Celeb-Beast – Natalie Portman

This story is a work of fiction. It is NOT true.
This text is not meant to suggest that the featured
celebrity(s) is actually involved in, or has ever been
involved in, sexual relations with animals.

Sex acts like those described below are illegal in most
countries around the world and should not be attempted
unless you are very, very famous!!!

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Now, on with the story…

Natalie Portman and a dog

Natalie arrived at the interview/screentest for the new
‘Star Wars’ prequel. She was desperate for the part, any
part, in this new series of movies – she was willing to do
anything to get the part. She knew that a part in these
movies would turn her into a huge star, but besides that –
she just knew that she’d never have another oportunity to
star in a movie of this magnitude.
She was shown into a dark room by a polite young man. He
spoke nicely to her and told her that Mr Lucas wasn’t
available at the moment but would be down to see her later,
in the meantime she was to shoot some footage on video for
Lucas to watch later.
Natalie smiled and sat down on a small stool infront of a
dark-sheet. A video camera was mounted on a tripod infront
of her and the polite man, who called himself Simon, took
up his position behind the camera.
"Now, you know the back story to the first three movies,
don’t you?" He said.
Natalie shook her head, "No, not really, it’s all top
secret, isn’t it?"
"Oh yeah, we kind of forget here." Started Simon. "Well, the
basic story is that your character will be a slave girl
who is rescued by Luke’s father, Anakin." He said,
bullshitting her. "And we need you to wear a little metal
bikini like Carrie Fisher did in Jedi… Would that bother
Natalie shook her head, "No, that wouldn’t be a problem for
"Okay, if you could just slip off your blouse and pants so
Mr. Lucas can see what he’ll be working with." Asked Simon.
Natalie raised an eyebrow. "Are you sure?"
"You do want the part don’t you?" Simon said. "All the other
girl’s have done this."
"Okay…" Said Natalie as she unbuttoned her blouse and slipped
it off revealling her young breasts in her white
lace and silk bra. She stood up and unzipped her smart
black pants, let them drop around her ankles and stepped
out of them. She stood there for a second as Simon panned
the camera up and down her pale, slim body, only covered by
her panties and bra and her nervous hands which moved
across her belly and infront of her panties.
"That’s excellent." Simon said, "George will be really
Natalie smiled, a nervous smile.
"Now, some of the stuff in the movie may sound a little
strange… But, for example, your character will be the
property of an evil slave master called Boss Nazz."
Natalie nodded, taking in the details of this story,
gradually becoming more comfortable half-naked infront of
the camera.
"Boss Nazz is a dog-man combination, and he is keeping you
as his personal concubine… Do you know what that is?"
Asked Simon.
"Sure, I know that… He’s keeping her as his personal
sexual companion – but are you sure that they will be able
to use that in a big movie like this?"
"Of course… What do you think Jabba had Leia in that gear
for in Jedi? They just didn’t talk about it. George just
wants to make it a little more risky this time."
"Oh…" Nodded Natalie.
"So what George really wants…" Began Simon. "Is to see how
you look in that costume with a large dog by your
side. Is that okay?"
"Okay… No problem."
Simon led a large wolfhound from a small closet behind his
chair and brought it around next to Natalie, the semi-nude
teenage actress put her arm around the dog and stroked him,
although his growl scared her a little.
"Don’t worry about him. He won’t bite." Stated Simon. He
taped her stroking the flanks of the hairy beast for a few
seconds, a look of slight fear on her face.
"Now, your character has to be subserviant to Boss Nazz.
So you’ll have to be on your knees before your master. Can
you try that?" He waited as Natalie’s expression changed.
"Are you sure?" She asked again.
"Look… I told you once, all the other girls have done this in
their screen-tests. If you want the part, it’s just an
act of subserviance to your master."
Natalie relunctantly dropped onto the floor and got
on her knees. She adjusted her panties, pulling them from
the crack of her ass and making them a little more
comfortable, then bent forward to rest of her hands. "Is
that okay?" She asked, looking directly into camera, not
noticing the big dog (Nazz) moving around behind her.
"That’s perfect." Said Simon, feeling his cock
beginning to stir as he focussed the camera on her young
scared face. He caught the look of shock and terror on her
face perfectly as the dog mounted her from behind. She
squealed, a slight squeak of silent scream as she felt
