Celeb-Beast – Melinda Messenger


Wayne didn’t mind that his girlfriend Melinda Messenger earned all the money. Soon after she had gained her fame from topless modelling they had devised a game, a test of her loyalty to him, and of her subserviance. Whilst she had gained more fame, fronting tv game-shows and chat-shows, they had continued with this game, and this let Wayne know that no matter who made all the money it was he that was in charge, and that she was totally submissive.

The test of loyalty would take place once a week (usually on a Sunday) in the Shed.

Wayne had built the shed himself. It was a wooden hut,
built at the bottom of their garden, about 7 feet high, 6 feet across and ten feet long. The floor was carpetted with an old threadbare chord carpet.

Wayne had used the walls as a urinal everyday for months – and the dogs were encouraged to do the same… As a result the room had the strong odour of piss (which had soaked into the carpet and wooden planks of the walls). In fact, the room was a stinking pit!

The only furniture in the room was a small wooden bench and a tri-pod (for Wayne’s video camera, he taped everything).

The only thing about the room that was high-standard was the lighting, four powerful spotlights shone down from the corners illuminating every inch of the dump.

Behind the hit was an old iron bathtub which was filled with rain water and rotting garbage. Wayne and Melinda would pick out any trash that would rot – old food and garden waist – and throw it into the bath. They’d also throw all of the dogshit into the tub – as had a St. Bernard this was a lot of shit! As a result the tub gave off quite a stink and if it wasn’t for the strong scented flowers they had all around, and the distance to the next door neighbours properties they would have had many complaints about the smells.

Preparation for the test of loyalty was simple, Melinda would strip nude and allow Wayne to tie a chord around her breasts (tight enough to hurt her, making her tits bulge painfully), the chord would then go around her back to tie her hands and then up around her neck – then he would lead her down the garden to the hut, followed by the dog.

Melinda would then kneel down infront of the bench and bend forward, totally submissive to Wayne. In this position she would now do anything and everything Wayne asked, or told, her to do.

First, Wayne would give Melinda her colonic. He’d start by getting a jug of stinking, thick refuse water from the tub outside, pouring it into a food blender – then he’d add a few bugs he’d collected from the garden, some fresh dog-shit and finally he’d piss in the blender himself. He’d then mix all this up. The blender mixing everything into a smooth, thin liquid.

Wayne would then take the colonic kit, a funnel attached to a five foot platic tube, and stick one end up Melinda’s ass… Melinda would wriggle as he pushed four inches of the tube up her ass, there was always a smile on her face at this point, she loved anal penetration of all kinds. Then Wayne would raise the funnel high and pour in the shit-piss-garbage-rain-bug concoction into the tube… Gravity would feed the foul mixture down and into her asshole. Melinda would use all her muscle control to almost suck the vile fluid into her ass, she loved the cool sensations it gave her, even if the thought of it’s contents did make her feel sick.

The big pay-off for this act (for Wayne, not Melinda) was that once all the fluid was in her ass (making her belly bulge) Wayne would remove the funnel from the tube and place that end of the tube in her mouth. As he video recorded her, Melinda would then suck the rotten mixture out of her own arse and swallow it down – Wayne’s piss, the dog’s shit, dead bugs, rotting trash and old rainwater. This would always take her to the point of vomitting – but she’d swallow that too, knowing that to vomit was to disrespect Wayne, and that was not allowed.

Second phase was to bring in the dog, the St. Bernard. A huge, powerful animal with a massive cock (almost ten inches and so fat). Melinda had sampled the dog on countless occasions, orally and vaginally.

Wayne opened the door to the hut and the dog eagerly bounded in. He knew what happened in the hut. As he bounded in the first thing he could see was Melinda’s fine ass sticking out at him. Melinda was on her knees bent over the bench. This was the best part of the morning for her, she really loved her dog.

Wayne moved into a better position, focussing his camera on his girlfriend.

The huge St. Bernard mounted Melinda… She took his weight on her back, his fur rubbing against her back always made her feel so secure. She bit her lower lip, waiting for the moment his cock would find her pussy.

She could feel the wet tip of his cock bouncing around off her ass, slipping between her butt cheeks, rubbing along her inner thighs… Finally the dog found it’s target – driving the shaft of his fat, red, hot dog-cock into her pussy. She was immediately filled up with hot love. She moaned.

Wayne moved the camera round to see the look of total pleasure on Melinda’s face, her wide smile, her half-closed eyes.

“Oh yeah…” Melinda moaned louder as the dog pumped into her pussy, lunging forward harder and harder, climbing up her back. With each lunge the dog’s cock pushed deeper into Melinda’s cunt. She moaned and groaned in total pleasure as the dog fucked her hard.

“Fuck me… Yeah…” She moaned. Wayne moved the camera around, the microphone picking up all her moans. “Oooohhhh.”

She gasped as the middle part of his cock pushed into her, once that was in the next three inches slotted right home. All ten inches deep inside her celebrity pussy. It felt so hot, so nasty. Melinda was already cumming hard.

