Celeb-Beast – Samantha Fox

SAMANTHA FOX – English model and singer, and HORSE

For a few years in the early to mid eighties, the world was on a plate for

London based blonde Samantha Fox. Her good looks and large breasts, narrow flat

stomach and round ass were regularly displayed on Page 3 of England’s most

popular newspaper, The Sun. Sam was thought of by many as the best Page 3 girl

ever. She had made regular appearances on chat shows, and had guested on all of

the top game shows and celebrity quiz shows. She had then started a singing

career with a huge hit named, “Touch Me (I wanna feel your body)” which had led

to big time, but brief, pop success. Then it had all come toppling down.

Sam had seen her fame diminish as folks simply didn’t buy her album, or the

follow up. She displayed her body one more time in a topless callender, and a

video documentary about the shooting of the callender, but other than that and a

few appearences as a ‘fading celebrity’, she had found herself pushed out of the

limelight. She knew that she could make a comeback to glamour photography, even

page 3, but she also knew she would never be the top girl again – the likes of

Jordan, Kelly Brook, Jo Guest, would keep her down as ‘just another aging girl

with big tits’.

Recently her mind had turned to an offer to do some porn, and although she

wasn’t overly turned on by the idea of the men of the world watching her having

sex, she figured that it was a great way to earn a bunch of money to add to her

retirement fund… If she shot a dozen movies a year, for a couple of years, that

should be enough for her to retire on… A few years back she had been dating a

guy who worked in the sex film industry – and he had told her he could get her

$10,000 for each sex scene she appeared in. $10,000 for a fuck, pretty good


She found his number and called him up, spoke to him about old times, asked him

if he was still working in the sex film business. He said he was still

involved. She asked if there was still a market for her to do movies.

“How are your tits?” He asked, “Still firm?”

“They’re a little bit smaller, hanging a bit lower, but they’re still better

than that slut Kelly Brooks” Joked Sam.

“Well, you’re not the celebrity you used to be.” Began her ex, “But, yes, I

could still get you work.”

“Still $10,000 a scene?” Asked Sam.

Her ex laughed. “No, sorry Sam… We don’t pay that much anymore, not at my

place… Not unless you would shoot one of our specialist videos.”

Sam breathed deep, shit – she thought. “What kind of thing is that? Group

sex?” She asked.

There was a quiet pause from the other end of the line. Then her ex spoke.

“Sam, I really don’t think you’d go for this kind of video… You haven’t got the


That was like a dare to Sam. “I’ve got the nerve. I never turned down anything

you ever asked did I?”

“Yes, but I never asked you to fuck an animal, did I?” Came the reply. That

shut the Cockney girl up. She quietly hung the reciever up and sat down to

think about what she had just heard.

Sam sat there imagining getting sexual with an animal. What kind of animal did

he mean? A dog? A pony? How did you do that? She sat for half an hour

wondering what it would be like to have sex with an animal. Surely he couldn’t

have been serious, he must have been joking – trying to scare her off, to

protect her. She phoned him back.

“Are you serious?” She said.

“Yes,” he replied, “Are you?”

“I don’t know… I don’t know anything about beastiality…”

“I could send a tape over. Courier Express. You could check it out and phone

me back.” He suggested.

Curiousity got the better of Sam. “Okay. You know the address don’t you?”. He


Sam sat down again, on a seat by the front door of her small London home. She

sat and waited, her heart racing, for a ring on the door bell. She wondered

what would be on the tape that he was sending round.

An hour of nervous lip-biting later, the bell rang. Sam jumped up and opened

the door, signed for the large envelope and shut the door before the courier had

a chance to notice that he was delivering to THE Samantha Fox.

She walked back up the corridor tearing the top of the envelope open. She

tipped the envelope over and a VHS tape slid out. The cover had a picture of a

pretty dark haired woman, about 30 years old, slim and naked, on her knees

beside a golden labrador. The title on the box read “GOLDIE AND DENISE”. Sam

looked at the picture and noticed that the dog had an erection, that Denise (if

that was her name) was fondling it with her fingers. Denise was smiling.

