Celeb-Beast – Rosanna And Patricia Arquette

This story is FICTION.
To my knowlegde the featured celebrity(s) have NEVER been involved in beastiality.

This stories are not meant to suggest that the featured
celebrity(s) is actually involved in, has ever been or
would ever want to be involved in sexual relations with
animals – although, we wish they were and that the
stories were true.

(FFdog, cons, oral, beast)

As Rosanne lead the Doberman into the room she was
greated by a look of utter joy from her sister,
Patricia. “Here he is!” She giggled. “The man of our
Always hard, never talks back – and can’t
kiss and tell to the newspapers!”
“Wow!” Gasped Patricia…
Rosanne stood over the dog, holding his collar
and stroking his smooth muscled side whilst Patricia
left the room to get some socks… When her sister
returned Rosanne raised the Doberman (Sam) onto his
hind legs by gripping his front legs… As she held
him up her explosed pussy rubbed against the ridge of
his spine – his short hair pressing hard against her
Patricia held the socks in one hand whilst she
slowly stroked the sheath of Sam’s cock, watching
intently as a few inches of pink prick poked out into
“Hurry up and get those socks on him…” Urged
Rosanne, breaking the spell Patricia was under.
Patricia left the dog’s cock alone and
concentrated on slipping a sock over his large paw,
then another over the top of it… Then the other
paw… He looked a little silly, but now he wouldn’t
be able to scratch them if he got carried away…
From here on it would be pleasure all the way…
Patricia bent forward as her sister continued
to hold the dog upright… She could smell the musty
odour of the dog’s pre-cum as it dribbled from the tip
of his cock and wanted to taste it. Gently holding the
shaft of his 4 inch and growing cock she carefully
closed her mouth, her lips pressing softly, around it.
Patricia sucked gently, feeling the cock swelling
further as she did, and tasted the fresh doggy pre-cum
slipping over her tongue.
“Don’t you dare let him cum in your mouth..!”
Ordered Rosanne… “I want mine too!”
Patricia sat back and removed her T-shirt, her
wonderfully rounded boobs bouncing free, her small
nipples already rock hard and erect. She leaned back
and raised her butt off the floor, supporting her
weight on her hands and feet, holding herself in a crab
position under the dog. “Okay, do it…” She told her
Rosanne lowered Sam over her, his paws rubbing
safely down her sides, as his weight came to rest on
her flat stomach and firm breasts she felt his long wet
prick press against her belly. “Put him in me…” She
urged Rosanne.
Rosanne reached between her sister and Sam,
carefully grabbing the dog’s cock and guiding it to the
opening of Patricia’s wet pussy. She ran the fingers
of her other hand up and down the length of Patricia’s
cunt lips… “Now, really you want him?” She teased.
“Yes… I want him to fuck me!” Shouted
Patricia. “Put his cock in my cunt…” She begged.
Rosanne did as she was told, carefully sliding the
dog’s cock into Patricia’s cunt. Patricia moaned and
tossed her head backward, pushing her ass upward,
taking the dog deeper into her pussy, feeling his cock
filling her up – feeling 6 inches of slippery hardness
inside her. Not the biggest cock she’d had – but this
was a dog, she thought – a fucking dog! Rosanne placed
her hand over Patricia’s pussy, her fingers around
Sam’s cock, stopping him from forcing his knot into
her… Rosanne wasn’t about to let him tie into
Patricia, she wanted some dog cock too!
As Sam bucked into Patricia, she pushed up
toward him, her thighs straining, almost lifting him
from the floor.
“How is it?” Asked Rosanne.
“It’s awesome… Much better than the
Alsation…” Patricia moaned as the dog pumped into
her wet pussy.
Rosanne moved around to see the dog’s cock
sliding in and out of her kid sister’s hole, meanwhile
with her spare hand she grabbed at her sister’s breast
and squeezed, pinching at the nipple.
Several minutes passed, the dog pumping into Patricia.
She could feel his cock-head sliding across her
G-spot, her sister’s knuckles pressing against her clit
and bumping it with every doggy thrust.
“You almost done yet?” Asked Rosanne, breaking the
“Shut up!” Moaned Patricia, closing her eyes and
thinking hard about the dog inside her.
“I want you to cum for me Patricia, come on the dog’s
cock…” Rosanne urged… “Cum before he does… I
want my doggy cock!”
Patricia pushed her pelvis up against the dog
again, pushing him backward… She wanted him to force
