Celeb-Beast – Shannon Doherty


Shannon stumbled toward the exit of the nightclub. The place was overcrowded, the music was thumping in her head and she had had too much to drink.

She was wearing a tight black leather mini-dress that barely got half-way down to her knees, it was cut low enough that she couldn’t wear a bra with it, her small breasts pushed up and together to form an attractive cleavage. She had to dress this way incase the paparazi were around, any photo’s of her had to make the newspapers, she needed the publicity.

Unfortunately, her dress, coupled with her looks, were getting her a lot of unwanted attension
from the guys in the bar. She was sick of all these guys trying to get in her pants, they were so obvious – didn’t they know that she didn’t like cock? She only liked the tongue of a woman, any woman! Just the thought of being penetrated was revolting to her, by cock, dildo or even finger – she hated it, as a result her pussy was probably the tightest most unfucked hole in L.A.

She’d only come to the club because her friend Alyssa had insisted, and now she was in the toilets getting fucked by a couple of total strangers. Shannon needed to piss, but there were lines leading out of the door to the ladies bathroom, she wasn’t about to use the men’s room, she knew didn’t want to see her tv co-star with a cock in her mouth (and she knew Alyssa would be doing that with some total stranger in the middle of the men’s room floor, with an audience!) so she headed out of the club.

In the street Shannon looked for a cab, but none were in sight, they never showed up until later in the night – no-one leaves this club this early. But, Shannon still needed to pee, real bad, so bad she was almost pissing down her legs. She had to find someplace soon. She looked around and saw a back alley, it looked quiet so she hurried away down the alley as fast as her dress and stilletto heals would allow.

After thirty yards the alley came to a right-angle corner then stretched back to the main street in the other direction. Looking back Shannon guessed that it was dark enough for her to be out-of-site. She could still hear the music booming from the nightclub as she hid in the corner of the alley and pulled her brief panties down around her ankles as she crouched.

She let out a sigh of relief as she pissed a stream of hot urine onto the bare asphalt of the alley. She could feel splashback from the road, small droplets of her urine bouncing up and hitting her bare ass. She crouched there as her bladder emptied into the alley, streams of hot piss weaved away from her.

Shannon became aware that she was being watched, she squinted hard and looked into the darkness. She could hear footsteps over the music in the distance, then she spotted it. The dog stood about 10 feet from Shannon, staring right at her, his head cocked to one side watching this woman pissing on his street. He was a large Labrador, lean and underfed. His coat was oily, he’d clearly been a stray for quite some time.

“Go away!” Ordered Shannon. The dog payed no attension, just stood staring.

Shannon noticed the glint of more dog’s eyes next to him. Looking carefully she could see three other dogs. She decided it was definately time to leave.

Reaching down she took hold of her panties and began to pull them up, standing as she did… The lead dog growled and stepped closer. She stopped moving, and so did he – the growl silenced. Shannon figured he’d attack if she moved, so stood dead still with her panties aroud her knees.

The other dog’s moved closer. All four stood around 6 feet from the TV star. Shannon was terrified, if she hadn’t just emptied her bladder – she would have peed herself with fear!

The other dog’s were all scruffy, she could smell them and they were stinking. One was a huge (we’ll call him Hugo) Irish Wolfhound. His fur was all stuck together with God-knows-what. The other two were average sized, one was a Spaniel (we’ll call him Span) and the other was a mongrel, a real mutt, skinny with long grey fur (he’ll be Grey).

There was a nervous silence, Shannon looking up the alley then back to the dogs, figuring out if she would be able to make the safety of the club if she ran. She decided she couldn’t just stand there until the dogs lost interest… Meanwhile, Span had moved a little closer and was sniffing the urine on the ground at her feet… That was enough to set her off… She took the first couple of strides and realised that she hadn’t pulled her panties up, damn…

Before she could fix her panties Hugo bounded forward and grabbed them in his mouth, fastening his jaws around them and taking Shannon prisoner. With Hugo’s jaws gripped around her panties, the sides of his head pressing against her inner thighs, Shannon lost her balance and toppled forward to the ground. She cried out as she jarred her wrists on the floor and banged her knees, no one heard.

It took her a second to regain her composure, then she realised her position… On her hands and knees, surrounded by four stray dogs, and as Hugo was still pulling on her panties (dragging her backward) her butt was sticking out from the bottom of her mini-dress, exposed and naked.

Before she could do anything she felt the lead dog, Boss jumping onto her back, mounting her and wrapping his front paws around her leather clad body. “Oh shit!” She yelped. She riggled to get free but Boss was to big, and she was half paralised by fear.

She felt Boss’s hard, wet cock, long and thin, poking between her thighs, pushing upwards towards her rarely touched pussy… She pushed her thighs together, trapped Boss’s seven inch cock between them, just below her pussy. Boss assumed he had reached his target and started humping her, his back bending and he pushed his cock deeper between her thighs.

The other dogs circled around her, waiting their turn whilst Boss fucked her. She whimpered again and raised her head to look down to the street. She could see some people outside the club… “Help!” She shouted, her voice cracking as she strained against her rapist dog. No one heard her cries. Tears begin to roll down her cheeks.