those huge hairy legs grip round her waist. She looked up
at Simon and saw him smiling, the terror on her face was
"Now, if you really want the part… Do not
scream!" He said, moving out from behind the camera and
approaching her unfastening his belt.
Natalie fought for her breath as she felt Nazz
bumping against the gusset of her panties, something wet
dribbling down her inner thigh. Simon knelt down infront
of her, moving her upper body slightly to one side to get a
good shot on the camera.
"Now, I’m going to put my cock in your mouth, and
you’re going to suck it hard, and we’ll see how subserviant
you can act." He said as he pulled out his cock and waved
it infront of Natalie’s fearful face. He pressed the tip
against her closed lips and smeared it across her face
until she opened her mouth and accepted this cock into her
mouth. She started sucking, praying this ordeal would be
over soon… But it was just beginning.
As Natalie sucked on Simon’s cock, he bent forward
over her back, reached under Nazz’s hairy belly and took
hold of her panties, pulling the gusset over to one side,
exposing her pink virgin pussy. It took about two seconds
for the dog to penetrate her, his hot pink cock slipping
right into it’s teenage target… Sliding in deep and fast.
Natalie gasped, part pain, part virgin pleasure, as this
strange sensation filled her. The dog’s cock sliding deep
into her pussy was something she had never thought about,
it disgusted her but it felt great. She sucked harder on
Simon’s cock, taking it deep into the back of her throat as
Nazz bent his back, forcing more and more cock into her
tight cunt with each stroke.
"You fucking love it, right Princess?" Spat Simon,
looking down at the cute actress as she stared up at him
with her fearful big brown eyes. She was still terrified
of what was happening, this being her first time on the
casting couch – and with a dog too!
Nazz continued to fuck the beautiful young girl
with his huge nine inch dog cock, pre-cum slowly filling
her young vagina as he thrusted deep inside her. She could
feel the head of his cock sliding along her pussy walls
with every stroke, the knot of his cock banging against her
vaginal lips, his hot breath over her back and his fur on
her back, his strong legs gripping round her waist. She
kept sucking on Simon’s cock, bringing one hand up to cup
his balls, something she’d seen in a porno movie. It took
just seconds to get Simon to explode the contents of his
balls into the back of her mouth, she swallowed the salty
man-cum back and sucked harder until Simon pulled away and
sat on the floor watching as the dog continued to fuck the
Simon watched as Nazz gave Natalie the hardest
fucking he had ever seen him give to a human. Nazz
hammered that poor girl’s pussy so hard, finally managing
to tie his knot into her after a good ten minutes, that
Simon was sure she was about to pass out. The agony on her
face as the knot rammed inside her got Simon hard again,
and he returned to her face.
"Suck it harder this time, it’ll take you mind off
that pain." Said Simon.
The ordeal had lasted about 15 minutes by now,
Natalie now had Simon’s semi-erect cock in her mouth, the
dog locked into her pussy resting on her back, occasionally
pumping into her from behind. She felt hot fluid being
squirted into her pussy from the dog and guessed that he
must be coming, meanwhile she sucked Simon’s cock until he
shot another, smaller, load of cum down her throat.
"So, do I get the part?" She asked, as coolly and
collected as she could. The dog still tied into her pussy,
fucking her slowly with his massive member.
"How the fuck should I know?" Moaned Simon,
standing and fastening his pants. "I’m just a production
assistant." He grinned and headed for the door. "I’ll come
back in ten minutes for Nazz. Until then, you two
lovebirds have fun together."
He exited and shut the door behind him, Natalie
heard it lock and realised that she was alone with the dog
now. She looked up into the camera lens and wondered if it
was still filming, it was. She bucked back against Nazz
and felt his knot press against her clitoris, a wonderful
feeling. For the next five minutes she used the dog’s
embedded cock to frig herself to climax, coming harder than
she ever had from masturbation. "Oh, you nasty fucking
doggy… I wish you could fuck me every day." She said, she
thought only she and Nazz would here.
Lucas hired Natalie for the movie, and throughout
production she was a regular visitor to his special
production office, locked in the room alone with just
Lucas, the Production assistant and a dog called Nazz.


(Don’t tell me that the above story has nothing to do with
the real plot of "The Phantom Menace" – I know. It’s just a
cheap excuse to get the lovely Natalie Portman under a
big, bad, dog!)

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