Celeb-Beast – Melanie Chisholm


Celebrity is highly frustrating for some. Not being able to admit who, or what,

you really are can be very stressful. Melanie Chisholm, or Mel C, or Sporty

Spice, had had to field many questions about her sexuality over the last few

years. The media were constantly obsessed with her lack of male friends,

suggesting that she was a lesbian, constantly asking her in interview after

interview. It annoyed Mel, not because she found the idea of lesbianism

offensive, she had no problem with it at all – it just wasn’t her thing.

during those early years with the other Spice Girls, when they had been

sharing the same house in London, she had enjoyed many a lesbian orgy. However,

back to her frustration… Mel hated the fact that she couldn’t tell these

reporters that she infact had a wonderful and totally fulfilling sex life. Not

with a man and not with a woman, but with a dog. She couldn’t tell them that

she wasn’t relocating in Los Angeles because of the music industry, rather it

was that her beloved Rocky was there. To bring him back to England she would

have to be without him for six long months whilst he went through quarantine.

Too long to be without his love.

Rocky was a four year old Rottweiler. An immensely powerful and muscular beast

with a shiny black coat of short silky smooth hair. Mel had bought him from a

security patrol soon after she had arrived in L.A., for personal security in the

home, she had said when she bought him… But the truth was far more simple, Mel

simply had an obsession with Rottweilers. It had begun several years before

back home in Liverpool, years before the Spice Girls had even been imagined,

back when Mel was still an athletics obsessed schoolgirl. Her obsession with

the dog’s looks and power had grown over the years, although it hadn’t become a

sexual thing until after the Spice Girls were well established.

Her first sexual experience with a dog had been during the Spice’s first world

tour. An overnight stop in Thailand on their way to Japan had left the girls

with nothing to do. Geri and Victoria, had opted to stay in and go to bed

together for a good night of passion and little Emma had gone to bed early

(alone) leaving the Mel’s, B and C, Scary and Sporty if you like, to head out

into the night and look for some entertainment.

Well, the two famous girls had wondered around the seedier, darker, backstreets

of Bangkok for an hour, checking out the sights – eyeing up the gorgeous

oriental hookers. Mel C may not have had lesbian tendencies but her black

band-mate certainly did, and she had a particular love for the younger virtually

pre-teen hookers you could pick up over here. She had expressed a desire as

they walked around to find a really young bit of pussy and fuck it all night

long – and when she saw a young girl leaning on a doorway she couldn’t resist

asking if she was a whore. The girl was, and before Mel C could say anything,

she was standing alone in the street as her friend deserted her hand-in-hand

with the twelve year old hooker.

The Sporty Spice wandered down the streets for a while longer until she found a

small club named “Big Doggy Sex”. She laughed out loud, thinking that there was

obviously something lost in the translation of the club name. And she went in.

Mel entered a club full of smoke, the first thing she noticed was that all the

seats were facing toward one corner of the club, and following the line of sight

she was stunned by what she saw. A woman, very slim, very attractive, with

small tits and long black hair, was on her knees – a look of obviously faked

rapture on her face as a large hairy dog fucked her doggy style. Mel’s legs

almost went out from beneath her. She watched from the shadows at the back of

the club as the woman allowed the dog to fuck her for a full quarter hour before

pulling him from her pussy, rolling over and jerking him off slowly onto her

chest – cum squirting from his cock as if the girl was milking him.

Mel left the club in a hurry, not wanting to be caught in such a place – but the

thought, the vision of what she had seen never left her mind. She dreamt about

it that night, alone in her bed, dreamt about the live dogsex show – but this

time it was her on the stage, and the stage was in a stadium, and instead of

dirty perverts watching her it was thousands of young girls and teenage boys,

and they were all cheering her on and she was wildly fucked by the dog. She

woke up in a cold sweat. She could tell that this was the new path her life was

to take.

The next night, the Spice Girl’s played a sell out show infront of thousands of

screaming fans. It was a great show but Mel C. simply hadn’t been able to keep

her mind on the act. At one point she remembered her dream of the night before

and dropped to her hands and knees – faking her part of the dogsex act,

imagining all those kids looking up at her as she was fucked by an animal. She

had to be pulled to her feet by Emma, who chastised her for not following the

set routine.

