Celeb-Beast – Natasha Henstridge


Natasha Henstridge, the beautiful blonde Canadian actress who starred in the movie “Species” and stunned the cinema world

with her magnificent body, sat astride the huge horse and looked into camera, a big smile on her face. A welcoming smile.

She was dressed in the traditional red and black of the Canadian Mounties, shooting a commercial for the Canadian Tourist


“Come to Canada… It’s heaven on Earth.” She said, a cheerful smile fixed, then turned the horse and rode it off for a few

yards before checking with the director. It was about the tenth time
she had said the line, but the director still wasn’t

happy – he was being an asshole, making her do it over and over – trying to get the lighting and the cloud formations behind

her just right.

“Come to Canada… It’s heaven on Earth.” She said again. Big tooth smile, then kick, turn, and ride off. Again, after the

initial turn and gallop she checked back to see the director shaking his head.

God, she wanted off this set. Sitting atop this horse, her thighs spread around it’s massive back, was driving her crazy,

all that power, all the muscle, all that energy, right between her legs, so close to her wet pussy. She had a thing about


The director ordered another take.

Natasha trotted the horse back to her mark, sweeping hair from her face. She really needed the take to be done, the shoot

to be over. She didn’t want the horse to be all worn out, she had already figured out where to take him so that they could

have some time alone, all this hanging around was really pissing her off.

The director called action again, “Come to Canada… It’s heaven on Earth.” She smiled again, then kicked the horse into

another turn and rode off. The director called cut, but the blonde actress kept on riding. The director called to his

assistant, “You call that stupid bitch back, yeah.” The assistant ran after her, megaphone in hand, calling “Cut”, but

Natasha had had enough, she was taking the horse to someplace private – she needed a break, and both she and the horse had

earned a reward for putting up with the director for so long.

She rode the horse over the hill, turned up a dirt track into the woods around the location. After a couple more turns she

brought him to a small clearing that she had found two days earlier whilst riding her own horse. It was perfect, sheltered

from the air so the crew’s helicopter wouldn’t find them, a distance from the road so no-one would see them from there, and

not on any footpaths so no walkers would catch them. She dismounted and patted the powerful beast on his flank. Feeling

his huge muscles twitch.

She unbuttoned the red Mountie jacket and let it hang open, then unbuttoned her blouse – pulling it out from her tight

riding pants. She wasn’t wearing a bra – rarely did – and her tits, firm and round, bounced free in the cool air. Her

nipples were hard, pointing slightly upwards. She took off the mountie hat and tossed it on the floor at her feet, then

tossed her head around, letting her long blonde hair get loose. The horse snorted. Natasha took the horse by the sides of

his head, one hand either side, and moved her head close – he dipped his head toward her – and she kissed him softly on the

nose, then blew gently up his nostril. He liked that. Then she allowed her tongue to run around the edge of his nostril,

dipping slightly inside the flaring orofice, tasting snot – liking it.

Natasha reached one hand down inside her pants, into her panties, and ran several fingers up and down the lips of her

snatch, getting them really wet with her pussy juices – she pushed two fingers between the lips and inside her pussy. As

she masterbated she breathed up the horses nose, he could sense her passion and snorted his replies. She brought herself

close to orgasm in just a couple of minutes – not hard for her to do when she was this close to a horse, then removed her

soaking fingers from her pants, she held the wet shining fingers up to the horse’s snout and let him sniff and lick at

them. He recognised the smell of sex immediately. Although he had never fucked a human women, he knew what sex smelled

like – and this was it.

Natasha walked around from the horse’s head, stroking her wet fingers along his flank, until she was beside his huge hind

legs. She reached one hand underneath his belly and began fondling his sheath. Good, she thought, he’d recognised the

smell of her pussy – he was already getting hard, six inches of fat, warm, penis, hanging out of his sheath – still not

fully erect, but she’d take care of that. She dropped to her knees and tipped her head on one side, edged herself under his

belly and steered his semi-hard cock into her mouth.

He tasted good to her. Natural, horsey taste. It seemed perfectly natural to suck him off like this. Her mouth moved up

and down the shaft, four inches of cock moving in and out of her mouth, her lips wet and sucking close, her tongue sliding

along the bottom of the penis. The horse liked it to.

