Celeb-Beast – Mariah Carey

This story is a work of fiction. It is NOT true.
This text is not meant to suggest that the featured
celebrity(s) is actually involved in, or has ever been
involved in, sexual relations with animals.

Sex acts like those described below are illegal in most
countries around the world and should not be attempted unless
you are very, very famous!!!

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Now, on with the story…


Mariah Carey sucked hard on rapper Mace’s hot cock whilst Puff
Daddy pumped his big black meat into her tight asshole… As
Puffy forced more of his cock harder into her ass Mariah could
feel the shit being backed up into her bowells, the pain was
wonderful. She sucked harder, her head bouncing down onto
Mace’s cock, taking him deep into her throat.
"Oh yeah, bitch, Puffy loves fuckin’ yo ass!" Moaned Puffy as
he pumped harder, trying to hurt the superstar slut.
Mace looked down into Mariah’s eyes as she looked up at him…
He watched his cock slowly dissapear all the way into her
beautiful mouth, then looked over her back to watch his
homie’s dick driving deep into her asshole. He couldn’t
believe that the slut could take that much anal pounding. He
reached down under her chest and squeezed a tit, around his
cock he could see her smiling a little.
Puffy could feel that he was about to blow his load and
immediately pulled out of her ass and hurried around to her
mouth… "Suck this bitch!" He ordered, grabbing Mariah by
the hair and pulling her head away from Mace’s cock. Mariah
immediately took Puffy’s shit-stinking cock into her mouth and
sucked it as he began to fuck her face, forcing his cock deep
into her throat – almost choking her.
As she sucked on Puffy’s cock, Mariah took Mace in her hand
and jerked his cock toward her face… Her timing was
perfect, as Puffy shot his hot spunk into her throat she felt
Mace’s come splashing against her face and into her hair.
Once both men had finished coming in and over her, Mariah fell
back on the bed and smiled.
"You think you’re finished, bitch?" Asked Puffy. "You got
someone else to please first!"
Mace grinned as Puffy climbed off the bed.
"Hold her down!" Ordered Puffy as he walked out of the room.
Mace placed a big hand on Mariah’s belly, another held her
hands over her head as she struggled to get free and see what
was going on. Who would be next, Puffy had so many home-boys
that she knew would want to fuck her tight pussy… Puffy
returned leading a huge Rottweiler – his dog, named Beast.
Mariah raised her head and let out a laugh when she saw Beast.
"You don’t think I’m going to fuck that do you?" she
giggled, thinking it was a joke. "Bitch, you ARE going to fuck
that!" Laughed Puffy, "You ain’t got no fucking choice!"
Mariah cried out and tried to struggle free, but Mace knelt
astride her chest, pinning her down with a knee on each bicep,
his cock waving in her face. Mariah realised that this was
for real – Puffy was going to make her have sex with a dog!
Puffy guided Beast to mount the edge of the bed, his paws
scratching along Mariah’s smooth thighs. Puffy helped the
black dog to get between Mariah’s thighs, edging his cock up
against her well fucked cunt.
"Tell me you wanna fuck the Beast!" Ordered Puffy.
"Stop!" Cried Mariah.
"Tell me bitch… Tell me you want the Beast!" He repeated,
rubbing the wet tip of Beast’s cock against Mariah’s pussy
lips. She squirmed hard, trying hopelessly to get free.
Mariah attempted to scream, but this time Mace leaned forward
and pushed his semi-erect cock into her mouth. "Suck on this
slut!" He ordered her. "And get a load of this in your
bitch-assed pussy!" Laughed Puffy as he pushed Beast’s cock
into her cunt.
Mariah almost threw up as she felt the animal’s cock sliding
into her wet pussy, she was reviled. The cock in her mouth
was getting harder by the second as Mace twisted round to
watch the dog fucking the same superstar singer as him. "Oh
yeah, I bet you love that dog cock, right? Slut!" He beamed.
Tears rolled down Mariah’s face as she felt the dog thrusting
into her cunt. She could feel his fur against her inner
thighs, against her pussy. Puffy helped Beast fuck the singer,
pushing down on the dog’s back to push his member deeper into
the star.
The action of Beast fucking her pussy, combined with Mace
bouncing his cock into her mouth, added to the pain of Mace’s
weight on her biceps and the revulsion of a dog’s cock in her
pussy – was almost unbearable to Mariah. She cried silently
around Mace’s cock, closing her eyes tight and trying to wish
herself away. She was brought back into consciousness by
Puffy’s fist – he punched her in the ribs… "Wake up bitch,
you gotta enjoy this shit!" He taunted.
Mace leaned forward, pushing his cock deep into her throat,
choking her, making her gag – only pulling back when he sensed
that she was really struggling for air.
She opened her eyes wide and looked up at the smiling,
laughing, faces of Mace and Puffy. She could feel the
repulsive sensations of the fat, hot, animal sex organ filling
her pussy – she was no longer wet herself, but the dog’s
self-lubricating cock slide smoothly in and out of her cunt.
As she accepted what was happening she realised that although
the thought of what was happening disgusted her, the
sensations weren’t so bad as all that… Actually, it was quite
Puffy noticed his singer girlfriend’s nipples getting hard.
"It ain’t cold in here, bitch… You like this?" He asked,
laughing. "Your fucking enjoying this? What a fucking slut!"
"Oh yeah," Laughed Mace, noticing Mariah beginning to smile,
and feeling her starting to suck his cock, "she’s into it,
By now, Mariah was bouncing her ass in time to Beast’s sex
thrusts, taking him deeper and deeper. Puffy was holding
Beast’s knot – not allowing him to tie into the singer (he
wanted to fuck her again and knew he couldn’t afford to let
Beast tie the superstar)… He massaged the dog’s cock knot,
helping speed Beast toward an orgasm.
Mace figured that Mariah was being a good girl now, so he
released her arms. She immediately gripped his cock with one
hand and began working it into her mouth, jerking it fast – in
time with Beast’s thrusts into her pussy. Her other hand
gripped at her own tits, pinching her nipples.
Puffy leant in to rest his head on her inner thigh, watching
close as his dog’s cock rammed in and out of Mariah Carey’s
cunt. He could see her pussy lips stetching around the dog’s
blood gorged member – it looked so fucking good.
Now Beast was yelping, barking slightly… He was about to cum,
Puffy and Mace both recognised it from their previous music
industry conquests. "Here comes the jizz, bitch!" Shouted
Puffy. And it sure did… Hot dog cum spurted deep into
Mariah’s tight hole, she could feel it splashing around inside
her – and the feeling and knowledge was enough to set off her
own explosive orgasm. As she came she squeezed the base of
Mace’s cock hard and sucked on his knob-end – rapper’s cum
splatted over her face as she pulled his cock from her mouth
and pumped it fast.
With a dog cumming in her cunt and a man shooting over her
face, Mariah was in slut heaven. She giggled and laughed from
the pleasure. She couldn’t believe how much she was loving
this! How degraded could she be? Well, there was one more
After Puffy had pulled Beast from her cunt and fucked her
dog-cum- lubricated hole again with his big black cock, and
Mace had taken the dog from the room; Mariah lay back on the
bed as the two men stood one on either side of her head. She
opened her mouth wide as both men pissed straight down her
throat, she swallowed as fast as she could but a lot of piss
sprayed across her face and tits. The guys left her to suck
all the piss that she had missed out of the sheets.
She lay on the bed, fingers in her pussy, spreading dog-cum,
Mace and Puffy cum, piss and pussy juice over her belly, tits,
thighs, pussy, whatever. She’d never done this before – she
knew she’d have to do it again.


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