As soon as the show was over the girls raced out to their waiting limo and

headed back to the hotel. The girls all had a word with Mel C. about her

behaviour, telling her to stick to the set routines, the regular choreography.

Mel didn’t care, but she pretended to – the route back to the hotel went right

by the red light sex district of Bangkok – and allowed the girls to get really

angry before screaming that she wanted out of the limo. It stopped, she got out

and said that she would find her own way back to the hotel. She had no such


Within a quarter of an hour she was back at “Big Doggy Sex”. As she entered the

club it was again very busy. The patrons were again all facing the stage as an

oriental girl – it looked like a different girl, a bit fatter with bigger tits

and short hair -growled loudly as an alsation banged into her pussy from behind.

Mel watched the show from the edge of the room as she worked her way around

toward the side of the stage, getting closer, seeing more. As she approached

the stage she saw a man counting money, he had the look of a manager, and she

approached him.

She introduced herself as Melanie from Liverpool, the club manager – more

interested in hardcore sex and beastiality shows – had no idea who the Spice

Girls were so didn’t recognise her.

“You student? You backpacker?” He asked in broken English.

“Yes.” Mel lied.

“You want earn money?” He asked, nodding towards the stage.

“Yes.” Mel said, this time telling truth.

“You fuck dog before?” He asked, looking her up and down.

She shook her head.

“Good. Virgin. Pay extra. $200 American.” He smiled, toothless.

Mel nodded, a smile on her face as she thought about ‘earning’ a measly $200 for

doing such a show.

The manager showed Mel backstage and told one of his ‘performers’ (in Thai) to

show her how to do it – but not to actually let her do it. The performer, a

taller than average oriental with a tattoo on her shoulder blade of a

dog-fucking a woman took Mel aside and gave her a private show with a large dog,

a Mastiff. Mel’s heart raced as she watched this woman demonstrate dogsex to

her, without showing the slightest bit of pain, degredation, sickness or

pleasure on her face. After she had demonstrated how to do the act, the woman

lead Mel outside to a large yard behind the club. The yard was full of large

metal cages, each containing a dog. Mel realised that she was here to select a

dog for her act. She looked around and quickly found a Rottweiler, her heart

took-off, this was perfect, here she was, about to do a sex show with a


Mel spent the next hour or so backstage getting friendly with the dog, getting

him used to the feeling of her fingers on his penis, getting used to the feeling

of his penis in her hands, she let him lick her face – even opened her mouth to

return the kisses. Then the manager called her name and pointed to the stage.

“Twenny minute show. Now.” He sent her out.

Mel walked onto the small stage wearing just her panties, no bra needed to hold

her firm small flattish chest. She had the dog on a lead beside her. The crowd

of orientals cheered – fresh meat, even better for them, fresh Euro-meat. They

loved to see European girls fucking dogs, so much better than seeing their own

oriental kind.

Mel dropped to her butt, sitting with her legs straight out and flat on the

floor, she lay back and positioned the dog over her head, lifting her head up

she began to lick at his cock – which began growing fast. She sucked it, her

lips slurping on the wet flesh, her tongue working it’s way around the flat tip

– pre-cum already flavouring her tongue. Her head working back and forth, up

and down the shaft of the dog’s big cock – it was out to six inches already, and

fat too. Mel sucked, listening to the cheers of the orientals. She loved the

idea that here she was, one of the most famous women on Earth, and these guys

just thought she was some slut from Liverpool (which, of course, she was).

Having given the dog a good sucking, Mel pulled her head back and let his cock

flop out of her mouth, she held it with one hand letting the constant stream of

pre-cum dribble onto her small tits, turning her head to the audience and

smiling, she wound them up a little… “Shall I let him fuck me?” She called.

The members of the audience who spoke English quickly shouted “Yes!” The others

joined in as they figured it out.

“You want to see him fucking my cunt?” She called in her strong accent.

Huge smiles and cheers from the crowd of about 60 middle aged orietnal men, all


Mel flipped around to that her legs were facing the audience, still flat to the

stage. She brought her legs together, whipped her panties off in one smooth

movement to reveal an incredible bush of pussy hair, then slowy spread her legs

apart until she was almost in the splits – her pussy lips parted and showing the

audience the inside of her cunt.

