Celeb-Beast – Serena And Venus Williams


Serena stepped from the shower, hot water forming rivulets on her toned muscular body, her dark chocolate brown skin shining. She took a white towell from the rail and dried her firm young breasts, her belly and her thighs, then walked out of the bathroom into the hotel bedroom.

Her older sister, Venus, was layed on the bed reading a copy of “Hustler” magazine. Her toned body stood out, brown flesh against the crisp white sheets. Serena couldn’t help but notice how sexy she was just laying there with one powerful hand pushed down into her white cotton panties, oblivious
to her sister as she read her magazine.

“What are you reading about this time?” Asked Serena, towelling her hair.

Venus looked up from the magazine at her sister as she stood there, naked, her arms raised above her shoulders as she dried her hair – lifting her breasts to that perfect shape. “Beastiality” She said, “there’s a big feature about it.”

“Wow. Hot.” Said Serena, a wicked grin spreading across her wide mouth.

“You think so?” Asked Venus, “I think it’s kind of strange.”

“Strange… After what we got upto last night, you think that is strange?”

Venus thought back to the previous night, to picking up the girl outside the tenis stadium, she thought about how her sister and her had fucked that girls ass with their strap-on dildos… “Yeah, last night was pretty hot… But it wasn’t strange… I mean, just ‘cos no one knows were into chicks doesn’t make it strange.”

“Venus… She was only 12 years old!” Laughed Serena. “You don’t think it’s strange for two sisters to fuck a 12 year old girl up the ass with rubber cocks?”

Venus thought about it some more, and laughed. “Yeah, I suppose that was a bit fucked up.”

Serena climbed onto the bed and cuddled up close to her big sister where she could read the magazine. She immediately slipped her hand across Venus’s belly and down into her panties, sliding it between Venus’s hand and her pussy and taking over masturbation duties for her. “Mmmm, that’s good.” Venus sighed. They settled down to read together, reading about knots, about the famous Linda Lovelace dogsex movie, about Hugh Hefner’s liking for watching prostitutes fucking dogs. As they read, Serena started kissing her sister’s powerful shoulder, she also slid her right hand into her own panties and started working her pussy lips and clit.

By the time they had finished the article both sisters were as horny and hot as can be. Venus tossed the magazine across the room and rolled over on top of her sister. She kissed her passionately on the mouth, mouths open, tongues mashing together, hands gripping at each others breasts and butts.

They broke off and paused, breathing deep as they looked at each other… “Fuck me.” Begged Serena. “Fuck me please…”

Venus smiled, kissed her little sister again, then rolled off and leant over the side of the bed. She reached into her kit bag and grabbed her strap-on… Seven inches of fat black latex with soft veigns running along the shaft, fastened into a solid leather pelvic belt. She picked it up and sucked the tip until it was nice and wet. Then she put her feet through the straps and pulled it up around her hips. As she tightened up the straps and fastened the main buckle, her sister moved down and started sucking on the cock as if it were real.

Venus smiled down at her, taking a handful of her beaded hair in one hand and guiding her head up and down the shaft. “Suck my cock…” She snarled.

Serena sucked hard, making sure she didn’t swallow back any saliva, drooling it all over the rubber cock in her mouth, making sure it was all good and slippy.

Venus pulled her kid sister’s head away from the rubber cock and forced her to look up into her eyes. “How do you want it?”

Serena giggled, an obvious thought crossing her mind. “I want it doggy style!” She said, rolling onto her knees and sticking her ass in the air.

Venus positioned herself behind her sister and eased the tip of her dildo between the pink lips of Serena’s pussy, she pushed her hips slowly forward easing the dildo into her. Serena let out a long, low, growling moan.

“You my bitch now?” Asked Venus, as she began to pump her cock into her little sister.

“Oh yeah,” moaned Serena, “I’m your bitch, and your my doggy!”

