Celeb-Beast – Salma Hayek

This story is FICTION.
To my knowlegde the featured celebrity(s) have NEVER
been involved in beastiality.

This stories are not meant to suggest that the featured
celebrity(s) is actually involved in, has ever been or
would ever want to be involved in sexual relations with
animals – although, we wish they were and that the
stories were true.

(Fdonkey, cons, oral, beast)

It can get really boring on movie locations.
During the filming of her newest picture, "Desperado",
Salma Hayek had become increasing bored and sexually
frustrated acting with Antonio Banderas but getting no
At the end of a long day of filming, Salma went
for a walk just outside the village they were using for
location filming.
Salma strolled along with her loose white dress
blowing in the breeze, sweat on her breast cleavage
cooled by the evening air, imagining Antonio’s Spanish
cock inside her… Thinking about that lucky American
bitch Melanie Griffith. She fealt so horny.
As she rounded a corner into a quiet courtyard
she saw an old, beaten and worn donkey, an ass. It
stood there drinking water from a bucket. Salma
thought it looked sad. She studied it, patches of hair
missing, scars, huge cock… A huge cock!
She wondered to herself what an animal’s cock
would feel like inside her mouth, inside her pussy…
‘Wow!’ She thought.
She thought about the sin, being a good
Catholic girl, of having sex with an animal… That
turned her on even more! She couldn’t resist.
Without any further delay, Salma bent under the
donkey and started licking and blowing on the exposed
tip of his cock. The donkey appeared to pay no
interest in her actions, but his cock started to
Opening her jaws as wide as she could she
slipped the donkey’s meat into her mouth, it’s wet end
pushing deep into her throat. Her lips formed a seal
around the cock and she began to suck, slurping loudly
as she tried to satisfy the animal. Her head moving
forward and back, lips dragging along the rough surface
of it’s ever-lengthaning shaft, moaning softly to
herself as she squeezed one breast with her free hand.
She needed it inside her, sucking wasn’t
enough… Turning round, she bent forward and hitched
her dress up over her hips exposing her prefectly
smooth and round ass. She reached behind her ass and
handled the donkey’s huge, hard cock, slowly jerking it
as she backed closer to it… Her mind full of the
thought – her eyes closed as she imagined what it would
look like if anyone could see her.
She fed the the cock between her thighs, just
under her pussy, gripping it firmly – looking down to
see the tip sticking out between her legs… From
this angle it looked like she had a grey-pink donkey
cock of her own. She imagined that – what it would be
like to have an animal’s cock as part of her body…
To fuck another woman with it!
As she clamped her thighs around the donkey’s
dick she felt it start to thrust at her and watched as
the tip pumped between her legs – gasping in delight as
the shaft rubbed against her twat, pushing against her
clit. Now she squeezed at both tits, pulling the top
of her dress down to expose her breasts fully and give
her access to her nipples.
The donkey continued to pump, long fast strokes
between her legs, against her clit. She looked down,
forcing herself to keep her eyes open – she wanted to
see it shoot it’s load. But… She also wanted to f
eel the thing inside her pussy… Filling her as she
could see it would.
After several minutes she could hold herself
back no more. Reaching down she took hold of the shaft
and pulled it back between her legs, running the tip
down her pussy lips and slowly pushing it in. It was
awkward to get it in, but once the tip passed between
her pussy lips the whole thing started to slide slowly
into her. She could feel her pussy stretching to
accommodate it’s massive girth – much fatter than any
guy she had ever fucked. It hurt her, she felt like
she was going to split open… But still she allowed
the donkey to push deeper with each thrust, shuffling
her feet back toward the beast, feeling the tip of it’s
cock pushing against her uterus.
"Fuck yes!" She screamed out loud, not looking around
to see if anyone heard, or was watching… She bit
down hard on her lip to avoid any further screaming –
but didn’t attempt to stop the donkey from pumping
deeper, fucking her harder, hurting her more. Her legs
almost giving way underneath her she started whispering
to the donkey above her…
"Fuck my pussy" She whispered in her strong Mexican
accent… "I wanna feel you cum inside my pussy…"
As she spoke, she felt the donkey speeding up, it’s
strokes shorter… She could hear it making noises of
it’s own… She felt it was ready to explode inside
her… And she was right…
Cum exploded into her pussy, smashing beyond her
uterus, her knees gave way as the donkey came and she
fell to them, the donkey’s cock sliding out and
bouncing up (cum still shooting out over her back)
before slapping down onto her behind. The donkey
continued to thrust at the air, the bottom of it’s cock
still getting some friction from her skin… Cum
continued to spurt out of it’s cock, covering her back,
matting in her long black hair.
As she regained control over her lower body Salma
rolled over to sit on her ass and grabbed at the
animal’s cock, taking it once again to her mouth and
holding it so the donkey’s thrust would ejaculate more
jism directly into her waiting open mouth. Several
more spurts hit her in the face, some right into her
mouth, others on her soft skin – her cheeks, her nose
and her forehead. She reached up and smeared the donkey
cum across her face with a hand.
She felt good. She had satisfied her need for cock and
cum, and she had sure made the sad old donkey happy.
Salma staggered away from the donkey on week legs, cum
pouring down her inner thighs from her pussy, cum
matted in her hair, her dress soaked with cum, her face
shiny with cum – the taste of cum fresh in her mouth.
She figured the rest of the shoot would be much more
fun, knowing that she could come and see her new lover
after each day wrapped. And she did.

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