Celeb-Beast – Sigourney Weaver And Winona Ryder

This story is FICTION.
To my knowlegde the featured celebrity(s) have NEVER
been involved in beastiality.

This stories are not meant to suggest that the featured
celebrity(s) is actually involved in, has ever been or
would ever want to be involved in sexual relations with
animals – although, we wish they were and that the
stories were true.


During the filming of ‘Alien Reserection’ Winona Ryder
and Sigourney Weaver had been spending their spare time
together in Sigourney’s trailer. As the weeks had

rolled by Sigourney had introduced the delicate younger
woman to many pleasures – lesbianism, vibrators,
dildos, anal beads and probes, the joys of fisting,
golden showers and even some scat.
Winona had become a real expert in the art of
pleasuring her older co-star, and had enjoyed several
orgasms each day as the tall women sucked, licked and
pumped into her pussy and ass-hole in return.
By the end of filming they were looking for new thrills
– that’s when Sigourney shocked her with the dog – a
dark, strong looking German Shepherd.
"Are you sure this is okay?" Asked a nervous Winona,
her heart pounding.
"Sure… I’ve done this before…" Started Sigourney,
"And it’s so fucking good!" She bent forward and
stroked the flanks of the powerful dog she had brought
into the trailer. "I tell you, you’re going to love
the way his slippery hard cock feels in your sweat
Winona began to unbutton her top… "No time to hang
around! Let’s do this – right now!" She stated, a
wicked grin crossing her face.
Sigourney crouched next to the dog and continued to
stroke his side, running her hands back and between his
hindlegs to stroke his balls and sheath – quickly
stimulating his cock into action as she watched Winona
expose her neat young body. Pale flesh, slim with
almost perfect breasts – much larger than they looked
on the screen. Winona slipped her panties down to her
ankles and stepped out of them, her pussy was still
bald (shaved the day before by Sigourney), and juices
were already beginning to flow.
"Come over here and get on your knees, baby…" Said
Sigourney, extending one arm to Winona. Winona –
nervous but excited, walked over to her co-star and
dropped to her knees. Sigourney moved to her and
kissed her gently on the mouth, which opened to let her
tongue inside and explore. Winona’s small, naked, body
rubbed up again Sigourney’s tough leather costume, her
nipples popping up hard on contact. Meanwhile,
Sigourney’s hand stroked down her side and squeezed her
ass hard, Winona squeeled with delight.
"I want to get fucked now!" She stated.
"You wanna fuck this dog?" Goaded Sigourney, "You want
this animal’s cock inside you?"
Winona looked right into Sigourney’s eyes and nodded,
licking her lips in anticipation.
"Okay, bend forward and bow your head… You can watch
between your legs…"
Winona did as she was told, lowering her head until she
could see back between her thighs as Sigourney
positioned the dog behind her. She watched as
Sigourney leant forward and licked and sucked at the
tip of the dog’s cock – getting it good and hard for
"I think he’s ready now… Are you?" Asked Sigourney.
"Yes… Yes, do it now… I can’t wait!" Cried
Winona, unable to contain her excitement.
Sigourney released her grip on the dog’s collar and
watched as it spun around to face Miss Ryder, wasting
no time it mounted the young woman’s back, his cock
hitting her pussy lips as his forelegs gripped around
her body.
Winona felt the dog’s rough fur on her back, his claws
scratching at her sides, the wet tip of his cock
banging up against her pussy and headed toward heaven.
She felt Sigourney’s breath by her ear as she looked
between her thighs and saw the dog’s cock pumping
toward her.
"Now I’m going to slide his cock into your nasty little
cunt!" Sigourney whispered, kissing her lover’s ear
and reaching down to guide the dog home.
The dog’s cock slipped right into Winona’s pussy, right
up to the knot which he banged against her pussy lips
as he began to thrust into her on his own. Winona
moaned as she watched the base of the dog’s cock
sliding in toward her pussy.
Sigourney grabbed Winona’s hair and pulled her head up
to face her, Winona stared at her – ignoring the pain
from her hair, concentrating on the pleasure from her
"You fucking love this don’t you?" Asked Sigourney.
"Yes… Yes…" Panted Winona as the dog continued to
hammer into her pussy, she reached down with one hand
to finger her clit and open up her pussy to allow the
knot to slip into her.
"Oh yeah… Take that knot you dirty fucking whore!"
Shouted Sigourney into Winona’s face, "Fuck that dog!"
By now Winona was moaning and shaking uncontrollably as
the dog fucked her. "I’m coming." She moaned.
Sigourney pulled her hair up again, slapped her hard
across the face and got real close to her. "Don’t you
dare come yet…" She slapped her again. "You come
when I say you can."
Winona closed her eyes tight and tried not to come –
but it was hard not to as she felt the dog banging into
her pussy, his knot stretching her cunt wide.
"Please…" She begged.
"Not yet, I’ll tell you when…"
The dog continued to pump into Winona’s pussy, pushing
as deep as he could, speeding up as he felt his own
orgasm building. Then, he exploded inside the slim
human – shooting huge amounts of cum into her belly.
Winona bit down on her lower lip, trying hard not to
come without permission as she felt the dog’s juices
swilling around inside her cunt – she felt like she was
on fire. Then she gave up, screaming out in pleasure
as she came harder than ever before.
Sigourney laughed hard, impressed with her little
lover. "Well done, I never managed to last that long!"
She laughed.
Winona’s whole body was shaking, her thighs ready to
give way. The dog rested on her back as he waited for
his cock to shrink enough to slip out of the girl’s
tight hole.
Sigourney kissed Winona again, her tongue licking up
the younger actresses face.
"Maybe next time we can both try fucking it?" Gasped
"No, not me…" Replied Sigourney. "I’ve moved on from
dogs… I’m into horses now…"
But that’s another story…

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