After some time she felt Boss speeding his thrusts, she could feel fluid on her thighs, she looked down between her legs just in time to see if the dog was coming… She saw the tip of his hot cock poking out between her thighs just as it began shooting it’s load. Cum spurted right up her front in jetts of hot jism… The first shot splashed into her face before she could raise it again. She closed her eyes and wiped her face with one hand, wiping most of the cum off her lips and chin.

Boss soon lost interest having shot his load and back off her, she opened her thighs to let him go, then immediately jammed them together again to stop the next dog entering her…

Span the Spaniel immediately jumped forward and mounted Shannon. His thin red cock shook around as he humped the air behind her ass… Shannon again tried to get loose, the smaller dog not able to hold her in place, but her strength was leaving her… Span jammed her cock between Shannon’s ass and her leather skirt, missing his target by a couple of inches – he didn’t care because what he’d found was still nice and tight. He fucked the tightness as fast as he could, his head resting on Shannon’s back, his paws gripping her tightly as he staggered around behind her.

Shannon worried about the other dogs, she figured they were all going to try and rape her… That seemed obvious. The big wolf-hound scared the hell out of her. She hoped she would be able to avoid them getting inside her as she had with these first two dogs. As she tried to block out the disgusting concept of penetration she felt Span shooting hot doggy cum between her skirt and ass. She felt the cum dribbling down her ass, around between the leather of the skirt and her smooth skin. The wetness was about as frustrating as anything she could imagine as she felt it running down her ass crack and into her pussy hair.

Span backed away, still humping the air.

Shannon watched as Hugo, the wolf-hound, padded around behind her, she jammed her thighs tight together and bit her lip… Hugo mounted her, his huge weight pushed her down, as his massive cock banged up against her tight shut pussy lips.

She could feel his huge hairy body pushing down on her back, she could smell his stinking breath… It smelled like shit!

Hugo humped at Shannon’s exposed hind-portion, the tip of his cock banged against her pussy lips several times as he attempted to enter her… He pushed upwards, his front paws now grabbing arounnd her chest, holding the dress so firm that as she arched her back her tits popped out of the dress. She reached up with one hand and tried to pull the front of the dress back up over her breasts, failed.

Hugo started ramming his cock harder against her, his pre-cum making her pubic area wet and slippy…

Shannon screamed out in agony as she felt Hugo’s cock slam up between her pussy and ass-hole, then slide on the pre-cum and penetrate her ass. Not caring which hole he was in, Hugo rammed his cock home, four, five, six inches buried into Shannon’s asshole.

Shannon screamed, the huge cock stretching her ass terribly.

Hugo humped at Shannon’s ass, his tongue hanging dumbly from his mouth, drooling over the leather of Shannon’s dress.

“No…” Cried the tv star, the pain of anal penetration knocking all the fight out of her. Tears rolled down her face as she sobbed, her head hanging down, tits swinging about out of her dress as Hugo hammered into her shitter.

Meanwhile, Gray was licking at her face, then her tits.

After what seemed an eternity of agonising anal torture Shannon felt the huge wolf-hound shooting hot cum into her ass, she cried out as Hugo pushed deeper. His huge cock stretching her ass more than ever. He pulled backward, the fat end of his cock ripped at the ring of her ass.

Gray moved around and licked at Shannon’s ass, lapping up Hugo’s cum. Shannon loved tongue, but this was disgusting to her.

Exhausted, Shannon collapsed forward onto her elbows, her thighs parting slightly… Just enough for Gray to mount her, slipping his long thin cock into her pussy. Shannon was by now to weak to fight, she just let the dog fuck her. She rested forward on her elbows as Gray bucked and fucked at her pussy, his hot wet cock sliding quickly in and out of her cunt as she cried into the asphalt. It didn’t take long for Gray to shoot his cum deep into her, she felt it splashing all over her pussy walls, all hot and disgusting.

He pulled out of her human cunt and grabbed at her panties, still hanging around one of her ankles, and pulled them away.

With the dogs having finished with her, Shannon collapsed on her side and curled into a ball, her knees against her chest, not crying anymore – she was all cried out.

Boss padded over to her again and sniffed at her face, his breath stinking as he exhailed directly into her nose.

He turned side on to her and raised one leg… She was revived immediately as a stream of hot dog-piss struck her face, then sprayed over her shoulders, tits and knees.

Hugo followed Boss’s lead and began pissing on the raped tv celebrity. It was all she deserved for being such a shitty fuck!

Span waited in the distance near the club, barking and annoying those outside the club. Gray dropped Shannon’s panties infront of the press photographers as he bounced around, then ran away.

Boss and Hugo bounded away after them, also barking as they passed the customers and paparazi.

Totally degraded, in pain, covered in dog-piss, her tits poking out of her dress. Her hair hanging wetly down around her shoulders, her make-up streaked by tears and piss… Her pussy aching and dogcum dribbling down her thighs – Shannon limped back to the main street on only one stilletto heal.

The paparazi did go wild snapping pictures of this slutty looking Shannon Doherty, and she got all the publicity she had ever wanted… But not the kind of publicity she had wanted as the media folks put the facts together and told the world of her dog-rape.


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