his cock-knot beyond her sister’s fingers so bad…
Rosanne leant forward, her mouth an inch from
Patricia’s ear… “Feel his hot cock inside you pussy
you dirty fucking cunt!” She whispered, “Cum on his
cock.” She licked Patricia’s ear, slowly slipping her
tongue into it, slowly pushing… Her spare hand
working her little sister’s tits.
Patricia started shaking, her thighs losing
strength, a burning feeling building up in her crotch.
Energy radiated from the dog’s cock through her body,
she felt spasms of pleasure racing up her spine… Her
belly so warm. She came. Hard! Her legs collapsed
under her and she slipped back of the Sam’s cock. She
lay there sweating, looking up at the dog’s dripping
cock pumping at fresh air…
“My turn, my turn…” Giggled Rosanne… “I
want him doggy style…”
She removed her panties and got down on her
hands and knees, pushing her ass toward Sam. “Come on
The dog padded over toward Rosanne on socked
feet and sniffed at her pussy – sticking out between
her smooth slim thighs. Her clambered awkwardly onto
her back, his soft-wrapped front paws scrabbling for
grip around her waist. She reached around behind
herself and stroked his side, supporting herself on her
other hand. “Patricia… Come and help…” She
Patricia lay on her back, he knees spread wide
and ankles together, she rans fingers through her
hair… “I’m exhausted Rosanne… Do it yourself…”
“Patricia – we had a deal…. I help you, you
help me…” Stated an angry Rosanne.
Patricia sighed and rolled onto her belly, raising to
her knees she crawled over to her sister and Sam. She
took hold of the dog’s cock and rubbed it against her
sister’s pussy, sliding it slowly away from the clit,
along the swollen pussy lips…
“You want it!” She taunted…
Rosanne moaned… “Mmmmmm… Put it in me…”
Patricia ran the tip of Sam’s cock, still dripping
pre-cum lubricant, off Rosanne’s pussy and onto her
ass-hole… “Here comes… Brace yourself!” She
pushes the dog’s cock into her sister’s asshole.
Rosanne gasped and her eyes almost popped from her
Sam began pumping again, ramming deeper into Rosanne’s
ass. 3, 4 and then 5 inches of dog slipping into the
woman’s ass. His knot pressed up against Rosanne’s
anus Sam pumped even harder, more frantic, desperate to
tie into her.
Patricia knelt over her sister, one hand on Sam’s back,
gripping the fur on his back, her other hand holding a
hand-full of her sisters hair – pulling hard.
Rosanne took the pain of her hair being pulled
happilly, but screamed out as she felt the dog’s hard
extra large cock-knot force into her ass. “Fuck – that
“You fucking love it, don’t you!” Taunted her younger
sister… She bent back to watch the fatness of the
dog’s knot stretching Rosanne’s anus. “You’re taking
it all! You dirty fucking cunt!”
The pain from her ass was almost unbearable, but she
knew the dog was stuck until he came… She cursed her
sister for pushing the cock into her ass, tears ran
down her face.
Sam pumped hard, faster and faster, short breathless
strokes, half barking and yelping, as he felt his own
orgasm coming on…
The relief of feeling the dog’s hot cum shooting into
her rectum was so good that Rosanne almost came
herself. She felt enormous satisfaction as she felt
the juice pumping into her – Sam’s front legs wrapping
so tight around her body.
After ten minutes of slowly pumping cum into
her ass, Sam slowly managed to remove the bulk of his
cock from Rosanne’s ass with the help of a gentle tug
from Patricia. He stumbled away, occasionally pumping
his hips forward at air, licking at himself.
Patricia moved behind her sister and grabbed
one butt-cheek with each hand and spread her sister’s
ass wide to inspect her asshole. The hole seeped a
small amount of dog-cum, which Patricia leant forward
and slowly licked off… She pushed her lips up hard
against Rosanne’s ass and pushed her tongue into her
asshole – she sucked hard and felt her mouth fill with
doggy cum. Patricia sucked as much as the cum as she
could from her sister’s ass …
Rosanne turned to face her sister, knowing
she’d be keeping the dog-cum in her mouth as long as
possible (like usual)… “Come on sis, share!” She
smiled as she leant in to kiss.
Rosanne opened her mouth and turned her head to
kiss her sister, Patricia opened her mouth and allowed
the cum to fall into her sister’s mouth. They kissed
long and hard, letting dog-cum move back and forth from
mouth to mouth, then both swallowed slow.

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