Her tenis training, her big muscles and endurance, allowed her to keep pumping for a long time. A real long time. Two hours later, Venus was still pounding into Serena’s pussy. They had collapsed from the doggy position, and now Venus was just laying on top of Serena, still pumping into her cunt from behind. The feeling for Serena was excellent, but she hadn’t come. In her heart she had set herself on something… She loved to be fucked by her sister, but what she really wanted was… A dog. A big, hairy, smelly, dog. With it’s hot cock sliding in and out of her cunt. Thinking about it, as her sister fucked her hard, was almost enough to get her off. Almost.

Venus gave up and rolled off her sister, sweat beading on her skin. She was shining under the hotel room’s lights. She breathed deep. “What’s wrong?” She asked. “How come I can’t get you off?”

Serena rolled over to face her sister. “It’s not you, honey.” She kissed her. “There’s something else I want…”

“You want a man, right?” Asked Venus, sulking.

“Ewwww!” Serena crunched up her face. “I’d never want a man.” She ran a finger up the shaft of Venus’s cock, collecting a finger tip of her own pussy juices. “I want a dog.” She placed her pussy juice flavoured finger into Venus’s mouth. Venus sucked it clean, and smiled.

They jumped out of bed excitedly and grabbed sweatpants and t-shirts, slipped on their tenis shoes and bolted for the door. They were acting more like excited teenagers than prospective dogfuckers as they hurried down the lobby to the elevator.

As the elevator descended to the ground floor, Serena pinned her sister to the mirrored wall, stuffed a hand down her sweatpants and started working her pussy. “You’re gonna have a dogcock in here so soon!” She kissed her sister. “Does that get you hot?” She kissed her sister again.

Venus was about to answer when the doors slid open, Serena pulling her hand from her sister’s pants just in time to avoid being caught out by the folks in the lobby.

The girls ran out, through the lobby and out into the street. They looked up and down the street, guessing which way to go.

Fifteen minutes later they found a small sidestreet pet store. It had dogs in the window, one of them looked pretty big. They went in.

“We’re looking for a big dog.” Stated Venus to the store clerk, a kid in his early 20’s.

“We’ve got a German Shepherd bitch, would that do?” He replied.

The girls giggled. “No,” started Venus, “It’s got to be a male.”

“Oh,” he said, “well, we’ve got a nice black labrador over here.” He lead them over to a large cage at the back of the store. He noticed that both girls had extremely erect nipples under their t-shirts, and he knew it wasn’t cold outside. His heart started pumping as his mind ran away.

“How much?” Serena asked.

“That’s 250.”

“How much to rent?” Asked Venus. “We only want him for an hour or two.”

“What do you mean, rent? What do you want him for?” He asked, half suspecting, half hoping. The sisters looked at each other and giggled again… Before they could say anything, he started again… “You can use him for free in the back room – if I can watch…” He said.

Venus shook her head, “I don’t know about that…”, but Serena couldn’t wait. She nodded, “Yes. Okay. Now?”

The clerk put up the STORE CLOSED sign and lead the Williams sisters into the back room, a dusty, dirty, store room full of cages of mice, rabbits, pet food and buckets of shit cleaned out of the cages and waiting to go into the trash outside.

Serena entered and immediately peeled off her t-shirt, her firm tits exposed to the cool air, her nipples became even harder still. She had her sweatpants around her ankles before Venus had even removed her top. The labrador bounced around, happy to be out of his cage – unaware of what was coming his way. The store clerk sat back and pushed one hand down his pants to play with his cock.

Serena dropped to her knees and encouraged the dog to come to her, she wrapped her arms around him and hugged him close, enjoying the feel of his soft fur against her exposed breasts and belly. The dog licked at her face, excited by the petting. Serena stroked down between his hind legs and began to rub his sheath. She smiled and laughed at her sister, still standing there with her t-shirt off and her sweatpants on.