She broke off, pulling her head back so that the enlarging head of the horse’s cock was held just an inch from her open

mouth, she breathed deeply, passion filling her eyes as she stared at the beast’s meat. She licked her lips and breathed in

hard, then rose to her feet again. Releasing the cock she reached down and unzipped her Mountie riding pants, she pulled

them down around her knees, pulled her soaking panties down to meet them and stood there infront of this massive stallion,

exposed down her middle – breasts, belly, pussy and thighs all on show, the bottom curves of her butt sticking out below her

jacket, the rest of her magnificent physique covered by the red of the Mountie uniform. She spread her thighs a little as

she took hold of the horse’s cock again, this time standing just to one side of the huge animal – and she started rubbing

the wet head of the horse’s member up and down her inner thighs and over her pussy. She gasped, the sensations bringing

back her other beastial experiences, remembering just how good animal cock felt inside her tight human cunt.

She couldn’t take more than a couple of minutes more of foreplay, she needed him inside her. Her long blonde hair hung down

as she bent forwards, pushing her butt under the horse’s belly, using both hands (one between her legs, the other wrapping

round behind her ass) to guide the tip of the horse’s almost two foot long cock between her pussy lips. As she eased the

cock into her body she immediately felt the heat radiating off it – so sexy. She slid the first few inches in with

relatively little trouble, but the more she pushed in – the more painful it got, and the more she enjoyed it… She carefully

eased a good ten inches in before the horse took over, thrusting his hips forward quickly, pumping another six inches in in

one hard pumping action, then he started bucking into her, six or eight inches of huge fist-thick cock ramming in and out of


Natasha was screaming with every thrust, but this was almost drowned out by the horse’s whinnying and snorting. He was used

to being mounted on his lovers back, so this was unusual for him – to have all four feet on the ground, he was kind of

walking forward with each thrust, and Natasha was having to scramble forward on tippy-toes so that he wouldn’t trample her

as he fucked her cunt. She was gasping hard, struggling to keep breathing as the massive penis slammed in and out of her

cunt and the horse walked her around the clearing.

The Canadian actress had had many many nasty sexual experiences – gang-bangs, lesbian affairs, beastiality, orgies and the

like – but nothing had ever given her so much sexual pleasure. This cock was so big, and without any rigging to protect her

the fear of injury only added to the pleasure. The horse’s cock was slamming so far into her that she could feel it

actually ramming through her cervix, it was almost agony – but so pleasurable that she just bit her lip and enjoyed it.

Sweat was running down between her tits and her thighs, covering her flat stomach and well toned thighs as she stumbled to

allow the horse continued access to her most private area.

“Oh God, yes!” She gasped, a line of saliva drooling from her lower lip, her eyes half closed, as she felt the power of the

horse’s meat driving her to the strongest, hardest, hottest orgasm of her life. Heat radiated from her pussy, shivers shot

up her spine, her pussy stretched to it’s painful limits. She almost collapsed under the horse, her knees giving way… Then

with another thrust from his mighty hind-quarters, she did. Falling forward onto her knees, bound together by the Mountie

riding pants and her panties. She landed, her ass in the air, the horse’s cock bouncing around in the air, glistening from

her pussy juices and his own lubrication. He stumbled forward looking for the warmth and tightness to surround his cock

again – found something familiar and tried to push his cock in…

Natasha winced as she felt the tip of the horse cock pushing up against her ass… No way, she thought, and quickly rolled

over so that she was sitting on her naked butt, her knees up, her jacket falling open at the front to reveal her full firm

breasts. She reached up and took hold of the cock with both hands – she could tell from the horses reaction that he was

close to his climax, and she immediately started jerking him off, pulling her head closer to the tip of his cock and

tonguing the hole there. It took about five jerks coupled with the tonguing to get the horse off – his load exploding into

the Canadian blonde’s face. She kept sucking as huge gobs of horse-cum spilled into her mouth and down her chin. She

smiled as she licked and jerked, more thick warm cum spilling over her chin and onto her tits, one hand left the cock and

started to smear cum over her chest, into her hard nipples, up her neck. She licked and sucked at the tip, swallowing cum –

as much as she could.

Two hands over her head massaging his cock, Natasha dropped her head forward and allowed the horse to drop more cum into her

hair, showering her. The feeling of this thick jism running through her pretty blonde hair made her extra horny, a hand

left the cock-shaft again and this time went down to her pussy, she started masturbating, using the horse-cum as lubricant,

jerking herself off like crazy.

Five minutes later, Natasha was laying on her back, covered with horse-cum and her ass sitting in a puddle of it. She was

still masturbating herself. The horse had lost interest in the slut, and wandered off to eat some wild berries. Natasha

was lost in a world of her own, smiling her big wide toothy smile, as cum dribbled down the side of her face out of the

corner of her mouth. Day dreaming of the next time.


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