“You wanna see him fuck this?” She said pointing at her pussy. The club


Mel brought the dog back around on top of her again, still lying on her back,

she put the flats of her feet on the stage and raised her abdomine up to meet

the dog’s belly, the reaching down with one hand she eased the dog’s hard cock

into her dripping wet snatch. He started to buck and fuck her immediately, she

gasped with sudden shock and excitement from her first dog penetration. It was

everything she had imagined and more – so hot and real, so alive, so much better

than all of her old boyfriend’s cocks. She concentrated on squeezing the dog’s

cock harder with the walls of her pussy, tensing the muscles and the dog clearly

enjoyed it. In this position she was almost face to face with the dog as he

fucked her – so she started to lick at his mouth, encouraging him to kiss her

back, which he did.

The patrons of the club watched as this skinny English girl French-kissed the

dog as it fucked her pussy hard, they clapped and cheered as she took one of the

best fuckings the club had ever seen.

Mel was resting her weight on her feet and shoulders now, allowing her hands to

run up and down the dogs back as if he were her lover, her mouth opened to

receive his tongue, her thighs quivered as he hammered in and out of her cunt,

pre-cum still pouring into her.

“Oh yeah, fuck me good… You’re so good…” She moaned between kisses. Her eyes

were closing now, forgetting the club full of scummy perverts, losing herself in

the passion of the sex.

The dog, on the other hand, didn’t care – he was just fucking this tight cunt.

He thought it was much the same as all the other cunts he’d fucked, bitches and

humans, he didn’t care.

As her orgasm hit her, Mel pushed her hips right up in the air, the dog almost

being lifted off the stage by the force of her thrust – and that had another

effect, as the force of the thrust combined with the dog’s weight and his own

thrust, to force his knot inside the Spice Girl. A ball of muscle at the base

of his cock, a ball the size of a baseball, suddenly stretching her pussy out

beyond any way it had ever been stretched before. The club’s patrons went wild,

they weren’t used to seeing girls get tied to the dogs – this was indeed a

special show.

The dog continued to fuck Mel, feeling his orgasm getting closer. Mel reached

down to feel his cock in her, to see how stretched her pussy was. It felt like

they were the same creature now, her pussy pulled so tight that she could barely

tell where her flesh ended and his cock began. She found the base of his cock

and began to pull him away from her – slowly and painfully… She felt like he

was about to cum and she wanted it all over her, not inside her… She pulled

harder, and harder, then… As the dog gave a little yelp and stopped bucking,

she pulled him out with a load popping sound – then was hit in the face with a

jet of dog semen, it shot out and laid a line of cum from her navel to her

forehead. Another jet of cum followed, this time she aimed it all over her

tits, and another, and another. The dog just kept on coming. Jet after jet

after spurt. She was drenched, holding his cock in one hand, squeezing it a

little and feeling another jet of cum hitting her flesh – her other hand rubbing

it over her tits, over her face, masturbating it into her pussy. Oh God, she

thought to herself, this is heaven.

The show had lasted almost half-an-hour. When she sat up there were men at the

front of stage holding out notes, which she crawled around on her hands and

knees collecting as the cum dripped from her nipples. Some of the guys wanted

blow-jobs, and offered her extra cash to do it – and she thought ‘what the hell’

and just blew them there and then, swallowing their cum or just letting it

splash against her face depending what the guys wanted. After another twenty

minutes of this she staggered off stage to the manager.

She smiled at him, cum covering her face, her tits, her belly. He handed her

$200 in cash, which she took in her cum covered hand and scrunched up, she smile

again, “Thanks” she said.

“No… Thank-you,” he said, “If you want job, you got job.”

Mel thought long and hard about it. She could continue touring with the Spice

Girls, earning millions and being famous, or she could dissapear from the world

of touring and fame and peform live hardcore sex shows with dogs for $200 a

night. It was a hard choice, a genuinely hard choice, but after quick thought

she opted to tour with the girls. And, of course, she could always buy a dog of

her own – and that’s where we started… Melanie Chisholm’s love match with her

Rottweiler Rocky. The only man in her life.


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