The dog continued to fuck her hard, his back arching as he heaved himself over her back. With ten inches of dog-cock in her pussy, Melinda was in slut-heaven, she could feel pre-cum in her cunt, it felt so good. She looked up at Wayne, giving him a perfect view of her face – natural looking without make-up, sweaty and glowing with pleasure.

Melinda bit her lip, excitedly awaiting the dog’s knot – which she knew was right on her… As the dog pumped forward she could feel that large ball of muscle pushing against her pussy, pressing against her clit. With one big push the dog hammered his knot into the human pussy under him…

“Yes!” Melinda squealed, instantly cumming again as a ball of muscle the size of a baseball forced it’s way into her pussy. She struggled to breath, pleasure coursed through her body.

“Cum in me, cum in me…” She begged the dog.

The dog pumped a few more times, making the knot-seal good and sure, then shot his massive load of hot doggy-sperm into Melinda’s waiting womb. She orgasmed for the third time as she felt hot sperm splashing around in her body. “Oh yes!” She screamed. “That’s so fucking good…”

After a couple more thrusts, the St Bernard stopped moving and backed off a little, his cock not moving – locked into the model. He turned around, flipping one leg up and over his cock – tied into her cunt, and stood ass-to-ass, back-to-back with her – attached by his fat cock and that baseball sized knot jammed into her tight pussy. Occasional squirts of dog cum shot up into her belly.

“Have you worked up a nice appetite now?” Wayne asked.

Melinda nodded, nervous about what Wayne would produce for her to eat… In the past he had presented her with a bowl of wriggling maggots, a pint of rotten milk, a plate of his shit…

Wayne left the hut, as he always did, it would take ten or fifteen minutes for the dog to break loose of Melinda and things would be pretty dull for a while. Wayne headed back to the house for a drink and to get something for Melinda to eat. He left the door to the hut wide open, anyone looking over the fence from next door would be able to look into the hut and see the famous Page 3 girl fucking the dog, Melinda knew this, and that turned her on even more.

Before Wayne returned Melinda was aware of someone else in the hut, she could turn to see the doorway but she could hear footsteps and children’s voices. She figured it was the two boys from next door, she heard whispers and giggles, then the familiar click of a Poloroid camera, then giggles as the boys ran away. She worried for a second then realised that the boys already had so many pictures of her doing the most disgusting things – that this new picture wouldn’t make any difference.

Wayne returned to the hut holding a plate. As he placed it infront of her she saw the vilest thing in her life. On the plate, inches from her face, was a dead mouse. The mouse had been dead for some time, a cat must have got it because it was half-crushed, split open and crawling with maggots.

Melinda lowered her head slowly, poking her tongue out she got her first taste of the mouse, it was foul. She looked pleadingly up at Wayne.

“If you love me, you’ll eat it.” Whispered Wayne.

Melinda lowered her head again and took a deep breath, then opened her mouth and took the mouse in it… She bit down, cutting the mouse in half, the other half dropping back onto the plate. She chewed on the half mouse in her mouth, crunching it’s tiny bones, mashing up it’s internal organs and all the maggots. She swallowed it down, fur and all, and swallowed back as she almost vomitted. She lowered her head again and picked up the other half of the mouse. Again, she forced herself, her stomach churning, to eat the dead animal. The idea of what she was eating was so repulsive that she was really struggling to keep it down…

As she chewed, Wayne moved around behind her and took the dog by it’s collar, he pulled and the dog followed, his knot stretching Melinda to her limits…

Melinda vomitted from the pain as the dog pulled from her cunt, the contents of her stomach – the colonic, the mouse, the maggots – spilling out onto the plate.

She looked up at Wayne pleadingly. He shook his head and picked the plate up. Turning the plate over he placed the puke all over Melinda’s blonde head. He rubbed everything into her hair, smearing it all over her. She looked like such a fucking tramp.

Wayne taped her for a minute then had a final thought. “I think it’s time you cleaned yourself up.”

“To the tub?” She murmered through vomit covered lips.

“Yes… To the tub.” Wayne stated, pulling Melinda by her puke covered hair to her feet.

Melinda walked from the hut on shaky legs with the dog’s cum running down her inner thighs, her hair matted with puke from her various meals of the morning. Her tits ached from the chord which was still biting into them.

Wayne followed her, taping everything. He focussed on her wonderful ass as she stumbled toward the tub.

Melinda stepped right into the tub and stood, up to her knees in the foul smelling, thick water. She waited whilst Wayne unfastened her hands and removed the chord from around her neck and tits. Now free, Melinda sat down in the foul bath and sank in until only her face and chest were out of the surface. Using her now free hands Melinda spread all the vile liquid all over her face and tits.

As a final shot for Wayne’s video, Melinda would lower her entire body and face beneath the surface, whilst under she opened her mouth and allowed it to fill with horrible water… She surfaced and opened her mouth, allowing the water to spill out over her chin and tits. A big smile for the camera, then she’d had enough – for this week.


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