Sam slipped the tape into her VCR and turned the tv on. She sat infront of the

big screen and watched as a grainy image filled it… Denise in a regular English

bedroom, laying on the bed wearing her underwear – bra and panties, masturbating

with a vibrator, sucking it, moaning. Then the door to the room is nosed open

and the Golden labrador enters. Denise acts surprised, badly. Sam laughed to

herself. Denise quickly has the dog on the bed, then she’s fondling his cock,

frigging herself off, then sucking his cock, then he’s lick her pussy, then in

the space of ten minutes he’s inside her. Sam watched with increasing

excitement as this woman allowed her dog to fuck her, doggy style. Throughout

the tape Sam noticed that Denise’s acting was abysmal, but once the full sex

started, it was obvious that Denise wasn’t acting – she was loving it. By the

time they had been fucking for five minutes, Sam had peeled off her t-shirt and

was fondling her own tits, one hand rubbing on the outside of her jeans. She

fought to keep her eyes on the screen, but they kept closing as she drifted off

into the fantasy of being there herself – with the dog fucking her not Denise.

By the time Sam had jerked herself off and opened her eyes, Denise was covered

with slick dog semen. She was on her back and the cum was all over her face,

her tits, her belly. Sam picked up the remote control with her pussy wet

fingers and spun the tape back to watch again. This time she kept her eyes open

and watched as Denise fucked the dog in three positions before heaving his cock

out of her pussy and letting him spray his cum all over her flesh. The tape


Sam was on the phone to her ex within seconds. “I want to do it.” She moaned.

“Now, now… Be serious.” He said. “It’s illegal you know. And you’re career

will be over.”

“I’m being serious – my career is over anyway. I’ll do it for $20,000.”

“I don’t know, for $20,000, that’s a lot of money…” There was a long pause.

“I’ll get back to you with an address and date for you – if you haven’t changed

your mind by then, we’ll do it.” He hung up.

Three weeks later, Sam hadn’t changed her mind. She needed beastial action more

than she had ever needed anything in her life. It had obsessed her ever since

she had got the tape – which she had watch at least twice a day since she had

got it. She had had long conversations with friends and had upset many of them

by steering the conversation toward beastiality – trying to find someone who had

tried it, or even better, was active and owned a dog… She had failed. But

today was her big day.

The address that her ex had given her was way outside of London, a good two hour

drive away down on the South Coast towards Plymouth, and when Sam got there she

was pleasently surprise by the neat little country house that was sitting there

at the top of a beach.

She pulled her car up at the side of the road and checked the address, then

checked her watch. This was the address alright, and this was the time and day

– this was her chance to experience the awful beauty of beastiality. Heart

thumping. she walked up the path and knocked on the door.

She was surprised when the door was answered by Denise – the girl from the

video. But at the same time she was relieved, that it was a familiar face, and

someone who knew what she was doing. Denise smiled and let her in, told her how

excited she was to be working with a real life celebrity like Sam. Denise

watched as Sam walked in, her boobs bouncing in a tight blouse, a nervous smile

on her face – too much make-up making her look a little bit slutty – just right

Denise thought!

She lead Sam through the house, a beautiful English house, perfectly decorated

and immaculately tidy, to the kitchen at the rear. As they entered, Sam saw her

ex sitting at the breakfast counter.

“Hi” he said, smiling. “I couldn’t resist coming along for this…. I’ll be your


Again, Sam was relieved. “Oh good.” She smiled.

“I was thinking that you could introduce the video, say your name, how much

you’ve always wanted to do this, how much of a slut you are… Men’s cocks aren’t

big enough for you… That kind of thing… Then we’ll take you outside on the

beach and do the scene.” He smiled. “Okay.”

“Sure.” Smiled Sam, eager to get the dialogue out of the way and the beastial

sex started.

He pressed record on the camcorder and aimed it right at her. Sam looked below

the camera to where Denise was holding a series of dummy cards for her to read

off. She read them one at a time, direct to camera.

“Hi, you know who I am, right?” She smiled.

“That’s right, I’m former page 3 stunner Samantha Fox.” She continued, “And

have I got a treat for you today.”

She stroked some loose hair from her face, very casual. Denise turned over the

next card. “I’ve always been a really dirty slapper. I love sex, especially up

my arse, and getting cum on my face. And gang-bangs have always been my

favourite.” Denise turned over another card. “But today, thanks to my friend

Denise, I’m going to try something new… You see, I’m bored of men’s cocks, and

all my dildos, none of them can get me off anymore…” She smiled, building to

the moment that she would declare to the camera her desire to have sex with a

dog. Denise turned over the next card. Sam read aloud, “No, today is going to

be the first time in my life that I have ever been fucked by a horse… A horse?”

