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although, we wish they were and that the stories were

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NICOLE KIDMAN with a GERMAN SHEPHERD (whilst husband

Nicole Kidman had never had a problem with the
size of Tom Cruise’s cock. It didn’t bother her that
it was so small that she hard;y felt it when he fucked
her in the ass because he was such a good husband. He
regularly bought her toys, which she allowed him to
photograph her using (he had a massive collection) and
recently he had indulged her with more and more of her

That particular night she was to indulge in her
favourite pleasure – sex with animals… On this
occasion a large, strong, German Shephard called Oscar.

Nicole sat on the floor, pale, smooth legs
outstretched, and petted Oscar, who stood between her
thighs. She rubbed his sides and giggled as he licked
at her face. She opened her mouth and allowed his long
soft tongue to enter her mouth, catching it and sucking
as he pulled free. She loved to ‘french’ a dog.
Tom stood across the room putting a tape in the
video-camera. Another tape for their growing
"Okay, let him lick you, Nic." He said,
raising the camera to his eye and pressing RECORD.
He moved in closer as Nicole lay back on her
elbows, spreading her thighs, pushing Oscar’s head down
to her crotch. Oscar started licking at her shaved
pussy, lapping up the length of her pussy lips, his
tongue occasionally penetrating her…
"Open yourself up Nic… I wanna see him lick
you out!" He said.
Nic reached down and gently pulled her pussy
lips wide open, Oscar continued to lick at her, his
tongue moving deep inside her as he tried to taste deep
inside. Tom moved in closer, getting a close-up of the
dog licking his wife’s pussy.
"Tommy, can I…" Nicole gasped, licking her
lips. "Please?"
Tom moved back a little, one hand holding the
camera, the other feeling his cock. "Go for it, Nic." He
said, grinning, excited by what his wife was doing.
Nicole rolled over and pushed the dog into it’s
side. She stroked his belly as he lay on his side, his
leg raised in the air exposing his protruding shiny red
cock. Nicole rubbed closer to his cock, his leg
started to jerk. She leant forward toward Oscar’s
cock, opening her mouth, moving slowly for the camera’s
Tom angled in closer, focusing carefully to
watch as Nicole took Oscar’s cock into her mouth, her
lips closing around it. As she took the cock into her
mouth Tom saw the first couple of drips of pre-cum as
they fell to her chin.
Nicole felt the hot cock in her mouth, growing
now to over five slim inches. She could feel and taste
the watery pre-cum rolling across her tongue, down her
throat. She sucked gently (in her experience dogs
freaked out if she sucked too hard), her tongue moving
over the cock-head.
Tom moved around filming, jerking his little
cock as he moved, and smiled more. "You look like
you’re enjoying that, right Nic?" He asked.
Nicole made eye contact, looking up at Tom as
she sucked the dog’s cock – her head bobbing – smiling
around the cock, almost laughing.
"You wanna fuck him, Nic?" Asked Tom.
She giggled around his cock, pre-cum trickling
from the corner of her mouth.
"Go on, Nic… You know I like to see you take
it in the ass!" He begged, a whine in his voice.
Nicole let the dog’s cock slip out of her
mouth, pre-cum dribbling down her chin and smiled a
wicked smile at her husband. She rolled Oscar all the
way onto his back and climbed astride of him, reaching
back to hold his stiff prick to her asshole. "You
focussed?" She asked over her shoulder.
"Sure!" Tom said, moving closer. Her perfect
naked back, rounded ass, and the dog’s cock in perfect
focus. "Action!"
Nicole eased the tip of the dog’s cock into her
ass and gasped, sliding backwards down the shaft,
taking Oscar deep into her shit-hole.
Although on his back, Oscar tried to pump into the
women as she rode him slowly deeper into her ass.
She felt his cock stretching her anus, her rectum…
Pushing deeper. Riding faster, feeling pain and
pleasure as one, she let saliva dribble from her mouth
to her small breasts, rubbing it into her chest and
belly with one hand.
Tom moved in close to watch the dog’s cock stretching
Nicole’s asshole, he could see it spasm as it shot hot
jism into her ass.
Nicole felt the hot liquid shooting deep up into her
ass and felt a shiver run up her spine. Not an orgasm,
but nice.
She pulled upwards, Oscar’s cock slipping from her ass,
dog-cum dribbling out. A perfect closing shot for
Tom’s video. He zoomed in to watch drip after drip of
dog-cum fall from his wife’s perfect asshole.


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