Venus looked down at her kid sister, amazed by how forward she was being with the dog. She already had an inch of red cock poking out of his sheath and was fondling him to an excited state. She could see that Serena’s pussy was good and wet as she sat with her legs wide apart. She watched as Serena allowed the dog to lick at her face and mouth, giggling all the time. Two inches of shiny cock were showing, then three… Then she couldn’t wait any longer. She dropped to the floor and crawled over to the dog and her sister. As Serena fondled the cock, tempting more and more of the thin member out, Venus edged closer and opened her mouth, closing it gently around the cock, sucking carefully and taking it all in her mouth, then sliding her mouth back – her lips dragging softly along the shaft until the cock popped out of her. “Mmmmmm” she said.

“Is that good?” Asked Serena.

“Oh yeah. I want more…” Said Venus, opening her mouth and taking the cock back in, sucking gently. She slid a hand down inside her sweatpants and started to finger her pussy as she sucked. Serena continued to fondle the base of the dog’s cock, calming him by stroking and holding his head, kissing his nose and encouraging him to kiss her back.

“Oh, you like doggy cock don’t you?” Giggled Serena as her sister sucked, bobbing her head up and down along the dog’s shaft. Venus smiled, the corners of her mouth curling up around the dog’s meat.

“I bet you want that hot little cock right up inside your cunt, don’t you?” Serena growled.

Venus moaned as she sucked, slipping two fingers deep inside her cunt as she blew the dog.

Serena reached around behind Venus and grabbed her sweatpants, she pulled them down around her knees and leant forward and started licking at her pussy, licking her fingers as they plowed deep inside her. Venus let the cock fall from her mouth… “Oh, yeah…” She gasped, her sister’s tongue working her pussy so well. “I want it, I want it…”

“Say it, bitch” taunted Serena.

“I want the dog to fuck me!” Said Venus, suddenly her voice very serious.

The store clerk pulled out his cock and started to masturbate himself slowly as he watched Venus getting down on her hands and knees, looking back over her shoulder as her kid sister helped position the dog behind her. The labrador seemed more interested in licking Venus’s cunt – and she wasn’t complaining as his long hot tongue slipped in and out of her pussy, soaking her and taking her to the edge of an orgasm. The he suddenly mounted her, his hard, slick cock banging against her ass as he pumped against her. He wrapped his paws around her hips and arched his back further, determined to fuck her.

Serena reached in between her sister and the dog and took hold of his cock, then guided it into Venus’s pink pussy. Venus gasped again as she felt the warmth of the dog’s cock sliding four inches into her pussy. “Oh yeah” she moaned, her eyes closing so she could imagine more what she was doing. Serena watched as Venus’s pink pussy wrapped around the dog’s purple dick. He was pumping and humping hard and fast at her, his cock coming out every few strokes, then finding it’s way back in. She grunted with each of his quick, short strokes into her.

Serena grinned, her white teeth showing bright, as she watched her sister taking a real good fucking from the dog. She didn’t bother to look up at the store clerk, but she could hear his hurried breathing and the slapping sound of his foreskin on his wet cock-head as he jerked off. She couldn’t take her eyes off the sight of the dog’s cock slipping quickly in and out of her sister’s cunt. “You like that, don’t you?” She asked her sister again. Venus moaned an unintelligible reply, a line of drool dripping from her hanging lower lip as she breathed hard. Damn, this was so fucking good – she thought to herself, feeling the hot, wet, thin cock of the dog rubbing along the walls of her young pussy.

Serena wanted it. She needed it. She was getting jealous of her big sister – the dog had been riding her for almost ten minutes and if he were to shoot his load, Serena was worried he wouldn’t be in shape to fuck her. “My turn!” She said sternly, reaching down to pull the dog’s cock from her sister’s cunt. “Nooooo” moaned her sister, but it was too late, Serena had already slipped the cock out of her. Venus rolled over onto her back and looked back to see her kid sister with the dog’s cock in her hand, pre-cum now dribbling over her fingers. Serena was transfixed, looking down at the dripping cock in her hand. She swapped hands, holding the cock in her left, she brought her right hand to her mouth and licked the pre-cum off her fingers. “Mmmmm”, she moaned.

“If you’re going to fuck him, fuck him, don’t just kneel there sucking up his cum!” Venus said, annoyed that the dog’s cock was being wasted. Serena looked up at her and smiled, then leaned forward until she was over and ontop of her sister, her firm young tits hanging down and touching her sister’s. She stuck her ass up in the air and let the dog do what came naturally.