She looked beyond the camera to her ex, he smiled back and nodded. She looked

down at Denise, who held her hands about eighteen inches apart and winked. Sam


Ten minutes later they were walking along a narrow path at the rear of the

house, along the edge of the beach, walking toward a stable. Sam had changed,

on camera of course, into a sexier outfit -slutty white string bikini briefs and

a way too thin pale blue cotton blouse. The coldness of the beach was already

chilling Sam’s skin, her nipples were rock hard and sticking right out (partly

because of the cold, mostly because of the thought of the horse). Sam could

smell it, the pungent aroma of a huge beast – the horse. She was afraid of

horses – but she noticed that that was just turning her on even more. Her ex

was filming everything as she and Denise talked casually on their way to the

stable, Denise had her arm around Sam and was idally fondling one of Sam’s large

tits, working one of those erect nipples.

Denise told Sam to wait outside the stable whilst she went in and got the horse.

Sam watched as Denise walked away, admiring the other woman’s fine slim figure.

She looked a lot better in person than on the dogsex video. Sam wondered how

much experience Denise had with animals – obviously a lot.

Sam’s heart pounded in her chest, she could feel herself sweating, as she heard

the clip-clop of the horse being led out from the stable. She felt her legs

wobbling as the magnificent beast came into sight. He was a huge stallion, jet

black with just the slightest flecks of white on his nose – the biggest horse

she had ever seen. Her ex told her that he had been a race-horse, but was

terrible, that he had bought him on the cheap and was using him for sex movies.

Sam asked how many women the horse had fucked, he said eight. Sam got so

jealous, eight women had ridden this beast deep into their pussies – and she

hadn’t, but she knew she’d remedy that soon enough.

They lead the horse down onto the sands so that Sam’s ex could get a shot of her

and the horse on the beach, he ordered Sam through a couple of standard poses –

sent her down to soak herself in the cold waters of the English Channel, then

shot some more photos of her posing with the horse, smiling (in the now

published photos you can see the look of lust for the horse in her eyes, the

look of evil beastial wanting – mixed with a touch of fear). Then her ex

focussed the video camera and called ‘action’ and waited for the hot stuff to

begin. Sam stood there for a second, not knowing what to do.

“Maybe you could strip off.” Suggested Denise, already fondling the horse’s


Sam smiled and nodded, she ripped the blouse open, tearing it almost in half and

threw it away onto the sand, then pulled her skimpy white bikini briefs

(soaking wet) down her short legs and stepped out of them. She was now naked,

her pussy juices already litterally dripping down her inner thighs. She stepped

nervously toward Denise and the horse.

Denise had already worked a good four inches of shiny erect penis out from the

horses sheath, and the animal was bucking his head up and down appreciatively –

he knew what was happening.

Sam moved over next to them and stood for a second, watching. Then Denise

reached out and grabbed Sam’s hair, gently pulling her to her knees under the

horse, easing her face to the horse’s now 6 inch cock. Sam took a deep breath,

opened wide and slowly slid the end of the cock into her mouth. She almost came

from this act alone, the revolting notion of what she was doing exciting her no

end. She was sucking a horse’s cock – more than that she was being filmed,

more than that – she was enjoying it, and being paid to do it like a common

whore. She sucked slowly, working up a good mouthful of saliva, lubricating the

ever swelling member with each movement of her head. She may be the horse’s

ninth human lover, but by God she was going to be the best she had decided.

Her hands were now around the shaft of his cock, wanking him slowly into her

mouth with each bob of her head. Her eyes were closed, trying to picture the

scene, already looking forward to watching the video. She opened them to take a

look at the camera, staring right into it, a great image she thought. There was

lust in her eyes and the camera could see it. She was sucking the horse so hard

and fast now, her mouth and hands working up and down his slick shaft, but his

cock was getting to big for her mouth, the head making her jaw ache from being

open so wide. Time to stop sucking, time to start fucking.

She backed away from the horse. “I wanna fuck it… I wanna feel it inside me!”

She half giggled/half moaned in her cute Cockney accent.

“I’ll show you how.” Denise smiled. She took Sam’s hands and guided them to

her knees, “Brace yourself like this” she said. Sam placed her hands on her

knees, bent her legs slightly. Denise backed Sam slowly back towards the horse,

almost placing her underneath the huge beast. Her diminutive frame, all five

feet one inch or so unenhanced by high heels or boots, her feet in the cool

sand, she was almost lost next to the horse.

