once more… Her family never knew it though, as far as they were concerned she was the perfect wife and mother, the all-American family woman.


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