Celeb-Beast – Teri Hatcher

Teri Hatcher (fiction, Female/Animal sex)

By: Luke Ozvik <LukeOzvik@hotmail.com>

This story is FICTION. No offence is intended to Teri Hatcher, this was
written for the entertainment of her fans. Those who will be offended by
the contents, or are under 18, should stop reading now.

Teri Hatcher entered the bedroom and pushed the door shut behind her. She
stood against the door looking at the bed, looking at her lover… A
magnificent, gigantic black Great Dane – named Jett. As she started
towards the bed Jett
rolled onto his side, his hindleg raising into the
air offering her his cock, already showing and growing. Teri smiled,
typical male, she thought… But with Jett she didn’t mind – almost
nothing made her hornier than the thought of sucking his huge pink penis.
Standing at the base of the bed she removed her panties, never taking her
eyes off Jett’s cock, and allowed her robe to fall to the floor. She
climbed onto the bed and knelt down, bending forward and licking the tip
of Jett’s dick, slowly sucking on the tip as she stroked her fingers up
and down the shaft. She tasted the thin watery pre-cum and shuddered with
excitement. Sucking him deeper into her mouth she wrapped one fist around
the shaft of his cock just above the knot, her head moving back and
forward faster, her sucking harder… She was almost losing control,
wanting him to cum in her mouth, but not before she’d had his meat inside
her cunt. Jett was not moving, he knew from experience to stay still
whilst she pleasured him. After several minutes of good hard sucking, and
having swallowed what felt like a quart of pre-cum, Teri released Jett
from her mouth and – still gripping his shaft – repossitioned herself
astride his body… She held the pre-cum oozing tip of his cock to her wet
pussy lips and ran it up and down the outside of her slit. Moaning as she
slipped the head of the dog’s cock into her cunt, she lowered her body,
feeling her pussy walls stretched as Jett’s near ten inch cock squeezed
into her cunt. "Oh shit yes!" She wailed as she took his entire shaft –
right to the knot – inside. Teri started to bounce, rising and falling
slowly at first, then building up a good speed – fucking herself hard with
the dog’s cock. This was so good. She bent forward, moving her body closer
to the dog, her titties dangling forward brushing against her smooth hairy
chest. His front paws pushed against her, one planted firmly against her
face, his claws scratching gently across the side of her cheek as she
moved even closer to him, moving to his mouth… "Come in me Jett…" She
whispered, just the right tone to excite the dog. "Cum in my cunt." She
moved her hips even faster, short fast strokes – just the way Jett liked
it. Her face was inches away from Jett’s mouth, his hot breath in her
nose, his mouth open, tongue slapping about – lapping her face. Teri
opened her mouth and caught Jett’s tongue, started sucking on it, taking
his tongue into her mouth and not releasing it. She could feel Jett’s cock
spasming in her pussy, here it cums’ she thought… And boy, did it cum!
Hot dog cum shot into her pussy, so much of it… She could feel her cunt
being filled up with spurt after spurt of cum swilling around inside her.
Teri came hard as the dog came in her, screaming out loud, "God yes!" Teri
continued to ride Jett’s cock, milking every drop of cum from his balls
with her tight pussy. Once she felt she had as much as she was going to
get, Teri picked up a glass from the bedside table and held it next to her
cunt. She slowly slid up off the dog’s meat, looking down between their
bodies to watch the fat middle of his cock pop out, positioning the glass
under her cunt to catch the steady stream of dog-cum that dribbled from
her pussy. She moved her legs about, opening her pussy to get as much of
the dog-juice into the glass as possible… Once she was sure she was
’empty’ she rolled off Jett altogether and lay on her back, her legged
spread wide open. Jett immediately started to lick at her cunt, his tongue
exploring her hidden insides, the most skilled of all her lovers… Teri
brought the glass to her lips and sipped at the dog-cum whilst Jett
continued to lick out her pussy. Teri took half of the cum from the glass
into her mouth and swilled it around, savouring the taste, before
swallowing it back in one gulp… Then poured the rest of the glasses
contents over her face and tits. She dropped the glass and started to rub
the cum into her flesh with her hands. Smearing the thin fluid over her
mouth, her neck, tits, belly, covering herself as Jett continued to lick
her cunt until she came again. She fell asleep, sexually satified by the
Great Dane, her body covered with his cum, her pussy still tingling from
his hot cock and tongue action.


I hope to post all my stories here soon, until then if you wish to read
them, or for me to write anything specific, please contact me.

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