Celeb-Beast – Martina Hingis

Martina Hingis and two dogs.

Martina arrived at Wimbledon on day one. As she walked up to the main gates she knew she was the best player in competition, she knew that nothing could stop her – certainly no unknown Australian 16 yr old. As she walked through the gates she noticed the two police men with their young, handsome Alsation dogs. She smiled and imagined exactly what she wanted to do to those animals… She pictured herself on her hands and knees, with one of the dogs fucking her mouth, and the other on her back fucking her young cunt.

She figured she had nothing to lose, certainly not the match, by inviting
these two policemen to the changing rooms – there was no way two grown men would turn down the chance of a blow-job from the world’s finest tennis star. She invited them to come with her, and asked if they would bring their dogs. The cops agreed, sniggering to each other as they followed, saying that Martina must be one horny little bitch. “Swedish” said one, “You know how dirty they are!” “Swiss” Corrected the other.

Ten minutes on and the two cops had their cocks out, Martina’s cute teen face was moving from one to the other, taking each cock into her mouth, sucking slow and taking the cock all the way into her throat, then allowing it to slide out, her tongue licking the head, before moving to the other cop’s cock.

Between cocks Martina would look up at the cops and smile. She built both men up to the edge of orgasm and then dropped the bombshell… “How would you like to see me do this to your dogs?”

“Hell yes!” Grinned the cops, taking hold of their own cocks as Martina backed away.

They watched as she pulled her top over her head, her firm young breasts bouncing free (she hadn’t yet put on her dull sports-bra). She pulled her jogging pants down and removed her black panties then stood totally naked infront of the policemen. Her body was perfect, no fat, toned muscle, nicely tanned. Her pussy was cropped nice and short – just like the girls from Penthouse that she had fantasised about since she was 14. She licked her lips and dropped to her knees.

Bending over a bench, her boobs pressing against the cold wood, she allowed one of the dogs to mount her and start fucking her pussy with his 6 inch doggy cock. Reaching out infront of her face, she pulled the other dog’s cock back between his hindlegs and started to suck on it – slowly. All the time looking up at the two cops as they jerked off over her.

They commented about how nasty she was to be doing such an abnormal thing – they didn’t know how normal it was for her… She had fucked a hundred dogs in numerous countries around the world, sucked them, swallowed their cum – even eating their shit when particularly horny after tournament wins.

In the green painted changing room here at Wimbledon, she was still on her knees being fucked by the police dog, sucking the other dog’s cock as the first cop shot his cum over her back – splatting down on her shoulder and in her hair. She giggled around the dog’s cock in her mouth, then went back to work – her head bouncing up and down fast as she gulped back his pre-cum and sucked as much dick as she could get into her mouth.

The dog behind her had tied into her cunt by now, she’d get one of the cops to pull him out later.

The second cop grabbed her by the hair and pulled her mouth of the dog just in time to shoot his load of cum into her face, some into her mouth. As his cum hit her she squeezed the dog just right and he squirted hot watery dog cum over her face. The cops cum mixed with his dog’s cum on the Wimbledon slut’s face.

“Oh yeah!” Gasped Martina, a huge smile across her face.

Within minutes the other dog was spraying hot doggy juice into her pussy, a minute later his handler was pulling his still hard and ejaculating cock from Martina’s cunt. Cum continued to squirt over her ass.

Martina stood up and headed into the shower, followed by the two cops who each gave her a quick fuck in her ass as she cleaned her hair – almost oblivious to their fucking (she couldn’t care about men, only dog cocks got her off!)

On court, Martina started well, but her mind soon wandered back to the changing room and started dreaming about getting more of that hot dog cock action. She lost 6-2, 6-0, but she didn’t care. She would have 2 weeks of free time in London – the city of doglovers, to get as much dogsex and as many different dogs as she could squeeze in… And boy could she squeeze some in.


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