“Now, spread your thighs as side as you can, but stay tall.” Ordered Denise.

Sam did this, and then felt as Denise start fingering her from behind, two

fingers, then three, then four, then all four sliding slowly inside her until

she felt the bump of Denise thumb passing into her cunt. God, she thought, I

must be so fucking wet to take a fist that easy.

Denise fisted Sam slowly, preparing her pussy for the massive invasion that was

to come. Sam gasped and moaned, bucking back at Denise’s fist. Denise couldn’t

resist fondling one of Sam’s famous tits with her other hand – and Sam didn’t


“This is a horse-fuck, not a lesbo show!” Joked Sam’s ex.

“Oh shut the fuck up, this is fun!” Joked Sam.

Denise slowly pulled her fist out of Sam’s cunt, the camera caught the sunlight

glistening off the juices on it. Then Denise took hold of the horse’s still

massive erection, at least eighteen inches long, fatter than he fist, shiny and

slick with pre-cum and Sam’s own saliva. She ran the tip of the cock up and

down Sam’s ass-crack, then across her pussy lips – then, spreading Sam’s cunt

lips with the fingers of one hand, she eased the horse’s cock into the topless

model’s cunt.

Sam gasped, biting her lip against the pain of the penetration, and pushed

herself backwards onto this huge penis. Far bigger than anything she had ever

even attempted to stuff up her cunt before – so huge, so hot, so alive. Sam

came immediately, her legs almost giving way. And then the horse joined in,

bucking down at his human lover, this human cunt who saw fit to defile herself

with a horse. Even the horse knew that this was wrong, and that Sam was a dirty

slut – but he didn’t mind. Human women were twice as tight as horses, and they

did that thing with their mouths too – mares didn’t do that!

The horse fucked Sam, the little model fucked back at the horse, gasping and

moaning, swearing out loud.

“Oh fuck that’s good. Oh fucking yes!” She moaned.

Her ex directed her to lose herself and just shout out what she felt.

“Oh fucking hell… Fuck me horsey… Fuck me you magnificent stallion.” She

said, not caring how stupid it sounded.

“Who are you?” He asked, moving the camera toward Sam’s contorded face.

“I’m Samantha Fox, the famous topless model” she gasped, remembering her lines.

“What are you?”

“I’m a dirty fucking cunt… A tramp… A slut…” She tried to think of more self

abuse. “A horse fucker…”

“Do you want to eat his cum?” He suggested.

Sam gasped and moaned again, “Oh God yes!”

She pounded herself back against the horse as he fucked her hard, the massive

cock buried more than a foot into her stretched vagina. She could feel her body

being taken to the limits… She imagined the impossible – the horse up her arse,

the horse in her bed, introducing him to her parents… She couldn’t get enough.

She wanted to show the tape to her friends, to Linda Lusardi and Maria Whittaker

and the other page 3 girls of her day – to dare them to match her dirty slut


All the time Denise stroked Sam’s belly and tits, and the horse’s side and

thigh… Then she called out, “He’s gonna blow…” She was an expert.

“Get her off him…” Called Sam’s ex.

“No, I want him to cum inside my cunt!” Begged Sam, but Denise grabbed her by

the hair and pulled her forwards. As soon as the huge cock had slipped out of

her cunt, Sam spun round, dropping to her knees – almost breaking them on the

hard stone ground. Denise pulled Sam’s hair, pulling her head right back, her

mouth opening in the start of a painful scream… Then the horse blew his load…

Gallons of hot, thick, semen spurting out, pouring over Sam’s upturned face,

filling her mouth. Sam gulped it down, then opened her mouth for more. Horse

cum poured down over her chin, down her neck, between her boobs and over her

belly, it ran down between her thighs and with one hand she masturbated it into

her pussy. More cum spurted over her. The orgasms and ejaculations seemed to

last for minutes, gallons of sticky juice pouring on the blonde beauty.

Having drunk all she could, covered from hair to knees in white milky semen, Sam

collapsed back on the ground, onto her back. As her ex continued to video her,

Sam stroked and smeared the cum all over her flesh, bathing herself in it. A

wonderful sight.

Later, after refusing a shower, Sam sat in the living room of the house watching

herself with the horse. Watching the cum shower. She could feel her flesh

still covered in the thick goo. And she masturbated again, looking forward to

the next time.

Her ex was still filming, on his second tape already. He had plenty more tapes,

and plenty more animals – and Sam was ready for them all.


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