Celeb-Beast – Sharon Stone

This story is a work of fiction. It is NOT true.
This text is not meant to suggest that the featured
celebrity(s) is actually involved in, or has ever been
involved in, sexual relations with animals.

Sex acts like those described below are illegal in most
countries around the world and should not be attempted unless
you are very, very famous!!!

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Now, on with the story…

SHARON STONE with a Doberman, a Dalmation, an Alsation AND a
Grate Dane.

Sharon Stone woke up in the dog-pen. She raised her head,
feeling her cum- soaked hair peel of the hard floor. Her
pussy ached, her sides burned… She looked down to see the
red skin and scratches that covered her sides… She wasn’t
suprised, some of those dogs had grabbed pretty tight as they
fucked her…
Sharon looked down between her legs as she sat up and watched
a good quantity of dog-cum spill from inside her pussy,
forming a small pool between her thighs… She stretched, her
breasts rising with her arms. As she yawned she felt the
dried up cum cracking on her face, licking her lips she tasted
the dog-sperm that had been there since the previous night.
The movie-star looked around the pen at the dogs, all
sleeping now – not suprising after the way she had fucked them
all so well. She looked at the alsation she had let fuck her
first – he had pounded her fast and hard, sending so much
doggy-juice shooting into her pussy that she could feel it
swilling inside her. The alsation had tied into her, causing
her much pain, but no distress – she had enjoyed it greatly.
She remembered how she had jerked off the Doberman whilst the
alsation remained tied in her pussy, she remembered how it’s
pre-cum had run all over her fist, making it slippy – and she
brought her hand to her mouth and licked at the dried fluid on
it – it tasted good.
The previous night she had been as energetic with the dogs as
she always had been in her porn-movie heyday – especially when
she had sucked the Dalmation’s cock. Deep throating the dog,
feeling it’s cock slip right down the back of her throat,
tasting it’s dripping pre-cum, then it’s full load as she made
it cum in seconds…
Sharon stood up and staggered toward the door, as she stepped
over the huge Great Dane it raised it’s head and growled…
She remembered how much it had hurt when the Dane had fucked
her. How it had really pounded into her doggy style. It’s
thrusts had driven it’s knot into her pussy and almost knocked
her onto her belly. God that dog could fuck.
As she reached for the handle she felt the Dane’s tongue
against her ass, slipping between her tired thighs and
caressing her pussy lips. Sharon paused and placed her feet
slightly farther apart giving the Dane greater access to her
pussy. She brought her hands to her breasts and started
rubbing at them, supporting them as the Dane licked at her.
The alsation had woken up by now and had started licking at
Sharon’s thighs, occasionally licking at her well trimmed
"Here we go again" She thought to herself as she dropped to
the floor and pushed her ass out, readying herself for another
bout of dogsex. She expected the Dane to mount her again, but
this time he stood over her head, his huge cock in her face –
he wanted her to orally pleasure her the way he had her.
Sharon had always loved sucking cock and had no problems with
the idea – especially when the Doberman (she recognised his
touch) mounted her. As she took the Dane’s huge cock in her
mouth she felt the Doberman’s slide into her wet snatch. She
reached around behind her back and stopped the dog from tying
into her pussy – she wanted to have one after the other…
After a few more minutes of pumping the Doberman shot a large
load of cum into her pussy then sloped away and sat in the
corner… The Alsation quickly took it’s place, it’s hot thin
cock slipping into Sharon’s waiting pussy. Again she used her
hand to stop him locking up with her, all the time sucking the
dane’s huge member deeper into her mouth. As she sucked, the
Dane began pumping into her mouth, almost choking her.
Sharon took a deep breath – just as the Dane shot a huge wad
of cum into her throat – and almost choked to death… She
tried to cough it up but the dog’s cock was still in her
mouth, and the heavy Doberman was still pumping into her pussy
– his body resting on her back. She panicked, her eyes wide,
still choking and tried to push the Dane away. Using both
hands on the Dane she had to leave the Doberman free – and it
took advantage, with two hard thrusts it forced it’s knot into
the superstar’s cunt and tied up with her. This made her gag
more, almost throwing up with shock. The pain, shock, and
choking combined to give her more pain than ever before – and
then she came… She came harder than she had ever come
before… Dog cum shooting into her pussy, more streaming
into her open mouth as the Dane continued to fuck her face.
Her eyes watered as she tried to clear her throat, her face
burning red from the lack of oxygen. Suddenly she managed to
clear her throat, throwing up at the same time, a huge pool of
dog-cum spilling from her lungs and stomach, all over the
floor. Sharon fell away from the Dane, laying face down on
the cum covered floor, the Doberman still tied into her
cunt… She fell asleep again, just as she had done so many
times before…


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