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MEG RYAN with a GREAT DANE (whilst husband Dennis Quaid watches) By: Luke OzvikAll

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MEG RYAN with a GREAT DANE (whilst husband Dennis Quaid watches)
By: Luke Ozvik

Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan had discovered the secret of a successful marriage in
One a month, to show her love and trust for him, Meg would allow Dennis to bring
home young hopeful actresses and fuck them in her bed. She’d watch from a hidden
room behind a two-way mirror whilst he butt-fucked these girls who were barely
old enough to be fucking.
In return, Dennis would hide in the viewing room and watch Meg fuck the well
hung studs (usually black street gangstas) she had picked up. He’d jerk himself
off as he watched her take on two or three of these guys at a time.
But deep down inside Meg Ryan stirred another secret desire… Her untold desire
to make Dennis watch her being fucked by a dog… To be fucked by a hig, nasty,
hairy dog. Miss Pretty doing the ultimate nasty!
She decided to make fantasy reality, through talking to friends she found out
about Tori Spelling’s Hollywood Kennel Club (an organisation she ran to give
stars access to fully trained dogs) and hired a young, muscular Great Dane,
light grey in colour.
On that particular day, Dennis concealed himself in the viewing room and
prepared himself, cock getting hard – as he waited for Meg to enter with her
lovers. When the door did open Dennis was shocked and pretty sick to see Meg
enter leading the huge dog. She was wearing her finest scarlet red underwear –
wonderbra and panties, stockings… She looked great, but with a dog? He was so
sure he wanted to watch, but he couldn’t look away.
Meg sat on the edge of the bed and stood the Dane infront of her, rubbing his
sides and hind-quarters, watching herself in the mirror – knowing Dennis was
Reaching under the dog she started to massage his cock, gently pulling his
sheath back to reveal the pink penis within, stroking that, feeling pre-cum
lubricant on her fingers. Her stroking became faster as she felt his cock grow
larger, harder.
Once she felt he was big enough, Meg pushed the Dane away and knelt on the floor
infront of the bed, pulling her panties down around her knees and bending
forward over the bed. The Dane quickly jumped onto her, his front paws stepped
onto the edge of the bed, standing him almost upright – his cock so close to her
cunt she could almost feel it – pre-cum dripping onto her legs.
Dennis watched his wife, her face turned toward him, as she reached around
behind her ass and guided the dog’s cock into her pussy – her mouth making a
perfect ‘O’ shape as she moaned her satisfaction of the feeling.
The Dane pumped into her, controlled deep strokes – well trained having already
fucked the likes of Tori Spelling, Tiffany Amber Thiessen and Heather Locklear –
stretching Meg’s dog-virgin pussy.
Meg moaned and groaned as the Dane’s huge cock pushed deeper into her cunt –
pure pleasure coursing through her body. The sensations of the dog fucking her
mixing with the knowledge that her husband was watching – and that the media
didn’t know…
"Do you like watching me fuck this dog?" She moaned to Dennis beyonf the mirror.
"I love this dog fucking my little cunt!" A huge grin across her face, her white
teeth showing. Pure satisfaction on her face.
She shook to an orgasm within minutes, but the dog kept going for much longer –
trained to go as long as he could…
Reaching around behind her Meg grabbed at the dog’s thigh and pulled him closer,
encouraging him to… "Fuck me harder boy… Come on… Deeper…"
The Dane pushed into her, the command ‘Deeper’ familiar to him, his cock-knot
pushing against Meg’s pussy. She could feel it was huge, surely bigger than she
could take – she wanted it bad.
Pumping harder, almost to hard, the dog rammed his knot against the lips of her
cunt bringing Meg off for the second time, moaning loud and swearing, "Fuck me
doggy, fuck my famous cunt!"
Inside his booth Dennis watched, by now getting turned on and jerking off his
hard cock. Watching his sweat all-American wife getting this serious dog-cock
action. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing.
Meg’s pussy couldn’t stretch wide enough to take the knot, her thighs not able
to part wide enough because of her panties around her knees… She enjoyed the
sensations of his pounding for several minutes – often issuing the command
‘Deeper’ which urged him to more frenzied, harder thrusting.
After she had reached her third orgasm, her body covered in sweat, her legs
week, Meg pushed back at the dog (as Tori had instructed) forcing him to back
away. His cock slowly sliding from her swollen pussy, stretching it as the wide
middle section of his shaft popped out.
Meg rolled over until she was sitting on the floor, leg out and back to the base
of the bed. She encouraged the Dane to remount the bed and fuck her face… He
With the Dane’s front legs on the bed, his hind legs spread around Meg’s hips,
his cock – still hard and oozing pre-cum – right infront of her face. Meg licked
her lips and opened her mouth, taking the huge pink cock into her mouth and
sucking hard. Her mouth sealed around the cock she swallowed down all of the
dog’s pre-cum, taking his cock deeper into her mouth.
Dennis had watched her deep-throat many men in the past – but never a dog, never
a cock like this. He watched as inch-after-inch of meat slipped into her mouth,
as she massaged the dog’s balls gently. He could see her turning her head, and
eyes, to watch herself in the mirror he hid behind.
Meg could see the dog’s cock sliding into her mouth, the feel of it, the taste
incredible – watery salty, like sucking an iron bar she thought. She sucked
harder, her cheeks pulled in tight to her jaw, the dog responded by pumping hard
into her mouth – his cock almost pushing into her throat making her gag. She
could sense from his movements, the way his cock was swelling, that he was about
to cum. Gripping his meat in one hand she started to pump him into her sucking
mouth – his hindquarters pumping at her even faster…
Then he came – shooting hot watery cum into her mouth. She swallowed as much as
she could then opened her mouth, allowing dog cum to spill out and run down her
chin, dripping onto her tits. The taste of his hot cum was fantastic, the feel
of it pouring over her flesh – heaven.
The dog continued to pump at her fist, more and more cum shooting at her open
mouth, into her face and across her tits… All the cum was running down between
her titties, forming a small pool between them. She was giggling and laughing
uncontrollably as the dog covered her with it’s seed.
Inside his little room, Dennis shot his cum all over the mirror – jerking
himself well (he’d leave the cum on the mirror for Meg to lick up later).
Later, after a long discussion, they decided to use dogs more often in their sex
sessions – no more men for Meg – both were very happy with the arrangement.

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