As the dog mounted her, she felt his forelegs wrap around her waist, gripping her tight, his claws scratching her sides – painful, but delightfully dirty. She loved the feel of his belly fur on her back and she could feel his wet cock slapping up between her muscular thighs as he searched for her tight pussy. Meanwhile, Venus was grasping her sister’s breast with one hand, and pulling her head toward her with the other – her tongue sticking out of her wide open mouth as she almost ate Serena’s face off with a huge, passionate and wet kiss. Serena kissed her back, enjoying the kiss but thinking about nothing but the dog’s cock behind her, she could feel pre-cum running down her thigh.

Venus reached down with both hands and grabbed an ass-cheek in each, squeezing her buttocks hard and pulling them wide apart. The dog thrust forward, the tip of his cock finding a whole, then another thrust and he was inside the tightest of spots.

Serena yelped as the dog’s slim cock squeezed half-way up her ass. She took a deep breath and then began to enjoy the sensation of the dog’s cock sliding up and down in her asshole, a little deeper with each thrust. She kissed back at her sister, their tongues dancing around each other’s mouths as the dog fucked her ass. His strokes were fast and shallow, an inch of his cock humping in and out of her at tremendous speed, the sensation on her asshole was better than any vibrator she had ever used.

As they kissed, Serena became aware of something larger pressing up against her asshole. She could feel the dog’s thrusts becoming faster and more desperate, his grip getting tighter. This was just like the way her daddy got when he fucked her, usually just before he came in her – so she got really turned-on. But the dog wasn’t about to cum – he was trying to tie into her, and as she thrust her butt back toward him, he gave her another extra-hard thrust. She felt her asshole stretch, it would have been painful if it wasn’t so much fun! The it half-closed again, gripping the dog’s cock firmly inside her ass.

Venus released her sister’s butt-cheeks and let her hands wander up to her tits, pinching her nipples as they continued to kiss. Sometimes slow, wide mouthed tonguey kisses, other times short lip-to-lip kisses. Serena would occasionally gasp as the dog moved around on her back. After a few minutes, she let out a loud moan as the dog swung it’s hindleg over and reversed his position so that he was back to back with her – ass to ass, his cock still firmly planted in her asshole. About a minute later she felt him shoot his hot spunk into her asshole, she came almost immediately, tossing her head back. Venus kissed her neck with an open, wet mouth, sucking hard to give her kid sister a huge brown hickey.

The store clerk was jerking off like crazy now, he had held off his orgasm until this point – wanting to cum with these two young women when they got off. He stood up and staggered forward with his pants round his ankles, jerking fast as he stood over the girls.

Serena could feel the dog’s cum shooting in spurts up her asshole, she could feel the pressure building up in her butt. She could feel her sisters body against hers, her hands stroking her flesh, her mouth on her neck – tongue sliding over her flesh. Then she felt a splash of cum hitting her back as the store clerk shot his load over her. Venus’s hands stroked over her back and smeared the clerks cum across her sister’s back. Both girls squeeled.

Serena leant back, kneeling upright and turned toward the clerk – she grabbed his cock with one hand, cupped his balls with the other and leant over – taking the cock in her mouth, then sucked his balls empty as Venus licked his scrotum.

After a few more minutes the dog pulled away from Serena, his cock knot coming out of her asshole with an audible popping sound. Serena squeeled, then reached round to finger his cum into her pussy as it spilled out of her swollen asshole. Venus pulled herself out from under her sister, got down behind her sister and started tongueing her asshole, sucking up all of the dog’s cum as she drove Serena to an orgasmic frenzy.

“Have you got any bigger dogs?” Asked Venus as she slipped her training pants on a little later.

The store clerk thought for a while, “I can get you access to a pony if you want?”

The girls looked at each other and giggled again, imagining the size and nastiness. “Oh yeah!” They said together. They left the store with many happy memories, sure that they would be returning.


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